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It’s a tale as old as time: your phone is dead, and suddenly it feels like you’re in the apocalypse with no access to the rest of the world, and you’re not even able to tell the time. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but keeping track of time is a necessity

And sometimes, pulling out your phone isn’t exactly an option. Maybe your grandpa yells at you across the dinner table, or perhaps your boss has made work a phone-free zone.

Whatever it is, telling time is essential, meaning a watch is too. With Jack Mason’s wide selection of men’s watches, you’ll find both functionality and style perfectly suited to you.

Don’t believe us? Check out the brand’s 52.5K followers on Instagram and 11.7K likes on Facebook, with feeds that document their stylish collection of watches and wallets, paired with all different outfits for all occasions. 

If you’re ready to add a little extra style and convenience to your day, stay tuned to our Jack Mason review. We’ll delve into all the brand’s best-selling options, detail the highlights from customer reviews, guide you through some important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s time for you to add one of these timeless pieces to your daily attire.

Overview of Jack Mason

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The story of Jack Mason’s origin dates back almost 20 years ago. It all started when Craig Carter and Michael Reese met at the same job and became friends. By 2013, they had come up with the idea for their own men’s accessories brand.

When it came to men’s watches, they realized there was little available in terms of affordability, luxury, and style. So, they decided to create their own version of the most classic and timeless styles. They were even able to set up a mobile shop so customers could check out the styles and eventually landed a deal with Nordstrom in 2015.

Every watch is custom-made with unique and statement-worthy designs in every detail. It can even take up to 14 months to come up with the plans for a singular watch! The brand constantly strives for perfection, making as many changes as possible to improve designs and styles. 

The idea is that every watch should be comfortable, cool, and come at an affordable cost. And that’s a mission we can stand behind in this Jack Mason review. The clock is ticking, but let’s start off with some highlights so you can get a feel for what the brand is all about.


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  • Wide selection of men’s watches and wallets 
  • Classic, versatile styles
  • Free shipping on US orders over $100
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free returns
  • Lifetime watch warranty
  • Affordable pricing
  • Options crafted from recycled materials
  • Interchangeable straps

Jack Mason sells leather goods like wallets, travel bags, and home goods, but we’ll focus on the top sellers today: the watches. Jack Mason watches come in all shapes and sizes. Well, not literally, since the watch face is always round and the sizes are adjustable. But they do come in all different styles and materials! 

There are plenty of different band options, which are also interchangeable, as well as different faces and designs to suit all styles. To narrow down your choices, we’ll discuss some of the best-selling options below!

Jack Mason Review

All Jack Mason watches have a bold, masculine touch with large faces and thick straps. You’ll find options ranging from waterproof to rich blue faces to classic leather bands. Regardless of which style you choose, you’ll find a unique feature in every watch, but we’ll go into more detail soon.

And, like as we mentioned in this Jack Mason review, there are options for casual, everyday wear, as well as different professions from deep diving to high flying! Let’s take a look at those most popular styles now!

Jack Mason Avigator Review

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Jack Mason Avigator

Nothing beats a classic style, except maybe the Avigator, which adopts that polished look and adds modern technology. This watch was inspired by the most popular style in the 1930s, which also happened to be the “Golden Age of Aviation.” 

It features a structured and large stainless steel case, a tan leather strap, and your choice of a white, navy blue, or black dial. The hour marker is also embossed with a subtle star as an homage to the original inspiration. 

When it comes to specs, this watch is water-resistant to depths up to 100 meters, meaning you can swim or shower in it, and it comes with Swiss Super-Luminova® markings so you can always read it, even in the dark. 

With a 3-eye chronograph, a sapphire crystal, and Japanese quartz movement, the Avigator watch retails for $289.

Jack Mason Seatrek Review

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Jack Mason Seatrek

If you’re a fish out of water and spend your days perfecting your dive and beating your best times, the Seatrek watch is for you. This style features multiple shades of blue, inspired by the deep oceans, and comes in a neon orange if you’re looking for that extra pop of color. 

It comes with a 316L stainless steel case and is water-resistant for up to 300 meters. The ribbed rubber strap also holds up well underwater, so you don’t have to worry about watching your wristwatch on your next swim!

That being said, it’s also casual enough for everyday wear. So if you constantly forget to take off your watch while you shower and are on the hunt for something a little more casual, this option packs a fun punch to your daily endeavors. 

