Lovesac vs Burrow Review

About Lovesac

There are plenty of comfortable seats in the world, but there’s nothing quite like the embrace of a completely customizable sofa. From the squishy texture of the cushion to the finishes and fabric, Lovesac lets you select all those crucial pieces so you can build a seat that’s designed for you.

The company came to fruition in 1995 when Shawn Nelson created an 8-foot bean bag chair in his parents’ Utah home. After selling them to fellow university students for a few years, Nelson teamed up with Dave Underwood to form a partnership that would never be forgotten.

The duo spearheaded the industry with the huge, comfy sacs. And in 2006, Lovesac launched sactionals—basically that same comfort, but in the form of a sofa. By 2014, the brand had opened 59 showrooms all over the nation, with sacs made in China and shipping available all over the US.

The brand’s online presence attests to its popularity. I found more than 1.3 million followers across its Instagram and Facebook pages.

About Burrow

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

Burrow was founded by Kabeer Chopra and Stephen Kuhl in 2016 in New York. The friends were on a mission “to set a new standard, [by making] three fundamental changes: a modular platform, a focus on function and fashion, and an investment in community and experience.

The idea came about during a discussion about the issues that come with purchasing a new couch: paying loads for the sofa and the shipping, moving it into your space, putting it together, finding out it’s not the right fit for the space, or worse, not the right fit for you.

As it turned out, sofas were expensive because shipping bulky items tended to cost a lot. It was then that they came up with a solution: a couch in a box that was easy to put together and would be super comfortable, as well as beautiful. And, with more than 130k followers across Instagram and Facebook, customers clearly agree.

Okay couch potatoes, this Lovesac vs Burrow review is here to help you find out which brand offers the right sofa for you.

I’ll delve into the details of each brand, including product ranges, overall quality and affordability, customer testimonials, and more, so you can find the sofa of your dreams.

What To Consider

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

Product Range

Comfortable seating is the name of the game with Lovesac and Burrow. But, both brands offer unique styles that bring something different to your living room.

On Lovesac’s site, you’ll find a selection of large bean bag chairs and sofa bean bag hybrids—because we all know that the best things came out of the 90s, and they only get better with age.

The company’s newest innovation is its sactional, which offers the same comfort as its bean bags but a more traditional couch look. Oh, and it’s completely customizable.

Burrow offers a little more than seating, with a wide selection of furniture inspired by midcentury modern and Scandinavian designs.

The minimal and functional pieces range from storage to tables to decor, and of course, to seating. I’m focusing on its customizable sofas in this Lovesac vs Burrow review, though.

Target Audience

Who are Lovesac’s and Burrow’s sofas made for? Basically, anyone looking for the perfect lounger because they offer customizable sofas. Whether you have a family of eight or are the proud dad of fur babies, both companies let you design a couch that will meet your needs.

Materials and Sustainability

With both brands’ sectionals, customers choose the different finishes, so materials range quite a bit. Lovesac’s fabrics are made from 100% Repreve certified recycled yarns and the brand is committed to providing lifelong sofas, which means fewer sofas ending up in landfills.

Burrow has a similar vision, creating durable pieces that are manufactured to last the test of time. The sofas are designed and shipped in the US to keep costs lower, with manufacturing partners in North Carolina, Vietnam, Poland, and India.


Both Lovesac and Burrow offer modular designs. Individual pieces can be removed, added, and swapped to create the exact shape you’re looking for. This is perfect for large and small families and homes.

Since the pieces can be moved around, you can arrange the sofa for your needs. The minimal shapes work well in any space, and you can even choose unique fabric colors to add depth and visual interest to the room.

Care Instructions

With Burrow, leather sofas should be kept out of the sun, dusted often, and dabbed with a damp cloth in the case of a spillage. The same goes for fabric sofas, though they can be cleaned with a mild and diluted detergent.

With Lovesac, the cleaning method depends on the particular material. If they aren’t machine washable, they can be gently dabbed with a soapy mixture and a damp cloth. Otherwise, they can be washed in a cold, gentle cycle, and hung to dry.


Lovesac and Burrow have different price ranges, though both are affordable for modular sofas. That said, the former is a little more expensive given the different customization options available.

Both brands are available on their respective websites: and Lovesac is also found at popular retailers such as Wayfair, Best Buy, and Costco. If you prefer to test the sofas out before you buy, you can visit different locations all over the US.

Not sure where to start? This Lovesac vs Burrow review is here to help. First, I’ll take a look at how the brands’ bestsellers compare, and then I’ll delve into quality, costs, customer testimonials, and promotions.

