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HLTH Code Review

Are you looking for a refreshing shake to kick off your day or before your next workout but don’t know what to mix? Don’t worry, HLTH Code has a nutritious blend just for you. 

You might not have a lot of time to put into eating healthy, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try. Luckily, HLTH Code makes it easy to incorporate nutrition into your diet. When you sign up for a HLTH Code subscription, you’ll be able to make healthy shake mixes with all your essential daily nutrients while on the go. 

While HLTH Code is not yet well-known, as they only have over 8k followers on Instagram, they do have a long line of satisfied customers. So, are their products worth it? Do the shakes really serve the proper nutrients hassle-free? My HLTH Code review will tackle all those questions for you to make the best decision. 

Overview of HLTH Code

HLTH Code Review

Founded by brothers, metabolic scientist Dr. Ben Bikman and nutrition executive Joel Bikman, HLTH Code encourages people to have a more nutritious and balanced diet as both brothers saw their metabolism getting worse over time. While Dr. Ben handles the scientific and nutritious aspects of the company, Joel takes care of all the marketing opportunities. 

The brothers understood poor metabolism as a root issue for many other health problems, and looked for a way to create a product that could remedy this. They both saw family members fall sick from poor nutrition, and also understood that most people didn’t have time to actively prepare nutritious and healthy meals. That’s when HLTH Code Complete Meal was born.

Not only does the brand sell shakes, they also include blogs to teach you healthy recipes and scientific facts about healthy eating. One awesome example is the HLTH Code chocolate peanut butter fudge bites. With coconut oil, nut butter, vanilla, cocoa powder, monk fruit syrup, and almond or coconut milk, you can have a delicious fudgy dessert that’s healthy! 

But are these shakes actually good? What ingredients do they contain? Before we get into the nitty-gritty details about the product, my HLTH Code review will take a quick look at the highlights.


  • No artificial sweeteners or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 
  • No added sugars 
  • Zero soy
  • Gluten-free
  • Includes digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fiber for gut health 
  • 1:1 ratio of healthy fats and proteins 
  • Keto-friendly 
  • Free shipping on orders with more than one package for the continental US
  • International shipping available 

Currently, HLTH Code only offers their one product, the HLTH Code Complete Meal replacement shake, and it appears that the company wants to focus on their own niche and excel at doing so. I’ll take a deeper look at what else the company offers and why it might (or might not) be a good fit for you.  

How Does HLTH Code Work?

 HLTH Code Review

Even though HLTH Code currently offers their one product, you don’t have to be restricted to having shakes all the time. You can also use the powder in other recipes, as highlighted on the brand’s blog. And the products are not subscription-based only. That’s right, you can just buy one package. But the prices will be higher, and there are shipping fees to consider. 

If you want to sign up for a subscription, all you need to do is: 

  1. Choose which flavors you want and how many items you want for each.
  2. Decide if you want a one-time purchase or a subscription.

Once you’ve decided, you can proceed to check out. And you have the choice of adding a BlenderBottle to your purchase. 

HLTH Code has your metabolism and health in mind, which is why their current range of products are so limited. While they are still looking into expanding, they don’t want to skimp or dilute their nutrients, since that would defeat the entire purpose.

The HLTH Code powders are also formulated to taste great. With twists on the basic chocolate versus vanilla dichotomy, the limited options are intended to be unique and interesting. Instead of simply  drinking the shakes every day, you can always use the powders in other recipes too. 

At the end of the day, the company is focused on nutrition and health, as a nutrition-oriented brand should do. 

HLTH Code Product review

HLTH Code Complete Meal comes in two flavors, so in this HLTH Code review I’ll take a deep dive and give you everything you need to know about them. I will run through all the nutrition facts, the ingredients, and examine who the shakes are intended for before we review customer comments. 

On a side note, you might have heard of the HLTH Code diabetic meal replacement shakes, which are the basic regular meal replacement shakes. Be aware that these may not necessarily be the best for diabetics since they aren’t specifically designed for them. 