The Jack Mason Seatrek watch comes with a sapphire crystal and Japanese quartz, as well as 3 hands, so you can time those laps down to the second. It retails for $219.

Jack Mason Solar Watch Review 

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Jack Mason Solar Watch

The Solar Watch is exactly what the name would suggest: a watch completely powered by the sun, with a battery that can last up to 6 months. It’s also a bold choice and will definitely work as a conversation starter, which is exactly what the brand is looking to do since the idea was inspired by Earth Day.

While the face is black, it’s decorated with a bright purple, neon teal, and flashy orange, all encased in recycled stainless steel and sapphire crystal. It also comes with a color-coordinating velcro strap made from recycled ocean plastic and is perfect for easy on-off.

With a water resistance of up to 100 meters, the Jack Mason Solar Watch is ideal for all your days spent out in the world and retails for $239.

Jack Mason Halyard Sport Review

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Jack Mason Halyard Sport

Sailing may be a sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress well. Up the ante with the Halyard Sport, a watch designed for sailors who need something a little stronger than a classic watch while still being stylish and timeless.

This watch features a brushed stainless steel case for a more refined touch and a black dial and rubber strap for a bold and sophisticated yet sporty aesthetic. The dial also comes with Swiss Super-Luminova®, so you can read it even in the early hours of the morning. Plus, the watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

The Halyard Sport watch also comes with an engraving of an anchor and the ocean on the case’s back. Everything plus this unique and personalized touch retails for $219.

Jack Mason Pursuit Chronograph Review

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Jack Mason Pursuit Chronograph

Everyone needs a classic watch in their armory of accessories, and the Pursuit Chronograph watch is just that. It comes in two different case types, gunmetal gray or stainless steel, depending on your preference, and features a 3 eye chronograph.

Inspired by the Pilot’s watch for a unique yet timeless design, this option comes with a thick leather strap, a 42mm case, a sapphire crystal, and is engraved with a star on the hour marker. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can go anywhere and always maintain your sleek and sophisticated look.

Available in two options, a navy blue face and a brown leather strap, or monochrome black, the Pursuit Chronograph watch retails for $219.

Jack Mason Halyard Sport Chronograph Review

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Jack Mason Halyard Sport Chronograph

Like the Halyard Sport watch, the Halyard Sport Chronograph is inspired by the sport of sailing. This watch features a few extra details for a slightly more refined and elegant look that transitions seamlessly from the dock to dinner on the yacht. 

This style is available in four different color options, all of which are reminiscent of classic nautical shades: a deep navy blue, a warm tan, shiny gold, and forest green. It also comes with Swiss Super-Luminova® and is water-resistant up to 100 meters, perfect for long days spent on the boat.

Retailing for $219, we recommend pairing the Halyard Sport Chronograph watch with your favorite striped long sleeve and fishing rod for the most cohesive look – but you can always switch things up and pair it with a classic tuxedo instead!

Who Is Jack Mason For? 

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Have you ever looked in the mirror, checking off the pieces of your outfit, from shoes to shirts to leather belts, only to feel like something was missing? It’s always in the details, and a wristwatch tends to make or break your ensemble. Jack Mason is for men on the hunt for that final piece, from classic dressing to formal occasions. 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to accessories. Some people prefer smooth leathers, while others like a shiny metal chain band or a comfortable fabric. Whatever it is, Jack Mason has something in store for you. The styles are seamless and classic yet pertain to all different preferences to ensure that perfect fit. 

Also, watches always make a great gift. There’s something so personal about choosing an accessory for someone else that reveals how deeply you understand their interests and unique style. Plus, Jack Mason watches can be personalized with different strap options for that extra special touch. Here’s how to interchange the straps:

  1. Use your fingernail to pull back the small trigger on the inside of the strap
  2. Gently pull the strap away from the watch and remove
  3. To apply a new strap, pull the spring trigger, insert the strap, and release

Jack Mason Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Our Jack Mason review wouldn’t be complete without some customer reviews. Despite the hype online, we didn’t actually find an overwhelming number of ratings. Regardless, to help us paint an accurate picture of the brand, we sourced testimonials from the brand’s website, The Adult Man, and Facebook.

