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About Minga London

Minga London Review

Colorful. Bold. Authentic. If this sounds like your style, Minga London just might tickle your fashion pickle.

What are they? Well, Minga London is a UK-based online clothing store that sells unique, trend-setting designs that are both good-looking and ethically made.

The Minga style has been admired and adorned by celebrities in Bustle, Daily Mail, ELLE, and Glamour, and the clothes are also sold on ASOS and Dolls Kill.

Everyone’s favorite materialistic social platform, Instagram, loves them, as they’re followed by over 725k people. On TikTok, they’re blowing up more and more each day, currently sitting at 23k followers, and their Facebook page boasts a respectable 15k followers.

All aboard this Minga London clothing review. It’s now time to train over to information central: more on the brand’s background and values, the pros and cons of buying, bestseller products, customer testimonials, and other FAQs pestering your brain. Off we go!

Overview of Minga London

Minga London Review

Dietitian-turned-fashion-emperor Luísa Vilaça found success in selling homemade clothes on eBay in 2014. One snowball effect later and in 2016, the Minga London website was born. 

The company is styling people in unique, colorful pieces that leave an impression (not literally).

They make clothes ethically and as sustainable as possible in Portugal. The mission? To make authentic, “vintage-inspired clothes” for people who are “bored of basic designs.” Welcome to the new age, baby—an age inspired by the past, ironic as it is.

3 guesses where their headquarters are. That’s right, London. As in Minga London.

That’s the brand in a nutshell, but there’s still more to come. This Minga London clothing review will highlight a couple of the brand’s pros and cons for your consideration:


  • Offers a variety of clothing that is different, vintage, and colorful
  • Ethical and sustainable practices
  • Positive customer reviews of quality and style
  • Rewards program available 
  • International shipping


  • No free returns
  • Some concerns of too-small sizing

But we don’t judge a book by its cover. These are just the surface-level highlights, and we like to analyze the products themselves to go deeper into what this brand is all about.

Minga London Tops Review

Below are some cool bestseller tops from the brand to kick this Minga London clothing review up a notch. Most tops come in XS to 3XL, sizes 2 to 14, but do watch for some that don’t have XS.

Minga London Distorted Check Mesh Top Review 

The Distorted Check Mesh Top is a long-sleeved, checkered shirt that comes in an understated and flattering brown/white color combo. With accents of vertical stitching around the body and sleeves, this slightly cropped top stands out. 

We picture this top on a well-read student studying either fashion or architecture because it’s just so trendy and sophisticated at the same time.

The polyester and elastane Minga London brown mesh top sits slim on your figure. Get the best of both worlds for $31.

Minga London Wash Your Hands T-Shirt Review

Can you say perfect pandemic wear? Not only does this oversized shirt remind people to wash their darn hands but it’s also hip and Tumblr-esque.

The Minga London Wash Your Hands T-Shirt is black with a standout graphic, front and center, of hands that look like they could have been painted during the Renaissance. The text underneath the graphic instructs people to do what is written above, plain and simple.

This 100% cotton shirt is on sale now for $19 but usually goes for $27.

Minga London Butterflies in my Stomach T-Shirt Review

The Butterflies in my Stomach T-Shirt is a beige cotton crew-neck that proudly displays a colorful arrangement of butterflies.

Underneath it, it reads, “BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH” that most likely brings up the figurative meaning of the phrase, but you could choose to take the disturbing literal definition of it. Or you could say, ‘Hey, the butterflies are actually on my stomach, not in it.’ Because t-shirt.

If you’re not a fan of the writing, you can easily tuck the bottom into your pants and just flaunt the butterflies. In any case, the Butterflies in my Stomach T-Shirt costs $27.

Minga London Mushroom Species T-Shirt Review

Whether you’re a fan of mushrooms on pizza (or anywhere else), the Mushroom Species T-Shirt is adorable and informative at the same time. Available In off-white, the shirt teaches the names and appearances of 9 different species of mushrooms to anyone looking.

This 100% cotton, oversized crew-neck is perfect for anyone who wants to let the world know they’re a fungi (or gal) for the price of $27.

Minga London Call Me Angel T-Shirt Review

The cotton Call Me Angel T-Shirt gives off more dark angel vibes because of the black background, but the graphic featured on it shows Renaissance angels/babies. It’s striking, to say the least.

Underneath, it reads “CALL ME ANGEL.” This edgy style is available for $27.

