Frontgate Furniture Review

About Frontgate 

Frontgate Furniture Review

Frontgate is no small fries in the furniture market. It has over 205k followers on Instagram, 182k likes on Facebook and over 30 years in the business. Its handmade pieces of furniture are made with rare materials and feature enchanting designs—meaning that you most likely won’t find lots of furniture that looks like Frontgate’s.

This Frontgate furniture review will give you the low-down on everything you need to know to make an informed decision about the brand. It’ll cover these topics:

  • The company’s products
  • It’s prices
  • It’s sales
  • It’s customer reception
  • Whether or not I personally believe it’s worth shopping with
  • A few frequently asked questions about the company

Overview Of Frontgate 

Frontgate Furniture Review

Using artisanal materials like wicker and Egyptian cotton[1], Frontgate’s furniture is made with craftsmanship and quality in mind. The Ohio-based company has been operating since 1991, specializing in certain types of furniture. However, its actual catalog is surprisingly deep.

Frontgate is also one of the most popular companies that buyers turn to around the holiday season due to its love of Yuletide. In fact, Frontgate goes all out when the snow starts falling, using their kiln-dried frames and hand-made materials to spread Christmas cheer.

So, if you’re looking for items with a touch of humanism and care, then you may want to check out Frontgate’s furniture.

Before I get deeper into the details of this Frontgate furniture review, however, let’s check out some of the brand’s highlights. 


Frontgate Furniture Review
  • Free shipping on all orders over $199
  • Clearance item section is available on its website
  • Free expert insight from the brand’s employees
  • Complimentary swatches available with some items
  • 3-to-10-year warranty on most products
  • Better Business Bureau accredited 

One thing that stuck out to me about this company is how its furniture doesn’t fit into the mold that regular furniture brands follow. It specializes in these three product categories:

  1. Outdoor furniture
  2. Bedding
  3. Towels 

As a result, my Frontgate furniture review is going to focus specifically on items from those categories. However, the brand also makes products in smaller niche categories—like holiday decor, rugs, lighting, and more.

Frontgate Furniture Review

The furniture pieces I’m going to tell you about in this section of my Frontgate furniture review exemplify the brand’s aesthetic. Simply put, if any of the items here appeal to you, then you’ll probably like what else the brand has to offer.

Frontgate Furniture Aiden Cane Chair Review 

This piece of Frontgate outdoor furniture is made to age alongside you. The Frontgate Furniture Aiden Cane Chair has a light velvet cover that can accrue marks, dents, and small lines as time pass—meaning that you can give this chair your own personalization by virtue of using it.

And, due to its construction, this is a chair you’re going to want to sit in. The Frontgate Furniture Aiden Cane Chair’s hardwood frame is a solid support system for your keister and the pillow that comes along with it.

Said cushion is made from incredibly dense foam that’s surrounded by down and feathers. As such, it’ll feel soft on your skin while retaining its shape, so it’ll comfortably support you.

One customer wrote this review: “These chairs were the perfect size for the space I was decorating and were chic yet classic – I matched the fabric to the ottoman and couch I bought which tied ever Together and gave the room a simple elegance.

The Frontgate Furniture Aiden Cane Chair is a Frontgate exclusive item that’s currently on sale. Normally, it costs between $1,799-$2,699, but you can buy it now for as little as $1,440.

Frontgate Furniture Wendover Sofa Review 

Coming in more materials and colors than you can count on all your fingers and toes, the Frontgate Furniture Wendover Sofa could be the sofa of your dreams. You can get it in velvet, leather, or woven texture in over ten different colors.

The thing is, the Frontgate Furniture Wendover Sofa offers more than just options. It has a classy appearance thanks to the diamond-woven back and the silver nailheads. Alongside those, it has two square pillows that are fluffy yet firm and a supportive bench pillow. 

We purchased the Wendover in raisin velvet. The sofa is exceptionally comfortable and the velvet has a luxuriously luminous quality. We were admittedly skeptical about purchasing a synthetic velvet, but the fabric is quite fine, presumably more durable and we cannot discern any difference at all from cotton velvet,” wrote one Frontgate shopper.

The Frontgate Furniture Wendover Sofa is also available at a discount. You can pick it up for as low as $2,960 when normally it costs anywhere from $3,699-$9,399.

Frontgate Furniture Regency 4-Drawer Bow Front Chest Review

Sometimes you have to treat yourself and live out your regal fantasy. Everyone wants to feel like the aristocracy, and pieces like the Frontgate Furniture Regency 4-Drawer Bow Front Chest can help you reach that goal.