While 4 grams of net carbs shouldn’t have a big impact on your blood sugar, there are other meal replacement shakes specifically designed for people with diabetes. 

HLTH Code Review

HLTH Code Review

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the HLTH Code Complete Meal shakes. Coming in two flavors, chocolate macadamia or creamy vanilla, they are super shake powders formulated by Dr. Bikman with the right combination of nutrients to boost your metabolism and nourish your body with enough nutrients for one meal. 

In every shake you’ll find nearly half the daily amount of protein, a balanced ratio of healthy fats to protein, and digestive enzymes—all to ensure you have a ‘complete meal’. The protein comes from typical sources like egg whites, whey, and grass-fed collagen. While this is healthy, it is definitely not vegan. But the shakes could be a good complement to any keto diet. 

The ingredients also include apple cider vinegar to further aid in your gut health. Working in tandem with the probiotics and fiber, you should be left feeling refreshed after each shake. In addition, you’ll get a lot of your daily vitamins, with each serving including Vitamin D, A, C, E, K, B6, and B12. You’ll also get a variety of minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. 

There are also 43 mg of cholesterol and 203 mg of sodium. HLTH Code is a complete meal, so this should be fine. But if you’re having additional meals which are already typically higher in cholesterol and sodium, you can very easily surpass your daily recommended cholesterol and sodium intake. 

As with anything health-related, it’s always best to consult your doctor before adding anything to your daily routine. 

Is HLTH Code healthy? 

 HLTH Code Review

While doing my research for this HLTH Code review, I found that the ingredients are mostly healthy. Putting all the scientific jargon aside, it seems most of the ingredients are natural. The shake focuses on their protein blend, as well as their healthy fats blend which includes olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed, cocoa butter, and ghee

There is also a digestive enzyme blend, which is meant to keep your gut healthy and happy. As noted before in this HLTH Code review, I did find high levels of total fat concentration, sodium, and cholesterol. 

However, the creators of HLTH Code Complete Meal emphasize that they use only the most essential healthy fats needed for good health, and the shakes are meant to replace meals. At the same time, meal replacement shakes are still a much debated topic. 

While meal replacement shakes can help you lose weight since you’ll be consuming less calories, they still won’t provide you with all the nutrients in a healthy diet of whole foods. In fact, many healthcare professionals do not recommend consuming only meal replacement shakes. 

HLTH Code emphasizes that their main goal is to create an accessible and efficient way to consume a meal without having to rely on restaurant takeout all the time. It’s easier for people who don’t have the time to find a recipe and make it, plus it’s great for on-the-go. 

Is HLTH Code Vegan? 

 HLTH Code Review

Since the products contain whey, egg whites, collagen, and ghee, they are not vegan. But as HLTH Code continues to develop their formulas, they may find a way to incorporate the same essential nutrients in a vegan option. 

Who Is HLTH Code For? 

 HLTH Code Review

These products are for anyone who wants to try a meal replacement or to enhance their diet. You don’t have to drink it as shakes either as the powder can be used to make other recipes. 

Check out their recipe section on their website and see how you can incorporate them into meals too. 

But you should be aware of any dietary restrictions you may have. If you have allergies, health conditions, or other dietary limitations, make sure to check the ingredients list before you make a purchase. 

How Much Is HLTH Code?

 HLTH Code Review

HLTH Code shakes include great non-GMO ingredients and an assortment of nutrients, and they’re not expensive. One bag should give you 15 meals, which costs $50 with a subscription. This will bring you a little over $3 per meal! If you purchase two bags, you will get free shipping as well. 

Want to try out a bag before committing? You can also buy one bag for $60, which comes to $4 for a meal. Oh, and if you want to put your shake in the perfect bottle, you can buy a BlenderBottle for $8

HLTH Code Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

 HLTH Code Review

Now we get to the part about customer comments. For online subscription services, this step is crucial. Don’t worry, for this HLTH Code review I went through individual blogs and Amazon comments about some customers who really enjoyed the product, while others reported poor experiences. 