Lovesac Sactional 2 Seats + 4 Sides vs Burrow Block Nomad Loveseat Review:

A loveseat is a staple sofa, whether it’s your first small apartment or you’re filling a larger living space with extra seating. With cushy seats and plenty of options, it can be hard to choose which couch is right for you and your space.

That’s where Lovesac and Burrow step in. Below, I’ll guide you through the specifics of options from both brands.

Keep in mind that you’ll find a wide range of customizable seats on their websites—Lovesac’s Sactional 2 Seats + 4 Sides and Burrow’s Block Nomad Loveseat are just a glimpse of what you’ll find.

Lovesac Sactional 2 Seats + 4 Sides:

  • Seats two people (default)
  • Can add additional seats and sides
  • Option to include sound hub, power station, and charging sides
  • Available in 183 different fabrics and colors
  • Three different filling types
  • Washable and changeable covers
  • Starts at $2,800

Burrow Block Nomad Loveseat:

  • Seats two people
  • Customizable arm and cushion style
  • Can add moveable chaise, ottoman, and lumbar pillows
  • Comes with a built-in USB port and 72” charging cable
  • Available in five different colors of olefin fabric
  • Six different wood or metal leg options
  • Three-layer foam cushion
  • Starts at $1,025

With either option, you can accessorize with small coffee tables, ottomans, or pillows.

No matter what color or cushion style you choose for the Burrow loveseat, the price will stay the same unless you opt for an add-on, whereas the Lovesac sactional price changes depending on the fill, color, and fabric you choose.

Burrow’s loveseat is more cost-effective, but it also has fewer customization options. Your decision comes down to your family’s needs and budget.

Lovesac Sactional 4 Seats + 5 Sides vs Burrow 4-Piece Sectional Lounger Review:

Whether you’re indoors watching TV or gathering with friends in the backyard, a high-quality sofa makes the experience better. With durable materials and different styles, Lovesac and Burrow offer a few different types of sectionals for all your hosting needs.

Below, I’ll dive into the specifications of Lovesac’s Sactional 4 Seats + 5 Sides, which is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and Burrow’s 4-Piece Sectional Lounger, which is perfect for family movie night.

Lovesac Sactional 4 Seats + 5 Sides:

  • Seats four (default)
  • Can add additional seats and sides
  • Outdoor style
  • 17 different fabrics and colors
  • Rearrange with the detached ottoman
  • Stack the seats to store for winter
  • Faux rattan frame made from resin to last through the seasons
  • Starts at $3,250

Burrow 4-Piece Sectional Lounger:

  • Seats four
  • Modern and minimal shape
  • Wide and deep, pillowy cushions
  • Four different color options
  • Three different leg finishes
  • Opt to add an attachable ottoman or sleep kit
  • Starts at $1,795

In this case, Lovesac is the best option if you’re looking for a piece to decorate your outdoor space. The classic rattan style base adds a cozy, simplistic touch that’s perfect for setting next to the fire pit, while it’s also easy to stack and store once the seasons change.

If you’re into minimal designs and modern shapes, the Burrow sofa will complete your indoor space. For me, there’s no need to choose between the two since you can keep one outside and one inside for the finishing touches on your home.

Lovesac Room for Two Footsac Blanket vs Burrow Woven Cotton Throw Review:

With all this talk of big comfy couches, you’ve got to have something to snuggle up with when you’re getting cozy.

The solution? A throw blanket, of course. Not only a means for comfort, but these babies also act as decor too, adding a cohesive touch to your space with color and texture.

The Lovesac Room for Two Footsac Blanket features a built-in foot pocket and a creamy white sherpa material that’s ideal for cozying up under on the chilliest winter days. Big enough to snuggle up to your loved one under, this blanket is perfect for early morning coffees or late-night movies.

On the other hand, the handwoven Burrow Woven Cotton Throw is made from natural materials for an organic look. It comes in three neutral shades (oat, fog, and smoke) for a simple and sophisticated touch to any space.

When it comes to the ultimate cozy vibes, that soft sherpa material of the Lovesac blanket is the clear winner. And who doesn’t love a literal pocket to keep their toes nice and toasty? The Burrow blanket has a more contemporary feel, which is ideal for tossing over the sofa for some decor.

Lovesac vs Burrow: Quality

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

If you’re reading this Lovesac vs Burrow review, chances are you’re on the hunt for a sofa that’s super comfortable and will last a long time. Luckily, that’s exactly what both of these brands are all about.

Lovesac claims that with every purchase of a sactional, customers are saving four sofas from ending up in a landfill. How? The brand’s products are built to last, which saves you from replacing them.

