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Lezovibes Review

They’re realistic, they thrust, they vibrate; they could only be sex toys brought to you by Lezovibes. As their very appropriate name suggests, this brand is all about safe and pleasurable sex toys. But they don’t just cater to the lesbian community. Anyone and everyone on the gender spectrum, whether on their own or with others, can enjoy what Lezovibes has to offer.

And oh do they have a lot to offer. This brand has a truly vast selection of dildos and other sex toys to cater to just about anyone’s wildest dreams. They have hyper realistic ones, fantasy/furry ones, lubricants and artificial sperm, and even a grand selection of bondage and kink products. 

There’s so much to explore with Lezovibes but we’re going to shed the spotlight on three of their best dildos. We’ll also answer some hard-hitting questions and take a look at some relevant FAQs. Let’s get started.


  • Offers a truly staggering and delightful selection of sex toys, including a host of dildos, accessories, and bondage products
  • All products are thoughtfully designed and made to be safe and pleasurable
  • Lezovibes products are shipped in discreet packages
  • Friendly and accessible website
  • Frequent sales

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Lezovibes Products Review

Lezovibes 9Inch Chubby Tan Silicone Giant Dildo Review

Lezovibes Review

Move over lads, there’s a new big boy in town. The Lezovibes 9Inch Chubby Tan Silicone Giant Dildo clocks in at a beefy 9 inches (6.49 of which is insertable) that promises pleasure every step of the way. Now we all know that length isn’t everything, but it’s another thing entirely to experience exactly what girth brings to the table… and it’s a lot.

The pointed glans makes it easy to ease into this bad boy, as does the gradually thickening shaft. Starting off at a modest 1.85 inches in diameter, you’ll soon feel every extra bit of diameter as you reach the climactic 2.95-inch diameter at the base. Wow, we need a minute.

This hefty 2.09lb dildo is made from skin-friendly silicone that’s durable and easy to wash. It’s made to simulate a real penis as much as possible, from the veins and skin texture to the bendiness and waterproofness. 

It also comes with the added benefit of a suction cup mounted at the base so you can quite literally use the 9Inch Chubby Tan Silicone Giant Dildo wherever you want. Take it with you in the bath, your room, even the kitchen (but please practice safe and sanitary pleasure). 

As with all dildos, it’s best to use this product with lubricant and to clean it well after use to inhibit the growth of bacteria. You should also store it in a cool, dark area when not in use to best preserve the well-endowed quality that this dildo brings to the table. All that being said, you can pick up the 9Inch Chubby Tan Silicone Giant Dildo for a cool $70.

Lezovibes 9.8 Inch Ultra Realistic Curved Dual-Density Silicone Suction Cup Dildo Review

Lezovibes Review

If you’re looking for a little more length and you like your dildos lean – not skinny, like actually leaning to one side a bit – then say hello to the Lezovibes 9.8 Inch Ultra Realistic Curved Dual-Density Silicone Suction Cup Dildo. This dildo has 7.5 inches of insertable length and it knows how to use each and every one of them.

We tip our hats off to the folks at Lezovibes for creating such a lifelike and realistic dildo version of a penis. It might not have a living, breathing penis-haver attached to it, but girl does it feel almost exactly the same. 

This dildo is made from dual-density silicone to best simulate a real penis. The exterior has some give and the interior is hard like how an erection should be. Tack on the textured balls for extra stimulation, detailed veins for your pleasure, and a firm head to lead the way and you’ve got yourself an evening of delights all in one not-so-little package.

Clocking in at 1.77 inches of hardworking diameter, there are quite a few ways you can use the Lezovibes 9.8 Inch Ultra Realistic Curved Dual-Density Silicone Suction Cup Dildo. You can stick it to quite a number of surfaces using its durable suction cup or you can easily slot it in a harness for some partner play. The opportunities are practically endless.

Right now, you can grab the Lezovibes 9.8 Inch Ultra Realistic Curved Dual-Density Silicone Suction Cup Dildo for $70, on sale from its regular $89 price tag.

Lezovibes 9.2in Handmade Realistic Silicone Dildo-Black Review

Lezovibes Review

It’s big, it’s black, it’s editor recommended – it could only be the Lezovibes 9.2in Handmade Realistic Silicone Dildo-Black. Made with the needs and wants of customers in mind, Lezovibes knocked it out of the park with their flesh dildo technology. This particular dildo is hand-made with liquid silicone for a smooth, supple, hyperrealistic feel that just can’t be beat.

