Louisiana Grills Review

About Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills Review

Louisiana Grills are a beloved name in the eyes of many a home griller. And here’s a bit of good news, you don’t have to be from Louisiana to use a Louisiana Grill. 

The brand has over 54k Instagram followers, 265k likes on Facebook, and partnerships with some of the biggest retailers in North America. Their grills are adored for their simplicity as well as their ability to prepare most dishes under the sun.

In this Louisiana Grills review, I’ll look at what the company does to differentiate itself from the pack, what their grills are capable of, what customers have to say about them, and more.

Overview of Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills Review

Louisiana Grills came about just before the turn of the millennium in 1999. Dan Thiessen created the brand as a way to build a family around grilling. He wanted to provide customers with the tools necessary to bond over good food.

The company operates under the thumb of the larger Dansons Corporate who you may be familiar with from their other subsidiaries. They also own Pit Boss, though Lousiana Grills have a different catalog than that brand.

Their products are designed to grant the utmost freedom when it comes to cooking as a form of expression. They don’t skimp out on functionality in favor of saving a few bucks. 

Louisiana Grills’ products meld technological advancements with culinary insights then splash a good dose of convenience over the finished product.

That means that Louisiana Grills make barbeques that don’t require a doctorate to operate. You don’t need to be a Michelin-star-rated chef to understand how to make the best burger you’ve ever tasted using a Louisiana Grill.

I’m speaking in generalities here, but I know that you came for the nitty-gritty details. That’s why I’ll mosey on over to the next part of my Louisiana Grills review and cover some of the brand’s most endearing qualities.


  • Manufactures intelligently designed and intuitive grills
  • Publishes recipes and tips about how to best use their equipment
  • You can find their products at many easily accessible stores
  • 60-day return policy
  • Financing payment options are available through Affirm

Louisiana Grills develop grills in many different lines like the Black Label Series, the SL Series, and the Elite Series. They also make fuel sources, accessories for grilling, grill covers, sauces, spices, and ceramics.

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Review

Let’s start the product description of this Louisiana Grills review with a bang. Or, more accurately, I’m going to start it with a smoke (no, not that kind).

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is a convenient and modern take on the wood smoker. Its free-standing shape is thinner than barrel-shaped smokers so it’s easy to place in your litany of grilling gear.

It also has a transparent front door so that you can inspect your meat while you heat it. Its wood pellet-fueled engine can get this smoker’s interior roaring up to heats as high as 420 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The outside of this smoker is made from tough heavy-duty steel that can keep the heat inside like a mother who doesn’t want their teenage son to leave the house without his winter jacket. Each grid on the inside is made of porcelain-coated steel.

You can wheel this Louisiana Grills pellet smoker around on its four caster wheels, a trait that augments its convenience. So if you want a smoker that won’t dwarf the rest of your BBQ station then consider purchasing this item for $899.

Louisiana Grills Kamado Charcoal Review

Is there anything better than a burger cooked on a charcoal grill? Besides winning the lottery, the only thing I can think of is a burger that just came off of a Louisiana Grills Kamado Charcoal

Even if burgers aren’t up your alley, then you’ll still have countless options with this item. It has a 5-in-1 cooking system that can roast, sear, bake, smoke, or char-grill. Essentially, it can prepare whatever your stomach is grumbling for.

The Louisiana Grills Kamado Charcoal has a resounding 906 square inches of cooking space spread across two grids. It can produce temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As if all that functionality wasn’t enough, this grill is a treat for the eyes too. It has a ceramic frame that keeps heat inside while looking pretty hot and spicy itself.

You can grab the Louisiana Grills Kamado Charcoal for $1,249.

Louisiana Grills SL700 Pellet Grill Review

The next item I’ll feature in this Louisiana Grills review is this opulent engine of a machine. The Louisiana Grills SL700 Pellet Grill can be the Rosetta Stone you’ve been searching for to decode the secret of amazing grilling.

One quality that the Louisiana Grills SL700 Pellet Grill has that distinguishes it from the pack is its Pressurized Cooking System

This feature compounds with the grill’s rear vent to promote greater airflow and smoke dispersion that can give you a more consistent finish with every dish.

