High Sierra Backpack Review

About High Sierra Backpack

High Sierra Backpack Review

High Sierra is an American company selling backpacks, lunch bags, hiking accessories, and travel gear to customers of all ages. This company’s product line can suit a variety of needs – from daily backpacks for the school run to trusty hiking bags for your latest camping adventure. 

High Sierra backpacks are also used by professionals who need to pack their laptops and papers somewhere safe from the chaos of the everyday commute! Wherever you’re going, the brand has been trusted by shoppers to get you there in reliable style for more than 4 decades

My High Sierra Backpack review will give you a closer look at their best-selling range of bags, and break down their buying highlights and customer reviews so you can decide if you’d like to upgrade your accessories with this brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the High Sierra story. 

Overview of High Sierra Backpack

High Sierra Backpack Review

High Sierra was founded back in 1978 by father-son entrepreneurs Harry and Hank Bernaum. The brand started out making high-quality outdoor gear, specializing in sporting and adventure accessories.   

In the following decades, High Sierra became a major player in the backpack and luggage industry, expanding to offer all kinds of accessories from formal luggage to lunch bags. They even served as the official bag supplier for the US Ski and Snowboard Team!

In 2012, High Sierra was purchased by the parent company Samsonite, another giant of the luggage world. Under their new leadership, High Sierra continues to create colorful and functional bags for all kinds of uses and all kinds of customers.

Let’s check out the highlights of buying from High Sierra.


  • High Sierra sells backpacks, travel bags, lunch kits, hiking packs, and more
  • Variety of products that suit many needs: work, school, travel, outdoor sports
  • Many bags come with warranties 
  • Well-known company with over forty years in the business
  • Easy online shopping
  • Shipping across US including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • Free shipping over $29

High Sierra Backpack Review

My High Sierra Backpack review will give you a look at four of their best-selling options for kids and adults. Whether you’re after a traditional school backpack or a new wheelie bag, keep reading to learn more about High Sierra’s approach to accessories.

High Sierra Backpack Fatboy Review

High Sierra Backpack Fatboy Review
High Sierra Backpack Fatboy

High Sierra shares that they gave this backpack the cheeky name Fatboy since it can “swallow all of your gear!

The High Sierra Backpack Fatboy is designed with everyday use in mind, especially if you’re the kind of person who needs to carry a whole lotta stuff on your back for your daily commute or school run.

While the total weight of this bag is only 1.36 lbs, it’s designed with a massive interior space of 2,400 cubic inches to carry everything you need. This includes a dedicated laptop compartment, beverage pocket, and even an accessory pocket with space for tech and a USB charging port.

The Fatboy backpack is also built to handle its high capacity without putting too much strain on your body, with several features designed to keep you comfy and safe:

  • Back panel is padded for your comfort
  • Suspension on shoulder straps to reduce pressure on back and shoulders
  • Shoulder straps have “Vapel Mesh Airflow” to keep you breezy

Buy the Fatboy backpack for $19 in seven colors, including black, dark blue, and lavender.

High Sierra XBT TSA Backpack Review

High Sierra XBT TSA Backpack Review
High Sierra XBT TSA Backpack 

If you’re a frequent flier, this bag might be the perfect pick for your next adventure. While writing this High Sierra Backpack review I’ve learned that this bag has been specifically designed to meet all the requirements of carry-on luggage – taking one of the hassles of travel off your shoulders. 

The XBT TSA Backpack has a “TSA friendly” design that separates your tech so you won’t have to remove all of your gear from your bag at the airport. Its 17-inch computer sleeve should fit the majority of laptops, and there’s space for your tablet and phone, too. 

Like all High Sierra products, this bag has oodles of compartments and has been designed to let you access important tidbits easily, whether you’re using it for a trip or for daily travel. There’s a zippered front pocket for your bus pass or keys, and convenient beverage holders on each side. 

When carrying this bag, you can adjust this bag’s straps to fit your body or use the top carry handle. 

The XBT TSA Backpack  is about 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide, with a total weight of 4 lbs. It’s available in black or charcoal. .

Order the XBT TSA Backpack  for $85.

High Sierra XBT Wheeled Daypack Review

High Sierra XBT Wheeled Daypack Review
High Sierra XBT Wheeled Daypack

If you love the idea of a convenient, carry-on bag but don’t think you want to lug it around on your back, take a peek at the XBT Wheeled Daypack!

This bag has many of the same features as High Sierra’s XBT TSA Backpack, but with the added bonus of wheels for easy transport. Instead of carrying your gear, you can use the aluminum handle to simply wheel it behind you.

This bag is made to put up with everything travel can throw your way – it’s got a water-resistant exterior to protect it from rainy weather, and corner guards to keep the edges from getting scuffed up.

