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About Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility Review

Modern Fertility aims to take the stress out of family planning. By offering women aged 21-45 at-home fertility tests, the brand empowers customers to make informed decisions about their bodies.

Infertility affects an estimated 80 million[1] people worldwide, including both men and women. There are a variety of factors and conditions that can lead to infertility[2] in women, including endometriosis, uterine abnormalities, and pelvic inflammatory disease, among many others.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12% of women in the US who are of childbearing age have trouble getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to term. If you’re a part of this group, you’re not alone. Modern Fertility knows that this issue is common, and they aim to help.

Giving women the opportunity to learn about their reproductive capabilities in the comfort of their own homes has earned the company 66.7k followers on Instagram. Plus, the brand has been featured by Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat, and other major news outlets.

Can this company help you gain control of your reproductive health? Stay tuned as this Modern Fertility review closely examines the tests it provides, how they work, how much they cost, and what customers think, so that you can make an informed decision.

Overview of Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility Review

Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy founded Modern Fertility in 2017 to solve a problem that so many women face today: not knowing their fertility status. Women tend to experience a decrease[3] in their ability to become pregnant and maintain their pregnancy as they age, so understanding where your fertility is at can be a huge help when it comes to family planning.

When they started the brand, the only options for women were expensive and difficult to attain blood tests that cost more than $1,000. So, Afton and Carly did the research and built a world-class board of reproductive health medical advisors. From there, the duo developed the at-home fertility test that takes the guesswork out of getting pregnant and the health factors involved. According to TechCrunch, the company was recently bought by online women’s healthcare service Ro for around $225 million. 

You can think of this brand as the 23andMe of fertility—you get personalized reports, like the Modern Fertility Hormone Test, through a slickly designed app. It will track your most fertile dates in detail and connect you with people going through a similar experience and asking the same questions.

The brand takes the design of their products to the next level by engaging with the academic community and regularly conducting studies on its products. The Modern Fertility science team’s goal is to fill research gaps in the field of reproductive health.

Modern Fertility Review

To bring you into their circle of care, the company also holds regular virtual interviews and Q&As with fertility experts and posts scientifically reviewed and highly informative Modern Fertility articles on their blog.

The brand focuses on making hard science available to everyday customers like you so that you can plan ahead, stay informed, and be in control. To get a sense of what it offers, take the free Modern Fertility quiz on its website.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, this Modern Fertility review will cover the highlights:


  • Tests eight hormones that give insight into your reproductive health
  • Completed in the comfort of your home
  • Results are easy to understand or print for your doctor
  • Pregnancy Test is 99% accurate up to five days before your period
  • Free 1 on 1 session with a fertility nurse included with a completed Hormone Test
  • Free phone app that tracks your period cycle and syncs with the Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test
  • Free and discreet shipping
  • Less expensive than alternative methods and products for fertility
  • Every purchase connects you to the Modern Fertility community, which includes regular Q&As with fertility experts

What Does Modern Fertility Measure?

Modern Fertility Review

The Modern Fertility Hormone Test measures eight hormones that are critical for your reproductive health. By analyzing these hormones, the company can produce a report on your eggs and ovaries that provide a guideline for reproductive expectations.

A Modern Fertility FSH levels chart is only one type of analytic from the test, which is a great indicator of how many eggs are available. The other seven hormones are the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH), luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone (T), free thyroxine (FT4), prolactin (PRL), estradiol (E2), and the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Let’s take a closer look at each one’s role in your fertility:

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH): this hormone helps regulate your period and is at its highest level just before an egg is released from the ovary. 
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH): levels of this hormone are often used as indicators of your ability to produce eggs that can be fertilized. This hormone can predict[4] your reproductive lifespan[5] – the number of years between your first period and menopause.
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)[6]: LH helps regulate the length of your period and plays a role in the egg’s implantation in the uterus. One study[7] showed that infertile women had higher than normal LH levels.
  • Testosterone: while commonly associated with men, testosterone has a vital role in female reproductive health too. High levels of testosterone can lead to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome[8] (PCOS), which can cause infertility.
  • Free Thyroxine (FT4): FT4 plays a role in how your body uses energy. Higher than average FT4 levels can be an indication of hypothyroidism[9], which can negatively affect fertility. One study[10] showed that after treatment for hypothyroidism in 394 infertile women, nearly 77% were able to conceive. 
  • Prolactin (PRL)[11]: This hormone inhibits two other important hormones associated with fertility – Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone – which can prevent ovulation and egg maturation, therefore interfering with fertility.
  • Estradiol (E2): one of three forms of estrogen, estradiol is involved in ovulation and egg maturation. Additionally, E2 is involved in the growth of the uterine lining[12], which is essential for egg implantation.
  • Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)[13]: Like E2, TSH plays an important role in egg implantation.

