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BeautyBio Review

As technology becomes more accessible, treatments we once thought were only available at a specialist’s or a spa can now be done right at home. BeautyBio is a science-forward skincare brand most known for their beauty tech GloPro tools.

Obsessed over in Forbes, TIME, Vogue, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Buzzfeed, and more, BeautyBio has made quite the splash in the industry. On social media too, the brand is killing it with 230k followers on Instagram and 115k on Facebook.

This BeautyBio review will give you the highs and lows of the brand, info on bestseller products, shipping and returns policies, customer reviews, and FAQs to help you make an informed purchase.

Overview of BeautyBio

BeautyBio Review

BeautyBio was founded in 2011 by Jamie O’Banion, woman entrepreneur extraordinaire. 

O’Banion and her father, a biochemist, began building the foundations of the company 6 years earlier, experimenting with skincare ingredients and new formulas to fix the same old issues we know and hate: blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, you name it.

The BeautyBio mission? “To source the most potent ingredients and pair them with effective natural extracts to bring you the most clinically formulated collection of skincare.”

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and manufacturing most of the brand’s products in the USA, BeautyBio is changing the skincare and beauty industry by prioritizing technology and research, giving you the best results with the best resources available in today’s fast-paced world. 

We can hardly keep up with all the constant advancements in science and technology, but our skin should.

Before we take a look at all the brand has to offer, this BeautyBio review will highlight their pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of products to treat different concerns, including fine lines & wrinkles, hair loss, dull skin, and so much more
  • Cruelty-free
  • Formulated without sulfates, parabens, or formaldehyde
  • Positive reviews about product quality
  • Financing options available via Afterpay
  • Fantastic rewards program


  • Only ships to US, UK, Canada
  • Can be considered expensive
  • Not a fully vegan brand
BeautyBio Review

So that’s a bird’s-eye pic of the brand. Some good, some bad, and nothing ugly. Only beautiful skin, which we will analyze the how-to of in the next section of this BeautyBio review when we take a look at some best-selling products.

BeautyBio Review

The brand sells not only skincare tech but also other products for your skin and hair. The products you’ll see below are some customer favorites because we don’t waste time with the small stuff.

BeautyBio GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool Review

BeautyBio microneedling, brought to you by the GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool

Treat yourself at home to tighter-looking pores, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer, rejuvenated skin that drinks up your skincare products like fresh, ice-cold water on a hot day at the beach.

The microneedling process is a painless 60 seconds daily treatment that gives you a gentle tingling that can actually be quite soothing! Included in this product are the tool itself, 5 pairs of Skin Prep Pads, an empty Sanitizing Spritzer Bottle, and 2 AAA batteries already installed. 

This wondrous, innovative, professional-at-home BeautyBio GloPro facial tool can be all yours for $199.

BeautyBio The Quench Review 

BeautyBio The Quench is a face cream for morning, night, or both if you’re keen. It nourishes your beauty with hydration, moisturization, radiance, and bounce.

In just 15 minutes, The Quench can “repair skin’s moisture barrier,” a fancy way of saying it will make your skin stronger so that it can keep moisture in and not require as much reapplying of moisture.

Using a combination of lipids, including sunflower seed oil, lactic acid, and beeswax (sorry, vegans), 1.7 fl oz of The Quench is an extra nourishing, moisturizing, fortifying gem of a product for $125.

BeautyBio The Beholder Review 

BeautyBio is in the eye of The Beholder, an eyelid cream that lifts, firms, depuffs, and reduces dark circles. Lifting your eyelids using this cream can take you from dull and tired to energized and youthful.

Using natural ingredients like licorice root and Persian silk tree bark, this 0.5 fl oz product is an incredibly lightweight but powerful formula available for $65.

BeautyBio The Peel Review

BeautyBio’s The Peel is actually 30 peels in one bottle. 

This product contains about 30 applications of a peel-off face mask that unclogs pores, exfoliates, smoothes, and brightens your face. The Peel can quickly take your skin from ‘meh’ to ‘wow.

Antioxidants are one of the stars of the show as they help rejuvenate your face. Other ingredients like aloe vera and lactic acids work to hydrate, nourish, and heal further to your heart and skin’s content. 

Recommended to use at nighttime, The Peel is priced quite reasonable at $45.

