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About Jung+ 

Jung+ Review

Founded in Oxford, Jung+ is leading the charge in revolutionizing healthcare through longevity science. With a keen focus on preventative and functional health, the brand translates cutting-edge aging research into practical solutions aimed at extending healthy lifespans. Their mission is clear: to shift the healthcare paradigm from managing diseases to preventing them by addressing the root causes of aging itself.

Jung+ envisions a future where people not only live longer but thrive in their later years, believing that aging is not just a passive inevitability but an active choice. Through a holistic approach that brings together biotech, beauty, nutrition, and performance optimization, their product line empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Led by the founder Simon Sakhai, Jung+ is committed to making top-tier longevity care accessible to everyone. Rooted in translational medicine, these evidence-based solutions bridge the gap between the latest research and real-world application. 

In this Jung+ review, we’ll take a look at the company’s bestsellers, benefits, policies, and more, to help you decide if it’s right for you. First, let’s start with a list of highlights. 


  • Founded in Oxford  by Simon Sakhai, former president of the Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevit
  • Jung+ makes holistic, evidence-based program to target the 12 hallmarks of aging 
  • Pre-made longevity and anti aging supplement protocols, with clinical grade formulations at therapeutic doses
  • Combines scientifically backed products with advice for lifestyle modifications
  • Testing kits coming soon for a more personalized experience with booster tracks 
  • Wealth of knowledge on related topics offered on the website blog 
  • Flexible subscription options and savings available

What Are Longevity Clinics? 

Jung+ Review

Longevity clinics are specialized health facilities that focus on promoting and enhancing longevity, often through a combination of  lifestyle modifications and personalized treatments.

Usually geared towards the elite with their significant service charges (ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands per day), these clinics offer services aimed at improving overall health, preventing age-related diseases, and potentially extending lifespan for those who are able to gain access. 

Typically, longevity clinics provide comprehensive health assessments, personalized treatment plans, and access to cutting-edge medical technologies and treatments. These may include genetic testing, hormone therapy, nutritional counseling, exercise programs, supplementation protocols, and regenerative medicine techniques. 

Jung+’s founder challenges the notion that longevity should be exclusive to the wealthy, advocating for equal access to vital knowledge. Essentially, longevity clinics operate on principles that are well known in scientific circles, rather than through secret strategies. They emphasize evidence-based practices such as longevity diets, quality sleep, consistent exercise, skin rejuvenation, and the incorporation of innovative longevity ingredients.

Who Is Jung+ For? 

Jung+ Review

Jung+ is for those who are proactive about their health and are searching for evidence-based solutions to enhance longevity—without breaking the bank. It caters to those who value precision and personalization in their wellness journey, appreciating products that target specific biological mechanisms for maximum impact. 

Whether you’re new to longevity practices or familiar with the field, Jung+ simplifies complex concepts and empowers you to take control of your body. Jung+ is for those who understand that longevity is not just about supplementation but also about integrating lifestyle modifications for comprehensive health benefits.

What Makes Jung+ Different? 

Jung+ Review

Jung+ claims to distinguish itself through meticulously crafted formulations and a user-centric approach to longevity. The company emphasizes the importance of precise timing and dosage of ingredients to optimize their impact on biological processes.Their Total Longevity System™ aims to simplify the process of personalizing a longevity regimen, prioritizing evidence-based methods and ongoing innovation. Jung+ advocates for a holistic approach, combining supplements with lifestyle modifications, in their “supplement + lifestyle” program designed to maximize results.Unlike companies promoting quick fixes, Jung+ asserts that longevity requires a comprehensive strategy. Their product line targets key areas often associated with longevity, including intermittent fasting, carbohydrate restriction, sleep quality, and skin health. While their emphasis on a comprehensive approach is commendable, the effectiveness of their specific products and system in achieving long-term longevity benefits requires further investigation and analysis. That said, by formulated the ingredients based on clinical evidence at the therapeutic dosage, Jung+ maintains an edge to companies that simply include a laundry list of ingredients at minimal dosages. 

Product Line 

Jung+ Review

Their flagship product, Longevity Foundation, is the Master Formula, a complete protocol to target all  12 markers of anti-aging, morning and night. As a precision-targeted longevity protocol, it’s a unique protocol for anyone serious about targeting biological age using the latest longevity science. 

