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HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

It’s scary to live in a world over-run with plastic bottles and bags sitting on the ground for centuries. Given current climate projections, those single-use plastics will likely outlive us. Many people are clamoring for a way to change that, and it seems like one good way might be the HoldOn Compostable Bag.

This bag is made out of 100% compostable plant-based ingredients, a trait that has helped it earn over 1.2k Instagram followers in just over two months. While the brand’s following may currently be small, it’s growing mightier every day.

That’s why I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know about the product in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review.

Overview of HoldOn Compostable Bag

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

The HoldOn Compostable Bag is a beacon that could guide people away from single-use plastics and into a future with more sustainable products. Funnily enough, the brand’s version of sustainability is by making items that degrade more quickly. Their compostable bags decompose within weeks rather than clogging up the atmosphere with plastic.

Their quick biodegradable nature comes from the materials HoldOn uses. They select plant-based ingredients that decay not long after you throw the bags out so you don’t have to feel guilty if you have a lot of trash.

Their bags are made from:

  • Cornstarch
  • Polylactic acid
  • Polybutylene adipate terephthalate

Some properties are universal in the HoldOn Compostable Bag catalog. These include:

  1. TUV-certification
  2. BPI-certification
  3. Fast breakdown times
  4. Non-toxic

I’ll briefly sum up the product’s brightest features in the highlights section of my HoldOn Compostable Bag review.


  • HoldOn Bags are made with plant-based, non-toxic materials
  • All bags are BPI-certified
  • Subscription plans offered
  • Free shipping on all orders over $35
  • 10% discount on your first purchase by signing up for their newsletter

I’ll be covering all of the brand’s items in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review. There are ways you can save money by purchasing more though. You can combine their bags into sets to bring down the total cost.

For example, it’s cheaper to buy a HoldOn Compostable Bag Trash Essentials Set than it is to purchase a large and a small bag in one order. I’ll explain more details in a bit.

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

Usually, what’s more important than a bag is what’s inside the bag. However, that’s not the case with these bags. I’m going to tell you what specifically makes them such a great alternative to the conventional plastic bag.

HoldOn Compostable Tall Kitchen Bag Review

The HoldOn Compostable Tall Kitchen Bag is one of the most useful items in this brand’s catalog solely because it’s designed for the one place in the house that has the most bio-degradable waste: the kitchen.

Each of these bags can hold up to 13 gallons and measures 8.4” by 25” by 23”. That carrying capacity is compounded by its rigid triple-ply material to fight against leaks and tears. It’s also easy to carry or sit up in a trash can thanks to its drawstrings.

You can grab a box of 40 HoldOn Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags for $26. 

HoldOn Compostable Zipseal Sandwich Bag Review

Sandwich bags are as handy as they are inconvenient, meaning they’re an oxymoron by nature. They’re great for single usages, but a pain in the keister because you have to throw them out afterward or awkwardly clean them.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel bad about tossing the HoldOn Compostable Zipseal Sandwich Bag into the compost.

Not only is it made with food-safe and non-toxic materials, but it can also keep your food fresh for longer with its zip seal. That can keep air out and freshness in. each bag can hold 15 oz.

An order of 100 HoldOn Compostable Zipseal Sandwich Bags costs $16 for a single purchase.

HoldOn Compostable Bag Trash Essentials Set Review 

Oh, so you got big and small garbage cans? How will you ever survive, you poor thing? Maybe the HoldOn Compostable Bag Trash Essentials Set can help you.

I briefly mentioned this item earlier in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review. It contains 40 Tall Kitchen Bags and 50 Small Space Bags, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, for a more affordable price than if you were to buy these items separately.

The duo costs $35, which is a great deal if you need these different-sized bags.

HoldOn Compostable Small Space Bag Review

The final item I’m going to feature in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review is one whose small size makes it endlessly versatile. It can hold 4 gallons, making it suitable for the kitchen, the washroom, or any other location where compostable waste accumulates.

The HoldOn Compostable Small Space Bag has many of the same properties as its larger version. It’s made of a triple-ply material and can fit over the tops of most garbage receptacles. It also has a tie-top closure so that you safely discard it without spilling its contents.

