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About Innovo

Innovo Review

Laughing too hard, coughing, and exercising…What do all these things have in common? Sometimes, they all result in leaking. If this is something you struggle with, Innovo offers a range of products designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Featured in US Weekly, First For Women, and Parade, Innovo is commended for the way it changes the lives of women. Titles like “RHOC’s Shannon Beador Says a Leaky Bladder Has ‘Devastated’ Her for 18 Years” point to the brand as the solution, labelling it the source of regaining control over your happiness. 

This Innovo review will walk you through all there is to know about the brand—from the pros and cons, reviews of their products, how it works, and customer feedback, and more, to help you decide if their products are for you.

Overview of Innovo

Innovo Review

Bladder weakness isn’t a choice. And it’s definitely not fun. Wearing something comfortable that can help minimize future accidents is both convenient and productive. 

The founder of Innovo, Martin Kelly, saw the gap in the market right away. He invented a quality device used to treat leakage problems while simultaneously allowing users to exercise their pelvic muscles. 

Innovo made its first appearance in 2016 when it was released in Europe, but has since expanded to the US and the Middle East. They offer a pair of shorts made with Multipath™ Technology to help you practice kegel exercises, along with an accompanying spray (also offered in a handy starter kit). 

The brand has already reached 4.5 million people across the world and only continues to expand its operations. All of these clinically proven products are manufactured in the US. Maybe someday there will even be a pair of Innovo pants in the works! 

Now that you know a little more about the company’s history, this Innovo review will now look at some pros and cons.


  • Non-invasive bladder control products that strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • 12-week program 
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • 80% of customers saw results in 4 weeks, 87% saw results in 12 weeks
  • Clinically tested and proven
  • Affirm monthly payment option
  • FDA approved


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Only ships to the US, select countries in Europe, and the Middle East

How Does Innovo Work?

Innovo Review

When using Innovo products, the brand implements a 12-week journey to keep you on track towards your goal. The program starts with 30 minute sessions for five days a week. You should begin to see results—meaning less leaks and a stronger pelvic floor—around four weeks. 

Start by purchasing the Starter Kit, which contains everything you need to start the program. You can also invest in an extra pair of Supplemental Shorts so you don’t have to do laundry too often. There are also Spray Replacement Bottles to use on the shorts when the original runs out.

The program is super easy to follow. You simply have to wear the shorts and press a button. Then, sit back and relax without experiencing any muscle fatigue. The shorts send electrical impulses that are controlled by the remote to stimulate key muscles.

Now that we know how the process works, this Innovo review will take a look at the brand’s subscription options.

Innovo Starter Kit Review 

Looking to get started with pelvic floor exercise devices? The brand is ready for you with the Innovo Starter Kit. The kit consists of one pair of shorts, a spray bottle to use for the sensors, a remote to control the impulses, and an instruction manual so you always know what to do. 

This combo is the perfect start for your 12-week journey towards being leak-free! You can choose to make a one time payment of $450 or make monthly installments through Affirm of as low as $14 per month

Innovo Supplemental Shorts Review 

If you want an extra pair of shorts for some peace of mind, the Supplemental Shorts are for you! These are the same shorts in the Starter Kit, but don’t come with everything in the kit. 

For the most comfortable fit, size is based on your low hip measurements. There’s a helpful chart on Innovo’s website for more specifics. The brand knows that bodies change and it’s important to have options for a new size if needed over time. 

These resemble black biker shorts, so pair with your favorite crop top or sweatshirt for a cute athleisure look and nobody will even notice that you’re exercising your pelvic muscles! These shorts cost $150 for a one time payment.

Innovo Spray Replacement Bottle Review 

The Innovo spray that comes in the Starter Kit is used to create a barrier between your skin and the sensors. Each bottle should last for three months, but if you wish to continue using the product past the 12-week journey, then you can purchase a Spray Replacement Bottle.

Its use is straightforward—simply spray it directly onto the sensor on the inside of the shorts and you will have a smooth solution to prep your skin for the electric impulses. This bottle is available in 250ml for $20.

How Do You Use Innovo?

Innovo Review

Using Innovo products only requires following a few simple steps! We’ll walk you through how to use the Starter Kit:

  1. Start by spraying the sensors on the shorts with the provided spray 
  2. Slip into the shorts
  3. Attach the remote and adjust the pulse level, following the recommendations on the instructions
  4. Get comfortable in a position recommended in the instructions
  5. Keep the shorts on for 30 minutes to perform 180 kegels!

And that’s all there is to it! This Innvo review believes that the process is truly as simple as lounging around the house in a cute pair of shorts. 

Does Innovo Work for Prolapse?

Innovo Review

Bladder prolapse is the stretching and weakness of the bladder due to some sort of trauma such as birth, changing of the hormones, or even exertion like heavy lifting. 

Since Innovo is made to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, it helps to treat the symptoms and discomfort of bladder prolapse.

Do Doctors Recommend Innovo? 

Innovo Review

This Innovo review found that not only do doctors recommend the brand, but users do as well! The brand’s website recounts that the products are recommended by 98% of doctors and 90% of users; 87% of whom experienced almost no leaks after 12 weeks.

Who is Innovo For? 

Innovo Review

Did you know that 1 in 3 women struggle with bladder control? Things like pregnancy, menopause, changing hormones, and even exercise can cause bladder weakness. While this is a common issue, there’s not enough options on the market for affordable and effective solutions! 

Innovo sells a product that is easy to wear, non-invasive, and is backed by science. If you have issues with bladder control like so many women out there, Innovo is for you. Next time you’re with your friends, don’t worry about laughing too hard because the only leak you experience will be from your eyes! 

