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Hamilton Watch Review

Known for their roots in the railroad, aviation, and Hollywood, Hamilton watches seem to have done it all. This brand’s luxury line of men’s and women’s designs has grown significantly from its original conception over 110 years ago.

Having existed in the market and the media for multiple decades, this brand has a loyal following with over 568k followers on Instagram, near 300k followers on Facebook, and 25k followers on Twitter. 

Featured multiple times in Forbes and The New York Times, the company has made itself well-known to the world of watches.

This Hamilton watch review will take a look at this well-established brand to look at products, prices, reviews, and more to help determine whether or not they’re worth the buy.

Overview of Hamilton

Hamilton Watch Review

Founded in 1892, Hamilton launched in Pennsylvania during the creation of the American railroad. 

Providing workers a safe way to synchronize work on the line, these watches’ accuracy became the first step in this brand establishing themselves as dependable in every circumstance.

With the sudden introduction of the war and a new dependency on aviation for attacks and mail services, timing became all the more important to successful completion of the day-to-day. 

Hamilton watches moved to a new world, syncing up with aviation and never truly leaving that style.

Their luxury designs were noted by many and they even became Hollywood famous in the 1930s, making their way to being known as “the Movie Brand” with their watches still used in films today. 

You may just have spotted the Hamilton Tenet watch as seen in Christopher Nolan’s latest film.

This classic American company moved headquarters in 2003 to Switzerland after becoming part of the Swatches Group, providing their builds with a stronger materials and production practice but maintaining their classic American values and style.

This long-lasting brand has gone through a number of transformations leading to their current line. Their history is definitely a pro for this Hamilton watch review, but let’s take a look at some of the other highlights related to this company:


  • Wide range of luxury watches and bands for both men and women
  • Long history in the business
  • Free ground and expedited shipping
  • Hundreds of positive Hamilton watch reviews posted online
  • Responsive customer service
  • Less expensive than other luxury watch brands
Hamilton Watch Review

With the pros and cons firmly in mind, let’s move this review into some of their popular products.

Hamilton Watches Review

Starting with the main contender, we’re kicking this product review off with the watches themselves. Selecting some of our favorite designs from their site, we’re listing out their top-sellers to give you a glimpse of what watch aficionados are loving the most.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Air Zermatt Limited Edition Review 

We’ll admit it – this one is a little higher on the price range than the affordable pieces we talked about earlier. 

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Air Zermatt Limited Edition Watch (long title, we know) is one for the books with all the gizmos and gadgets every super-spy or military ops would ever need.

This 44mm black Hamilton Automatic watch was designed for aviation and special assignments. Whether you’re a helicopter pilot working with precision or simply trying to keep time throughout the day, this watch will capture each moment and keep the schedule set. 

This special edition watch was based on the Air Zermatt logo, a company partnered with Hamilton for 10 years and dedicated to the pilots who have depended on these models as they navigate the skies in difficult conditions that go hand-in-hand with flight time.

This piece dedicated to the courage of pilots everywhere will set your local flyboy back $2,990.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Review

Classic never goes out of style with the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch.

Cased in a stunning stainless steel, this sleek 38mm Hamilton Field watch comes in two strap options: stainless steel bracelet or a traditional NATO fabric strap. 

Based on the 1960s design, this military homage is durably designed to a military standard. For anyone looking for that Hollywood link, this watch made its appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) with its subtle style that oozes efficient timekeeping.

The standard NATO strap with this watch is available for $645 or you can upgrade to the stainless steel option for $770.

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Review

Step aside from tradition for a minute and move into the modern with the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Watch.

Fun fact, the first electronic watch was actually created by Hamilton in the 1950s, so this design pays respect to the company’s history of keeping past, present, and future in mind when creating their pieces. 

The Hamilton Skeleton watch appears entirely unique in shape and style, gaining its name from the exquisitely shaped dial.

With zigs, zags, triangles, and a variety of other shapes to draw attention, time will be the last thing on your mind with this strapped to your wrist. Bringing life to the watch industry with a striking appearance, this rose gold watch stands out amongst the crowd.

Interested in switching up from a standard style? Add this to the collection for $1,795.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Review

Go for a deep dive with the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto. This Hamilton diving watch is happy on land or sea, making it the perfect gift for those who love travel, sailing, and just splashing around on a hot day.

