Fur Oil Review

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About Fur Oil 

Fur Oil Review

Fur is an all-natural, full-body skin and hair treatment brand that is particularly focused on your most intimate areas. All of the brand’s products are facial-grade, vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic, as well as dermatologically and gynaecologically tested to ensure that they are gentle and effective for all skin types.

This Fur review has found features on the brand in outlets like Vogue, Forbes, Nylon, Allure, and Refinery29. A-list actress Emma Watson also gave Fur a big bold shout-out for how its products helped her deal with ingrown hairs in her unmentionable regions, which may have contributed to the brand’s healthy following of 72.7K on Instagram.

Keep reading as we take a comprehensive look at the brand, its product line, and customer reviews to give you the inside scoop on all things Fur. By the end of this Fur review, you should be able to determine whether you want to keep hiding your shame, or join the likes of Hermione Granger by declaring loud and proud that these products truly are FurYou. 

Overview of Fur Oil 

Fur Oil Review

Fur was founded in 2014 by best friends since childhood Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung. As Schubert related to Forbes, she originally conceived the idea for Fur when it occurred to her that the beauty market was noticeably silent about how to groom body hair. 

A Harvard and Columbia business graduate, Schubert contracted a chemist and developed Fur pubic oil as a test product for the prospective line. After trying the oil for herself, Tung jumped ship from L’Oréal and joined Schubert to launch the new enterprise.

Fur has since created a whole line of products formulated for all-over use. As noted above, the brand got a great pub(l)ic boost in 2017 when Emma Watson raved about its products in an interview, saying that she uses FurOil “anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

The Fur Shark Tank appearance in March 2020 garnered the brand even more press. Getting the full Fur band back together (that is, both of them), Schubert and Tung successfully pitched the brand and received a $500,000 investment from co-host Lori Greiner. 

Seeking to overcome the stigmas attached to body hair products, Fur has put a premium on being inclusive and gender-neutral, marketing its products equally to women and men. The brand’s matter-of-fact presentation extends to its website, which is decorated with candid photographs of individuals caring for their hair and body.

Fur Oil Review

The Fur website also offers users a simple, five-question quiz to help determine which products are best suited “Fur You.” There’s also a Fur You skincare blog, where you can find find expert tips and recommendations, how-tos, and profiles of artists and Fur users like singer/songwriter Mattiel, artist and jewelry designer Ariel Kellogg, and transgender photographer Trésor Prijs.

Ready to make the pubic public? This Fur review will give you the details on the brand’s product line, but first, let’s take a look at the company’s pros and cons.


  • Fur all-over hair and skin treatments are certified vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic 
  • Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested
  • Lots of rewards and incentives for membership
  • Free standard shipping within the US
  • Quadpay available for installment payment option


  • No free International shipping

Fur sells a variety of hair and skincare products for routine maintenance, sensitive skin, and specific concerns like razor burn, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Stay tuned as this Fur review showcases the brand’s bestselling products, as well as its bundle offers.

Fur Oil Review 

The brand’s OG product, Fur Oil is designed to soften and hydrate your most sensitively furred regions, including pubic area, underarms, legs… well, anywhere (including your face)! This gentle, quick-drying oil will soften hairs to prevent itching and irritation, and clean out pores to prevent ingrown hairs. 

Fur Oil ingredients include grape seed oil, jojoba oil, clary seed oil, and tea tree oil, and the formula is gluten-free, vegan, and contains no phthalates, silicones, or artificial colors or fragrances. Get it for $46.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate Review 

If you’ve had ’em before, you know that ingrown hairs are plenty unpleasant—especially because of the areas they tend to crop up in. Ingrown Concentrate targets those nasty bumps, and the soreness and irritation they cause, with an all-natural mix of essential oils and antioxidants.

Use the included finger mitt [a fun and useful little extra from Fur] while in the shower to gently exfoliate irritated areas, then apply a few drops of Ingrown Concentrate after drying yourself off. The oil will soften your ingrowns so that they can gently slip out, while also smoothing, soothing, and helping to heal the skin around them.

The Ingrown Concentrate and mitt combo sells for $28.

Fur Stubble Cream Review 

Make stubble trubble [sic] a thing of the past with Stubble Cream. This moisturizer helps soften regrowing hair in order to prevent bumps and ingrowns after shaving, waxing, or lasering. Anti-inflammatory lavender oil helps soothe the skin to reduce irritation, while olive extracts soften the roughness and prickliness of the incoming hairs.

To get the most out of this Stubble Cream, you can also use it as a hydrating hand cream for cracked and sore skin, or even as a strategic illuminator for your face! However you want to use it, it’ll set you back $38 for a 150ml squeeze bottle.