That’s not the only feature this grills offers. It has a gracious 698 square inches to cook your food and a pellet barrel that can hold 18 pounds of wood pellets. This deep dispensary helps the product burn at temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can only buy the Louisiana Grills SL700 Pellet Grill through Costco’s website or at one of their in-store locations.

Louisiana Grills Review

I’ve spoken about some of this brand’s best-selling and performing BBQs enough in this Lousiana Grills that you may be wondering what else they have to offer. 

Well, dear reader, allow me to answer your hypothetical question by talking about some other products that have charmed their customers. 

Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800 Pellet Grill Review

Probably the best thing about the Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800 Pellet Grill, which is saying something, is its wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. You can control the temperature and cooking mode of this grill by connecting it to the Smoke iT app.

That remote functionality wouldn’t be worth anything if this grill didn’t perform. Thankfully, it does more than meet expectations. 

Do you want to sear your food over flames that can burn as hot as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit? The Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800 Pellet Grill can do that.

Do you want a fully ventilated and pressurized cooking system that evenly distributes heat over the cooking space? This grill has you covered. 

Do you want a pellet hopper that can hold 29 pounds of pellets, which is roughly the same weight as an average Swamp wallaby? Yeah, I know you do.

Louisiana Grills don’t list a specific price for this item on their website. They advise interested customers to check with a local distributor to find out how much the Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800 Pellet Grill costs.

Louisiana Grills Black Label Wifi Control Review

The old saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas, but Louisana Grills are challenging that claim with this grill. The Louisiana Grills Black Label Wifi Control is the largest product in their Black Label line with a staggering 1,1180 square inches of cooking space.

To put that into perspective, that’s nearly three-quarters of a square meter. Imagine all the wieners, burgers, veggie dogs, and portobello mushrooms you can grill with that space.

You can put your food either directly on the heat or elevate them for a less intense cooking experience thanks to the Louisiana Grills Black Label Wifi Control’s different flame plate broilers. 

It also has two programmable meat probes, an easy-to-use ignition system (I’m talking about one-button start easy, people), and a pellet hopper with an 18-pound carrying limit.

Of course, the Louisiana Grills Black Label Wifi Control can connect to the brand’s Smoke iT app through wifi or Bluetooth so that you can control everything through your mobile phone. You can grab the pinnacle of modern grilling for $1,199.

Louisiana Grills 800 Deluxe Review

The final item in my Louisiana Grills review earns its superlatives. It’s deluxe-sized, it has elite cooking prowess, and it has over 800 square inches of cooking space. Oh, and it comes from Louisiana Grills, as if any other brand could produce a grill this esteemed.

The Louisiana Grills 800 Deluxe looks like a masterstroke of grilling ingenuity. It has a cast-iron grilling surface that can sear food like nothing else. 

You can control the heat with its simple touch-screen. You can get a nice char on your foods by cooking as hot as 600 degrees Fahrenheit, or simmer things down and stay at 180 degrees.

This grill uses wood pellets as fuel and has an exhaust system that makes the most of those pellets’ smoking capabilities. 

You can also grill your food directly on this product’s side plates. And if you start getting thirsty while on the job then you can use this item’s bottle opener to crank out a cool one.

The double-walled architecture of the Louisiana Grills 800 Deluxe can keep the air inside so that your foods don’t come out undercooked or disappointing. However, I doubt this grill could disappoint you even if it tried. You can test my hypothesis for yourself by purchasing this item for $1,199.

Who Is Louisiana Grills For? 

Louisiana Grills Review

Louisiana Grills are for people who are looking to expand their grilling expertise. Their products reward the curious cooks who want to elevate their skills to the next level. 

That’s because their grills have plenty of features for people who want to be more involved with grilling.

Louisiana Grills Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Louisiana Grills Review

I traveled to some of the most dangerous areas of the internet to gather customer Louisiana Grills reviews. 

I wouldn’t recommend going this deep into the comment sections that I braved unless you’ve got a helmet and a set of water wings at the ready. You never know what you’re going to see down there, partner.

What I saw were some informative Louisana Grills reviews that gave me a better idea of what this company and its products were like in real life. 

The first place I checked for customer feedback was on the Amazon page of the Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 LG 700 Pellet Grill. It held a 3.2/5 star average score from more than 100 global pieces of customer feedback. 