They also come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that all defects are completely repaired.

But what exactly makes the Lovesac pieces so durable? The super soft and strong Repreve fabric is crafted from recycled plastic water bottles. They’re also packaged in minimal recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes to lessen the brand’s carbon footprint.

Burrow sofas are made from olefin, one of the most durable fabrics, hence why it’s often chosen for couches. It’s also moisture-wicking and fade-resistant so it can withstand all the sunlight and spilled wine the day throws at it.

To ensure durability, Burrow puts every piece to the test with some real-life scenarios.

From 500-pound weights that did little damage to the fluffy seat cushions to dropping the entire module onto a concrete floor with no breakage, it’s apparent that these sofas can take a beating.

The fabrics are also stain and scratch-resistant, so you don’t need to stress about your creative toddler when they’ve got a marker in hand. The materials have no chemicals or pesticides present, making them safe for the whole family.

Another thing that makes these brands great is that they grow with your family.

You might just have your cat now, but somewhere along the way, a few little ones may make their way into the mix. If that happens, simply re-configure your couch with some new pieces.

When it comes down to it, the quality of both brands is there. That said, Lovesac offers more transparency when it comes to the manufacturing process. Burrow is focused on producing super durable pieces.

If you prefer more customization, then Lovesac has the pieces you’re looking for. But if you’re interested in a few extra items for your living space, Burrow offers that durable custom sofa alongside other decor and furniture to complete your home.

Lovesac vs Burrow: Price & Value

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

While it’s evident that the quality of both brands is top-notch, the price in relation to the value may sway your decision. So how do Lovesac and Burrow compare? Let’s take a look, starting with the breakdown of prices.

Lovesac (excluding optional upgrades to fabric, fill, and accessories):

  • 2 seat sactional: $2,800
  • 4 piece sactional: $3,250
  • Blanket: $300

Burrow (excluding add-ons):

  • Loveseat: $1,095
  • 4 piece sectional: $1,795
  • Blanket: $79

So, Burrow is definitely more affordable. But, Lovesac focuses on transparency about ethical and sustainable manufacturing as well as durability and comfort, while Burrow mostly focuses on the latter.

Another key element of quality is the level of customization available since that’s how you’ll find the perfect couch for you and your home. Lovesac sactionals can be completely customized following these simple steps:

  1. Choose your build (different configurations, but there are pre-built options as well)
  2. Opt-in or out of the built-in speaker system
  3. Pick the cover material and color
  4. Choose from a supportive, cushy, or luxurious filling
  5. Accessorize with cupholders and mini tables

Burrow sectionals also allow for some customization since shoppers can pick from different covers and frames as well as arm styles and cushion types. You can also choose add-ons like ottomans and extra pillows.

Overall, there are more customization options with Lovesac, but Burrow is less expensive. So, it comes down to how personal you’d like your sofa to be.

If you’re interested in the selection of Lovesac but the prices are making you weary, stay tuned to my Lovesac vs Burrow review for some deets on promos and discounts.

Lovesac vs Burrow: What Do Customers Think?

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

I’ve covered the best-selling products, quality, and pricing of each brand. Now, you’re probably wondering what customers are saying. To help me reach a verdict in this Lovesac vs Burrow review, I sourced comments and ratings from across the web.

Let’s start with an overview of both brands’ scores:


  • Brand website: 4.6/5 stars out of 4,881 reviews
  • Modern Castle: 95%
  • SlumberSearch: 9.2/10 stars out of 116 reviews
  • Reseller Ratings: 1/5 stars out of 1,209 reviews


  • Brand website: 4.7/5 stars out of 3,086 reviews
  • Modern Castle: 94%
  • SlumberSearch: 9.4/10 stars out of 367 reviews
  • The Spruce: 4.4/5 stars

So how did Lovesac and Burrow earn these stars? Down below, I’ll cover customers’ highlights so you can see what each brand is all about.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Super soft
  • Appreciate the use of recycled materials
  • Easy to assemble and change covers
  • Lots of different fabric options
  • Most sofas come with machine washable covers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Varying reports on customer service

One reviewer describes everything their family loves about the brand, from the wide selection of comfy products to how easy it is to customize the sactionals:

We have the super sac, sactional, squattoman and blanket. We are going on 4 years now and it’s truly designed for life. We’ve added new pieces over the last few years to expand our sactional. The furniture and covers have held up strong to cats and dogs and I have the luxury of rearranging anytime I want.

