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ICanvas Review

As a nation, it’s about time we move beyond our fascination with posters. They’re great, they’re cheap, but they’re also tacky. Imagine hanging a piece of laminated paper across your room without a frame, stepping back, and believing it brings the room together.

Give us a break, please.

Or, give us what ICanvas offers: personally curated canvases of customer-selected art. Judging by the 53k art fanatics who follow them on Instagram, people can’t seem to get enough of what the brand provides.

But, without an informed inquiry into the brand, that could all be a load of hoopla. We’re going to assume you’re on a hoopla-free diet based on your internet browsing history.

Find out what the brand can provide you, how they can provide it, whether real-life customers are satisfied with their purchases, and more in our ICanvas review. 

Overview of ICanvas

ICanvas Review

ICanvas entered the world of art reprints in 1999. They were founded, and are still based, in one of America’s most artistically-inclined cities, Chicago, IL.

The brand distinguishes themselves with their laborious printmaking process. Every step, from digital resizing to printing to hand-stretching, is conducted by ICanvas’ steady and practiced hands. Plus, it’s all done on US soil.

They tout that they only use the best possible materials to ensure that their customers get the best possible canvases. That means they use poly-cotton canvases to make each piece both durable and alluring. They also use Epson ink and North American pine frames. 

These components promise canvases that are timeless and capture the eyes like whirlpools of creativity. ICanvas wants to deepen every customer’s interaction with art through a measured eye towards quality and longevity.

Let’s continue on our ICanvas review by touching on what we believe are the most important parts of ICanvas’ business model.


  • Offers a generous selection of intricately crafted canvases
  • All products are made in the USA
  • Massive selection of art pieces
  • Each canvas is hand-made
  • International shipping
  • Free returns
  • Financing options available with Klarna
ICanvas Review

It’s no secret that ICanvas make high-quality canvas artwork reprints, but the real story here is which pieces of art they can bless canvases with. 

In short, almost anything. We nearly fell down a wormhole of options trying to include everything the brand offers. Here are their main product categories:

  • Pop culture
  • Classic art
  • Modern art
  • Photography
  • Custom prints

And those are just the most popular categories. There are even more subdivisions based on artist, scenery, subject, and even intended rooms.

You can also customize each print’s size, orientation, thickness, framing, format, and medium. Each option will affect the final price.

ICanvas Review

The best way to embody a brand’s offerings is through their most popular products. That’s why this section of our ICanvas review will cover the hottest pieces in the brand’s library.

The prices we’ve included here reflect the default customization options ICanvas offers.

ICanvas Detour Canvas Print Review

This mesmerizing piece comes courtesy of Isabelle Z. its abstract use of thick blue brushstrokes and thin gold-tinted circles make it ideal for more reserved rooms.

What really sticks out about the ICanvas Detour Canvas Print is how effortlessly it combines strong shapes with dancing linework.

If you’re as smitten with this piece as we are then you’ll be happy to know it’s currently on sale for $87, a steep markdown from its original $248 price tag.

ICanvas Garden Delights Canvas Print Review

The ICanvas Garden Delights Canvas Print is a sublime contrast of humanity’s greatest technological triumphs with the purest representation of natural beauty.

An astronaut contemplates his existence in the middle of a field of flowers, something our ICanvas review writers often do when the holiday season stress kicks in. 

The piece is somber, evocative, and subdued. Maybe it’ll spur up some of your deepest thoughts and get you pondering your life path. Find out for $87, which is a 65% discount on its usual $248 cost.

ICanvas Deliberation Canvas Print Review

The subject in this piece is really going through it. The ICanvas Deliberation Canvas Print portrays a woman holding her head in her hands as tendrils escape the back of her skull and lava crackles her skin. It’s a phenomenal representation of cognitive dissonance.

The painting is Mario Sanchez Nevado’s work. The Madrid artist looks to encompass the conflicting relationship between desire, logic, and emotion amidst modern society. 

It’s a heavy piece that’s not heavy on your wallet as it’s currently on sale for $62. Normally, the ICanvas Deliberation Canvas Print retails at $176.

