Montale Perfume Review

About Montale Perfume

Montale Perfume Review

There’s nothing better than finding your signature fragrance. But sometimes, you might not know where to start. So why not try Montale Perfume, a French perfume brand featuring “enchanting” scents for men and women. 

The smaller brand is known to offer captivating scents to its loyal customer base. It can be considered a niche company, but it’s gaining traction worldwide. It garners 10.8k followers on its main Instagram and can be found in many international stores. 

Are you looking for something to satisfy the senses? My Montale Perfume review can help you out. Join me as I take a look at the company’s origin story, best-sellers, customer ratings, and more so you can decide if they’re worth sniffing. 

Overview of Montale Perfume

Montale Perfume Review

Montale’s story began in 2003 when Pierre Montale decided to pursue his own perfume company. He started out creating personal fragrances for notable people in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and after making a scent for his wife, he decided to continue his work. 

Montale moved to Paris, where he launched Montale Perfumes in 2005. The collections are inspired by the “hidden secrets of the Eastern world” and primarily feature rose, incense, amber, and woody notes. 

The French company is known explicitly for utilizing an infected agar tree in their products, which then secretes an aromatic resin. After distillation, Oud is created. In addition, the eponymous company commits to creating fragrances that satisfy their customers’ needs. 

Now that you know more about the brand, it’s time to steer this Montale Perfume review into some highlights: 


Montale Perfume Review
  • The company offers unisex fragrances and scents for men and women
  • The perfumes are put in aluminum bottles for longevity
  • Generally well-received online  
  • Free US shipping with an order minimum

Finding a staple fragrance is a way to set the mood for yourself and others. In other words, people might remember you based on what scent you’ve chosen. So keep reading this Montale Perfume review to make a lasting impression. 

Montale Chocolate Greedy Review

Chocolate isn’t just for eating. The Montale Chocolate Greedy fragrance is a tribute to the tasty treat. Featuring notes of cocoa with subtle hints of bitter orange, it’s perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere. 

The scent comes in a silver aluminum bottle and will draw some noses to your skin. The decadence is perfect for date night or formal occasions. Once it dries down, it’ll smell just like your favorite chocolate cereal. 

The Chocolate Greedy is currently sold out but retails for $140.

Montale Roses Musk Review

Next in this Montale Perfume review is the Roses Musk. The women’s fragrance is floral and feminine. Any rose enthusiast will find it beautiful, and it’s a great addition to your springtime collection. It also features notes of amber and jasmine in its simple formula. 

The woody rose whiffs will provide you with a fresh and elegant scent. The company describes it as a fragrance for the “passionate and sensual woman,” emphasizing its intensity and aromatic blend. Your partner will definitely love the scent of this sophisticated perfume.

The Montale Roses Musk will cost you $170 at checkout.   

Montale Honey Aoud Review

You can smell sweet as honey with the Montale Honey Aoud fragrance. The unisex product features honey, oud, cinnamon, and other warm notes that’ll have you feeling confident and cozy. It also contains whiffs of leather and amber, setting up a strong and inviting perfume. 

After the dry down, you might notice the floral and vanilla scents. But there’s no doubt that this is an intense fragrance that’ll keep you in anyone’s mind. Plus, it comes in an aluminum bottle with a copper colorway that’ll look beautiful on your dresser. 

A 100ml bottle of Honey Oud runs for $170

Montale Intense Cafe Review

Last up in this Montale Perfume review is the Intense Café perfume. Forget your morning coffee. This unisex fragrance might be able to satisfy the senses. The floral rose and coffee notes make for a sweet spritz that could become your new signature scent. 

This is the ultimate autumn or winter scent. It has warmth and dries down to leave trails of vanilla, amber, and white musk. It does well to combine the light and dark scents, making for a versatile and powerful perfume that’ll have you feeling snug. 

The Montale Intense Café fragrance costs $170 for 100ml. 

Who Is Montale Perfume For? 

Montale Perfume Review

Montale’s fragrances are created for adult men and women. They offer gender-specific and unisex perfumes that are sweet, warm, and everything in between. So finding your signature scent won’t be too tricky here. In addition, their items are more affordable than other competing brands. So they might be a good investment if you’re searching for your next perfume.

Montale Perfume Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Montale Perfume Review

This wouldn’t be a Montale Perfume review if I didn’t look at what customers say about the brand. So, I scoured the web for testimonials to help you make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t publish ratings on its main site, but I did find some on Fragrantica and Trustpilot. 

