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Maria Nila Review

Self-care isn’t just for your skin. Taking care of your hair is another step that people may overlook. But, some products can be harmful to the environment and your locks. So, Maria Nila offers vegan and animal-friendly products for a sustainable world and healthy hair.

Promoting healthy hair care and implementing preventative measures to limit hair loss are a few reasons why hair care can be such an important step in everyone’s routine. Modern hair care products are formulated, according to this study, with the intent to cleanse hair, restore and improve cuticle function and reduce tangles for detangling.

Speaking of healthy hair care, Maria Nila is certified by animal welfare organizations like Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society. They also manufacture CO2 Compensated Packaging. These environmental priorities and promises have drawn consumers towards the brand, evidenced by their 162k following on Instagram. 

But is all of the hype justified? This Maria Nila review hopes to find out. Join us as we look at the brand’s history, products, customer reviews, and more so you can decide if they’re worth adding to your bathroom counter.

Overview of Maria Nila

Maria Nila Review

Ann Wikström founded Maria Nila in 1999. Since launching, their products have been 100% vegan and previously sold only to salons. Luckily, they’ve now opened an online store to increase accessibility for everyday consumers. 

Ann and Ulf Wikström wanted to introduce the world to professional-grade Swedish hair products. The brand is named after Ann’s native great-great-grandmother, who loved nature.

Coincidentally, the benefits of buying vegan and environmentally-friendly products extend beyond personal care. Research suggests that the effect of buying vegan cosmetics is further supported by the trend of environmental and health awareness.

Maria Nila’s products are developed by chemists with animal-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients. Both their factory and warehouse are located in Helsingborg, Sweden, and built with the environment in mind. 

Features like a solar panel roof, a recycling water system, and circular air condensation equipment prove that the company is committed to leaving a small carbon footprint. With their advancements in sustainable production, they’re even thinking about expanding with a beauty line in the future.   

This Maria Nila review will now discuss some more brand highlights:


  • Vegan and climate-friendly haircare products 
  • Leaping Bunny and PETA certified 
  • Made in an energy-saving factory
  • Safe for people with color-treated hair
  • Free shipping is available
Maria Nila Review

Getting shiny, bouncy, and healthy hair really depends on what you’re putting on your head. Maria Nila offers shampoos, colored hair treatments, and other protective products that’ll leave you with luscious locks. 

If you’re willing to switch up your routine, keep reading this Maria Nila review to learn about the brand’s best-selling products. 

Maria Nila Shampoo Review

First, we’ll look at the Maria Nila shampoos. These products can help with scalp health and hair health, all while being completely vegan. 

Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Shampoo Review

The Head & Hair Heal Shampoo is anti-inflammatory and can even help stimulate hair growth. Plus, with ingredients like aloe vera extract, you’ll be able to prevent dandruff and other irritating scalp conditions. 

Aloe vera extract has many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair such as fatty acids and amino acids. This additive is also rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E.

Other effective ingredients include vitamin E and peptides. Maria Nila claims that these ingredients help stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth. The Head & Hair Heal Shampoo can also prevent hair loss with ingredients like oleanolic acid. 

The 11.8oz bottle of Head & Hair Heal Shampoo retails for $32. You can use it every day and follow up with your favorite conditioner.

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Shampoo Review

Keeping color in your hair for as long as possible can be tricky business. Luckily, Maria Nila offers the Luminous Color Shampoo for color-treated hair. This keeps your ‘do looking fresh while strengthening and adding shine. 

The included pomegranate extract and Color Guard Complex can help prevent color bleeding out during washes, while protecting from heat styling, UV rays, and free radicals. Plus, pomegranate helps nourish the hair and will deliver even more benefits to color-treated manes. 

A recent study suggests that pomegranate leaves in alcoholic extract form, when tested on qualitative and quantitative hair growth, were found to yield significant results in nourishing and promoting hair growth. Pomegranate leaf extract is also proven to promote hair growth by supporting hair follicles from telogen to anagen phase.

Lather, rinse and repeat with the Luminous Color Shampoo. Maria Nila recommends following up with the masque and conditioner of the same name for the best results. It’ll cost $28 to add the 11.8oz bottle to your bag. 

Maria Nila Structure Repair Shampoo Review

The last shampoo in this Maria Nila review is the Structure Repair Shampoo. This product is made for damaged, dry, and chemically treated locks. It delivers hydration and strengthens your hair using Repairing Algae—all while imparting softness and sheen. 

This study concludes that algae extract is capable of preventing hair loss by encouraging the proliferation of hair follicles and inhibiting an enzyme promoting the production of substances causing hair loss.