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience,  Jung+’s product lineup offers longevity boosters that amplifies longevity lifestyle goals, and works synergistically with the effects of Longevity Foundation – their Master Formula. Working dynamically to support your health,wellness, and human optimization goals, the boosters  each play a key role in targeting various aspects of a longevity lifestyle, allowing you to create a complete and personalized longevity program, tailored to your goals 

Customers can amplify with longevity boosters such as the Glucose Blocker and Advanced Sleep Repair  to meet health needs that are unique to individuals’ needs. The brand encourages bundling the Longevity Foundation with boosters to deliver seamless solutions for overall wellness and even incentivizes customers with a 10% discount. Launching in the later part of 2025, there will be Jung+ testing kits available to measure various biomarkers that are associated with the different boosters, so you can track your progress and gain deeper insight into the effects of each product.

5 Jung+ Bestsellers 

Jung+ Review

Up ahead in this Jung+ review, we’ll take a look at the Longevity Foundation and the four boosters. All products can be purchased on their own, but the brand also offers a subscription option on the boosters and Foundation for a recurring 10% discount. As it is strongly recommended to bundle the right boosters (creating a kit), you can optimize the convenience of your daily health regimen and enjoy a 15% discount at checkout when bundling. 

With a commendable focus on sustainability, Jung+ ships a free refillable metal storage canister for your supplements when subscribing, so you can keep everything organized and ready to go.

Jung+ Longevity Foundation

Jung+ Longevity Foundation is an advanced anti-aging solution designed to target all 12 known drivers of aging. Using a pioneering AM/PM system aligned with your body’s rhythms, it provides 24/7 support for younger-looking skin, sharper cognitive function, and enhanced vitality. 

The 2-part protocol includes powerful anti-aging ingredients like Spermidine, Fisetin, Pterostilbene, NAD+ boosting Niacin, Astaxanthin, Zinc, Apigenin, Ca-AKG, and a potent dose of Olive Oil Polyphenols from Olive Leaf Extract. 

With ingredients backed by 100’s of studies, it challenges aging biology comprehensively. Taking two Longevity Foundation AM tablets daily and two Longevity Foundation PM tablets nightly, you can seamlessly incorporate this regimen into your morning and wind-down rituals. 

Unlike traditional approaches, Jung+ Longevity Foundation addresses chronic inflammation, cellular energy dysfunction, DNA damage, and senescent cell proliferation, providing holistic support for overall health and longevity. Whether defying aging effects or optimizing well-being, it offers a revolutionary solution for living your best life, at any age. Both AM/PM formulas together are priced at $130 as a one-time purchase and $117 for subscription, coming to $58.50 per formula. With 12 ingredients included in the protocol, this comes to 9.75 per ingredient per month, making this far cheaper than purchasing the ingredients separately. 

Jung+ Advanced Sleep Repair 

Jung+’s Advanced Sleep Repair booster offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing sleep quality and enhancing longevity-promoting overnight mechanisms, supporting tissue repair and regeneration, and targeting deficiencies in neurotransmitters and micronutrients with ingredients like L-theanine, GABA, glycine, magnesium, and more. It promotes uninterrupted sleep, structured sleep stages, and deep sleep for enhanced physical and mental restoration. 

Simply mix one scoop with water before bedtime and follow general guidelines such as reducing exposure to your electronic devices, staying away from alcohol or nicotine before bed, and so on for best results. Scientific studies support the efficacy of its ingredients, highlighting benefits such as improved sleep quality and stress mitigation. It costs $75 for a one time purchase and $68 for an ongoing subscription

Jung+ Cellular Skin Renewal 

The Jung+ Cellular Skin Renewal is a groundbreaking skin supplement that bridges longevity science with skin aging, addressing every major aspect of biological skin aging from within. Its precision-engineered formula targets various drivers of skin aging, promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production, neutralizing aging accelerators, and stimulating cellular renewal. Dermal longevity is the next big megatrend and Jung+ is at the forefront. 

With ingredients like VERISOL®, vitamin C, glucosamine, niacinamide, and spermidine, it goes beyond traditional skincare, offering a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating your skin. Add one scoop to water daily to see results, while always following best skincare practices such as using a mineral based sunscreen, avoiding smoking or vaping, and replenishing your cells by staying hydrated. 

Studies have revealed benefits such as reduced wrinkles, improved elasticity, and enhanced skin structure. The Cellular Skin Renewal comes to $90 for a one time purchase and $81 for an ongoing subscription.

