Mockingbird Stroller Review

About Mockingbird

Mockingbird Stroller Review

Mockingbird is on a mission to offer durable, modular strollers that grow alongside your little one. They’re also built to accommodate your growing family—simply customize your stroller for baby number one, two, and even three.

With a loyal community of more than 75k followers across Instagram and Facebook, the brand’s family-focused products have been celebrated by well-known publications like New York Magazine and Good Housekeeping. The company also took home the prize for Best Full-Sized Stroller in the 2021 Parenting Awards.

When it comes to your kids, you probably want to make sure you’re getting the most practical, durable, and safe products for them. This Mockingbird stroller review is here to make your research easier. In the following sections, we’ll dive deep into the brand and its mission, cover customer testimonials, examine its collection, and more.

Overview of Mockingbird

Mockingbird Stroller Review

Though it’s a blessing, adding a little one to your family can be incredibly stressful. Mockingbird wants to make the transition easier by crafting well-designed products at affordable prices. The company claims to offer products at a much lower price point than many other strollers on the market without compromising on quality or durability.

It all started with Eric Osman, the brand’s founder and CEO. The idea struck him when he was helping his sister prepare for her baby. He found the baby products industry needed a major update. With Mockingbird, Eric sought to make things easier on parents, rather than exploit them (like other brands on the market).

What sets Mockingbird apart is that it takes a minimalist approach to its products. While many stroller companies overwhelm us with options, our featured brand has two main strollers. But, each stroller is fully customizable and can be adapted to fit your growing family.

If you’re curious about these innovative features, we’ll go into more detail in just a few scrolls. Before we get there, this Mockingbird stroller review will provide the highlights:


  • Customizable strollers that adapt to your child’s growth stages
  • Add-ons for multiple children
  • Very smart design that can lengthen the time you can use the stroller, making it a great investment
  • More affordable than other options
  • JPMA Certified
  • Free shipping and returns
  • A generous warranty and trial option
Mockingbird Stroller Review

Up next, this Mockingbird stroller review will fill you in on the brand’s cohesive line. To make the payment process easier, you can pay in four interest-free installments with Shop Pay.

Mockingbird Stroller Review

Mockingbird offers a lineup of innovative accessories in addition to its mainstay, the Single-to-Double Stroller. Just below, we’ll take a look at the company’s bestsellers, and let you know what each one can add to your family.

Mockingbird Double Stroller Review

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is one of the products that launched this brand to notoriety, and it’s easy to see why. Completely innovating the stroller industry, this completely customizable product can be expanded to fit a second child, once you grab the 2nd Seat Kit.

Have a third child? Add on the standing Riding Board to take the whole family on the go.

This modular stroller weighs 26.5 lbs and measures 25.5” from wheel to wheel, 40” from wheel to handlebar, and 33” from front to back wheel. It can be easily folded with just one hand, making it easy to travel with on busy days.

Speaking of busy days, the brand’s cohesive collection makes it easy to be on the go with your little ones. The modular nature of the stroller also accommodates the following add-ons:

  • Infant Seat Insert
  • Carriage
  • Car Seat Adapter

The Single-to-Double Stroller is all about being adjustable. You can adjust the handlebars to different heights to make them more comfortable to push. Plus, you can adjust the footrest of the seat to accommodate your growing baby. Turning the seat from forward to backward-facing can be done in a few simple steps, too.

Mockingbird’s attention to the utmost details is clear in this stroller. The canopy is crafted from spill-resistant nylon which makes those unpreventable messes easy to clean up. The canopy also zips open to a mesh screen for extra airflow, and there’s a peekaboo window included for those naptime check-ins.

It also comes with a sunshade that quickly attaches to the front of the seat to protect your baby from any harmful UV rays. When not in use, simply roll it up and store it in one of the many compartments beneath and around the stroller. You’ll also find a large basket that can hold up to 25 lbs.

Choose from five canopy colors, two inner patterns, and two handlebar colors for a look that fits your family. Make family life easier with the Single-to-Double Stroller for $450.

Mockingbird Car Seat Adapter Review

Already have a car seat? This product will help make your life easier. The Mockingbird Car Seat Adapter makes the brand’s stroller compatible with most car seats.

The website offers a handy tool where you can choose the make and model of the car seat you already own. It offers nine different car seat manufacturers to choose from, such as Baby Jogger, Britax, and Chicco. Once you choose the right one, Mockingbird adjusts the adapter as necessary—it’s as easy as that!

The Car Seat Adapter can be used with both the Double-to-Single Stroller and the Single Stroller. Naturally, if you’re using the former option to push two kiddos, you’ll need two seat adapters.

