Cardiology Coffee Review

About Cardiology Coffee

Cardiology Coffee Review

Cardiology Coffee specially roasts its organic coffee to increase natural antioxidants and boost heart health.

Created by an award-winning holistic cardiologist, the company’s focus is on improving the lives of people around the globe, donating 5% of sales, and supporting women-owned co-ops. 

Dr. Wolfson’s work has been celebrated in over 100 media outlets including Time Magazine, The Wallstreet Journal, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and USA Today. 

This Cardiology Coffee review will take a close look at the brand and its best-selling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their organic, heart-healthy coffee is worth the buy. 

Overview of Cardiology Coffee

Cardiology Coffee Review

Cardiology Coffee was founded by Dr. Jack Wolfson D.O., FACC, a board-certified cardiologist and “the nation’s #1 natural heart doctor,” who saw a positive connection between coffee and heart health.

But Cardiology Coffee doesn’t make just any coffee, Dr. Wolfson found a way to carefully roast coffee beans that protects their antioxidants and minimizes acrylamide (a toxic substance formed when roasting). 

Cardiology Coffee uses coffee beans organically grown and harvested in Southern Honduras in a women-owned cooperative. Their coffees come in a variety of roast types for your personal preference, ranging from Light, Medium, and Dark roast blends.

The company also gives back to the land that grows their coffee, donating 5% of all sales to the Friends of Honduran Children foundation.

Now that this Cardiology Coffee review has filled you in on the brand’s background, it will move onto Cardiology Coffee’s pros and cons. 


  • A variety of coffee blends that support cardiovascular health
  • Created by an award-winning holistic doctor
  • 5% of all sales are donated to Friends of Honduran Children
  • Coffee is grown by Honduras women seeking independence 
  • Nitrogen-flushed bags to preserve freshness
  • Whole bean coffee to ensure customer have the freshest coffee possible
  • Offers caffeinated and decaf varieties
  • Range of light to dark roast
  • Appears to really care about customers
  • Customers say that the coffee is surprisingly tasty and aromatic 
  • Subscribe to save 20%
  • Free US shipping
  • Money-back Quality Guarantee

Cardiology Coffee was formulated for heart patients by cardiologist Dr. Wolfson.

It’s free from contaminants and is specially roasted to maximize the coffee bean’s antioxidant content and boost your health. A full list of benefits that Cardiology Coffee can have is:

  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Lower Heart Attack Risk
  • Lower Risk of Stroke
  • Reduce Risk of AFib
  • Lower Mortality
  • Increase Life Span
Cardiology Coffee Review

Cardiology Coffee can provide these benefits due to its unique roasting process that protects the bean’s essential vitamins and minerals.

This Cardiology Coffee review will now give you a rundown of some of the brand’s best-selling coffees and coffee accessories, as well as the details of their subscription plan

Cardiology Coffee Review

Cardiology Coffee sells their coffee in whole bean form only. This is so you get the freshest experience possible, as grinding beans reduces the amount of time they stay flavourful.

This Cardiology Coffee review will feature the brand’s best-selling range of coffees, their signature mug, and their helpful water filtration system that provides clean water and a flavourful coffee drinking experience. 

Cardiology Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review 

Dark roast coffee has a more powerful concentrated flavor. If you love a strong-tasting cup of coffee or want a stronger-tasting latte, a dark roast is the way to go.

Many believe dark roast has stronger caffeine content, but because the beans are roasted longer, it actually loses some of its caffeine and is less potent than lighter roasts. 

The Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee comes in a 12oz nitrogen-flushed bag to retain freshness. Enjoy this full-bodied, toasty dark roast for $22. 

Cardiology Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review 

Did you know that back in the 16th-century Italian clergymen actually tried to make coffee illegal? They called it “satanic” and were pushing to get rid of the deliciously addictive beverage. 

While caffeine is technically a drug, it does more good than harm, and Cardiology Coffee one-ups regular coffee, specially roasting it to protect its vitamin and antioxidant qualities. Can you imagine a world without coffee?

