4C Hair Products Review

About 4C Only

4C Hair Products Review

4C Only is a black-owned company that specializes in 4C hair care and is the first-ever natural hair brand to do so. The company sells products like leave-in conditioner, shampoo, and styling cream that’ll make caring for your hair manageable, not complicated. 

They encourage women to shamelessly express themselves and their roots. 4C Only is a relatively new company, but they’ve already received some impressive mentions in Vogue, Allure, InStyle, and Elle

The brand is already loved and highly rated by many, having gained 27.9k followers on the 4C Only Instagram since November 2020.

This 4C hair products review will give you the scoop on the brand and their hair products, as well as customer ratings, discounts, promotions, and more essential details to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your hair.

Overview of 4C Only

4C Hair Products Review

The creators behind 4C Only were sick of searching for YouTube tutorials that cater to their hair type, only to try out the hairstyles and have them fall through. 

The 4C Only team created their brand intending to take the complexity out of hair care for people with 4C hair types that are struggling in the same way they were.

The company recently launched in November of 2020, but they’re on a fast track to success. They want to provide freedom and joy by allowing people to use products that work for their hair, granting them the power to express themselves — starting from their roots.

Now that you know more about the brand, this 4C hair products review will dive into some of their pros and cons before taking an in-depth look at their products:


  • The brand offers simplified hair care sets that cater to a variety of 4C hair needs
  • 4C Only is a black-owned company
  • The company offers free shipping on orders $65+
  • Their products are listed at an affordable price point
  • ShopPay available to help pay for purchases in hassle-free installments


  • The company doesn’t offer international shipping at this time
  • There are no options for returns, refunds, or exchanges

4C Hair Products Review

4C Hair Products Review

The Too Easy Collection collection consists of 4 products: a moisturizing shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, a thick deep conditioner, and a thick styling cream. 

This 4C hair products review will take you through each product offered in the Too Easy line to outline exactly how they can help your hair.

4C Only Too Clean Shampoo Review 

Like with any good hair care routine, it all starts with the wash. The Too Clean Shampoo is the first crucial step in the 4C Only process. Not only is this product specifically made to gently clean your hair, but it also has potent moisturizing properties to keep it healthy as well. 

Many ordinary shampoos can dry out your hair, stripping it of all of its healthy oils. Preserve your hair’s health with this shampoo and leave it primed and ready for the next step in the hair revitalization journey.

This creamy and luxurious 4C Only Clean Shampoo is available for $23 for a 12 oz jar.

4C Only Too Soft Leave In Conditioner Review 

Perfect for use after the 4C Only thick and luscious conditioner, the Too Soft Leave In Conditioner has the perfect blend of ingredients to leave your 4C hair feeling extravagantly soft and silky. 

While you’re running your fingers through your hair enjoying your velvety curls, gently massage this product into each section for full effect. Pay special attention to the ends too, as they often need the most help to look their best.

Once your hair feels supple to the touch, it’s time to style it. The conditioner doubles as a heat protectant, perfect for priming before blow-drying and blowouts.

Purchase the 4C Only Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner for only $23 per 12 oz jar. 

4C Only Too Thicke Deep Conditioner Review 

Here comes the heavy hitter. You can use the Too Thicke Deep Conditioner after any shampoo, but the 4C Only Shampoo Too Clean is an ideal match. After your kinks are clean and rinsed out with warm water, it’s time to lather your hair to perfection. 

Work this product through your hair while untangling the strands, making sure to hit every last spot. Once generously applied, let the conditioner sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water. The last and most crucial step? Enjoy your extremely healthy hair.

This 4C Only too thick conditioner retails for, you guessed it, $23 a jar.

4C Only Too Slick Styling Cream Review 

Sick of styling products that weigh down your hair? The Too Slick Styling Cream helps manage your hair with its lightweight formula. 

Don’t worry, just because this product is light and airy doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard worker. The styling cream helps your kinks hold their natural shape for longer.