Comparison: Innovo vs. Kegel8

Innovo Review

Brands like Innovo play an important role in the market because they have the ability to enhance the lives of people who experience bladder control issues. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the company Kegel8 to see what options that consumers have at their disposal.

Like Innovo, Kegel8 has been in business for around 10 years with the intention of improving the lives of men and women who suffer with leakage. Kegel8 also has hundreds of glowing reviews from buyers who leave satisfied with the results.

While Kegel8 products operate in the same way of sending impulses to targeted muscles, they are more invasive than Innovo. The user must insert a probe and then select options on the remote, but like Innovo shorts, they can sit back and relax. There are also kegel balls that allow you to work your muscles out on your own.

Kegel8 is more affordable as a remote and probe; it will run you around $200. They also offer a 90-day return policy, so you have a lot of time to see if the product is working for you.

It’s a simple process to use the products from both brands and the electrical impulses are proven to strengthen pelvic muscles. If you prefer something that is less invasive and a little easier to use, then Innovo is the way to go.

How Much is Innovo?

Innovo Review

An Innovo Starter Kit is a one time purchase of $450 for the 12 week program. You can reuse the kit for as long you’d like, as well as purchase an additional pair of shorts for $150 and an extra spray bottle for $20.

Innovo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Innovo Review

Innovo receives a lot of glowing reviews that commend the brand for the simple and comfortable pair of shorts. On the brand’s website, the Starter Kit scored 4.7/5 stars out of 133 reviews. Let’s take a look at what some customers had to say!

One buyer wrote a 5/5 star review on the website, stating that the brand changed their life: “The shorts were so simple to use, and it still amazes me how effective they were! True-to-side, and comfortable I have recommended them to many of my friends suffering from the same problem. After completing the course with INNOVO I felt like I’m back to normal again and I can exercise without ‘The Fear’.”

Another 5/5 star review documented how Innovo truly was a solution, remarking that they have the “Best product ever tried! After 12 weeks of use, I can honestly say it is THE best product I have ever tried in terms of difference to me. I don’t think I will be requiring pads for at least another 30 years.”

Innovo receives an overall rating of 4/5 stars out of 1328 reviews on Trustpilot. A lot of reviews say that these products make life better and increase overall confidence. One shopper leaves a 5-star review expressing that they feel like themselves again: 

“This really works. I was feeling like I had to run to the bathroom at least once an hour and having leaks every time I sneezed, coughed or even laughed sometimes. Since I have been using Innovo I am almost 100% back to my old self. This has made a huge improvement in my quality of life. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is having an issue with bladder leaks.”

On Slummy Single Mummy, one customer describes a wonderful experience with the product, writing, “You’re meant to be able to start to notice results after around six weeks and I definitely have…In the past, I’ve always found it difficult to do my own pelvic floor exercises without accidentally tensing my entire bottom, but now I find that even without Innovo, I can do them much more easily and confidently. It feels like the muscles have become more responsive.”

The brand responds quickly to any concerns about defective products—supplying tips for use as well as discussion about the warranty and ability to receive a refund or replacement. Innovo is clearly committed to treating customers with the utmost respect and maintaining their dignity at all times.

A 5/5 star Innovo review on Trustpilot supports this as the patron says, “The most incredible customer service ever! I was amazed how patient and professional they were to talk me through every step and explain all important necessities.”

Overall, Innovo delivers on exactly what they say they will. Customers are more often than not satisfied with their results, feeling like they can truly be themselves again, and even that they are able to do kegels in a way they couldn’t before, reflecting the strengthening that took place. 

The customer service only matches the quality of the product as the brand strives to create the best experience possible for buyers.

Is Innovo Worth It?

Innovo Review

A lot of reviewers report a feeling of returning to normal. Living a life where you are constantly uncomfortable, running to the washroom, and seeking solutions that end up being only a temporary fix shouldn’t be what you settle for. This Innovo review definitely thinks the brand is worth it

Everyone deserves to feel carefree and comfortable while doing the things they enjoy. Innovo offers long term solutions that only take 12 weeks to become effective. While the products are an investment, the success rate and customer reviews shine bright, and there is also a 30-day guarantee period so you don’t have to worry about taking a risk (but more on that later!). 

Innovo Promotions & Discounts 

Innovo Review

Looking for a great deal? This Innovo review found that the brand offers a coupon to save $100 on your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter!


Innovo Review

What is Innovo’s Shipping Policy?

Are you anxiously awaiting your Innovo orders? Luckily, the brand offers tracked and fast shipping! Your items should ship within 3–5 business days through tracked shipping options such as FedEx or USPS. 

This Innovo review found that the brand ships to the US, countries in Europe, and the Middle East. You can enjoy free ground shipping or select a faster shipping option at checkout for a fee. Delivery charges are calculated according to your location and will appear at checkout. 

What is Innovo’s Return Policy? 

Worried that these products might not work for you? Well, this Innovo review found that the brand offers a 30-day risk free trial period! If you’re not 100% happy with your product, you can return (or exchange for another size) within this timeframe. 

Buyers can simply call or email the brand for a return tracking code in order to receive a refund. Unfortunately, the customer is responsible for any shipping charges.

How to Contact Innovo

We hope you enjoyed our Innovo review! If you have any further questions, please contact the company using the following methods:

Innovo’s customer service team is available between these times: 

  • Monday–Wednesday: 9 am to 7 pm, EST
  • Thursday: 8 am to 9 pm, EST 
  • Friday: 8:30 am to 9 pm, EST

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