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Medley Review

There are arguably two types of furniture in this world: pieces that you pick up off of the side of the road because you’re a broke college student looking to save money and you don’t (or can’t) care if they come with a few mice, and the pieces you want to pass down to your children. 

If you’re looking for options in the former category then you should check the curbside, cause I won’t be talking about that in this Medley review.

Medley makes furniture pieces that fall into the second distinction. The Los Angeles-based company creates enduring furniture pieces by hand with sustainability on their mind at all times. 

Their eco-friendly practices and modern designs have earned them over 16k followers on Instagram.

If you’re looking to purchase furniture that someone truly cared about making, then read through my Medley review. 

You’ll learn about the brand’s practices, prices, products, and more. You’ll also get an idea of what customers liked and disliked about the company so that you can decide whether Medley is worth it for you.

Brothers Travis and Ryan put together Medley in 2005 after a shared childhood in Sacramento, California wherein they learned the true value of the home. To them, home isn’t just a few walls, a roof, and a fridge with food – it’s a beating heart where memories are made. 

Plus, they also grew up in a community that prioritized environmental consciousness, and that bleeds into Medley’s vision. As such, every aspect of their creation process is as sustainable as possible. 

They handcraft all of their pieces in Los Angeles (which is a plus for both the environment and their sense of style), use renewable woods like bamboo and other native species like maple and walnut, and prefer organic textiles over industrial-made ones.

All of these aspects positive contribute to lower carbon emissions and a closer eye on the finished product. This is reflected in the fact that you can customize many of their products (including the ones in this Medley review). 

That degree of customer interaction not only means that Medley uses fewer resources than necessary, but that they can ensure that your product comes out just the way you like it.

If you want to make sure that your Medley purchase is perfect, then you can utilize their 30-day trial policy. I’ll get more into that later in this Medley review, but first, let’s go over some of the brand’s highlights.


  • All pieces of furniture are covered by a lifetime warranty
  • All items are hand-made in the United States
  • 30-day trial period on certain items
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Financing payment plans are available
  • Big clearance section on their website 

You’ll find furniture of all sorts on Medley’s website. If you can imagine it then they make it, so long as your imagination is realistic. In the case that your vision is a bit out there then Medley may be able to accommodate you.

What do I mean? Well, they have a robust selection of customization options for many of their products. For example, you can personalize the legs, material, color, layout, and filling of the Medley Rio Bumper Sectional.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Medley Furniture Review

Medley Review

The core of this Medley review is about the quality of their furniture. 

While the best way to test out this quality is by testing the products out for yourself – which you thankfully can with Medley’s 30-day trial period – the next best option is to read through what each item is like and see if they pique your interest.

Medley Rio Sofa Review 

The first item in my Medley review is the resident cool kid of their collection. The Medley Rio Sofa is chill, low-key, and effortless. 

Its appearance may not be too dazzling but once you sit down on it it’s unlikely you’ll ever get back up. That’s not a threat, by the way; it’s a testament to the sofa’s comfort.

The Medley Rio Sofa utilizes thick cushions to soak you into its embrace. You can personalize the filling to suit your needs, meaning you can choose a thicker or a thinner filling as you see fit.

The brand’s Los Angeles-based craftsmen created this sofa’s frame to sit at the perfect height. While I said the Medley Rio Sofa is so comfy you’ll want to stay there forever, that’s also because it offers a great deal of support. 

You can engage in a variety of activities that require back support (think reading or playing intense video games) as well as catch a quick cat nap.

This sofa can be yours for as little as $2,414.

What customers are saying: “We loved our experience with medley absolutely perfect, would not change a thing absolutely love the product. We were helped on the telephone for dimensions and the Rio sofa that we purchased was just awesome!!! Sit on it every night.” – Marguerite B.,

Medley Kirnik Sofa Review 

Some sofas push people to interact with their guests by offering them firm back support and a strong base. They build communities through their shape. 

Rather than lulling you into a night spent eating snacks and watching television, they spur you to invite friends over, share a few drinks, and enjoy each other’s company. 

That’s the main reason why you’d want to pick up the Medley Kirnik Sofa. The secondary reason is that it just looks so dang stylish. It stands a tad taller than most couches and has an assertive walnut base. It gives off 1950s vibes without looking like a retro shoo-in.