BeautyBio Cryo Roller Review 

The Cryo Roller is a depuffing, tightening, sculpting, and radiating tool. That’s a lot of work for one little device.

Made of stainless steel, this product can roll cold therapy onto your beautiful face to increase microcirculation, tighten up pores, and even alleviate muscle tension by rolling out all that stress and tiredness. 

The BeautyBio Cryo Roller is easy to use: just pop it in the fridge or freezer for that sweet sweet cold. 

Let it sit out at room temperature for at least 5 mins out of the freezer, and then roll outwards starting at the center of your face. Use both the wide roller and the narrow roller to get around all the nooks and crannies. The Cryo Roller comes in at a cool $85.

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller Review 

The BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller is made from Brazilian rose quartz and is a double-whammy device with both a wider and narrower roller to accommodate all areas of your face.

The benefits of this BeautyBio roller include depuffing, contouring, reducing inflammation, and sealing in the benefits of your skincare products. Available for only $60, it could be the pretty-in-pink skincare tool you never knew you needed.

BeautyBio R45 Reversal Review

BeautyBio R45 Reversal is an anti-aging retinol night cream that targets wrinkles, pores, uneven texture, and discoloration all in one. It’s uber-powerful, so much so that “you only need to use it twice a year.” Say what now?

In 45 days (hence the R45 name), the Reversal process works to fade not only aging signs but also acne scars and dark spots. This 3-phase product R45 Reversal is priced at $100.

BeautyBio Men’s Scalp & Beard Stimulator Set Review 

Here’s something for the boys. The Men’s Scalp & Beard Stimulator Set includes the GloPro SCALP Attachment to prep your scalp and beard for stronger hair growth

The Healthy Scalp + Beard Serum is also included to encourage hair growth further using plant-based ingredients like camellia leaf extra, rosebay extract, and loquat leaf. All of this is accomplished without silicones, parabens, sulfates, or fragrance.

Price-wise? You can get these two products in one for $249.

BeautyBio Rose Quartz Radiance Set Review

The Rose Quartz Radiance Set pairs the BeautyBio Rose Radiance Oil with the Rose Quartz Roller into the perfect duo for glowing skin.

You get the hydration and rejuvenation from the Radiance Oil and the anti-inflammation soothing and contouring from the Rose Quartz Roller. What else do you need?

You can get this Rose Quartz Radiance Set for a steal at $98.

Is BioBeauty Clean? 

BeautyBio Review

The brand’s products are made without sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, hydroquinone, triclocarban, and oxybenzone. Seems pretty clean to this BeautyBio Review.

Who Is BeautyBio For? 

BeautyBio Review

BeautyBio, as a skincare brand, has products for fine lines and wrinkles, hair loss, blemishes, anti-aging, uneven texture, dark circles and puffiness, and oily skin. 

The brand also has products specifically made for men, and there is even a page on the site showing products safe for pregnant women. In short, it’s a brand for everyone!

Comparison: BeautyBio vs. Rodan + Fields 

BeautyBio Review

Okay, so BeautyBio is cool and all, but what makes them special? Do they have stuff other brands don’t? Competitor brand, Roden + Fields, is a similar company, but let’s look at the two side by side.

BeautyBio and Roden + Fields have these things in common:

  1. High-end skincare brand
  2. Tech tools
  3. American brand

But Rodan + Fields has these things which are different:

  1. Sells micro-exfoliating Derma-Roller, not microneedling
  2. Generally more expensive tech
  3. Less “clean” ingredients

All in all, it looks as though our featured brand has their competitor beat. Both brands are relatively new to the beauty scene, but BeautyBio has Rodan + Fields’ number when it comes to price and cleanliness of ingredients.

BeautyBio Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BeautyBio Review

And now let’s steer our BeautyBio review to customer reviews. Because what customers say is crucial for a buying decision. For this mini-investigation, we’ll dig into reviews on the brand site, Sephora, and Facebook.

On the brand site, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so we don’t need to spend too much time talking about it. But for example, the Cryo Roller, with 4.7/5 stars, has mostly positive reviews that praise the product quality and the “does what it promises” results.

Customers say the product feels genuinely nice on your skin, it “firms” and “tightens,” you can practically see your “cheekbones lift instantly,” and it is undeniably effective at reducing “morning puffiness,” redness, and even “alleviating muscle tension.” Roller-ing benefits galore.

