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Levity Home Review

Aside from shipping fees, there’s nothing more annoying than removing stains from furniture. Fortunately, Levity Home’s business throws both worries into the garbage. 

Their furniture is life-proof, so it should survive wine spills, coffee stains, and unexpected trauma, and the company doesn’t believe in shipping fees. I’m not surprised that they have over 35k followers on Instagram.

There are a handful of standout reasons why you’d want to shop with Levity; their products feature washable covers, they provide free shipping, and you can customize the pieces by switching between swatches. To find out more about the company, keep reading this Levity Home review, as I’ll go over some of their items, their prices, and what customers have said about them. 

Levity Home Furniture Review

The bulk of this Levity Home review will cover some of the brand’s most distinctive products. These are the chairs, ottomans, and side tables that best display what makes Levity Home unique.

Levity Home The Classic Dining Chair Review

The first item in this Levity Home review is an understated and welcoming chair. The Levity Home The Classic Dining Chair comes in nearly every shade and tone imaginable and fits well with all dining tables. You can pick one up for $199.

Customers say: “This style looks much more sophisticated than a typical, rectangular chair with its tall, curved and tapered back. It could probably work well in any setting and is quite comfortable and supportive, too. While this alone would make the chair a good value, the fact that the covers are washable yet fit so smoothly that they look fully upholstered is really a unique plus.

Levity Home The Classic Lounge Chair Review

The Levity Home The Classic Lounge Chair exemplifies the brand’s identity. Its classiness was brought into modern times thanks to its machine-washable cover. That cover is interchangeable so you can personalize this chair with more than 40 colors. This chair comes in at $659.

Customers say: “It is the perfect size. I am a smaller person and find it very comfortable, as does a friend of mine who is a big man. The fabric seems very durable. The color is exactly what I expected.”

Levity Home Sarrah Hazel Rug Review

Using Levity Home’s cling effect technology, the Levity Home Sarrah Hazel Rug can go right into the washing machine. It’s much simpler to clean than if you were to use a vacuum and collects less pet hair than a standard carpet. This rug can be yours for $219.

Customers say: “So happy with our ruggable rug. We use it as a runner in our kitchen. We have a baby who crawls on it with her sticky fingers and it’s so easy to just toss in the wash. It’s great quality. The rug pad is awesome too and stays stuck to the floor and is nice and padded.

Levity Home The Scandinavian Side Table Review

This timeless side table comes with either a square or round shape and comes in two finishes; walnut and white oak. Its life-proof coating protects it from many ailments that plague other side tables like spills and leaks. You can grab the Levity Home The Scandinavian Side Table for $159.

Customers say: “Love the soft lines of this piece. Well made and, honestly, I don’t see this going out of style.

Levity Home The Scandinavian Counter Stool Review

The Levity Home The Scandinavian Counter Stool has a funky design, two available finishes, and comes as either a counter or a bar stool. Essentially, it can do everything a stool needs to do. It’s available for $299.

Customers say: “I got the dining room chairs last year and love them, and have been patiently waiting for matching counter stools. I get so many compliments on the style and versatility. Great addition to the home!

Levity Home The Mid-Century Tray Ottoman Review

Everybody’s feet are dirtier than they think, which is why the Levity Home The Mid-Century Tray Ottoman’s machine-washable cover is so intriguing. You shouldn’t have to worry about dirty socks staining it unless you’ve been out in the mud trenches for weeks. Either way, you can pick up this ottoman for $259.

Customers say: “This little ottoman is an important piece – I have used it in tandem with my Scandinavian lounge chair (which I also love); as an end table; as a footrest in front of my sofa. I haven’t used it as a bed or lap tray yet, but what a cool and useful piece of furniture this is! So easy to put together too.

Levity Home The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table Review

The final product in my Levity Home review is this humble table that extends to fit more guests if you have company over. The Levity Home The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table is made from solid ashwood and oak and can make its way to your kitchen for $1,199.

Customers say: “This table is the perfect size- easily fits 6 without the leaf, comfortably seats 8 with the easy to install leaf. The in table storage is a great feature. Assembly was straightforward. It is pretty heavy, so not a one person job by any means.” 

Who Is Levity Home For? 

Levity Home Review

New parents and families are Levity Home’s target audience as their furniture is well-suited for the unexpected tendencies of children. 

Levity Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Levity Home Review

These are the customer scores for the products featured in this Levity Home review. All of these scores come from Levity Home’s website.