Fur Shave Cream Review 

Is there a Fur oil for shaving, you ask? Not to worry, the brand has your back. The moisturizing, non-foaming Shave Cream can go anywhere you want to give a bit of a scrape—we’re talking face, legs, underarms, chest, and, of course, those pesky pubic areas.

Aloe adds a calming and luxuriously smooth feel, while olive oil and coconut extracts provide a protective sheen so that your razor can effortlessly glide over your skin. You can pick up the Shave Cream for $28.

Fur Bare Necessities Review

Why skimp when it comes to essentials? The Bare Necessities bundle pairs together two of the flagship Fur products—Fur Oil and Fur Ingrown Concentrate—to give you a true dynamic duo of Fur skin and hair care. Use the oil to keep your skin fresh and hydrated and your short and curlies silky-smooth, and dab on the concentrate for those problem areas that crop up.

The best part about this bundle? You save $5 off the price of buying these two products individually. So belly up and shell out for the Bare Necessities for $69

Fur Silk Scrub Review

Whether you’re looking for a speedy buff and shine or want the deep-clean benefits of an exfoliating mask, the Silk Scrub will scour out those dull and congesting dead skin cells and restore your skin’s radiance. The AHA-based formula promotes moisture, while jojoba beads and pineapple and papaya enzymes keep pores smaller and more breathable.

Use this 2-3 times a week, and say hello to brighter and healthier-looking skin on the regular. Snag the Silk Scrub for $48

Fur Bath Drops Review

With casings made from certified vegan and cruelty-free seaweed, Fur Bath Drops let you feel good about feeling good. Containing a mixture of Fur Oil and other skin-softening agents (including lavender oil, camphor, and peppermint oil), these gold beads dissolve in your bath to nourish and soothe your skin while chilling you right the eff out. 

Drop a couple of these babies in your bath and make way for bliss. A container of 18 Bath Drops will run you $34.

Fur Full Frontal Review

Say this about Fur—it owns its unashamedness. Get maximum pubic peace and all-over smoothness and softness with the three-piece Full Frontal bundle, which includes: 

  1. Fur Oil
  2. Stubble Cream
  3. Ingrown Concentrate

Buying these babies one at a time would normally set you back $112. But the good folks at Fur have knocked off a tenner for the trio, so you can bag this bundle for just $102

Fur Fuller Frontal Review

Just when you thought that Fur couldn’t go any further, here comes the Fuller Frontal. This supreme bundle of Fur staples sees you the triple team of the Full FrontalFur Oil, Stubble Cream, and Ingrown Concentrate—and raises you the Silk Scrub.

Our Fur review has already detailed the properties of these products above, so surely we don’t need to go over them again—just rest assured that this is the perfect package for your package (and everywhere else). Save yourself the $15 you’d spend getting these individually and load up with the Fuller Frontal for $145.

Fur Oil Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fur Oil Review

OK, so we know that Emma Watson is a Fur fan—but what do everyday customers have to say? This Fur review dug deep to give you the skinny on the brand and its products, right from the horse’s mouth to your ears (well, eyes).

On the brand website,, 613 Fur Oil reviews give the company’s signature product an average of 4.8/5 stars. One commenter wrote of how the product helped her deal with long-standing skin problems and restored her confidence.

I have suffered with ingrown hairs and red bumps around my bikini area for years. This is the first product that actually works! I feel confident to wear my swimsuit again!” this fantastic Fur-ry freak sister enthused.

Things are nearly as chipper over at Influenster, where 51 reviews snag the Fur Oil 4.5/5 stars. One buyer attested to the product’s all-over benefits:

I love this stuff! I like to apply this onto my legs after I shave to soothe razor burns and inflammation. The oil has a light citrus scent which smells really refreshing. You can use this oil on hair, eyebrows, underarms, and more! I definitely recommend picking this up!” said this Fur convert.

Fur Oil Amazon reviews give the company’s flagship product 4/5 stars from 76 global ratings. The good news keeps coming at a Fur Oil review Reddit thread, where one respondent raves about the Ingrown Concentrate.

I use the Fur Ingrown Concentrate with the little mitt that comes with it and I LOVE IT. It has completely gotten rid of any ingrown hairs and/or cysts (or whatever dime-sized demons were plaguing me once a month) I was getting on my thighs. I have tried so many different exfoliants and NONE worked until this one,” said this Fur fanatic.

While this Fur review urges you to keep in mind the fact that the pretty much across-the-board 5/5-star Fur You reviews at the brand website may have something to do with the fact that Fur materially incentivizes buyers to review its products, customer commentary on third-party sites generally seems to confirm the glad tidings.