Jung+ Glucose Blocker

The Glucose Blocker offered by Jung+ is a potent solution for those seeking to minimize sugar and carbohydrate intake in their diets, a significant contributor to premature aging. By stabilizing post-meal glucose levels and curbing severe spikes for those with already healthy blood sugar levels, it promotes steady energy without the associated crashes. Its natural ingredients work to decelerate glycation, prevent oxidative stress, and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

The formula includes Berberine, known for activating critical longevity pathways, and aids in healthy weight management by curbing sugar-related calorie absorption. Chromium chloride enhances carbohydrate metabolism, while Gymnema sylvestre assists in regulating blood sugar levels. 

White kidney bean extract acts as a carb blocker, reducing sugar absorption post meals. Combining these ingredients helps manage blood sugar levels, combating aging signs and supporting overall health, all for just $60 for a one time purchase, and $54 for an ongoing subscription.

Jung+ Fasting Tonic

Jung+ Fasting Tonic™ redefines fasting with its precision drink mix designed to optimize the fasting experience. By using natural micro-beadlets that expand into prebiotic jelly in the stomach, it helps you feel full without chemicals or caffeine, while supporting gut health and maintaining the integrity of the fast. 

Easy to use, it replenishes essential nutrients lost during fasting and safeguards against muscle loss, making it an ideal companion for fasting routines. Additionally, dietary fiber supplementation can remodel gut microbiota and prevent obesity, while certain supplements like calcium HMB and vitamin D3 enhance muscle function in older users. Creatine supplementation may also prevent muscle loss during fasting periods, offering potential benefits for those on fasting diets. 

Scientific studies show benefits of intermittent fasting and the importance of electrolyte supplementation during exercise. The Fasting Tonic™ is $65 without a subscription. 

Final Thoughts

Jung+ Review

Jung+ stands as a beacon in the realm of longevity solutions, offering a blend of innovation, accessibility, and scientific rigor. In a field where science is moving quickly, they have committed to evergreen formulas that have continuously updated formulas, making sure their customers stay aligned with the latest research, making sure that users have access to the best tools for enhancing longevity. 

They also offer a refreshing blend of lifestyle guidance that comes baked into the products. No need for an additional coaching subscription – simply choose your booster, follow its directions, and get a serious bang-for-your-buck longevity solution. 

Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards optimal health or seeking to refine your existing regimen, Jung+ is a valuable resource worth exploring. With their holistic approach and evidence-based practices, the brand empowers individuals to take charge of their healthspan and embark on a path towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Jung+ Where To Buy

Jung+ Review 

Good news, Jung+ offers international shipping. You can browse and shop the entire product catalog on their website


Jung+ Review 

What are the Jung+ Testing Kits?

Jung+’s testing kits are currently under development, with an expected release by 2025. Designed to measure biomarkers associated with the different booster tracks, these kits will offer the ability to monitor progress and make precise adjustments. This feature provides a clearer understanding of how each element contributes to your overall wellness journey.

Is it safe to use Jung+ supplements alongside my current medications?

When you are taking other medications ordered by your healthcare provider, it is strongly recommended that you consult with them about potential side effects before incorporating Jung+ supplements into your existing regimen. 

Is there scientific research supporting the effectiveness of Jung+ products, and how can I be assured they will work for me?

Jung’s commitment to scientific integrity ensures that each product is carefully formulated based on extensive research findings that are all detailed on the website under each product description. Supported by a team of expert advisors, their products undergo rigorous selection processes to guarantee both safety and tangible results.

Beyond the meticulous and transparent ingredient selection, Jung’s products are complemented by evidence-based lifestyle practices, including optimized sleep patterns, intermittent fasting, and blood sugar management. As mentioned earlier in this Jung+ review, you can personalize your plan to your liking by bundling various boosters along with the Master Formula of the Longevity Foundation. 

Can I return my Jung+ purchase if I’m not satisfied?

Since supplements fall under the category of consumer health goods, the brand cannot issue refunds or replacements after a product has been purchased. However, Jung+ suggests reaching out to them via email at [email protected] to resolve any concerns before making a purchase. The customer service team is dedicated to providing a tailored solution. 

Can I cancel my Jung+ subscription?

Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription to Jung+ products whenever you desire. Valuing flexibility, customers are given full control over subscription settings, which can be accessed via your account on the website. If you need more help, shoot an email to [email protected].

How to Contact Jung+ 

If you have any other questions after reading this Jung+ review, get in touch with the brand directly using the contact form on their website, email them at [email protected], or follow them on social media to learn more.

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