If you are currently on birth control, the Modern Fertility at-home fertility test can only measure two hormones: FSH and AMH. Overall, the test will tell you how many eggs you have, when you are likely to reach menopause, the status of fertility-affecting hormones, and generally help you develop a plan going forward in life.

Is Modern Fertility FDA Approved?

Modern Fertility Review

Absolutely! The great thing about Modern Fertility is that it is in full compliance with the FDA. In fact, all of its tests are approved by the FDA and undergo a thorough examination by the board of medical advisors.

This is a breath of fresh air and gives us real confidence in Modern Fertility. So many new tech startups, particularly in the health space, try to cut corners and offer products before the FDA has given them a full green light. True to its word, this brand is very transparent and dedicated to informing you about your reproductive health—but not at the expense of safety and security.

How Does Modern Fertility Work?

Modern Fertility Review

The brand offers an at-home test kit that analyzes eight hormones critical to reproductive health (or two hormones if you’re on birth control). It requires a blood sample, so you have to use the Modern Fertility kit to prick your finger. Then you send it back and wait for the company to send you an acknowledgment email.

You can read the super-informative Modern Fertility blog or watch its free virtual sessions with fertility experts while waiting for your results. Customers report waiting 1-2 weeks for results.

The company also branched out from its best-selling product and now offers an Ovulation Test, Pregnancy Test, a free app to track your period cycle and fertility window (which seamlessly synchronizes with those two tests), as well as a subscription-only Prenatal Vitamin delivery service.

Whether you’re trying to find out if you have a little one on the way or are just trying to learn more about your body, Modern Fertility has a product to help you with your goals. The brand offers a selection of fertility-related products for women at different stages of their journey. Up next, we’ll introduce you to the company’s products and services.

Modern Fertility Ovulation Test Review

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test is used to get on track with your period cycle and determine your most fertile days on a recurring basis – also known as your “fertile window.[14]

To complete your test, make sure you have five free minutes, and the app downloaded on your phone (alternatively, you can also go old-school and use a pen and paper). Then, follow these steps:

  1. Collect a sample of your urine (first thing in the morning is best)
  2. Put the strip into the sample, arrow facing down (do not cross the max line), and hold for at least 15 seconds
  3. Wait for five minutes
  4. Match your strip to the color bar on the package
  5. Write down your results or scan the strip in the app

The color will let you know how close you are to an “LH surge” or “luteinizing hormone surge.” From your results, you’ll learn which two days you’re most likely to conceive since LH surges[15] are associated with ovulation. With the free Modern Fertility app, the brand will transfer your data to a crystal-clear calendar for easy reading.

The Ovulation Test is available for $16 and includes 20 tests.

Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test Review

Science has come a long way since Juno had to wait for the “little pink plus sign.” The Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test takes just five minutes to complete and will tell you—yes, you guessed it—whether or not you are pregnant.

With this test, you’ll be able to test up to five days before your missed period. Like other top options, the brand boasts that it is 99% accurate and can detect the hCG hormone[16] at as low as 10 mIU/mL.

Women who require some extra support during their trying-to-conceive journey will be pleased to hear that when you purchase these tests, you’ll also gain access to the Modern Fertility community.

In the community, you can discuss your journey with other women going through a similar situation. Women with infertility who wish to conceive tend to experience anxiety and depression[17], so having others to talk about it with can help.

The Pregnancy Tests come in a pack of four and cost $14, which works out to be less than $4 each.

Modern Fertility Fertility Hormone Test Review

The Modern Fertility Hormone Test is the best-selling product that rocketed the brand into fame and success. You get one testing kit that will analyze eight hormones (two if you are on birth control).

Using the kit is surprisingly easy. You’ll have to follow the instructions for collecting your blood sample (a finger prick) and then send it to the brand’s lab. When you’re done, you can clean up the used testing materials with the included Modern Fertility biohazard bag.

After that, you will have a fertility profile that tells you whether your critical hormone levels are low, normal, or high, how many eggs you have in your ovaries (and what that means for pregnancy), as well as many other highly detailed health reports on menopause and thyroid health.