The Medley Kirnik Sofa uses overstuffed pillows to energize you to sit up. You won’t sink into this couch so much as you will sit at arms, ready to be entertained. You can grab it for $3,286

What customers are saying: “The couch is absolutely beautiful and well crafted. With Covid, the build was delayed a few extra weeks yet that was the whole world taking longer. This has been a compliment magnet from the few guests we have had over.” – Peter C.,

Medley Ridge Accent Chair Review 

Next up is the Medley Ridge Accent Chair, which features one of two phenomenal, home-grown frames. You can select the hard white maple or the American walnut, though neither option is incorrect.

This chair also offers great levels of support thanks to its frame and its angle. The Medley Ridge Accent Chair positions you at an angle that gives you a better placement in terms of ergonomics and attentiveness. It’s meant to support you as if you have somewhere to go during your day.

Don’t take that the wrong way and assume this chair doesn’t have a heart. It’s still a treat to sit in thanks to the cushions on the bottom and back. The Medley Ridge Accent Chair costs $1,905.

Medley Palder Bed Review

Is there any piece of furniture that we spend more time in than our beds? As such, it’s important that you invest in a bed that you look forward to sleeping in. The Medley Palder Bed may be just that for more than just its looks. 

Specifically, its angled headboard can provide you with a more natural curve for sleeping. You won’t have to crunch your neck and sleep in a subpar posture with the Medley Palder Bed

Instead, you can angle your pillow how you like, which is a huge plus for people like me (and potentially you) who hate sleeping on flat surfaces.

Let’s return to the looks for a second. This bed frame has a naturalistic vibe in both the maple and walnut variants. The sides are sanded down and as smooth as mud in the ocean. Thus, it’s the ideal frame for people who want to feel that much closer to their surroundings. 

This frame stands about 10” off of the ground and can be modified to fit most mattresses. By itself, the Medley Palder Bed is $3,295, but that price rises to $4,695 if you add in the Medley Organic Natural Latex Mattress.

What customers are saying: “I purchased the Palder bed a couple of months ago and its a beautiful piece. The customer service from Medley along the way was excellent.” – Kathryn B.,

Medley Danu Dining Table Review

It’s not often that you see dining room tables like this one. They’re usually broad, wide, and a little intimidating because they have to seat multiple people. 

The Medley Danu Dining Table could not be further from that impression. Even if you pick it up in walnut rather than maple wood, it still has an inviting presence.

You can chalk that up to its softer edges and thinner frame. Of course, it’s still large enough to host an entire family for dinner, but the legs are skinny and long rather than chunky and trunk-like. These give the Medley Danu Dining Table a seemingly more open appearance.

Furthermore, this table is made to last. Medley coats the wood with wax oil that’s derived from plants to keep it safe from scuffs, bumps, and bruises. 

You can buy the 84” Medley Danu Dining Table for $3,395 or, if you have more mouths to feed, then you can get the 111” variant, which can hold up to 11 people, for $3,595.

What customers are saying: “Great customer service and a beautiful table!” – Cathleen C.,

Medley Harrison Credenza Review

The Medley Harrison Credenza is the last item to grace this Medley review though it’s by no means the lowest in quality. It contains many of the hallmark traits of the company, like handcrafted maple or walnut, a beeswax finish, and a smooth final coating.

Those components go a long way to give this cabinet a rustic feel. It reminds me of something you’d find in a log cabin and open up to find vintage chalices and oaken mugs. Maybe that’s just me, but it seems like the vibe Medley was going after. 

You can pick this 60” by 21” by 36” cabinet for $4,495.

What customers are saying: “High quality built item, super sturdy, looks beautiful — just like the photos.” – Lea C.,

Who Is Medley For? 

Medley Review

I don’t think that Medley is for impatient shoppers who need bedframes or sofas right this instant. These pieces are for people who want more intricate and detailed pieces that are made with consideration and care.

Medley Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Medley Review

While there were some buyer reviews on Medley’s website – the vast majority of which were positive – I wanted to look elsewhere. I wanted to gather a complete idea of what people thought about Medley, which I why I turned to a variety of review hubs. 