Looking for a Hamilton dive watch to suit your style? This model comes in a number of straps and dial color options to customize the design to suit you. 

Whether sticking with standard silver and black or mixing it up with some blue tones, this luminous watch keeps time ticking in every environment.

Keep yourself covered for any deep-sea disasters for only $840.

Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Review

Any Christopher Nolan fans out there? We’re calling out to you with this one. That’s right, the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO is a popular model you’ve likely spotted before in the movie TENET.

Though it lacks the digital screen seen on the big screen, the watch itself remains stealthy, silent, and oh-so-cool in appearance. 

As a limited edition piece, only 888 watches were made for sale and each purchase comes with clues about the film, so this is one any Nolan fan will want in their collection. 

Not only is it striking, but it’s also completely functional and durably designed to survive the elements of mother nature or disaster sci-fi films.

A pop-culture piece to remember, this special edition piece goes for $2,730.

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto Review 

We’ve got one final piece in store for the movie fans reading through this Hamilton watch review. Ready for it? The Khaki Field Murph Auto Watch was notably present in Interstellar and worn by the incredible Jessica Chastain.

Named after the character who wore it, the Hamilton Murph watch is all about recreating the details of the favored film. Take a close look at the seconds hand and work to decipher the morse code carefully crafted for fans. 

As for those who aren’t interested in the movie links of this style, all you need to do is take a look at the simple and classic style of this watch to watch it added to the wishlist.

Traditional in style with fun fan references built-in, this collector’s item is available for $995.

Hamilton Watch Bands Review

While these watches are made to last, it’s recommended by professionals to change up the strap every year to keep things sanitary. Why not change it up with some of these popular Hamilton watch bands?

Hamilton Khaki Field Brown Strap Review

For those aiming for a classic and casual style to accompany the luxurious timepiece, look no further than the Khaki Field Brown Strap.

This genuine cow-leather strap is lined with a thin white stitching that pops against the darker brown. Fitting at a 20cm width, this slimming strap perfectly suits any casual dress with an easy adaptation for more formal events.

Add this one to the cart for $100.

Hamilton Khaki Field Green Nato Strap Review

Stick with the military style and add a Khaki Field Green NATO Strap to your favorite watch.

Military green in color, this strap is accented with brown leather pieces to strengthen the stretch of the fabric. All holes in the strap are reinforced by this brown leather, making an earthy image that any casual watch wearer would love. 

Comfortably adjustable to fit your size, this strap is quick to change out and built to last. This favored strap is available for $55.

Hamilton Black Strap Review

Those who love the NATO strap but are searching for a more subtle color palette should check out the Hamilton Black Strap.

Consisting of the same fabric as the Field Green NATO Strap, this entirely black watch band works with any color watch and blends into the background enough to work for casual or formal attire. Reinforced by black leather, this strong strap is set to last everyday wear and tear.

This strap is available for $55.

Is Hamilton A Swiss Watch? 

Hamilton Watch Review

Hamilton is an American brand that relocated to Switzerland in 2003. All current products are Swiss made, but the name and company remain American.

How Long Will A Hamilton Watch Last?

Hamilton Watch Review

A watch’s lifespan really comes down to the consumer. How well you treat your watch and how often it’s worn will impact how long it lasts. Watch straps are recommended to be changed every 6 to 12 months for hygienic purposes (plus, who doesn’t like to switch up their style?)

When it comes to the watch itself, if it’s properly cared for this brand can easily last decades. There are reviews online of individuals still using Hamilton watches passed down to them from the 1950s. 

For more current models, customers have watches from 2002 that are still ticking away.

If you take the time to properly care for it, these watches are a worthy investment. Not just for yourself, but to pass down in years to come. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

Do Hamilton Watches Take Batteries? 

Hamilton Watch Review

Hamilton watch batteries typically last between two to five years, depending on the battery type.

Who Is Hamilton For? 

Hamilton Watch Review

For those looking to add a bit of luxury to their lives for a more manageable cost, this brand will easily be your best friend. With an extensive line of men’s and women’s watches, it’s easy to trust this American brand with their distinguished history in the business. 