Easy to install and remove, the adapter wipes clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. When installing, you’ll hear a loud click to ensure a proper fit.

Get the Car Seat Adapter for $30.

Mockingbird Infant Seat Review

Babies grow quickly. Rather than having to buy two buggies, one for the newborn stage and one for when they’re a bit older, Mockingbird offers a customizable solution that can be used for both stages (and beyond!).

The Mockingbird Infant Seat Insert provides extra support and cushion for your newborn baby. The design lets your infant lay down flat with extra head and neck support to keep them safe. There are three main parts:

  • Headrest
  • Wedge insert
  • Seat liner

The seat liner can be removed and used later on when your baby is a bit bigger. The liner also provides an extra machine-washable layer for any messes that will inevitably happen.

Mockingbird crafts its products with durable materials to ensure that spills can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Alongside the seat liner, the headrest can also be tossed in the washing machine for bigger messes.

The Infant Seat Insert is for infants up to three months or whenever the child is able to sit upright in the seat without any extra help. After that, you can still use different parts of it, but most children won’t need any of the pieces after 6 months.

You can purchase the Infant Seat Insert for $30.

Mockingbird Carriage Review

The Mockingbird Carriage allows for a more portable stroller experience. It attaches effortlessly to your Single Stroller or Single-to-Double Stroller. Note: if you’re using it on the latter, it can only carry one Carriage at a time.

It contains a foam mattress pad that provides a cozy little nest for your baby and has a full-coverage sunshade for complete UV protection. Mockingbird notes that while this product is a comfy home away from home (or rather crib away from crib) for your baby, it’s not a certified sleep product.

The brand knows how easily messes happen and has put a lot of thought into making cleanups easy. You can machine wash the removable fabrics (including the mattress pad cover) in warm water using mild detergent. The other parts, like the inner mattress pad, can be hand-washed with a damp cloth.

You can buy the Carriage in four pretty colors, each with a black-and-white inner pattern that provides visual stimulation for your baby. As far as specs go, it’s 8.7 lbs, 30” long, 18” wide, and 23” tall with the canopy extended. Get it for $100.

Who Is Mockingbird For?

Mockingbird Stroller Review

One thing that stood out to us during this Mockingbird stroller review is that the brand has put a lot of thought into the little details. From the visually stimulating interior of the Carriage to the one-handed fold-down feature of the Stroller, its products are great additions for any parent who cares about quality, flexibility, and safety.

The brand’s cohesive line is also built to keep up with your growing family. The option to add a seat to your Single-to-Double Stroller makes it perfect for any mom or dad who’s looking to add baby number two (or three). If you’re looking to expand your squad, then Mockingbird is the stroller brand for you.

Is Mockingbird JPMA Certified?

Mockingbird Stroller Review

JPMA, also known as the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, is an organization that has been helping parents choose safe products for their babies for over 40 years. It’s optional to receive a JPMA certification, but Mockingbird opts to submit its products for certification with the organization.

All of its fabrics and materials are presented before JPMA and are tested for harmful substances such as lead, phthalates, mercury, and cadmium.

Mockingbird Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mockingbird Stroller Review

We’ve covered a lot in this Mockingbird stroller review, so now let’s see what parents who have actually tried the brand’s products have to say. We’ll start with some ratings and comments from its official website:

  • Single-to-Double Stroller: 4.8/5 stars from 2200 reviews
  • Car Seat Adapter: 4.9/5 stars from 918 reviews
  • Infant Seat Insert: 4.9/5 stars from 275 reviews
  • Carriage: 4.9/5 stars from 309 reviews

We were really impressed by the Single-to-Double Stroller, so we dug through the comments to see if the innovative product was too good to be true. Parents confirm that it’s convenient, easy to use, and incredibly safe and durable. Take this glowing example:

This stroller has been one of the best purchases we have made for our daughter…We have also been on a few road trips and it is easy to get in and out of the car. I love the bassinet because my daughter can stretch out and not be cramped in her car seat. I highly recommend Mockingbird!

Meanwhile, another customer had an excellent experience with the brand’s customer service team. Here’s what they had to say:

I scheduled for it to arrive around my due date and then got worried about baby arriving earlier so I emailed and asked for it to be delivered earlier. Customer service was amazing, responded immediately and shifted the delivery date to the earliest possible which was well before my due date.

Once this parent received the stroller, they confirmed that it exceeded their expectations: “It GLIDES! My best friend got to push it yesterday and was amazed at how easy it was to push and the smoothness of it. I love the storage space underneath and the fact that I can use my Chicco infant car seat with it…Its so chic and I feel stylish pushing it around!