Medium roasts make the perfect drip coffee. They have a rich flavor and work well when combined with milk or cream. The Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee comes in a 12oz bag for $22

Cardiology Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee Decaf Review 

While it is technically possible to overdose on caffeine, you’d have to drink 30 cups in a very short period to reach a lethal dose. However, some people have sensitivities to caffeine, or simply just don’t like the way it makes their body feel. 

That’s why this Cardiology Coffee review is so glad that decaf was invented. We’re able to enjoy the taste of our favorite coffee without the negative side effects.

Cardiology Coffee’s Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee Decaf still has the health benefits that all of their other coffee’s boast, just without the caffeine content.

Revel in the taste of this 12oz bag of rich, balanced medium roast coffee without the buzz for $22

Cardiology Coffee Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review 

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, ranking just below crude oil. Considering only two US states grow coffee, it’s not hard to see why.

All that coffee has to come from somewhere, but the place and how it’s harvested, dried, and roasted are some important factors that determine the quality and taste of the final product. 

Cardiology Coffee is grown in Honduras and uses a smokeless roasting process to maximize antioxidants. Their Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee is gently roasted for a sweeter, more tangy taste. 

The Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee could be your next morning essential for just $22.

Cardiology Coffee Mug Review

The perfect coffee drinking experience starts with the right mug. As an avid coffee drinker, you may have experienced your fair share of mugs that don’t have a handle, ones that seem as if they were designed to spill, and those that burn your hand to oblivion. 

The Cardiology Coffee Mug has a large handle, ensuring your fingers don’t touch the hot cup and a wide mouth for easy drinking.

The Mug is made of ceramic and has a sturdy base that won’t wobble when you put it down. Take the perfect sip from these quality Cardiology Coffee Mugs for $18

Cardiology Coffee Water Filtration and Revival System Review

We all know the importance of water. In the western world, we’re blessed to have clean water at our fingertips. But, even then, in some states, the water coming through our taps is anything but clean.

If you brew coffee at home, you may think that boiling the water is enough to kill bacteria (and it is) but, bacteria is sometimes the least of your worries. 

The Water Filtration and Revival System remineralizes, restructures, and recharges water to give you clean, crisp water with great health benefits.

It promises 100% acid-free water and has a TDS of 60PPM and a high magnesium bicarbonate content. Taste what real water should be like with the Water Filtration and Revival System for $1,800 (from $2,000). 

Cardiology Coffee Subscription Review

This Cardiology Coffee review loves coffee subscriptions. Coffee lovers know they’re going to drink it every day, and when they finally find a bean that fits their needs, saving money just makes sense.

Cardiology Coffee gives customers the option to subscribe and save 20% on any of their carefully-roasted coffees. 

There are also no membership fees, just great coffee shipped to your door every month. If you need to skip a delivery or find that it’s time to switch up, no worries, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time

Your Cardiology Coffee subscription will auto-renew every month, and your card will be charged on your monthly billing date.

For example, if you started your subscription on the 22nd of April, you will be billed on the 22nd of May, and so forth. Normally, a 12oz bag of Cardiology Coffee is $22, but with the subscription, it is $17. 

Cardiology Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cardiology Coffee Review

This Cardiology Coffee review combed the web to find helpful customer reviews to learn more about the brand.

Below we’ve included customer reviews sourced from and that provide personal insight on what ordering from Cardiology Coffee is really like. 

A thorough Cardiology Coffee review on Best Quality Coffee writes about the reviewer’s experience from start to finish when ordering and tasting the brand’s coffee.

The reviewer says that at first, they were hesitant to try the brand’s coffee as it comes across as healthy and by association believed it would be bland.”

The reviewer, Dan, has been an avid coffee drinker for over 50 years, and in the end, was quite impressed by this coffee.

He said that upon brewing, the “smell was pungent and aromatic.” He continued to say that the flavor of the coffee “impressed” him, and was very “well balanced.”