This chest has a stunning marble top, gold handles that were painted by hand, and corners that were carved by hand. As if that wasn’t enough, its hardwood frame boasts a smooth ebony finish. In summary, the Frontgate Furniture Regency 4-Drawer Bow Front Chest will be stealing the attention of everyone who sees it.

One Frontgate furniture review writer had this to say about it: “Pictures don’t do it justice. The marble top is beautiful as is the lacquer-black finish on the chest. It definitely makes a statement. The drawers are more shallow than a typical dresser, I really like that. I find there’s less stacking (losing) of items.

This may be the most charming item I’ve included in this Frontgate furniture review simply due to its visual flair. If you want to call it yours, then consider picking it up for $2,240, which is a reduction of its normal $2,799 price tag. 

Frontgate Furniture Dax Pool Table Review

Pool is a gentlemen’s game and so it requires a table of similar prestige. So, I present you with the Frontgate Furniture Dax Pool Table, which may be the sleekest pool table that isn’t an antique nor a discount option.

It has a seductive ash veneer base and a smoky tobacco finish. This pairing gives it a subtle hint of class without trying to make it seem like it’s clamoring for attention.

Furthermore, the Frontgate Furniture Dax Pool Table is ideal for competitive pool players. It was made in accordance with the Billiards Congress of America’s competition standards, has solid wooden rails, and has a stain-proof black felt. 

An impressed buyer wrote this review: “Wow! This is a beautiful table!.. The table is modern and beautiful and the quality is exceptional. I like how the dark brown color makes it very elegant. I love people’s jaw-dropping reaction when they see it and how much they enjoy hanging out in our billiards room!”

The only thing is, the Frontgate Furniture Dax Pool Table isn’t exactly cheap. It’s on sale now—but even then it’s not what you’d call a steal. It currently costs $4,800 and it regularly costs $5,999. It also requires professional installation.

Frontgate Outdoor Furniture Review

Now that I’ve told you about some of the brand’s products that are best suited for inside the home, I want to spend this section of my Frontgate furniture review telling you about one of the tables that’s designed for outdoor living. 

Frontgate Furniture Isola 7-pc. Rectangular Dining Set in Weathered Finish Review 

The Frontgate Furniture Isola 7-pc. Rectangular Dining Set in Weathered Finish can make your backyard the go-to place for summer barbecues and cookouts. It has generous sizing with spacious chairs so that all your friends can sit comfortably.

This set has an air of relaxation due to its teak and wicker materials. They’re great for outdoors because they don’t attract heat and are fairly weatherproof—meaning you won’t have much to fret about.

Once we got everything unwrapped and in place, the look of the set is beyond expectations in both appearance and comfort. The way the table extends is very clever, the extension sits under the table when not in use, no need to find another storage place! Very impressive and happy with our choice after much looking,” wrote one happy buyer.

The complete Frontgate Furniture Isola 7-pc. Rectangular Dining Set in Weathered Finish regularly costs $5,995, but since it’s on sale, you can get it for $4,995.

Frontgate Towels Review

The difference between a good towel and a bad towel is like the difference between a good toothbrush and a wire brush—they’re entirely different. The bath towel I’m going to tell you about may have you looking at your current towel and wondering if it’s time to move on.

Frontgate Resort Collection™ Bath Towels

The last item in my Frontgate furniture review is by far the most popular one on this list, based on customer reviews. The Frontgate Resort Collection™ Bath Towels are made from Turkish cotton. This material makes the towels fluffy, dense, and refreshing to the touch. 

Additionally, these towels each come oversized, meaning you may be more prone to wrap yourself in one rather than put on clothes after you hop out of the shower. 

These towels are very soft and thick. They are also large enough that we chose to buy towels instead of our usual bath sheets. We’ve only washed them a few times so far, but they still feel as soft as when they arrived in the mail and the colors are beautiful,” one reviewer wrote.

You can purchase the Frontgate Resort Collection™ Bath Towels in one of over two dozen colors. These Frontgate towels cost anywhere from $23 to $58 on sale (their usual price is between $28-$72).

Who Is Frontgate Furniture For? 

Frontgate Furniture Review

It’s the designs and materials of Frontgate’s pieces of furniture that will attract customers. So, if anything you’ve seen so far in this review has piqued your interest, then the brand may very well be for you.