The Lezovibes 9.2in Handmade Realistic Silicone Dildo-Black is waterproof because we all know it’s going to need it. It also weighs a meaty 1.17lb and clocks in at 9.2 inches (7.5 of which is insertable). As with many of their other products, this dildo also has textured balls as an extra reward for any users who can fully conquer this Everest. Best of all, the strong suction cup at the base means that you can have your fun just about anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? The Lezovibes 9.2in Handmade Realistic Silicone Dildo-Black can be yours for $70.

Who Is Lezovibes For?

Lezovibes Review

Contrary to what the brand name states, Lezovibes isn’t just for ladies looking for pleasure. All guys, gals, and nonbinary pals in the market for something to spice up their solo or partnered play will find something fun to try with this brand. 

No, seriously, their product line is extensive. We’ve only covered realistic dildos in this article but there is so much more to explore. Besides the different kinds of dildos, of which there are varieties like ejaculating, heated, vibrating, inflatable (we could go on), they also have other types of dildos to delight the senses and the mind.

Have you ever looked at a slightly more phallic corn cob and thought “what if?” Lezovibes has you covered. Looking to reenact a particularly steamy scene from your favorite fantasy romance novel? Oh yes. But what about for those of us in the more kinky bondage community? Yes, yes, and yes! 

It’s safe to say that you can find what you need (and then some) with Lezovibes. Including accessories like lube and artificial semen, this brand can help make your utterly wildest dreams come to life.

Is Lezovibes Legit?

Lezovibes Review

Based on our research, nothing has popped up to indicate that Lezovibes might be anything other than legit. Having been vetted by scam detection websites and coming up squeaky clean with nary a complaint to be found online, it does seem that they are a reputable company. 

As always, it’s important to do your research when shopping online. We believe that Lezovibes is legit because they outline their use of safe materials and their design philosophy, which, coupled with the lack of complaints online, crafts a very nice and pretty picture of the brand.

Is Lezovibes Worth It?

Lezovibes Review

We would recommend Lezovibes for their sheer product variety alone but the good vibes don’t stop there. All of the products we reviewed in this article are thoughtfully crafted and made with safety and pleasure always at the forefront. It’s this dedication to a safe and fun experience that really sells us on this brand.

Besides that, their transparency about their materials and manufacturing process is refreshing to see. With so many products available, you might think that quality assurance and control might fall through the cracks but this does not seem to be the case. It really does look like Lezovibes wants to ensure that each and every product sold guarantees both a good time and a long time (satisfaction and longevity).

If you’re in the market for something to spice up your bedroom activities, whether solo or with partners, then we highly recommend checking out Lezovibes. We believe that they genuinely have something for everyone, every budget, and every experience level.

Where To Buy Lezovibes

Lezovibes Review

The best and only place to buy Lezovibes products is directly on their website. There, you’ll have access to their entire selection of products and be able to take advantage of their quick and discreet shipping as well as their generous return policy. 

Lezovibes Promotions & Discounts

Lezovibes Review

Like some of the dildos we reviewed in this article, quite a few of their products are known to go on sale. The brand very handily has an “On Sale” section on their website dedicated to hosting these delightful and – dare we say it – pleasurable discounts.

Besides that, you can use code LEZO for 10% off your order and free shipping on all orders over $59.


Who owns Lezovibes?

To the best of our knowledge, Lezovibes is at the very least affiliated with if not outright owned by the brand Suporadultproduct, which also sells adult sex toys. 

Where is Lezovibes based?

The brand lists one address on their Contact Us page, which leads us to believe that Lezovibes is based in Minneapolis, MN.

Lezovibes Shipping & Returns

Like any reputable adult sex toy store, Lezovibes understands that you might not want a dildo-shaped package waiting on your doorstep as you’re bringing company home from work. That dildo-shaped package belongs somewhere else if we do say so ourselves. 

With that in mind, Lezovibes uses discreet packaging and ships with the likes of DHL, UPS, EMS, and FedEx to make sure that your package arrives safely and on time. Their standard shipping option has an estimated delivery time of 8-15 business days whereas their expedited shipping will get your package to you in only 5-10 business days. You’ll be able to track the parcel with the tracking number emailed to you once it ships out.

How to contact Lezovibes

If you have any questions after reading this Lezovibes review, you can easily fill out their contact form on their website. Besides that, you can send them an email at [email protected]. They’ll do their best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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