Over one thousand people have left a 5/5 star rating in product reviews on the brand’s website! Many shoppers explain that they will return for more because of the brand’s high standards and excellent delivery of a quality product. One shopper writes: 

“This watch is beautiful! The pictures on the website don’t do this watch justice. The case is perfectly sized and has a low profile and the blue dial is exquisite. Great quality for the price.”

Other customers describe how versatile and stylish the pieces are. As one reviewer puts it succinctly: 

“A classic timepiece! Impeccably designed, structured as a tank, and as accurate as the best of the timekeepers. As elegant as it is rugged, this Jack Mason watch will become your go-to for all things business and pleasure. Advice: stock up on dressier brands to swap out for the occasion or buy two of the same watch. Either way, you win!”

The Adult Man has a similar perspective, leaving the company a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Like the other customers, he describes how the design, quality of materials, price and value, craftsmanship, and customer service are all top-notch. He also writes that the proof is in the details: 

“Looking closer at the watch, it was clear the design team spent a lot of time thinking about how the bezel would complement the watch as a whole. Well, all that work didn’t go unnoticed.”

Their final verdict? “The confidence Jack Mason puts into their design is contagious. Because of that, the Halyard Sport has earned one of the top spots in my watch collection.”

On Facebook, 62 shoppers rated the brand 4.4/5 stars. One shopper explains that they immediately fell in love with the brand, and it has replaced their other options: “Unbelievable quality for the price. Totally in love with this watch. Never heard of them until my wife just bought it for me. Move over Rolex…”

Another customer sums all of the comments up quite nicely, writing, “Beautifully designed, quality watches, with great attention to the details…And without breaking the bank! The customer service was legit above-and-beyond, and shipping to Canada direct from the JM site was easy as pie.”

Oddly enough, the brand has no reviews yet on Trustpilot, which is off for such an old brand.

All in all, though, it’s clear that Jack Mason delivers. From checkout to years of ownership, customers are impressed with the brand’s high-quality experience and products. That being said, it’s evident that the company is highly focused on providing the best of the best, down to the very last detail.

Is Jack Mason Worth It?

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After writing this Jack Mason review, we think the brand is well worth the buy! The styles are bold and familiar, with large, classic faces and plenty of wristbands to choose from. Plus, there are options for everyone, from sporty and athletic to business casual. 

They even come in a fancy and functional storage box to keep your watch safe while you’re not wearing it. And the option to add a personalized touch with different strap options also makes it a meaningful gift or thoughtful reminder.

And, of course, customers have nothing but good things to say, highlighting how wonderful and well-rounded the brand is to ensure the best customer experience possible. 

Jack Mason Promotions & Discounts 

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On the hunt for a deal on your new watch? Here’s what we found at the time of this Jack Mason review:

  • Save 10% by signing up for emails
  • Save up to 40% off in the sale section

Where to Buy Jack Mason

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To shop Jack Mason watches, visit their website,, or their Amazon page and popular retailers like Nordstrom and Walmart.


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Who owns Jack Mason?

While writing this Jack Mason review, we found that the brand is currently owned by one of its co-founders and the current CEO and President, Craig Carter.

Does Jack Mason ship internationally?

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the stylish Jack Mason watches, you’re in luck! These products are available worldwide. Items ship via FedEx Worldwide Expedited for super-fast, tracked delivery. Shipments can arrive between 8-15 days for a flat fee of $30, though the brand is not responsible for duties or taxes.

What is Jack Mason’s Shipping Policy?

While Jack Mason offers speedy international delivery, shipping within the US is even faster. Items ship the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM CST on weekdays. Otherwise, they will ship the following business day. The brand also offers a few different shipping options:

  • Free ground shipping (5-10 days) via USPS on orders over $100
  • Flat rate $10 ground shipping (5-10 days) via USPS on orders under $100
  • FedEx 2-day express: $20 flat fee
  • Next-Day express: $30 flat fee 

What is Jack Mason’s Return Policy?

Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase with the order number and shipping address. Plus, return shipping is free, and customers simply have to fill out the return request form. 

Personalized items are final sale, and items must be returned new in original packaging. There is also a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing defects, which will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Plus, damaged watches outside the warranty can be repaired for a flat fee of $100.

How to Contact Jack Mason

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We hope you enjoyed our Jack Mason review! If you have any further questions for the brand, you can contact them using the following methods:

  • Phone: 888-439-6614
  • Submit an email request form

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