Whether you’re in the market for something flashy or more subtle, this company has it covered with watches for every style.

Comparison: Hamilton vs. Tissot 

Hamilton Watch Review

Let’s face it, we’ve all been hesitant to spend the money for pricey watches. You know the ones we’re talking about. The spy-worthy, Hollywood classics that pop up in thrillers, sci-fi films, and more to make everyone stop and think “wow.”

Hamilton is pretty well-known for fulfilling those briefs, but they’re not the only business in the market of watches. 

They’re not even the oldest company, with competitor Tissot founded in the 1850s, about 40 years before Hamilton. But being older doesn’t necessarily make a company better at what they do.

Both companies actually have quite a few similarities with their history and company culture. These two oldies are now owned by the Swatch Group, and both businesses bloomed after the Second World War to really bring them to the market’s front lines.

But with similar origins, what exactly makes these companies different? We’ve thrown together a few key comparisons:

  • Materials – Both companies actually make their products from Stainless Steel for a lasting product. While there are differences in band materials with leather, mesh, plastic, and more, materials are on par with one another.
  • Price – These two brands are known for offering nicer products to customers for a cheaper price. In fact, their low prices are sometimes a concern to customers as people often question why the price is so low in comparison to other companies

When it comes to these two, Tissot is the cheaper option with their lowest price watches available for $100-$200 cheaper than Hamilton models.

  • Models – While both brands offer quite a few models, it should be noted that Tissot offers more of a sport-based line than Hamilton. 

This makes sense as many of their sponsors are athletes and race car drivers, so sleek and sporty watches work best for that advertising model. 

Hamilton’s most popular line is their Field watches, though they offer a number of collections that are uniquely designed beyond the standard watch face.

Finding the right watch for you can be tricky, but all it takes is some time to find the right fit. Both companies overlap in numerous ways, so you can’t really go wrong with either brand. It all depends on the budget set and what model calls out to be bought.

Personal preference is key. If you’re going to bother wearing a watch, it may as well be one that looks and feels great. 

Hamilton Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hamilton Watch Review

Finding a solid Hamilton watch review or two prior to purchase makes a big difference. Don’t take our word for it, but look to verified customers who not only love their product but enjoyed it so much they chose to leave behind a rating. 

We’ve scoured the internet to find the most popular reviews to pull from to give you the best idea of what to expect when ordering from this brand.

Starting from the brand’s own website, they have hundreds of 5-star customer reviews posted on their reviews page. Comments spanning shipping, product, prices, and customer service ratings are listed with every individual satisfied by the company.

One return customer made a point to note their experience with their watch:

The watch is beautiful. I am honestly shocked that it can look and perform this well, while being priced at $1k. Time will tell if it holds up but based on my past experience with other Hamilton watches, I do not have any concerns here.

These watches are known to customers for their style and durable designs. Military history really bumps up this brand for consumers. The public knows that any military-trusted company must meet certain standards with accuracy and strength being key to successful missions.

This is a kind of retro military watch, which brings me back about 50 years when my dad and Granny both from the army wore pieces of such a kind. This one has been beautifully designed and meticulously assembled. Case is really something… now enjoying it thoroughly.

Selling a variety of models on Amazon, this brand collects hundreds of ratings for each product. This popular company collects a mountain of 5-star Hamilton watch reviews for both the business itself as well as the products they offer. 

The Hamilton Khaki Field Watch currently has 4.6/5-stars based on over 230 ratings.

One verified customer praised this model by commenting on its design and desirability:

Very understated, unpretentious, and great value for money for this high-quality Swiss Watch. It also has a great following among collectors. This watch is for someone who wants nothing flashy, but of superb quality, from an American-Swiss company of high repute.

This watch isn’t alone in its love by collectors and watch-wearers everywhere. Amazon has a variety of well-reviewed models. Some of their top-rated Hamilton items are as follows:

  • Hamilton Khaki Watch (Black Dial): 4.6/5-stars based on over 185 ratings
  • Hamilton Khaki Field King Automatic: 4.5/5-stars based on over 100 ratings
  • Hamilton Khaki Mechanical Watch: 4.7/5-stars based on over 160 ratings
  • Hamilton Ladies Watch (Ventura): 4.7/5-stars based on over 90 ratings
  • Hamilton Khaki King II: 4.6/5-stars based on over 150 ratings

Also popularly sold in Walmart and other retailers, this brand has gained its reputation for classic styles, expert quality, and true accuracy when it comes to timekeeping. Multiple reviews comment on the steady time these pieces keep. 