This 4C hair products review found that to get the best results, apply this product after the Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner. The brand stresses to never use the product on dry hair. 

Once you’ve applied the styling cream in twists and braids, leave it alone for 24 hours and then carefully unwind your hair.

This creamy, whipped Styling Cream is $23 for a 12 oz jar.

4C Only Too Easy Collection Review 

Use each product accordingly in the 4C Only Too Easy Collection to get the results you desire. This hair care line has amazing formulas that work great independently but they truly shine when used together.

The whole process takes approximately 1 to 2 hours of total styling time, but you can feel how each minute is slowly improving your hair. This collection includes the brand’s 4 signature products:

  • The Too Clean Shampoo
  • The Too Thicke Deep Conditioner
  • The Too Soft Leave-In Conditioner
  • The Too Slick Styling Cream

Purchase the entire Too Easy Collection for only $70 and save $20 instead of buying all the products individually. On top of that, you can pay in full or in 4 interest-free payments with ShopPay.

4C Only The Bae Kit: Bonnet and Durag Review 

The Bae Kit: Bonnet and Durag is a limited-edition set that includes a durag and bonnet. These products are handmade with love and are perfect for you and your partner. 

Available in a stunning red with the 4C Only logo emblazoned throughout in white, the Bonnet and Durag duo costs $60.

4C Only Travel Pouch Review 

The iridescent Travel Pouch is both cute and convenient, perfect for holding hair accessories, makeup, or anything else you need in your routine. The pouch features minimal branding and has a gold zipper detail so you can secure your items in style.

The Travel Pouch originally retails for $25 but is on sale for $23 at the time of this 4C hair products review.

4C Only Hair Clip Review 

After using the Too Easy Collection and styling your hair, add a finishing touch of glam with the 4C Only Hair Clip

This hair accessory is the perfect amount of bling that’ll pop in your hair, emphasizing your beautiful kinks. It’s super easy to slide in and clip into your hair, adding a little something to any look.

Add the cherry on top with a $3 4C Only brand Hair Clip.

Who Is 4C Only for? 

4C Hair Products Review

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this brand creates products specifically for 4C hair textures and is suitable for all ages and genders. This particular type of hair features tight coils that are prone to shrinkage and can be very fragile.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that this hair type needs special care in the form of the company’s products. This 4C hair products review thinks they’re on the right track, as more focused hair care is miles better than your department store 3-in-1 shampoo combo pack.

Comparison: 4C Only vs. Cantu

If you’re reading this review and you don’t actually have 4C hair, don’t worry! Here’s a sneak peek at a similar brand that specializes in a larger variety of curly hair. Cantu and 4C Only both use natural ingredients and are well regarded by their customers.

Cantu’s products are less expensive than 4C Only’s, but they can also work with 4C hair. While the former focuses more on their central ingredients, such as shea butter and argan oil, the latter is all about keeping 4C curls as healthy as possible. You’re in great hands either way.

4C Hair Products Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

4C Hair Products Review

So, what do buyers actually think of this haircare brand? Tons of customers are super satisfied with the brand’s hair care products, providing pictures and thorough reviews in the hopes of providing helpful feedback for fellow 4C hair types.

One customer was pleased with her purchase and explained how excited she was to only have to use 4 products

The customer writes, “Loved these products… I am a lazy natural so I was very excited to only have to use 4 products and be able to go right into my wash day routine… I’m glad to have a line of products that I know will give me hair what it needs to feel good and look good.”

Another customer compares her experience with the products to going to the spa. 

She also notes a reduction in hair loss: “The fragrance, the lather, the slippage. My first use was an absolute spa like experience! When combing, there was a notable decrease in hair loss. Twisting my hair was effortless and took literally half the time it usually takes.”