Minga London Eden Floral Milkmaid Top Review 

This feminine Eden Floral Milkmaid Top is a pastel green crop top with white flowers blooming all over. True to its name, this piece is a more flirty version of the traditional milkmaid uniform, offering a reasonable peek at the midriff.

The milkmaid neckline and puffed sleeves are adorable and classic even while looking so on-trend today. With buttons running down the center and a stretchy back, this polyester cutie is $48.

Minga London Cherry Girl Green Crop Cardigan Review

The Cherry Girl Green Crop Cardigan is vibrant and bold in green, with bright red cherries embroidered onto the soft feel of cotton.

It’s a lightweight, cropped sweater with 4 large-ish buttons that run down the center, all in the hopes of giving you a relaxed fit and feel. This cherry bomb of a top is $64.

Minga London Bottoms Review

Want a pair of pants or three with that new top? No problem. Check out some of Minga London’s customer favorites when it comes to covering up your legs. 

Minga London Bandana Indigo Denim Flare Jeans Review

The Bandana Indigo Denim Flare Jeans are close to a medium blue denim. In it, your legs will be adorned by a captivating bandana print that almost looks like paisley. It’s totally reminiscent of a time gone by. 

Made of cotton elastane, these Minga London Indigo Flare Jeans don’t skimp out on pockets, as you’ve got five to store your bits and bobs. There’s also typical zipper closure in the front. For $83, these mid-rise flared eyecatchers are yours.

Minga London Asymmetric Straight Leg Denim Jeans Review 

The Asymmetric Straight Leg Denim Jeans are not like other jeans. They’re special because of the slit around the ankles and the funky waistband that makes a slight V shape. 

This 5-pocketed pair comes in Light Wash Denim for $83.

If you like these, look for the Minga London Striped Trousers, equally unique and special, but we won’t spoil the deets for you.

Is Minga Ethical?

Minga London Review

Yes, Minga is definitely ethical. The company proudly declares their anti-fast-fashion stance and, since actions speak louder than words, they put their ethics into practice:

  • Products are made in-house in Portugal
  • Strict wage policies to ensure fair compensation for employees
  • Strict factory policies to ensure safety
  • Most fabrics are local, organic, and/or recycled

Who Is Minga London For? 

Minga London Review

Our Minga London clothing review found that the target demographic is young women, but anyone can wear these super sick fits if they fit in them. And luckily, the brand’s sizes go up to 3XL for plus-sized beauties.

Comparison: Minga London vs. Brandy Melville

Minga London Review

A similar brand, Brandy Melville, is mega-popular with the same young women target demographic. How do you decide who you’ll buy from? Let’s see the similarities and differences side by side, shall we?

Here are things both brands have in common:

  1. Vintage-inspired clothes for young women
  2. Ships internationally

That’s about it. Now here’s how Brandy Melville is different:

  1. Fast fashion
  2. Cheaper
  3. “One-size-fits-all”
  4. Style is more basic and less bold and colorful

Conclusion: Brandy is for smaller bodies with smaller budgets who don’t care as much to shop ethically all the time. Brandy’s also for people who prefer a more simple vintage style rather than a bold, in-your-face kind like Minga London.

If you’re in the market for long-term wardrobe staples, Minga is your better bet.

Minga London Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Minga London Review

Before we venture into the waters of customer reviews, take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, stop hunching over your device. Okay. Ready now? 

Let’s take a look at some external sources since the brand site doesn’t have reviews. TrustPilot, ASOS, and Instagram are all ready to divulge their secrets on what customers really think about the company and their products.

How do customers on TrustPilot feel about the brand? Overall, Minga London clocks in at 4.3/5 stars according to 663 ratings.

Most reviews are 5-stars, a definite green light to spending money, but first let’s pump the brakes, slow down, and look out for red flags in the critical reviews.

I was pleased to find a brand that offered stylish clothing but was clearly making steps towards being more sustainable and eco-friendly. I’ve ordered clothes twice and both times I loved the look and the quality was alright for the price, but the sizing is my biggest complaint. 

In the much more bountiful 5-star land, here’s what customers had to say: “really fast delivery,”, super stylish, “high quality,” comfy, and, as one customer put it, “you really can’t find clothes like this anywhere else.”

One customer’s Minga London clothing review complimented how the brand sells stylish, well-made clothes without sacrificing ethics and sustainability. On the style points, they go on to say:

I LOVE their unique pieces – it feels like they just always hit the spot regarding color and design but also in terms of being eccentric but still suitable for everyday use.

Over on ASOS reviews, the Bright Colour Block Knitted Cardigan has 5/5 stars from 3 customers newly warm and cozy.