If you’ve already taken a test with the company, it’ll show how your results have changed over time. You can request one on the brand’s website to see an example report. Modern Fertility will send you real results from one of its founders, Afton Vechery.

Once your results are in, Modern Fertility will send you an email inviting you to the community, where you can converse with other women about fertility, pregnancy, and other related topics. Additionally, you get a free one-on-one call with a fertility expert.

The Hormone Test is available to order anywhere in the US except for NY, NJ, and RI. All of your results will be provided to you via the Modern Fertility website, where you will automatically have an account and dashboard to view your results set against statistical averages.

You can also download the raw data to give to other healthcare professionals. It costs $160, which is less than the traditional alternatives.

Modern Fertility Prenatal Vitamins Review

A new offering from the brand, the Modern Fertility Prenatal Vitamins were developed by the brand’s world-class team of reproductive experts to fully prepare your body for pregnancy.

The capsules are preservative-free and vegetarian, and they are designed to be taken leading up to, during, and after pregnancy so that you maintain a safe and healthy level of choline, B vitamins, omega-3s, and nine other nutrients that are essential for your body.

Choline during early pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on your baby’s health. For example, one study[18] found that choline supplementation during pregnancy improved long-term memory in offspring. Additionally, B vitamins[19] are essential for fetal brain development, while omega-3 fatty acids[20] have reduced preterm births.

The Prenatal Vitamins are a subscription-only product and cost $30 for a month’s supply (taking 2 capsules per day). You can cancel this subscription at any time.

How Much Is Modern Fertility?

Modern Fertility Review

The standard Modern Fertility test costs $160—unlike the old-fashioned alternatives that go for thousands and require several in-person doctor visits. Additionally, your health savings account and flexible savings account qualify to cover the cost, so don’t hesitate to opt in and get this all-important test at the most affordable rate possible.

This Modern Fertility review is happy to report that the app is free, high-quality, and can be used with the company’s Pregnancy Test and Ovulation Test to create the most detailed cycle predictions possible. But you can also use it without paying for the test to track your period and expect your most fertile days.

  • All of the company’s tests are one-time use, but it also sells prenatal multivitamins as a subscription-only product for $30 per month.
  • The Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test costs $14 for 4 tests, while the Ovulation Test costs $16 for 20 tests. 
  • Additionally, their prenatal vitamins are offered in the form of a subscription service for $30/month.

Modern Fertility Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Modern Fertility Review

The brand’s products look promising, but this Modern Fertility review wanted to see what customers really thought about the brand. Below, we’ve sourced testimonials from the company’s website, Walmart, Amazon, and Reddit. Spoiler alert: the feedback is very positive!

There is significant variation in how many times a product has been rated on the brand’s website. Some options have thousands of comments, while others show just a dozen. Nonetheless, every item has a pretty impressive score:

  • Hormone Test: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 1.8k ratings
  • Prenatal Multivitamin: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 258 ratings
  • Pregnancy Test: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 86 ratings
  • Ovulation Test: an average of 4.2/5 stars from 230 ratings

We chose to take a deeper look at the brand’s newest product, the Prenatal Vitamins.  Happy customers report that the vitamins “taste and smell delicious.” They also appreciate that the pills can be taken in the morning before eating breakfast because they are easy to digest. Take this example:

So far so good. I’m not pregnant yet, but they smell and taste delicious and I haven’t had them bug my stomach at all!

Customers also discuss how convenient the test is to take from home, as well as how easy it is to understand the results once they come in.

One woman notes that the blood test was very easy to complete: “Very easy filling out info on the we to sign up and create your order. I chose the lab option. Quick and easy check in and very fast blood draw. Results were within the week. Peace of mind finding out my body is where it should be. Thank you!” Most of us aren’t nurses, so knowing that this process is foolproof is pretty encouraging.

Modern Fertility Review

These women also reported that the test gave them peace of mind, knowing the details of their reproductive health allowed them to make plans for the future with clear goals.

The last place we look at is Walmart, where the Moden Fertility Pregnancy Test has a 4.6/5 star rating from 97 reviews. Customers say that “instructions are easy to follow” and that the packaging is discreet.

Another big selling point is how it pairs with the free Modern Fertility app. But, the most important things are the high accuracy and low price compared to the competition. One Walmart customer highly recommends this kit: “It was so convenient, a good price, and I plan to buy it again. Would definitely recommend this product with the ovulation kit if you are trying to conceive.