In short, this shampoo doesn’t just do good; it also smells good with its blend of vanilla, rose, and jasmine scents. It’ll leave you with a fresh feeling and aroma. It’s even color-safe and made without sulfates or parabens. You’ll look forward to hair washing days with this product. 

Maria Nila recommends rinsing and repeating for this shampoo. Like the Luminous Color Shampoo, they suggest following up with the masque and conditioner to get the strongest results. The Structure Repair Shampoo will run you $28 at checkout.

Maria Nila Color Refresh Review

Maria Nila offers color refreshes or masks if you’re looking to bring some life back into your colored hair. A couple hair masks have pigment and color to give you that extra oomph.

Maria Nila Colour Refresh White Mix Review

The Colour Refresh White Mix hair mask is made without pigments, but still delivers an intense shine. The White Mix can also moisturize and reduce frizzy hair so you can get the silky look of your dreams. 

The mask also has moisturizing argan oil. You can mix the Colour Refresh White Mix with other Colour Refresh products to get pretty pastel shades. It’s a great option to use between salon visits and for special occasions. 

Argan oil, its composition and biological properties were studied to observe its benefits. They were mainly found on the lipid and inflammatory status within the body. Altogether, the data supported the benefits of argan oil on human health.

Maria Nila suggests using the Colour Refresh White Mix on freshly washed and towel-dried hair. Then, use the included gloves to apply the product evenly. Leave it on for about 3 to 10 minutes. You can decide on a time based on how intense you want the color or shine to be. Lastly, you can rinse off and finish with a conditioner. 

A 10.1oz bottle of the Colour Refresh White Mix retails for $31

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Vivid Violet Review

Next up in this Maria Nila review is the Colour Refresh Vivid Violet. This nourishing masque contains non-permanent color pigment that adds a temporary touch-up to your hair. Like the White Mix, Vivid Violet will reduce frizz and amp up shine and silkiness. Your purple fantasy is just a wash away. 

As the name suggests, this product brings out purple and violet tones and is suited for darker hair. If you have lighter hair, you can use the White Mix for a less intense result. Additionally, make sure not to use it before a bleach treatment in order to prevent discoloration. 

The non-permanent Colour Refresh Vivid Violet masque costs $31

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Vanilla Review

Lastly, we have the Colour Refresh Vanilla. This product has pigments that bring out more blond tones. But, you can easily mix it with the other color masques to get your own unique look if that’s not your thing. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is an excellent product if you’re too busy to make it to the salon. It also lasts for about 4 to 10 washes. Of course, this depends on your hair texture and color. Either way, you’ll have a refreshed look for a while before hopping into your stylists’ chair. 

The Colour Refresh Vanilla costs $31

Maria Nila Hair Products Review

Finally, we’ve arrived at some additional Maria Nila hair products that will tie your whole routine together. These animal-friendly items help with overall hair health and heat protection for styling enthusiasts. 

Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil Review

The True Soft Argan Oil can be your hair’s new best friend. Argan oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants that have significant benefits for both your scalp and hair. So, this Maria Nila product softens and moisturizes your hair while taming frizz. 

This is a great product to use after washing your hair. You can apply a small amount to damp or dry hair from the middle to your ends. Then, you can air dry or blow-dry while letting it soak into your locks without leaving an oily residue. 

For the best results, Maria Nila recommends using this oil with the other True Soft products, and they’re suitable for daily use. The True Soft Argan Oil costs about $31 on the company site.

Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray Review

The final product in this Maria Nila review is the Cream Heat Spray. If you heat style your hair, it’s best to have an extra layer of protection to keep hair from drying out and getting damaged. This Maria Nila heat protection spray moisturizes and helps prevent split ends from blow dryers or hot styling tools. 

This product can be applied to both dry and damp hair. Just make sure to use it before blow-drying or heat styling. Additionally, section off hair when applying so you can cover your entire head. 

To keep your hair healthy and shiny, add the Cream Heat Spray to cart for $28.

Who Is Maria Nila For? 

Maria Nila Review

Maria Nila is perfect for anyone looking to switch to sulfate and paraben-free formulas. Plus, if you’re dealing with damaged, dry hair, or scalp irritation, the company has products that would suit your needs. 

Calling all vegans—Maria Nila is also a great cruelty-free and animal-friendly brand to consider when you’re shopping for haircare products, as it holds certifications from PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Is Maria Nila Cruelty-Free? 

Maria Nila Review

As we mentioned above, Maria Nila is certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA, Leaping Bunny, and The Vegan Society. 

Maria Nila Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Maria Nila Review

So, you’ve read the Maria Nila review. Now, it’s time to look at some customer experiences! Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t publish feedback on their main website, so we went searching for testimonials on Influenster and Trustpilot. 