Here’s a list of scores that I found while looking up Medley reviews from certified buyers:

  • Reseller Ratings: 5/5 stars based on more than 65 pieces of customer feedback
  • Houzz: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 120 pieces of customer feedback
  • Trust Pilot: 3.8/5 stars based on more than 120 pieces of customer feedback

These numbers indicate that the vast majority of buyers were exceptionally pleased with Medley. The main thing that people adored about Medley was the brand’s environmental focus. 

People were relieved that they were supporting a business that put as much effort into their furniture as their did keeping their environmental impact limited.

Medley Review

But let’s talk about the furniture because that was often highlighted in many Medley reviews. Aspects like the finishes, the colors, the materials, and more all earned the utmost praise from buyers. Here’s a review from Trust Pilot that goes into a bit more detail:

by far they are above and beyond the competition when it comes to design and quality. The wood is gorgeous. We get unlimited compliments about our furniture. Definitely feel like I got very high end premium furniture, best of all it is nontoxic which is super important since we have our little boy. Very happy to have found this furniture.”

It was common for Medley reviews to mention how helpful the company’s team was. Their team was communicative and insightful, helping customers personalize their purchases to their exact liking. This next 5/5 stars review explains this beautifully.

Top notch company. Provided patient helpful guidance with the design of our sectional which was delivered professionally and in the promised time frame. We are thrilled with the quality and how pure the components are for our health and the planet. It is extremely comfortable and beautiful.”

That same customer also added another component to their Medley review about how effectively the brand remedied their woes. They went on to say, “I requested new taller legs to accommodate our Roomba and they are being made for us at no additional charge! Great service!!”

Sadly, there was one commonality among Medley reviews – the long shipping times. Some customers reported that they waited months for their products to arrive. However, this isn’t unexpected for a few reasons. 

Medley Review

One, Medley informs customers how long it should take them to assemble and ship their pieces. Two, Medley handcrafts all their items, which is obviously going to take longer than if they blitzed them together in a factory assembly line.

And it’s not as if Medley went AWOL when people had questions. They were eager to speak with customers to alleviate their worries and let them know how production was coming along. 

That’s what one buyer, in particular, loved about the brand, as they explain in their Medley review:

I ordered a sofa from Medley because it would fit exactly in my space, and I am happy to support small businesses. Due to the pandemic, it took longer than usual, but they kept me informed every step of the way. When it finally arrived I was thrilled! I have only had it a couple of weeks so far, but it is exactly what I wanted, and so comfortable!

Is Medley Legit?

Medley Review

Although the shipping times are long, that’s not enough for me to proclaim that Medley is sketchy in any way. It’s safe to say that Medley is legit.

Is Medley Worth It?

Medley Review

There are three reasons why I believe Medley is worth shopping with:

  1. All of their pieces are made by hand
  2. Their products are made sustainably
  3. The brand’s communication is downright fantastic

Those three traits are enough for me to give Medley my seal of approval.

Medley Promotions & Discounts 

Medley Review

Medley offers the chance to try out any of their materials or colors by picking up some free swatches. You can order up to 7 at a time.

Where To Buy Medley

Medley Review

You can only purchase the brand’s products on their website,


Medley Review

Who owns Medley?

Travis and Ryan Nagle own Medley.

Does Medley ship internationally?

Medley can ship internationally, though they do not report on how much shipping costs for those living outside of the United States.

What is Medley’s Shipping Policy?

It takes Medley time to make their products because they make them in accordance with each customer’s specifications. As such, they cannot predict how long it will take orders to ship. 

This is compounded by the pandemic which has affected supply chains and thus their ability to craft items as quickly as they’d like.

Thankfully, they offer white glove delivery by default so that you don’t have to do any additional work once your order arrives.

What is Medley’s Return Policy?

Medley cannot offer any returns on clearance items. However, they do provide a 30-day trial period on all new purchases. 

All you need to do is email the company up to 30 days after receiving your product and talk to them about returning it. They’ll work out the details of picking the product up and cover the shipping.

How To Contact Medley

Medley Review

I’ll put a bow on this Medley review by telling you how you can contact the company. You can give them a ring at (323) 801-6892 or email them at [email protected].

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