The lower ratings on Reseller Ratings tend to surround slow ship times. While this can be frustrating for shoppers, the company does clearly outline estimates and longer wait times are often a result of external factors like the 2020 pandemic.


  • Stylish and easy to assemble
  • Soft fabrics and excellent craftsmanship
  • Great delivery process
  • Responsive customer service
  • Color and fabric accurate to photos
  • High quality, protective packaging

After their first purchase, one shopper went back for more, noting how easy it was to put together. Take this excerpt:

I am in love with my new sofa. The style, the fabric, the craftsmanship—everything. I am so impressed, in fact, that I just ordered the matching ottoman, bolster pillows and a floor lamp to go with it. I chose the graphite gray. It took my son about half an hour to put the couch together.

From all the research done for this Lovesac vs Burrow review, I learned that both brands have a solid reputation across the web.

Though Lovesac’s estimated delivery times are longer, that’s to be expected when you consider how customizable its sofas are. Otherwise, customers are ecstatic with their purchases.

Lovesac vs Burrow: Promotions & Discounts

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

This Burrow vs Lovesac review knows that the bulk of your decision may come down to where you can get the best deal. Luckily, I found that both brands offer seasonal promotions and sales on top of regular savings.

Let’s take a look at what each brand offers:


  • Refer a friend and you will both receive $100 off
  • Teachers and members of the military receive a 5% discount 
  • Find clearance items for up to 60% off
  • Free shipping


  • Refer a friend and receive a $50 Amazon gift card when they spend over $300—they’ll receive a $75 off coupon, too
  • Save up to 60% off when you visit the online outlet
  • Free shipping on all orders

Both brands offer pretty stellar deals, so you’ll always find savings when you refer a friend or search through the clearance. If you’re looking for some extra deals, simply wait for the next holiday.

From my research, Lovesac seems to offer sales more often. However, Burrow is less expensive, so no matter which brand you choose you’ll get the bang for your buck.

Lovesac vs Burrow: Shipping & Returns

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

Before you commit to either brand, it’s important to know the shipping and returns policies. Luckily, I’m here with all the details before I conclude this Lovesac vs Burrow review.

Lovesac offers free shipping on all orders within the contiguous US. Orders take between 1-4 weeks to arrive, while custom covers can take between 4-10 weeks. All shipments are tracked via FedEx and are delivered straight to the customer’s door.

When it comes to returns, Lovesac shoppers have a 60-day home trial so they can test out the product to determine if they truly love it. However, custom sofas, floor models, and clearance items are final sale.

The sacs also have a lifetime warranty, while pieces and covers have a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Burrow also offers free shipping on every order, and it’s super speedy, too. Before shipping all over the world slowed, orders would arrive within a week of purchase, and the brand hopes to return to those same standards.

Currently, shipping estimates are available beneath the “add to cart” button of each product, while ready-to-ship items should arrive within 2 weeks.

The brand has a 30-day return policy, with a fee of 10% off the total cost of the order. This is to lessen the number of returns and waste, so it’s important to be sure before you buy.

That said, Burrow exchanges are free if you’re not 100% in love with the piece. Plus, the items all have a 1-year warranty, and replacements or repairs are free of charge.

If you’re in a rush for a new sofa, Burrow has the answer for you with its “ready to ship” option. Simply click that category on your search, and you’ll only see items that will be on their way to you ASAP.

Unfortunately, neither brand currently ships outside of the United States. This Lovesac vs Burrow review writer hopes sofa lovers everywhere will be able to get their hands on these babies soon!

That said, they each have strong shipping and returns policies put in place to ensure customer satisfaction. But, Lovesac has a longer trial period which is ideal for customers who need to try a sofa out before they commit to it. Burrow is also a good option if you’re looking for a sofa sooner since the wait times seem to be shorter.

Who Will You Shop With?

Lovesac vs Burrow Review

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of similarities between the sofas offered by Lovesac and Burrow. They are each modular designs backed by high-quality craftsmanship and plenty of glowing customer reviews. But, there are a few key differences that may sway your decision.

Burrow sofas have an overall slimmer and more minimalist design, which is best for someone who wants storage under their couch, a light and airy feel, and a simple addition to their living space. Lovesac sofas are a bit bulkier, but there is more customization when it comes down to it.

Burrow has a wider selection of furniture, which is better suited for someone looking to furnish an entire space. On the other hand, Lovesac’s pieces are ideal if you need a new couch and some extra seating around the house, whether that’s a kid’s bedroom or a teen’s homework station.

Ultimately, I’ve provided all the info in this Lovesac vs Burrow review, but the final decision is up to you: which sofa will you kick back and relax on?

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