On Influenster, the Luminous Colour Shampoo has a 4.8/5 star rating from about 59 reviews. 

One customer writes, “I absolutely love this shampoo! It’s absolutely amazing! Definitely worth getting. It’s SLS-free, smells amazing, and does wonders on your hair! I’ve been complimented multiple times on my hair’s scent! I definitely recommend this product!” 

Another reviewer shares, “Maria Nila is now my all-time favorite shampoo and conditioner. Their Luminous Colour Shampoo leaves your hair shiny and bright. I’ve tried nearly every one of their products and have been obsessed with every single one. I have never felt my hair softer than when I use their products.” 

Clearly, people love the brand. One happy customer says, “Maria Nila products are the absolute bomb! Amazing smell, and you don’t need to use much to get a good lather on it. The price is quite expensive, but I think it’s well worth it.” 

On Trustpilot, the brand has a 2.2/5 star rating from about 19 reviews. Despite some criticism, there are still customers who had good experiences with the brand. 

One reviewer writes, “I tried the Heal Shampoo and […] they won my heart. Then I ordered the Smooth and Repair shampoo and conditioner. Amazing. My hair is healthy, and considering the fact that I have a sensitive scalp, the Heal shampoo helped me from the first use. […] Plus, they’re vegan and don’t use any silicone […] Amazing!” 

As we mentioned, this Maria Nila review found criticisms about the brand on the same page. For example, some people cite being disappointed with specific ingredients. Unfortunately, there aren’t any responses from customer care, but one reviewer did receive a response after emailing them directly. 

Is Maria Nila Worth It?

Maria Nila Review

In recent years, haircare is slowly becoming more of a priority for people (as it should!). Formulated with gentle ingredients, Maria Nila offers products that’ll take your look to a whole new level of silkiness

Based on this Maria Nila review, we think this haircare line is worth browsing if you’re looking for vegan and cruelty-free alternatives. Judging from the reviews on Influenster, it’s evident that the brand’s products are effective. Plus, they smell good, so that’s a nice bonus. 

Shampoos, colors, hair oils, and creams are similar to skincare products. They might not work for everyone. The result usually depends on hair type and the condition of your scalp, so some critical reviews are to be expected. Luckily, it seems like negative comments are rare when it comes to the brand’s items, but we always recommend doing a patch test beforehand

Maria Nila Promotions & Discounts 

Maria Nila Review

You can get 10% off your order when you sign up for Maria Nila’s newsletter. Plus, subscribers will receive hair care tips and updates on the latest offers. 

Where to Buy Maria Nila

Maria Nila Review

Looking to add some volume and luster to your hair? You can buy Maria Nila products at They’re also available in select salons in the US and Canada; ask your stylist for more information.


Maria Nila Review

Who owns Maria Nila?

Ann Wikström is the owner and founder of Maria Nila. Inspired by her late great-great-grandmother, she founded the company in 1999. 

Does Maria Nila ship internationally?

Based in Sweden, Maria Nila ships to countries in the European Union and Canada, the UK, the US, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We’ll get into more detail in the next section.

What is Maria Nila’s Shipping Policy?

Maria Nila offers free standard shipping in Sweden by PostNord and other countries, provided you meet the order minimum. Orders are fulfilled by UPS in the EU and the UK, while US and Canadian orders are fulfilled by FedEx or USPS.  

The company notes that there may be delays due to the pandemic. Products will be processed and shipped on regular business days. Here are the estimated delivery dates and standard prices: 

  • EU Countries (3–7 days): $17
  • The UK (3–7 days): $13
  • US and Canada (3–8 business days): about $10

Once your order leaves the warehouse, you’ll receive a notification through email. American and Canadian customers can email [email protected] to obtain a tracking number. Note that deliveries to rural addresses may take longer to arrive.  

What is Maria Nila’s Return Policy?

Maria Nila has a 14-day return policy from the time your products are delivered. Unfortunately, they don’t offer exchanges, and if you want a different product, you’ll have to place a new order. Also, the product must be unused and in its original packaging in order to qualify. 

If you’re returning the whole order, Maria Nila will also refund you the shipping costs if you live in the US or Canada. Make sure to pack your item(s) carefully to avoid any damages or lost products. 

This Maria Nila review found the following return address for US and Canadian customers: 

ATTN: Darren Barnes


1125 E 4th Ave

Hutchinson, KS 67501

The United States

How to Contact Maria Nila

We hope you enjoyed reading this Maria Nila review! For any other questions, feel free to contact the company’s customer service team via the following channels: 

Maria Nila AB

Östermalmsgatan 19

114 26 Stockholm, Sweden

Maria Nila INC 

900 Third Avenue, 29th Floor

New York, NY 10022

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