Here is how our featured fragrances rate on Fragrantica: 

  • Chocolate Greedy: 3.94/5 out of 4.8k ratings 
  • Roses Musk: 3.83/5 out of 3.2k ratings 
  • Honey Aoud: 4.15/5 from 1.5k ratings 
  • Intense Café: 4.01/5  out of 5.6k reviews

Chocolate Greedy is well-loved for its strong scent and longevity. Customers love the chocolate notes the most and coin it as one of their favorite perfumes. 

One customer writes, “This pure Heaven in a bottle! It smells like an expensive chocolatier’s shop, and even the tiny vial I had lasted 18 hours and projected like a beacon.”

There’s nothing better than smelling like a delicious treat. Another reviewer says, “This is DELICIOUS!! The most photorealistic gorumand out there. I’d honestly say that this is THE gourmand. Smells like delicious, freshly baked chocolate cookies with a hint of orange on me. Definitely one of my faves now.”

The Honey Aoud perfume also gets a lot of love on the fragrance website. One customer says, “This is a very intense and sweet fragrance… It has something boozy, especially in the tope notes, that makes me think of a fine liquor ripened in a wooden barrel.”

Clearly, perfume enthusiasts love the French brand. While doing my research for this Montale Perfume review I also found ratings on Trustpilot, where the company rates 3.6/5 stars out of a mere 5 reviews. Reviewers love the perfume quality and are satisfied with the services. 

But, there are a couple of criticisms regarding shipping issues and longevity. One customer didn’t receive their items and claimed that the customer service team was unresponsive. Others find the perfumes too intense and short-lived. Luckily, there aren’t many similar criticisms online, and some people might have different preferences when it comes to fragrances.   

Is Montale Perfume Legit?

Montale Perfume Review

Montale looks legit. Customers can’t get enough of the scents. There are a couple of instances where customers had issues with shipping. Still, it seems like a rare occurrence compared to the positive experiences. 

Is Montale Perfume Worth It?

Montale Perfume Review

Based on this Montale Perfume review, I think the brand is worth checking out. They have a variety of potent and warm fragrances available that aren’t too pricy compared to other companies. 

Plus, they receive a fair amount of fanfare from consumers. Of course, a few people found the fragrances too strong for their liking, but it’s not unusual to have different opinions regarding smells. 

Montale Perfume Promotions & Discounts 

Montale Perfume Review

I know you can’t resist a good deal, and I can’t either. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any promotions offered by the brand. But, I’d suggest checking their social media accounts to stay updated on exclusive deals or offers. 

Where to Buy Montale Perfume

Montale Perfume Review

Are you looking to get a fragrance from this Montale Perfume review? You can snag a bottle from You can also find a retailer near you using their Store Locator. 


Montale Perfume Review

Who owns Montale Perfume?

Pierre Montale is the owner and founder of the eponymous company. Before launching the brand, he worked in Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. 

Are Montale Perfumes long-lasting?

According to the company and customer reviews, Montale Perfumes are intense and long-lasting. 

Does Montale Perfume ship internationally?

Montale Perfume doesn’t ship internationally from its US site, except to Canada. But, they have local websites available for international locations. 

What is Montale Perfume’s Shipping Policy?

Montale offers free US shipping for orders over $100. They also have different shipping options available, and any customer living outside of New Jersey isn’t subjected to a sales tax. If you opt for Standard shipping, Montale guarantees a 72-hour delivery time. Here are the different shipping methods and price variations: 

  1. Standard: $9 for theUS, $16 for Canada
  2. Expedited (2 business days): $20
  3. Discovery Kits and Samples (Standard): $4  

It’s important to note that you might experience delays due to pandemic restrictions and safety precautions. 

What is Montale Perfume’s Return Policy?

If you want to return a Montale Perfume, you have ten business days to return it after the arrival date. Your order must be unused and in its original condition to be considered. Shipping fees are non-refundable, and they won’t accept returns in damaged packaging. 

You can initiate a return by contacting the brand by email. Once they receive your product(s), it typically takes 5-10 business days to appear on your card statement. 

How to Contact Montale Perfume

Montale Perfume Review

If you have any questions beyond this Montale Perfume review, you can contact the customer service team via contact form or at [email protected]

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