ICanvas Highland Cow In Bathtub Black And White Canvas Print Review

“A cow in a bathtub, how funny!” is where a layman’s thinking would end when they gaze at the ICanvas Highland Cow In Bathtub Black And White Canvas Print. However, we know there’s more happening under this item’s skin.

The esteemed art critic, in this case, you, our dear reader, is perplexed by the many questions this piece asks them.

Questions like, “Why is the cow in the bathtub?” “How dirty does a cow need to be in order to take a bath?” “What came first, the bathtub or the cow?” and “Do the cow’s overflowing hair represent how capitalism blinds us while simultaneously cleansing us with our own dirt, as we linger about a body of water composed of our own filth?” should come to mind.

Find out what else this piece asks of you for the reduced price of $87. If you don’t act quickly you can still pick it up for $248.

ICanvas Kobe Canvas Print Review

Octavian Mielu’s memorial Kobe Bryant piece highlights the best aspects of the sorely missed athlete’s basketball game. Bryant’s ball handling prowess and footwork were unmatched and made him one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

The ICanvas Kobe Canvas Print could be an ideal addition to any Lakers lovers’ interior. 

As much as we hate to use the term “man cave,” this painting would also add some dignity to even the most childish and exuberant of man caves thanks to the respect it pays to Bryant.

Collect the piece of memorabilia that celebrates one of basketball’s GOATs for $87. Or you could twiddle your thumbs until the ICanvas Kobe Canvas Print returns to its regular price of $248

ICanvas The Starry Night Canvas Print Review

This canvas reprints one of the most famous impressionist pieces of art of all time. Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night is a serene image of a sleepy town with bright stars showering the village below. 

The ICanvas The Starry Night Canvas Print captures the majesty of van Gogh’s most ubiquitous piece. If you’re going to have the painting anywhere in your abode, it may as well be through ICanvas’ sublime offering.

The piece costs $87 if you catch it while it’s still on sale. Otherwise, you’re looking at a $248 purchase.

Who Is ICanvas For? 

ICanvas Review

Art lovers will adore what ICanvas has in store for them: the ability to customize artwork to their own desires. No longer will you have to decide between a gorgeous print that’s too small or an ugly painting that’s just the right size. 

ICanvas is also for people who want to decorate their spaces with art that’s on a more refined fabric than laminated paper.

ICanvas Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

ICanvas Review

Art is nothing without its fans. That’s why there are university courses dedicated to theories like death of the author, wherein one’s work can be removed from its founding context and be left completely up to the interpretation of the observer.

Okay, our ICanvas review staff isn’t advocating for anything as violent as death, we do believe that the most revealing feedback comes from people with real-life experience, which is why we’re using this section to summarize what customers across the internet have to say about ICanvas.

ICanvas makes that pretty easy as they promote their TrustPilot profile on their website. It’s no surprise why either, as they have a cumulative score of 4.7/5 stars from over 43,000 pieces of customer feedback.

But what’s included in those individual pieces of praise and critique? Let’s find out.

Many customers lauded the company for their huge selection of pieces that allowed them to express themselves in their living spaces. Some customers were even overwhelmed by everything ICanvas offered and found themselves spending hours on end cycling through the options. 

One 5/5 star reviewer complimented the company’s consistent print quality: “I have purchased several canvases from iCanvas & am very satisfied. The items have been packaged well. And the prints turn out to be even more beautiful than their online depictions.

Other fans couldn’t stop going on about how much they loved ICanvas’ free shipping. We’re assuming those were American customers. However, even more fans mentioned ICanvasfast shipping times

Don’t believe us? Read this piece of fan feedback and see if we’re lying to you (we’d never lie to you, sweet child): “All pieces I’ve ordered have arrived promptly and were excellently packed. I enjoy the options you have for most of the works: size, framed or frameless, canvas wrap or print, thickness of the canvas, one or multiple panels, and the like. The selection is amazing!

Okay, our ICanvas review writers feel like we’re overdosing on TrustPilot reviews, so let’s see what purchasers said about the brand on Better Business Bureau.

The reception there was still positive though milder, as you can see by the overall customer score of 3.6/5 stars emanating from only 25 customer reviews.