Popular amongst watch collectors everywhere, this company has held up quality pre-and post-purchase by the Swatch Group.

One Redditor reviewed this brand, stating “As for Hamilton in general, I’ve always really liked the look of their watches and how they’ve divided their lines into Jazzmaster and Khaki. I would consider buying many of their watches in a heartbeat. To me, they speak of good quality.

Overall, this brand has very few listed complaints and many who purchase from Hamilton are in love with their new timepiece. From their customer service and shipping to their sturdy products at more reasonable prices – this brand is one to beat.

Is Hamilton Worth It?

Hamilton Watch Review

In the opinion of this Hamilton watch review, this brand is one to buy. Lasting in the market for over 110 years, this company has adapted to each technological change and kept its styles classy without sacrificing quality. 

Currently being produced in Switzerland, this company’s lasting designs have maintained the assurance of time and durability that the business was founded on all those years ago.

Whether you’re in the market for something subtle or a flashy design that will grab all attention, this brand is good to go with a wide stock to choose from. As long as you’ve budgeted for a bit of a bigger expense, this will be an easy investment to last many years down the road.

Hamilton Promotions & Discounts 

Hamilton Watch Review

Unfortunately, Hamilton isn’t big on promotions and deals for the public. Active-military individuals do receive a discount on their purchases.

For those not currently enlisted, check out other retailers to find third-party discounts on these luxury watches. Those will be the easiest way to find discounts as this brand doesn’t even offer a sale section on their store website.

Where to Buy Hamilton

Hamilton Watch Review

Ready to buy after reading through this Hamilton watch review? If you live in the US, then ordering from is the most direct route to take. For those ordering internationally, check out some of these retail partners for shipping options:

  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Loro
  • JomaShop
  • Ashford
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Hamilton Watch Review

Where is Hamilton made? 

Since 2003, Hamilton watches have been produced in Biel, Switzerland.

What is Hamilton’s Shipping Policy?

If this Hamilton watch review has you convinced to order a nice new timepiece, we’ve got all the details on shipping costs and times to get that timepiece delivered as soon as possible. When it comes to ordering, three shipping options are available at checkout:

  • Standard Ground Shipping (5-7 business days): FREE
  • Expedited 2-Day Shipping (2 business days): FREE
  • Rush Overnight, next business day, costs dependent on location and will be calculated at checkout

Hamilton only ships to US addresses in the contiguous states as well as Hawaii. If a customer outside of those locations wishes to order, check out some of their retail partners for international purchases.

What is Hamilton’s Return Policy?

Not happy with the style of the watch you selected? Luckily, the 14-day return policy allows a full refund or exchange with ease. All it takes is a few steps to get that money back:

  1. Complete the online return form
  2. Follow the return instructions found in the original packaging that accompanied the purchase
  3. Place the original invoice/packing slip in with the return item and attach the pre-paid FedEx label supplied by the company
  4. Be sure all items from the original package (warranty card, invoice, extra links, manual, etc) are included in the box and ship it with FedEx

Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs, but any exchange shipments are covered by Hamilton. Just be sure the exchange is equal or greater in value than the original item.

Charges will be applied to the customer should pieces from the original packaging not be included in the return. If the product arrives broken or defective, contact customer service to arrange for an exchange or return.

Should a watch be broken, options aside from returning exist due to the 2-year warranty on each piece. Just ship it off for a Hamilton watch repair and it’ll be fixed up with the utmost care.

How to Contact Hamilton

Have any questions for the company after completing this Hamilton watch review? This brand has an online contact form under their Contact Us section. Just fill in the information and a customer service representative will be sure to reach out as soon as possible.

Messaging via social media is another option for direct contact. This brand has accounts on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat
  • Weibo

An online support number (1-800-234-8463) is also listed for 9 AM to 7 PM EST Monday through Friday. Should all else fail, their customer service email is [email protected].

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