Frontgate Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Frontgate Furniture Review

To give you an idea of the type of quality you can expect from Frontgate, I’m going to spend this section of my review telling you about what people liked and disliked about the brand.

First off, let’s look at the Frontgate furniture review scores that customers left on the brand’s website. 

  • Frontgate Furniture Wendover Sofa: 5/5 stars from more than five customers
  • Frontgate Furniture Aiden Cane Chair: 5/5 stars from two customers
  • Frontgate Resort Collection™ Bath: 4.7/5 stars from more than 9,000 customers
  • Frontgate Furniture Regency 4-Drawer Bow Front Chest: 4.7/5 stars from more than 55 customers
  • Frontgate Furniture Dax Pool Table: 4.6/5 stars from more than five customers
  • Frontgate Furniture Isola 7-pc. Rectangular Dining Set in Weathered Finish: 4.3/5 stars from more than 10 customers

While those numbers tell a great story, they don’t tell the whole story. For that, I had to look at Frontgate furniture reviews on other websites, including Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Overall, the reception was mixed. However, there were some things that many buyers praised about Frontgate, like its selection of pieces. This is what one customer wrote about the brand’s catalog:

Sometimes though, a piece of furniture or a home accessory sticks in my head and I have to go back for it. I’d say most of their products are for indoors but they also have a good bit of outdoor & patio furniture and accessories. They always do nice Christmas displays here.

Sadly, there were a fair number of negative Frontgate furniture reviews that highlighted two specific issues—the quality of the furniture and the customer service. 

In regard to the former, people said that the furniture was prone to breaking for no reason. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue if the product warranties were honored, which leads to the second complaint people had about Frontgate. 

According to several reviewers, its customer service team was unwilling to help customers dispute warranty claims or work through issues with their deliveries. 

That being said, there were some positive Frontgate furniture reviews that directly contradicted these complaints. Here’s one that I found on Sitejabber that praised the company’s customer service team:

I have an outdoor furniture set (aluminum, sofa, and two chairs) that I purchased over fifteen years ago. It was time to replace all of the cushions, but I didn’t know if they were even still available. A customer service rep (Erin) was extremely helpful and took a lot of time with me while we found the exact right replacement cushions.”

Another review that I read on Trustpilot painted a similar picture of Frontgate’s customer service staff. Here it is:

“I’ve always been very satisfied with Frontgate’s customer service. They are very prompt & responsive if I have an order or on rare occasions a problem. They’ve always taken care to resolve issues and keep me posted about order arrivals.”

Is Frontgate Furniture Legit?

Frontgate Furniture Review

Disappointingly, I’m not sure if I can give Frontgate the green light in terms of legitimacy. There are just too many testimonials that mentioned problems with the brand’s customer service and shipping that it’s hard to get an accurate reading.

Is Frontgate Furniture Worth It?

Frontgate Furniture Review

As I said earlier in this Frontgate furniture review, the people who like the designs and feel of the company’s furniture will want to check them out. However, they should do so with caution. There have been too many people who have felt burned by the brand’s communications team and protocols, so you may want to tread lightly when looking into Frontgate’s furniture.

Frontgate Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Frontgate Furniture Review

Every item I wrote about in this review is currently available on sale as a result of the brand’s 20% off sitewide sale. However, in the event that you miss out on that sale, fear not! Frontgate is always trying to give customers a discount through its clearance section. So you can check out that section of its website to find cheaper pieces. 

Where To Buy Frontgate’s Furniture

Frontgate Furniture Review

You can either buy its products from its website,, or at one of its five retail locations.


Frontgate Furniture Review

Who owns Frontgate?

Cornerstone Brands owns Frontgate.

Does Frontgate ship internationally?

It seems that the company can only ship to the US and to US territories at this time.

What is Frontgate’s shipping policy?

Frontgate provides free shipping on all orders over $199. It offers three different shipping options: standard, expedited, and truck. As such, its delivery times range from two business days to three weeks depending on the product’s availability and shipping. 

What is Frontgate’s return policy?

You’ll have up to 90 days after receiving an item to send it back to Frontgate for a refund or an exchange (minus the cost of shipping).

How To Contact Frontgate 

Frontgate Furniture Review

You can fill out an email form on the company’s website or use the live chat function to speak with one of its representatives. 


‌1. Nasr, Yosri & Delin, Huang. (2019). Current Situation of Egyptian Cotton: Econometrics Study Using ARDL Model. Journal of Agricultural Science. 11. 88. doi:10.5539/jas.v11n10p88.

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Article Sources

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