The Modern Fertility Reddit community is also highly active, sharing their experiences with the brand’s various products. The Hormone Test is most discussed, with many essays dedicated to the customer experience, all of which are very positive.

All in all, customers stand by Modern Fertility’s products. They report that the collection is affordable, accurate, and convenient. But, what women appreciate most is that its products give them peace of mind and a sense of control over their fertility journey.

Is Modern Fertility Worth It?

Modern Fertility Review

So, is Modern Fertility legit? Yes, and without a doubt. The brand was recently purchased for over $225 million—a deal highly unlikely to go through if there were major concerns. Additionally, we know that the company’s tests are backed by hard science and the results are reviewed by top fertility experts.

Modern Fertility is absolutely worth it for any woman between the ages of 21 and 45. All of its tests cost way less than the traditional methods, and they are very convenient to order online and receive discreetly at your home.

With the Hormone Test, you will know the current status of your reproductive health, measured statistically against what is expected of your age. It takes away the guesswork and gives you pinpoint details on where your reproductive health is strong and where it might be lacking.

The company empowers and informs. Plus, hundreds of customers stand by its products. So, if you’re looking to get some insight into your body, this Modern Fertility review thinks you should check out its tests.

Modern Fertility Promotions & Discounts

Modern Fertility Review

Unfortunately, there are no promotions or discounts at the time that this Modern Fertility review was written.

Sign Up For Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility Review

If you want to sign up for Modern Fertility, or if you are simply curious about the process, follow these steps:

1. Select your product of choice from the official brand website

2. Fill out your email address and shipping information

3. Complete your purchase

4. Receive the test in the mail, take the blood sample, and send it back to Modern Fertility

5. Use the test results email to complete your Modern Fertility login

6. View your test results on the website through your account dashboard


Modern Fertility Review

Who owns Modern Fertility?

The company was owned by co-founders Afton and Carly until 2021 when female health company Ro acquired it for a reported $225 million. Because this happened about a week prior to this Modern Fertility review, we have yet to see how the new ownership will affect the brand.

When should you test for Modern Fertility?

You should test your hormones if you are a woman between ages 21-45 and want to learn more about your reproductive health. You don’t have to be planning for a family, but simply be interested in your fertility status and its trajectory going forward.

How long does it take to get Modern Fertility results?

This Modern Fertility review found that results take about 1-2 weeks for the Modern Fertility Hormone Test. The Ovulation Test takes five minutes (and can be integrated with the free app), as does the Pregnancy Test.

How do I cancel my Modern Fertility subscription?

The Prenatal Multivitamins are the only Modern Fertility product that requires a subscription. If you are unhappy with it and wish to cancel, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the Manage Subscription page on the brand’s site

2. Fill in your email address and receive an email with instructions

3. Adjust or outright cancel your subscription

4. If you want to cancel, do so 48 hours before your next bill is due to avoid making an unwanted payment

5. You can also email support@modernfertility with any questions or requests

What is Modern Fertility’s Shipping Policy?

The company’s products take around 1-2 weeks to arrive at your door. But, the package won’t say “Modern Fertility,” but instead “Modern Health”. You will be able to track your order as soon as it ships.

Modern Fertility operates only in the US, but its main Hormone Test is not available in NY, NJ, and RI. The original shipping cost is covered by the brand, as well as the cost to ship your blood sample back for testing.

What is Modern Fertility’s Return Policy?

This Modern Fertility review is happy to say that the company offers a reasonable return policy. Due to the medical nature of the Hormone Test, it cannot be returned—but, you can get a complete refund within 24 hours of placing your order.

What if you are too late? No problem. You will still get a huge refund, just minus the $27 cost of shipping and handling, as long as you contact Modern Fertility for a refund within 30 days. But if you complete the test and get your results or 30 days have passed since your order, no refund is available.

Due to the medical and at-home use of the Ovulation Test, Pregnancy Test, and Prenatal Vitamins, they cannot be returned under any circumstance.

How to Contact Modern Fertility Customer Service

If you have any questions after reading this Modern Fertility review, you can contact the brand through these email addresses:

For media: [email protected]

Not sold on Modern Fertility? Check out Premama Wellness, a supplement brand that, despite its name, produces formulas for all stages of parenthood.

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