Is Fur Oil Worth It?

Fur Oil Review

Based on what this Fur review has seen, customers across multiple sites find the brand’s products to be effective and pleasant to use. The clean ingredients and inclusive marketing are two more arrows in the brand’s quiver, as is its determination to remove the shame and stigma attached with talking about something as natural as body hair.

Putting all this together, this seems like a company that is making a truly positive footprint in the marketplace and on the planet. So, is Fur worth it? We can reply with an unequivocal yes—in fact, we’ve even sold ourselves on a purchase of Fur Oil in the course of researching and writing this Fur review. 

Fur Oil Promotions & Discounts 

Fur Oil Review

The first discount you’ll get as a Fur shopper is a Fur Oil discount code for 10% off your first purchase, when you sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter. This is also a great way to keep tabs on further discounts and exclusive offers. 

After that, it may be worth your time to register an account and join the Fur loyalty program, which lets you earn points every time you shop that you can then put toward discounts on orders. The loyalty program gives you:

  • 100 points when you create your account
  • 3 points for every $1 spent
  • $5 off on your birthday
  • 100 points when you leave a review
  • 50 points when you follow Fur on Facebook
  • 50 points for a Facebook share
  • 50 points when you follow Fur on Instagram 
  • 100 points when you take the Fur quiz

You can also “level up” your Fur loyalty status to earn even more points. There are three different loyalty memberships:

  1. Fur Fan—3 points/$1, $5 birthday reward, free domestic shipping, surprise bonus points
  2. Fur Family—4 points/$1, $10 birthday reward, free domestic shipping, surprise bonus points, 100-tier entry bonus points, double points during sales
  3. Furever—5 points/$1, $15 birthday reward, free domestic shipping, surprise bonus points, 200-tier entry bonus points, double points during sales, early access to sales

Some of the redeemable rewards from the Fur membership include:

  • Bath Drops sample for 800 points
  • Limited edition yellow Fur slippers for 2000 points
  • Fur Oil mini for 2800 points

You can also redeem points for Fur discounts, as every 100 points earns you $1 off a future purchase. Not to mention the fact that Fur offers a “Refer a Friend” program, where you can give your pal $10 off their first order of $50 or more, and receive $10 off yourself once they complete their purchase.

Where to Buy Fur Oil

Fur Oil Review

Fur has expanded rapidly in recent years, making it pretty easy to find the brand’s products at most major beauty retailers. In addition to Amazon, there are the Fur Oil Indigo and Fur Oil Sephora stores, and you can also purchase items at Ulta, the Bay, and Anthropologie.


Fur Oil Review

What is Fur Oil made of?  

Fur Oil is made of four primary natural ingredients: grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, clary sage oil, and tea tree oil. The full list of ingredients also includes such elements as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, camphor, and peppermint oil.

What is Fur Oil good for? 

Simply put, Fur Oil is meant to be used on every square inch of skin where you’ve got hair poking out. That covers everything from your face to your fanny, Jack!

Does Fur Oil work on ingrown hairs?

Yes, Fur Oil does work to treat and prevent ingrown hairs. For an even more focused ingrown treatment, go for the Ingrown Concentrate.

Can you use Fur Oil on face?

We already said it, but, yes! Fur Oil is so gentle that you can use it on your pan as much as on your pubes.

Do you use Fur Oil before or after shaving? 

As outlined in this Fur review, you can use Fur Oil at any stage of your shaving or waxing routine. It’s great as prep for a more comfortable shave, and just as effective as an aftershave. 

Does Fur Oil expire? 

Unopened Fur products have a shelf life of 3 years. Opened, the products have a shelf life of between 12-30 months. 

What is Fur Oil’s Shipping Policy?

Fur ships its products in unbranded postal boxes for the sake of discretion. Standard shipping (5-7 days) is free within the United States via UPS and DHL. International orders are subject to a $30 shipping fee. Note that deliveries may be slightly delayed due to the present pandemic.

What is Fur Oil’s Return Policy?

Fur has a “no questions asked” return policy that extends a full 60 days from the time of purchase on the brand website. This Fur review has found, though, that the company does not accept returns from stocklist stores. 

To start the return process, simply email [email protected] with your name, order number, and the names of the items that you would like to return. Note that Fur does not cover the shipping cost for returns. 

How to Contact Fur Oil

Fur breaks down its contact emails as follows:

For order changes or cancellations: [email protected]

For shipping questions, product questions, and general information: [email protected]

For inquiries about Fur wholesale and salon partnerships: [email protected]

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