Cardiology Coffee is also rated 4.9/5 stars by 90 customers on The majority of customers love the taste of this coffee, with many saying that it is the best coffee they have ever had.

One customer that speaks of the difference that this coffee has made in their health reads:

I have been drinking organic low acid coffee because everything else tastes horrible to me and attributed to my histamine intolerance rashes so when I heard about this from Dr. Wolfson, I jumped at the opportunity to try it. Hands down, the best. Smooth yet flavorful. I’m impressed and thankful!”

If you’re interested about Dr. Wolfson himself, he is a frequent guest on health podcasts and has been featured in magazines and wellness blogs. 

Is Cardiology Coffee Worth It?

Cardiology Coffee Review

Based on the reviews we found about Cardiology Coffee, turns out their coffee is very good.

The brand may appear to be gimmicky to some, but it was developed by a holistic doctor, America’s #1 natural heart doctor actually, and therefore does hold some weight in terms of the fact that this coffee is good for your health.

The brand is all about doing good, for its customers, for its employees, and for communities in need. This Cardiology Coffee review believes that overall the brand appears to be trustworthy and delivers a quality product

They also has quite talk about the ways they give back to communities in Honduras and the women who produce the coffee. They’re as much about coffee as they are to giving back to communities.

In terms of the coffee flavors, the brand offers Light, Medium, and Dark roasts, as well as caffeinated and decaf versions for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

If you do buy their coffee and don’t like it, the brand will refund your money no questions asked. That’s a pretty good sign that they are a decent company and care about their customers.

All in all, this Cardiology Coffee review thinks that the brand is concerned about the health of its customers, their happiness and satisfaction, as well as giving back to communities in need.

For those reasons, this Cardiology Coffee review believes their coffee is worth the buy. 

Cardiology Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Cardiology Coffee Review

Cardiology Coffee does not have any promotions available on their website, however, they do offer a monthly subscription that saves you 20% on every order. They also offer free delivery to the continental US. 

Where to Buy Cardiology Coffee

Cardiology Coffee Review

You can only buy Cardiology Coffee directly from

Sign Up for Cardiology Coffee

Cardiology Coffee Review

To sign up for Cardiology Coffee, first head to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Shop’
  2. Select which coffee you wish you subscribe to
  3. Click on ‘Subscribe & Save’ on the right side of the page under the product description
  4. ‘Add to Cart’
  5. Checkout
  6. Enter your payment & billing details


Cardiology Coffee Review

What is Cardiology Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Cardiology Coffee offers free shipping to the continental US and other shipping options for worldwide deliveries. Customers also have the option of picking up their orders from the Cardiology Coffee warehouse in Mesa, Arizona.

To see if they ship to your country, on the checkout page, scroll through the drop-down menu when selecting your shipping location. For US orders, shipping takes about 2-4 business days.

All orders are shipped out from the Cardiology Coffee warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona. 

What is Cardiology Coffee’s Return Policy?

If you don’t like Cardiology Coffee, just send their customer service team an email and they will issue you a full refund. If you place an order and need to cancel it, the company urges you to call them right away as orders are processed soon after they are placed online.

If your order has shipped, they will not be able to cancel it, but you can return it for a full refund once you receive it. 

For all other orders, you have 30 days from when your order is delivered to start the return process. To qualify for a return, your item must be in like-new condition and must not have been used.

You should also be sure to have its original packaging, or else Cardiology Coffee may not accept your return. To start a return, email [email protected].

If your return is accepted, they will send a prepaid return shipping label and instructions on what to do next. This Cardiology Coffee review notes that any orders that are returned without first contacting customer service will not be accepted. 

If your order arrives damaged, be sure to email customer service right away. They may request pictures and if deemed valid, will work on getting you a replacement. 

How to Contact Cardiology Coffee

Cardiology Coffee is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. If you need any other information about the brand that this Cardiology Coffee review did not provide, you can contact them Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm using the following methods:

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