Meanwhile, parents confirm that the Infant Car Seat Adapter is easy-to-use. Here’s what one customer had to say:

Car seat adapter fits perfectly with my Graco Snugfit infant car seat. Snaps into place on the stroller easily and the car seat is easy to latch into place and remove from the adapter. Product came very quickly and in great condition. Happy with my purchase!

Satisfied by what we learned on the company’s website, we next turned to Reddit. One user importantly noted how easy the Stroller is to maneuver while doing other things:

The thing that stands out most to me is that it handles extremely well; I’m a single parent and my daughter refuses to ride in a wrap or carrier, and I have no problem maneuvering the stroller around corners and through doors with one hand while dragging a cart overfull of trash or laundry with the other. Actually, it’s the only form of transport she’s happy and comfortable in.

For our final batch of feedback, we turned to Mockingbird’s Better Business Bureau profile to see how well the company handles customer complaints. Here, we found a B+ rating (unaccredited) and just two complaints in the past three years.

Overall, this Mockingbird stroller review found that the brand has a pretty solid reputation across the web. Parents turn to its collection for products they can count on.

Are Mockingbird Strollers Worth It?

Mockingbird Stroller Review

We read a lot about the brand in this Mockingbird stroller review, and have to say that when you look at the quality of its products coupled with the reasonable price points, its collection is definitely worth it.

It’s clear that the brand’s team puts a lot of time and thought into the small details. Plus, the fact that Mockingbird opts in to make sure its products are JPMA certified goes to show the level of care.

The lifetime warranty and 30-day trial period also sweeten the deal. If you’re in the market for an affordably priced stroller that grows with your little one (and your family!), Mockingbird is worth checking out.

Mockingbird Promotions & Discounts

Mockingbird Stroller Review

Compared to other strollers on the market, Mockingbird’s adaptable models are affordably priced. A discount or two sweetens the deal. Sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter to keep up-to-date with future promotions.

Where to Buy Mockingbird Strollers

Mockingbird Stroller Review

Head to to shop for the brand’s collection and take advantage of the  30-day at-home trial. You can also find its products at Babylist and Target.


Mockingbird Stroller Review

Who created Mockingbird?

Eric Osman is the founder and CEO of Mockingbird. He was inspired to develop affordable, convenient, and adaptable baby products after helping his sister shop for her new little one.

What’s included with a Mockingbird stroller?

When you purchase the solo Mockingbird Stroller, you’ll get the following included with it:

  • Seat
  • Wheels
  • Stroller frame
  • Canopy
  • Child bumper bar
  • Attachable sunshade

All other add-ons, such as the Car Seat Adaptor, are sold separately.

What materials are used in Mockingbird strollers?  

One of the cool things about Mockingbird is that it voluntarily submits its materials for testing to ensure there is nothing harmful in them. The stroller frames are built with anodized aluminum, and the handlebar features a faux-leather grip that contains no animal by-products. The seat and basket are made of heavy-duty nylon for easy cleanup.

Are Mockingbird strollers heavy?

Mockingbird’s strollers are pretty standard when it comes to weight. The Single Stroller weighs 26 lbs and the Single-to-Double Stroller is 26.5 lbs.

What testing and safety protocols does Mockingbird follow?  

Mockingbird prides itself on meeting (and oftentimes exceeding!) the highest governmental regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the American Society for Testing Materials.

Aside from mandatory certifications, the company goes above and beyond by choosing to certify its products with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, where it submits its materials for testing against harmful substances.

What does Mockingbird’s warranty cover?

The Mockingbird stroller is covered by a lifetime warranty, whereas the other products are covered by a two-year warranty. These warranties cover all manufacturing defects but do not cover any issues arising from misuse or normal wear and tear.

To submit a warranty claim, email [email protected].

What is Mockingbird’s Shipping Policy?

Mockingbird currently ships to all 50 states and offers free shipping on every order, no matter the size. Processing typically takes 1-2 days, and you can expect to have your order in about 3-7 days. If you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, delivery can take up to 5-9 days.

The brand ships out of California, so your proximity to the west coast might dictate how fast your order arrives.

What is Mockingbird’s Return Policy?

All of Mockingbird’s products are covered by its 30-day trial policy. As a result of this policy, you can try out its products and, if they don’t work for your family, you can return them for a full refund in this 30-day window.

To take advantage of this return policy, simply email [email protected] for instructions and a free shipping label.

How to Contact Mockingbird

If you have any lingering questions after reading this Mockingbird stroller review, you can reach the brand via:

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