A box of 50 HoldOn Compostable Small Space Bags costs $13.

Who Is HoldOn Compostable Bag For? 

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

While I believe that anyone can make the switch over to the products in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review, I recognize that those who are consciously trying to reduce their single-use plastic will be the ones who enjoy this brand the most.

HoldOn Compostable Bag Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

Unfortunately, there weren’t many HoldOn Compostable Bag reviews to pull from that came from customers. The only one that I could find was a single anecdote that read: “They’re just as strong as plastic trash bags, and I feel so much better knowing that I’m not dumping more plastic into landfills.”

What can we take away from this comment? A few things:

  • HoldOn Compostable Bags are sturdy 
  • The bags provided some peace of mind to customers
  • The bags helped customers make a positive change in their life for the environment

I did find some pleasant comments customers left on the brand’s Instagram page. One user wrote that they, “Love these bags,” while another said, “I love these new snack bags and don’t think I could ever go back to plastic. I have the trash bags too.

While there weren’t a lot of custom reviews, I did find some reviews from some blogs. Over on This Organic Girl, the reviewer had a lot of praise for HoldOn, giving it perfect scores for price, ingredients, and effectiveness for 5/5 stars overall.

To sum it up, she wrote: “HoldOn Bags are a solution to single-use plastic bags that doesn’t require any compromise from the user. I found them to be strong – no leaks, rips, or tears in my experience. I just wish they offered more products!”

If her only complaint is they don’t have enough products, then that is a great sign. It’s safe to say there is a lot of demand for their high-quality sustainable bags. Clearly, this brand is doing something right if they’re turning people off of plastic bags for good!

Is HoldOn Compostable Bag Legit?

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

I couldn’t find anything sketchy or underhanded while I researched the HoldOn Compostable Bag. Although it is a new brand, these sustainable bags seem to be a hit with customers who care about reducing their plastic use. HoldOn is legit.

Is HoldOn Compostable Bag Worth It?

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

It’s painful to read some of the statistics about how much damage we’re doing to our planet with single-use plastics. It can be stress-inducing and make us feel powerless. However, using a HoldOn Compostable Bag is a step in the right direction. That’s why I believe that these bags are worth it if you want to see a greener future.

HoldOn Compostable Bag Promotions & Discounts 

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

How cool would it be to become a member of a collective of sustainably-minded fellows who get exclusive updates, deals, and more courtesy of the hottest compostable bag producers around? Well, dream no more, bestie, because HoldOn Compostable Bag can provide you with just that!

You can sign up for their email newsletter and earn all those benefits as well as a 10% discount on your first HoldOn Compostable Bag purchase.

Another way you can save some change is by subscribing to regular HoldOn Compostable Bag deliveries. You can choose whether you want a shipment every month, every other month, or every quarter. This can save you around 14% on every purchase of items like the HoldOn Compostable Tall Kitchen Bag. 

Our readers can also use our exclusive code HBR15 to get 15% off their order!

Where to Buy HoldOn Compostable Bag

HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

You can order any of the items I featured in my HoldOn Compostable Bag review from the brand’s website,


HoldOn Compostable Bag Review

Who owns HoldOn Compostable Bag?

Despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to find any information about HoldOn’s owner.

Does HoldOn Compostable Bag ship internationally?

Sadly, HoldOn Compostable Bags are not available for international shipping.

What is HoldOn Compostable Bag’s Shipping Policy?

It appears that HoldOn only delivers products to people within the United States. They do provide free shipping on all orders over $35. Any order less than that amount will be subject to a flat shipping fee of $7.

What is HoldOn Compostable Bag’s Return Policy?

Thankfully, HoldOn has a generous 30-day return window for products that do not satisfy you. You’ll have that entire time to send back any items for a full refund. You can begin the return process by contacting the brand.

How to Contact HoldOn Compostable Bag

You can contact the team behind the HoldOn Compostable Bag through email. Send them a message at [email protected] and they should get back to you within one business day.

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