Here’s what else you can expect to find in this wheelie backpack:

  • Computer sleeve
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Two side accessory pockets with zippers
  • Easy-access “Organizer Compartment” for all of your odds and ends

Pick up the XBT Wheeled Daypack in either black or red, for $125.

High Sierra Backpack Mindie Review

High Sierra Backpack Mindie Review
High Sierra Backpack Mindie

The Mindie Backpack is structured and stylish. This bag has a tall, rectangular shape with three zippered front compartments for all your little necessities.

This is a classic backpack with a more chic, minimalist style. It has a crisp, lean profile, with side beverage holders that blend in nicely with the rest of the bag. Its straps match the fabric of rest of the backpack, with a bit of contrasting detailing on the zippers and carrying handle.

The Mindie would be a great choice for students or busy professionals who need a reliable everyday bag for their computer, lunch, books, and personal items.

The Mindie comes equipped with:

  1. Shoulder straps with “padded mesh” for support and comfort
  2. Two top “bale handles” for easy carrying
  3. Inner sleeves for a laptop and tablet 
  4. Reflective details
  5. Two outside pockets for your small items

With its compact shape and light weight of only 1.76 lbs It’s also ideal for commuters who want to carry all of their gear without taking up too much space or adding extra weight.

The Mindie Backpack comes in the following color choices:

  • Black
  • Forest green
  • Aquamarine
  • Denim rose print
  • Black and silver Fabric Tex print

Buy the Mindie backpack for $25.

Who Is High Sierra Backpack For? 

High Sierra Backpack Review

This company’s extensive product line will attract a lot of different customers. High Sierra designs bags that are suitable for school kids, teens, college students, and working professionals, be it a playful pink suitcase covered in llamas, a discreet laptop bag, or a sporty overnight duffel.

High Sierra’s bags are also built for function. People whose school or work requires them to keep many materials safe and organized will appreciate the many zippered compartments and special sleeves these bags have. 

They also make their bags durable and comfortable for regular wear, offering plenty of sizes, carrying options, and adjustable features. 

Of course, people who love travel and the great outdoors will find lots to love, too. High Sierra made their name in sporting gear and they continue to focus on making affordable, high-end accessories for people on the move.

High Sierra has a number of carry-on bags specifically designed to make air travel way smoother. They also have ski gear, athletic bags, and a specialty line of hiking packs that will appeal to people who love to camp and greet the outdoors with everything they need right on their backs!

High Sierra Backpack Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

High Sierra Backpack Review

High Sierra shares customer feedback on their official website product pages. For this High Sierra Backpack review I decided to check it out and found most buyers are pleased with their purchases and feel that they’re getting a lot of use.

One customer bought the XBT Wheeled Daypack for her child to use at school, and loved its comfort and convenience.

She writes in her High Sierra Backpack review: “I purchase this for my 7th grader, he was carrying a very heavy backpack on his shoulders, now he has the option of rolling it, as well as carrying it when using the stairs at school, it’s about the same as the version without the wheels he has before… Good purchase so far!”

Another buyer loved the XBT Wheeled Daypack’s ability to save her back on days when she had a heavy workload to carry – literally.

She comments in her High Sierra Backpack review: “I teach fitness classes and have to haul my gear. I also teach classroom setting type of classes as well and need to haul briefcase type of stuff. I also used it as a carryon for my travel. Perfect fit and so easy to maneuver around the airport.”

A customer who bought the Mindie Backpack for everyday use as a college student appreciated the bag’s convenience, finding she was making good use of its every nook and cranny.

She posts in her High Sierra Backpack review: “I use this backpack everyday for university. I chose it cause I wanted something to carry my laptop in and also have a huge pocket apart from the laptop compartment to put my notebooks and stuff. It’s been a couple of weeks but so far so good. I love it.”

We also spotted a review of the Fatboy Backpack from a mom who bought the bag for her son – and was glad she did. 

She found that this High Sierra Backpack withstood a whole lot of use, carrying him all the way through elementary school. And when it was time to replace the bag, she and her son opted to buy the same style again

She shares in her High Sierra Backpack review: “I first bought this bag for my son in elementary school. He had it since kindergarten and it lasted for the entire 5 years through 5th grade. With all my son put it through it never tore or looked distressed. It was a fat boy. Now that he is advancing to middle school I purchased the same bag.”

High Sierra also has plenty of customer reactions on their official Amazon store page. While Amazon only sells some of their selection there, we found a few products that stood out for their solid reviews. 