The grill earned particular praise for its ability to reach, and hold, high temperatures. Customers appreciated that they didn’t have to baby the grill to keep it hot. They could relax and let the Louisiana Grills 60700-LG700 LG 700 Pellet Grill burn and cook their food. 

The product’s heat regulation earned compliments from people. They loved all the things they could cook thanks to the product’s large heat range. One 5/5 stars review writer detailed the assortment of dishes that they cooked on the grill.

I have used this grill a few weeks now, at least 4 days out of the week, and or more. I absolutely love it! I have grilled the normal stuff including veggies, I have made Pizza a couple of times, smoked/grilled pork loin, and a chicken, baked a blackberry cobbler. Everything has been amazing, I am looking forward to cooking all kinds of new things on it!

I also took into account what customers said about the Louisiana Grills 1200 Black Label Pellet Grill with WiFi Control on the Home Depot website. Home Depot is a major Lousiana Grills retailer so I figured they’d be a good resource for customer reviews.

The product earned a 4.5/5 star aggregate score from more than 15 buyer testimonials. Many of these positive reviews pointed to the grill’s convenience and versatile cooking options as being sources of satisfaction.

The item’s wireless usage was seen as a huge advantage by many people. Here’s what one person wrote in their 5/5 stars Louisana Grills review:

“The Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200 caught my attention with its sleek look and ease of use. It’s easily assembled and connects to my WiFi flawlessly. I performed the burn off and did have some temperature fluctuations as I have with all of my cookers I’ve used so nothing too alarming there. The height of the unit is perfect and the mobility with the casters is excellent on my patio.

I checked out the same product’s reception on Wayfair. It held a similarly impressive score on that website; 4.7/5 stars emanating from 12 customer reviews.

People echoed many of the same sentiments that I found on the Amazon and Home Depot websites. They enjoyed the versatility, ease of use, and how it opened up doors to cook more food.

This is one telling review that highlights the best aspects of the Louisiana Grills 1200 Black Label Pellet Grill with WiFi Control: “From ordering to first cook the LG1200 has been a dream. Easy to assemble and get ready for grilling. Also love having the ability to connect via Bluetooth and/or our WiFi.

Is Louisiana Grills Legit?

Louisiana Grills Review

I couldn’t find anything that sparked concern amongst the customer Louisiana Grills reviews. The buyers that reported problems with their purchases were able to contact the brand and rectify their issues, which is comforting to hear.

Is Louisiana Grills Worth It?

Louisiana Grills Review

Here are all the reasons why I think Louisana Grills is worthy of your time if you’re looking for a new grill:

  • Their grills are easy-to-use
  • Many of their products offer a variety of cooking options
  • Customer reception was strong across the board

Louisiana Grills Promotions & Discounts 

Louisiana Grills Review

Unfortunately, while writing this Lousiana Grills review, I wasn’t able to uncover any promotions, discounts, or sales available for the company’s products.

Where to Buy Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills Review

Looking to take the plunge and buy a product after reading my Louisiana Grills review? Here are a few of the places where you can find the brand’s items:

  1. Through the brand’s website,
  2. On major online distributors like Amazon
  3. In-store retailers like Home Depot
  4. Costco


Louisiana Grills Review

Who owns Louisiana Grills?

Louisiana Grills are a subsidiary of the larger parent company Dansons

Does Louisiana Grills ship internationally?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any concrete information about whether or not Louisiana Grills ships internationally.

What is Louisiana Grills’ Shipping Policy?

While conducting research for this Louisiana Grills review, I discovered that the brand calculates shipping times and prices at product checkout. You can check one of their multiple retailers for more readily-available shipping information.

What is Louisiana Grills’ Return Policy?

Louisiana Grills provides customers with a 60-day window in which they can return any unopened product. 

They do not offer returns on products that you purchased through other distributors. You can only return items that were offered through the Louisiana Grills website or that you bought over the phone.

How to Contact Louisiana Grills

I’ll conclude my Louisiana Grills review by listing all the ways that you can contact the brand if you have any remaining questions:

  • Call them at 480-923-9632
  • Live chat feature on their website
  • Message them on Facebook or Instagram

Their customer service phone lines are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm PST every day of the week.

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