They said it fits true to size or “slightly oversized,” looks nothing but “super fabulous,” hugs you just right in its “lovely quality” fabric, and stands out with how “the colors are nice and bright.”

Customers are, dare we say it, positively #obsessed. Take for example this warm review:

This is a must buy! …The material is so great. If you want to add some colour to your wardrobe, this is the piece to get. This will make you stand out in the best way but it’s also very snug to wear at home. I got it a week ago and already wore it the majority of the week. Great brand.

Also on ASOS, the Relaxed Cargo Trousers in Plaid have 3.8/5 stars from 5 reviews. Most customers said they love the product, that the pants are “so comfy, stylish,” “fun,” and best of all, “really nice quality.”

The only problem? Length. All 5 reviews on ASOS said the pants are too long for women up to 5’6”. This can be a bummer, but for most, it’s not a dealbreaker. Customers otherwise gushed about the look and comfort.

Other customers were more satisfied despite the length issue:

Awesome trousers. Such a fun and comfortable trouser however if you’re on the short side like myself (5’2 for reference) I had to take them up- totally worth it though.

Lastly, let’s take a look at Instagram, where clothes as trendy as these are a main ingredient in the culture. 

Followers are engaging with the brand’s content and consistently “can’t wait!” for new launches. 

These loyal customers fangirl over Minga London’s immaculate aesthetic and vibes. 

Customers say the store is their fav because the fits are “so dreamy,” amazing quality, and oh so “groovy.”

In short, customer reviews are overwhelmingly yes. They attest to the high-quality fabrics, comfy feels, uniquely gorgeous styles, fast delivery, and ethics and sustainability.

Is Minga London Worth It?

Minga London Review

Yes, yes, a million times yes! We’re buzzing with our answer and it’s an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Our Minga London clothing review found that the clothes are super cool and ahead of the game while still being vintage-inspired. The collections are colorful, authentic, bold, and, to put it simply, fashionable

A major point in the plus column is the ethical, sustainable policies this company sticks to. Though they’re continuously improving to become better with recyclable materials and the like, Minga London is already doing a far better job at selling clothes ethically than most competitors.

In the end, it’s really all up to you if it’s worth it, since this brand is, undeniably, more expensive than other brands and sites. You can head on over to SheIn or AliExpress and see similar (if not the same, just stolen) designs for way cheaper on the cost and quality fronts.

But after all the research we’ve sifted through for this Minga London clothing review, we have got to say: they’re a brand worth supporting.

Minga London Promotions & Discounts 

Minga London Review

Our Minga London clothing review found plenty of deals for the financially savvy shopper:

  • Newsletter Sign-up: 10% off your first order
  • Student Discount: 15% off
  • Referrals: get $10 off, give your pal $10 off too
  • Rewards Program

Where to Buy Minga London

Minga London Review

So, where can we purchase these trendy, Insta-worthy fits? Voila:


Minga London Review

Where is Minga London made? 

On the site, you can see that every product is made in Portugal. The company says their factory is in-house and not fast fashion. One of the best things about them is that they are genuinely transparent about their manufacturing process.

 …And not the fake kind of transparency where they promise they’re ethical but don’t tell you anything specific about where/how products are made. With Minga, it’s right there on the product page because they aren’t ashamed—but rather proud—of the manufacturing process.

Does Minga London fit true to size?

During this Minga London clothing review, we found that the clothes fit true to size unless otherwise stated on the site since some of the hottest pieces are fitted extra tight, oversized, or relaxed and loose.

Some complaints from customer reviews say the clothes lean more towards too small than too big, so that’s something to note if you want to size up just to be safe. Minga sizes go from XS to 3XL.

What is Minga London’s Shipping Policy?

Okay. So you love the fits and you add ‘em to your cart with glee. What are your options for shipping? Here’s a sneak peek: 

  • Standard Shipping: 6–8 business days
  • Express Shipping: 2–5 business days
  • Free Express Shipping when your order is over $150

Since the clothes ship from the factory in Portugal or the London distribution center, you might be worried about customs and duties, right? For US customers, you won’t have to pay any additional charges unless your order is over $800.

What is Minga London’s Return Policy?

If it hasn’t been longer than 30 days, you can return your unused, unwanted items. The catch is you do have to pay return costs that vary depending on where you are and which carrier shipped your disappointing purchase.

If you received something damaged, then the company will refund the shipping costs, thankfully.

How to Contact Minga London

We’ve come to the end of our Minga London clothing review. If you still have questions, you can reach out to the brand by:

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