Their High Sierra Business Slim Pack Laptop Backpack has a 4.4/5 star rating based on 34 High Sierra Backpack reviews. One customer in particular find this bag ideal for her everyday trek to work, allowing her to comfortably pack everything she needs in one go

She writes in her High Sierra Backpack review, It is very well-designed, compact, and roomy at the same time. Straps are quite adjustable to a wide range of heights. Very comfortable to wear even with the full weight of everything inside: a laptop in its own padded pocket, charger and notebook(s) and whatever else…Use it to lug my stuff to work all in one bag.”

The Autry Water Resistant Backpack also has high reviews, with customers giving it a 4.5/5 star rating based on 92 posts. A shopper appreciates that this bag is strong and well-made, and could resist water damage in her very rainy state! 

She posted in her High Sierra Backpack review, “I like this backpack so far, I always get High Sierras and this one was my favorite color. It’s working out so far and I love all the pockets it has. I live in Oregon, so having a backpack that is water-resistant is amazing to have now.”

High Sierra’s products were also reviewed at the site, which ranked the Swerve Laptop Backpack as their top pick from this brand. They love the many compartments and good size of this bag, as well as its sleek look and color options.

The reviewer shares in their High Sierra Backpack review: “The bag has a somewhat compact size at only 13” in length, but has many compartments that are perfect for holding books, folders, organizers, and more….We also really liked that this High Sierra black backpack that still looked professional.”

Overall, both customers and accessory industry reviewers have found a High Sierra bag that works well for them! To wrap up this section of my High Sierra Backpack review, I found that customers are generally happy with the brand’s approach to design and appreciate the roomy compartments, strong materials, and comfortable feel of their bags.

Is High Sierra Backpack Legit?

High Sierra Backpack Review

Definitely! This brand has been around for quite a while and is reliably delivering high-quality backpacks, lunch bags, and travel bags to customers across the US.

Their bags are also carried by reputable accessory shops around the world, including Bentley, Target, and outdoor specialty stores. 

Is High Sierra Backpack Worth It?

High Sierra Backpack Review

While writing this High Sierra Backpack review, I found that this brand’s range of duffel bags, lunch kits, and backpacks are generally quite popular with customers, from school kids to working professionals.

Whether buyers are shopping for their child’s first school bag, a hiking accessory, or their everyday go-to bag, High Sierra has plenty of options that deliver on comfort and functionality.

This company also understands that buyers need their bags and travel gear to be versatile, stylish, and dependable, and they seem to be checking all those boxes across their product line.

Our review has sound that this brand is generally well-liked by customers who consider their High Sierra bags a worthwhile investment. For these reasons mentioned in my High Sierra Backpack review, I’m happy to recommend shopping with this established accessory brand. 

High Sierra Backpack Promotions & Discounts 

High Sierra Backpack Review

At the time of this High Sierra Backpack review, I found that newsletter subscribers can get a High Sierra coupon for 20% off their next purchase. This shop has a dedicated Deals section so you can shop for sale prices. 

Here are a few High Sierra discounts available at the time of writing our review:

  • Curve Backpack$17 (regularly $20)
  • Pinova Backpack$17 (regularly $35)
  • HydraHike Waist Pack with Bottles$15 (regularly $30)

Any purchase over $29 will also ship for free.

Where to Buy High Sierra Backpack

High Sierra Backpack Review

If you’re a US customer, you can buy all High Sierra Backpacks at their official site. You can also find them through their Amazon store. US and international customers can also find a selection of High Sierra products at major retailers like Staples, Target, Bentley, and at various outdoor specialty stores.


High Sierra Backpack Review

Who owns High Sierra Backpack?

This brand is owned by the parent company Samsonite.

Does High Sierra Backpack ship internationally?

No, this brand only ships within the US at the moment.

What is High Sierra Backpack’s Shipping Policy?

This company ships across the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. In the contiguous US, you can expect to pay $4 in shipping per order unless you spend over $29 – then, shipping is free.

Residents of Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii will be subject to different shipping rates due to the distance. Rates will vary and be calculated at checkout.

What is High Sierra Backpack’s Return Policy?

While doing my research for this High Sierra Backpack review, I found that this brand wants you to be totally happy with your new bag, so they offer a chance to return your product within 30 days of purchase.

While shipping costs won’t be refunded, you can use a prepaid shipping label for your return; it will cost $12 to return travel products and $8 for non-travel purchases. To start the process, visit their Returns page and have your order number handy.

Full refunds may not be available on sale products – make sure you check the details on sale merchandise before you buy.

 If your purchase arrived damaged or defective in some way, High Sierra can offer a full refund and reimburse you for return shipping – just get in touch with the company as soon as possible to start the process.

How to Contact High Sierra Backpack

I hope you enjoyed this High Sierra Backpack review! I found two ways to get in touch with the company:

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