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Last Crumb Cookies Review

What is Last Crumb Cookies?

Last Crumb Cookies Review 1

Last Crumb is an LA based company which creates luxury cookies, and is the latest dessert company to take over your inbox and social media feeds.

This is not your typical ‘cookie company’, Last Crumb makes their cookies in limited batches every week and ships them directly to customers.

It gets even sweeter, Last Crumb doesn’t just make their cookies available to buy for anyone. Much like luxury streetwear drops, you have to sign up to their email list and be selected to purchase the upcoming batch.


  • Last Crumb Cookies was Founded in 2020
  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
  • Ships within the USA
  • Female Founded Brand

Last Crumb Cookies Reviews – What Are Customers Saying?

Megan T.
Reviewed on Yelp

These cookies are insanely good. I’m not just saying that —- I’ve never in my life spent $140 on cookies but I just had cravings for the cookies and ordered another box because I was able to get my hands on one. I’ve been eating these cookies since they launched in 2020 and let me tell you they truly are the world’s best.

My favorite flavors are When Life Gives You Lemons and The James Dean, but there isn’t a single one that I wouldn’t open and eat. I’m personally not a fan of hard crispy cookies so if you like soft chewy ones then you’ll like these.

If you ever get invited to a dinner or potluck I would suggest bringing a box of these cookies. It’s such a fun gift and great conversation starter. This next box I’m waiting to get my hands on I’m going to save for myself and eat with my boyfriend on our movie nights. Although it might not be the best for the environment I like that they are individually wrapped so I don’t have to eat them all at once and know they will last longer.

Alexis C.
Review via Yelp

These cookies are so good! If you hate on these cookies, then I assume you also hate puppies, babies, sunshine, smiles. Like who are you? LOL. I live for cookies… like LIVE FOR COOKIES. I assumed based off these reviews that they would suck but I was wrong. They’re f’ing delicious! I eat cookies for sport so I think I’m a good judge.

They’re all so so so good. Even the cookies I was unsure about aka the Blueberry cookie… wrong again… it was eye-roll-in-the-back-of-your-head good.

If you truly love cookies, then get these ASAP. Yeah, I spent $140 on these a week ago but yeah, I’ll spend another $140 when they drop again. I’m still thinking about that Red Velvet one…

Glen M.
Review via Yelp

I love cookies esp during the lockdown and working from home, I could order cookies from anywhere in the US. Aside from perusing Gold Belly for the next big gastronomic craving, I read an article about Last Crumb.

I mean as most reviews/articles/feedback have already said, it’s the Rolex gold standard of cookies. That in itself was enough to illicit #FOMO in my opinion. I quickly learned, like any sneaker or Supreme drop, you have to sign up for it and make sure you go to the ordering site that minute it’s live, if not, you wait til the next drop. I missed the first drop which lead me to imagining how GOOD these cookies will be!

I managed to finally pay attention and order when the drop hit and waited a day or two for them. Insofar as rcv’ing the box, I mean so over the top (in a good way) along with the unboxing, opening and each cookie wrapped individually along with a four color look book to go along with it. This is where I saw it was more about the brand and made me curious about the cookies itself.

Bottom line, meh. I mean I liked them, don’t get me wrong. But after dreaming that I had found the best cookies ever with what, their thirst trap insta, I was already sold. Like most reviews said, cookies were dryish even after baking and/or microwaving per their instrux.

Would I try again? Maybe if they can bake in – see what I did there – 1/2 dozen versus the dozen you are forced to buy. Along with that having more flavors to pick from. I was drawn to the lemon, muffin man, oreo. Everything else seemed too salty. Maybe a bad day at the oven? I dunno?

This def falls into the one-time corp gift to a departing employee or even someone like me, a sweets freak. Overall, I did like them despite the snarkiness of too much packaging. I get what they are doing with exclusivity, but you can still have it with more choices.

Where to Buy Last Crumb Cookies

If you’re looked to buy Last Crumbs Cookies, they are available via their website

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