Our ICanvas review team found a fair amount of satisfied customers. This 5/5 star review shows as much: 

The picture had a scratch down the left side. I refused the canvas and gave it back to UPS man. Came in the house and emailed iCanvas. This was on April 6th, 2020. By April 9th I had my new canvas print. No hassles. They didn’t wait till they got my return.

Other positive pieces of customer critique highlighted ICanvas’ elegant packaging. Some buyers loved everything the company offered, saying, “We ordered a framed canvas picture, it was perfect! The canvas picture clarity was amazing! We cannot say enough great things about this company; excellent quality, well shipped, and great prices!”

Lastly, to round out this section of our ICanvas review, we consulted the customer review section of SiteJabber.

ICanvas’ overall score on that website was a commendable and respectable 4.5/5 stars from more than 120 customers. 

Most purchasers directed their praise towards the canvas’ beauty. Some couldn’t stop staring at their prints months after delivery! 

Some testimonials did touch on poor finishes, citing stretched corners or haphazard sizing. Complaints like these were a minority compared to the overwhelming amount of happy customers we found on SiteJabber.

We’ll conclude this segment of our ICanvas review by recapping what fans loved the most about their purchases:

  1. Phenomenal packaging
  2. Excellent canvas quality
  3. Huge production selection and customization options

Is ICanvas Worth It?

ICanvas Review

There’s something otherworldly about canvases that elevates them from mere decoration into eye-popping masterclasses. 

They are, in our opinion, the best medium for physical artwork.

Knowing that and taking into consideration how much time, effort, and attention to detail ICanvas workers invest into every product, we believe that their products are worth your time, effort, attention, and a sliver of your paycheck.

ICanvas Promotions & Discounts 

ICanvas Review

We heard a rumor that the only thing you like more than art is savings. Luckily for you, ICanvas offers both.

You’ll receive more than updates about new artist collaborations at ICanvas by signing up for their email. You’ll also be first in line to hear about new company promotions. 

Plus, our ICanvas review writers discovered a little secret – the brand will send you a coupon for a 5% discount when you sign up. The brand is also partnered with Klarna for easy payment plans.

While that alone would satisfy most customers, you seem like you’re hungry for more. How about you splatter some free US shipping onto your canvas and see what you can make of that. 

Where to Buy ICanvas

ICanvas Review

There’s only one place you can nab ICanvas products, whether they’re reprints of Pulp Fiction posters for you to string up across your college dorm or custom pieces by local artists, and that’s through the brand’s website, www.icanvas.com.


ICanvas Review

Who owns ICanvas?

Our ICanvas review writers found that company founder, Leon Oks, owns the brand.

Does ICanvas ship internationally?

Yes, ICanvas ships internationally! The brand is proud to class up homes across the globe.

What is ICanvas’s Shipping Policy?

It takes ICanvas around 10 business days to assemble each package, but you’ll have to wait around 12 business days after ordering an item to get it in the mail.

The company will send you a tracking number once your product is in transit. 

Shipping costs differ based on location unless you’re lucky enough to live in the continental United States. ICanvas ships all their items to any of the 48 states in the greater American landmass for free.

What is ICanvas’s Return Policy?

ICanvas’ return policy is as forgiving as it is intimidating. In the company’s own words, “You will LOVE your art, or we will take it back!” Jeez, that could be considered a threat in some parts of the internet.

Our ICanvas review writers are just joking – the hardline stance shows that ICanvas are confident enough in their work that if you don’t absolutely adore your product then you’ll have up to 60 days to return it. They’ll even send you a free shipping label.

How to Contact ICanvas

After parsing through this entire review, you may want to find out more about the company, you little chatterbox. If so, you can reach out to ICanvas through any of these methods:

  • Fill out their Customer Contact Form on the Contact Us Page of their website, icanvas.com
  • Email them at [email protected]

Note that, for either method, the company’s staff will be responding to customers from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST between Mondays and Fridays.

If that doesn’t suit you, you could always show up at their headquarters in Morton Grove, IL, though we aren’t sure that’s the most common manner of contacting a company in this day and age.

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