  • Levity Home The Scandinavian Side Table: 5/5 stars based on five pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home Sarrah Hazel Rug: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 1,000 pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home The Classic Lounge Chair: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 90 pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home The Classic Dining Chair: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 75 pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 10 pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home The Mid-Century Tray Ottoman: 4.5/5 stars based on eight pieces of customer feedback
  • Levity Home The Scandinavian Counter Stool: 3.5/5 stars based on two pieces of customer feedback

These scores are unanimously positive, which is a good sign. However, they were the only aggregate numbers I could find anywhere online. Some speculated as to why that’s the case. I’ll discuss that later in this Levity Home review, but first, let’s go over what users had to say about the brand on other websites. 

Here’s a Levity Home review I found on Reddit. “Ok! So the chairs are made and shipped to order. I received the first chair and I’m still waiting on the second. Here are a few high level bullets of my first thoughts on the Scandinavian chairs. Pros; the Scandinavian chairs were easy to put together, the wood color is nice, the fabric is thick, the cushions are firm, and they look fairly stylish in my front sitting room.

That user noted that the chairs weren’t the most stylish on the market, which is fine considering that’s not Levity Home’s focus, and they weren’t overly comfortable. However, they wrapped up their Levity Home review with, “Overall I am pleased with the Scandinavian chairs for their price point. I really like the idea of being able to swap out the fabric if I get tired of the current blue.

Customers commonly praised how easily the furniture came together. Many Levit Home reviews said that assembly was a piece of cake. 

I ordered 6 scandinavian dining chairs on black Friday and got them about 10 weeks later. They’re great! Easy to assemble, once you figure out how to do it. The covers come on and off easily. Comfy and sturdy. The fabric is exactly the same as ruggable rugs (which I also really like),” wrote one customer on Reddit.

This final Levity Home review comes from a customer answering a community-asked question about whether people liked their Levity Home product. The buyer wrote, “I LOVE ours. We have two English Bulldogs. So you can imagine- drool, sneezes, short hair. It is so easy to wash. Super comfy, I can take a quick nap in it. We also have a 9 yo and we both love to sit in the chair together. We wish levity made couches.”

Is Levity Home Legit?

Levity Home Review

Some buyers theorized that Levity Home curates their reviews, which is why it’s nearly impossible to find any scores outside of their website and likely because the only scores on their webpage are extremely positive. This is unfounded, but customers said that they weren’t able to leave Levity Home reviews online.

Is Levity Home Worth It?

Levity Home Review

There’s a part of me that wants to endorse Levity Home because their washable furniture covers are an ingenious idea. Plus, Levity Home reviews generally leaned towards positivity, at least on the brand’s website.

However, the complaints about customer support and damaged items prevent me from fully recommending them. At best, I’d say that you should shop with caution.

How To Choose The Best Furniture

Levity Home Review

Here are some ideas to consider when shopping for the best furniture:

  1. What function will the furniture serve?
  2. What material is it made from?
  3. Does the furniture come pre-assembled?
  4. How easy is it to wash the material?
  5. What’s your budget?
  6. How will the furniture match your interior design?

Levity Home Promotions & Discounts 

Levity Home Review

Levity Home offers exclusive perks and deals for their email subscribers. If you sign up with your email address, then you’ll gain access to surprise discounts that you can put towards your first purchase. 

You can also save 15% by using the code NY2023. This code works with every item on Levity Home’s website until their New Year’s sale concludes. 

Where to Buy Levity Home

Levity Home Review

You can shop on Levity Home’s website,


Who owns Levity Home?

Levity Home is a sister company of Ruggable, so it’s also owned by Jeneva Bell.

What Does It Mean When Levity Home Says “Ruggable Rugs Are Pet-Friendly”?

Being “pet-friendly” means that Ruggable rugs, and Levity Home’s products by extension, are water-resistant, machine-washable, and easy to spot clean. Thus, they can resist many accidents caused by pets. 

What is Levity Home Return Policy?

Levity Home offers a 30-day return window on all of their products. However, they charge return fees that vary depending on the product type:

  • Dining chairs, ottomans, side tables, and stools cost $35 to return
  • Lounge chairs and coffee tables cost $50 to return
  • Dining tables for $200 to return

Where Does Levity Home Ship To?

Currently, Levity Home only ships to addresses within the United States. This includes Hawaii and Alaska.

What Does It Mean When Levity Home Says “Levity Chairs Are Pet-Friendly”?

Levity chairs are machine-washable, water-resistant, and easy to spot clean, just like Ruggable rugs.

How to Contact Levity Home

You can contact Levity Home by emailing them at [email protected] or filling out a customer contact form on their website. 

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