Some customers really liked HLTH Code Complete Meal’s taste and use of ingredients. The author on LatestFuels wrote: “One of the main highlights is that both flavors were very tasty, even more than expected. Plus, they didn’t have the buttery oily feel that most keto shakes have.”

The product must have a 4.2/5 star rating from 105 reviews on Amazon for a reason. One customer really enjoyed the taste: “I really enjoyed the flavor of this complete meal replacement shake. It was filling and after taking it consecutive days in a row – I was able to notice myself having better control of my appetite and also had some weight loss success.” 

Another buyer pointed out the excellent ingredients, writing: “Love that this has stellar ingredients that not only support ketosis and weight loss but also thyroid health such as apple cider vinegar, iodine, selenium, zinc, chromium, flaxseed, MCT and olive oil, grass-fed collagen plus so much more. I feel great when I drink it.”   

It should be pointed out that some customers had a negative bodily reaction, finding themselves bloated and uncomfortable, but later realised it was because of certain ingredients that they had an allergic reaction to. 

To summarize this segment of my HLTH Code review, there were many positive testimonials left for the brand around taste, value, ingredients, customer service, and more.

Is HLTH Code Worth It?

 HLTH Code Review

Ultimately, the big question is whether a subscription to HLTH Code is worth it? If you’re looking for a healthy meal replacement option, this is definitely something they can provide. On the other hand, it is still a new brand, so there is less presence and information about it. 

That being said, HLTH Code does seem to have many great positive attributes going for it. While it’s too early to tell, maybe their fame will grow as they introduce new products that can appeal to a wider audience. Right now, the ingredients aren’t allergy-free for everyone, but that can change in the future as the brand continues to develop. 

HLTH Code Promotions & Discounts 

 HLTH Code Review

At the time of this HLTH code review, there is a first-time customer discount of 10% with the code: WELCOME10

Sign Up For HLTH Code

 HLTH Code Review

It is really easy to sign up for a HLTH Code complete meal replacement subscription. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Choose how many bags you want of each flavor: Chocolate Macadamia or Creamy Vanilla. 
  2. Then select if you want to subscribe or make a one-time purchase. 
  3. Decide if you want a one-time purchase of a BlenderBottle. 
  4. Add to cart and complete your purchase.

And you’re done! The subscription will auto-renew every thirty days, but you can cancel at least one day before the next shipment. If you want other intervals, that’s possible too! Just contact their customer service, most easily done through their Live chat. You can choose if you want products sent to you every two weeks or every other month—your choice.


 HLTH Code Review

How do I cancel my HLTH Code subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Just follow these easy steps: 

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Choose if you want to modify anything on your account, even cancelling your subscription.

Once your subscription is cancelled, you should receive a confirmation email. 

What is HLTH Code’s Shipping Policy?

You will have free shipping if you order two or more bags of shake. Otherwise, if you only order one bag, you will be charged a $10 shipping fee. 

Since your orders are shipped within 48 hours of your purchase, you should get your order between 3 to 9 business days. But at the time of this HLTH Code review, there is a delay of 1-2 weeks for shipments to PO Boxes. 

Unfortunately, there is no expedited shipping. They do offer worldwide shipping, but the fees will depend on your location. For example, shipping to Canada would cost $20 regardless of how many products you buy, so international customers typically stock up. You would also need to pay for additional local import duties and sales tax. 

What is HLTH Code’s Return Policy?

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee from the day you receive your order. To start a return:

  • Contact customer service at [email protected]
  • Give contact info, order confirmation number, reason for return, and the number of bags you will be returning. You can only return one bag of each flavor at a time. 
  • Once you’ve emailed them, you should receive a response with the return shipping location. 
  • Send off your return. 

Within 48 hours of the company receiving your return, you should get your refund. Even if this wasn’t your first order, you might still be able to get a refund if something went wrong with your order. Just email the company! 

How to Contact HLTH Code

 HLTH Code Review

I hope you enjoyed this HLTH code review! For any lingering questions you may have, there are a few ways to contact the company:

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