This BeautyBio review of the Cryo Roller calls the product “magic” and goes on to explain:

Not only does it help with my puffy eyes and aging lines, but it feels like a mini spa treatment! I put mine in the freezer and the cooling factor was so soothing. It really helps in the morning to calm my face down before putting on my makeup.

Most other reviews on the brand site are similarly glowing, so we looked to external sites to get the full, accurate picture of customer opinions. 

Because Sephora sells the brand’s products, here is a snapshot of customers’ star ratings for the bestsellers mentioned in this BeautyBio review:

  • GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool: 3.7/5 stars from 87 ratings
  • The Quench: 3.3/5 stars from 21 ratings
  • Cryo Roller: 4.8/5 stars from 16 ratings
  • Rose Quartz Roller: 4.6/5 stars from 5 ratings

Sephora customers who gave the GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool negative reviews noted that using it gave their skin a “strange annoying feeling,” “a mild stinging sensation,” “no visible difference,” and it “dries out skin like nobody’s business.” 

And yet, there were plenty of positive reviews making convincing counterarguments, reporting that it really does its job of absorbing products more easily and is “super quick” too, it fixes “uneven texture from old acne scars,” and is, for some, “one of the best tools” for skincare.

This personal review from a customer is a heartwarming tale of success in beauty tech:

Amazing difference in my skin! WOW…just WOW! I’ve only been using this for about a week, I am already noticing fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores are reducing. It does not hurt, in fact to me it feels nice. Just use light pressure, and follow with your favorite serum and cream.”

On Facebook, the brand has 4.5/5 stars from 15,598 reviews. Customer testimonials enlighten us on not just product quality but also on the process of buying from the brand site.

Firstly, most buyers are raving about BeautyBio, their smooth ordering process, and the “great results” they get with the GloPro and the brand’s other “professional products.”

In summary, the brand’s products work for most customers! Though there are a few negative reviews about poor results, but these are severely outnumbered by the positives about product quality and overall ordering experience.

Is BeautyBio Worth It?

BeautyBio Review

Heck yes, BeautyBio is worth it! The majority of customers love the products, back up the scientific claims that they work, and attest that the brand is trustworthy. 

The products are cruelty-free and clean of harmful harsh ingredients present in most skincare, plus the brand is also original and innovative.

If you’re hesitant about trusting the brand site, no worries, because the products are sold at many other retailers (spoiler alert: a few are listed down below).

BeautyBio Promotions & Discounts 

BeautyBio Review

We found a couple of ways you can potentially save on your new skincare journey:

  • Refer a Friend: get $25 off your order
  • Join the Skinsider rewards program
  • Sign up for the newsletter for more deals
  • Follow on social media to stay up to date

Where to Buy BeautyBio

BeautyBio Review

Our BeautyBio review found that you can buy the goods at these retailers:

  • Brand site
  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom
  • Ulta
  • Neiman Marcus
  • …And more!


BeautyBio Review

Who owns BioBeauty? 

BioBeauty is owned by Founder and CEO, Jamie O’Banion.

Where is BeautyBio made? 

The brand states that their products are made in the USA except for the Bright Eyes Gels, which are made in China.

Is BeautyBio vegan and cruelty-free?

This BeautyBio review found that the brand is cruelty-free, but not fully vegan.

What is BeautyBio’s Shipping Policy?

The brand only ships to the US, UK, and Canada. But listen up: domestic orders over $75 get automatic free Standard Shipping. Yippee! Other than that, here are the shipping methods:

  • Standard (5-7 business days): – $7 or FREE for orders over $75
  • Second Day (3-6 business days): – $25
  • Overnight (1-3 business days): – $35

What is BeautyBio’s Return Policy?

The return policy states that you can return items within 30 days of purchase for skincare products and within 60 days for GloPro purchases. 

Just email the brand to start the return, but you should know that there will be an $8 restocking fee and shipping fees are non-refundable

Also, the brand takes no responsibility for damaged goods, so if your products arrive damaged, you’re on your own. Still, you can return it and receive a refund minus the restocking fee.

How to Contact BeautyBio

If you have any questions after reading out BeautyBio review, you can get in touch with this innovative, beauty-forward brand through the following three methods of contact:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone: 1-877-945-5274
  3. Fill out the Contact Form on their website

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