4C Only products are generally well-rated on their website:

  • Too Easy Collection: 4.3/5 stars out of over 250 ratings
  • Too Clean Shampoo: 4.8/5 stars out of 12 ratings
  • Too Soft Leave In Conditioner: 4.3/5 stars out of 29 ratings
  • Too Thicke Deep Conditioner: 4.5/5 stars out of 66 ratings
  • Too Slick Styling Cream: 3.6/5 stars out of 11 ratings

Danielle Jackson wrote a review on her experience with the 4C Only brand on Popsugar. The author notes that these products are a dream come true. She comments on the Deep Conditioner and Styling Cream to be a little too thick, but she is pleased with the Shampoo.

Jackson writes, “My favorite thing about the shampoo, other than the amount of product I got for the price, is that it lathers almost instantly and makes my hair feel super clean without drying it out or making it feel stripped of any essential moisture.”

On PureWow, Nakeisha Campbell also wrote a review on her personal experience with the 4C Only haircare brand. 

After expanding on each product in the Too Easy Collection, she gives her final verdict: “Would I use this product again? Absolutely. Would I use it as a replacement to my normal regimen? Well, probably not.” 

At first, this might seem like a negative, but the author goes on to elaborate that while she loves the brand’s products, she has finally found another brand that works well for her hair and would be hesitant to make the switch.

At the end of the day, we choose to take her message positively, because even if she isn’t a full 4C Only convert, she’s found something that works for her hair, and that’s the brand’s mission in the first place.

This 4C hair products review found limited testimonials across different platforms, but there was enough information to gather that customers are generally pleased with the brand. 

Buyers were particularly thrilled to have found a brand that caters to 4C hair only, created by women with 4C hair themselves, so they’ve experienced firsthand what this type of hair needs, and their products ultimately reflect that extra care.

Is 4C Only Worth It?

4C Hair Products Review

If you have 4C type hair, this brand is definitely worth trying. Based on positive customer testimonials, affordable price points, straightforward products, and effective formulas, this 4C hair products review couldn’t be happier to vouch for this Black-owned business.

Created by women with 4C hair, you can count on their shampoo, conditioners, and styling products to do what you need them to do. Based on the value, functionality, and easy-to-use products, chances are you’ll benefit from the Too Easy Collection if you give it a shot.

The fact that 4C Only‘s selection is limited shows that they’re focused on creating products that work for 4C hair types. Their dedication is important because 4C hair tends to be overlooked in the haircare world.

The only cons this 4C hair products review came across are the company’s no refunds or exchanges policy, as well as no international shipping. Aside from these flaws, we recommend purchasing 4C Only’s hair care to try for yourself. 

4C Only Promotions & Discounts 

4C Hair Products Review

When signing up for a 4C Only account, you can unlock perks and benefits to save money. You can also refer a friend to give them $10 and receive $10 in return when they purchase an item.

At the time of this review, there is currently no 4C Only discount code available on their website, but ShopPay is available as an easy way to make payments on the brand’s products.

Where to Buy 4C Only

4C Hair Products Review

This 4C hair products review found that customers can purchase hair products exclusively from their website at


4C Hair Products Review

Who owns 4C Only? 

4C Only is an up-and-coming hair care brand created by black natural hair care veterans. The company is owned by Listener Brands Inc. Aside from 4C Only, CurlMix is also owned by the parent company.

What is 4C Only’s Shipping Policy?

This 4C hair products review is happy to report that buyers can receive free US shipping on orders over $65. Your order will usually be processed within 5 business days, while the delivery time will take an additional 2-5 business days.  

What is 4C Only’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, 4C‘s return policy is strict, as they don’t offer refunds or exchanges. The only exception is if your order arrived damaged. If that’s the case, contact them via email for further assistance. 

How to Contact 4C Only

If you have any additional questions unrelated to this 4C hair products review, the brand is very responsive. You can reach out to them through 3 main methods of contact:

If you’re more of the social media type, feel free to DM them on Facebook or Instagram.

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