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Mugler Review

Mugler is a high-fashion and fragrance brand by French designer, Thierry Mugler. His fragrances are for men and women, made in France, push boundaries, and explore imaginative concepts. 

The brand has received much attention for their fantasy-like runway shows, capturing the eye of celebs like Lady Gaga who want in on Mugler’s dramatic pieces. 

His fragrances don’t shy away from the limelight either, landing recent features in Allure and WWD for one scent’s new partnership with Willow Smith

In this Mugler review, we’ll take you on an adventure through the brand’s creative fragrance collection, stopping along the way to hear from customers, fill you in on promotions, and answer some important FAQs. 

But before we get started, let’s take a look at what the brand is all about and how they got their start. 

Overview of Mugler

Mugler Review

Thierry Mugler, the French designer, launched his namesake brand in 1973. Starting as an apparel and accessories brand, they put out their signature fragrance, Angel, in 1995 and have since developed a range of curious concoctions celebrated for their unique scent profiles

This Mugler review will focus on the brand’s fragrances, but you can still buy such things as a Mugler dress or any other items from their current collections in boutiques and designer department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue. 

The designer is known for his imaginative apparel that mixes fantasy with pop culture and has made pieces for megastars like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

Mugler fragrances are just as creative, with surprising scent combinations that capture the essence of the designer’s inspired vision. 

Before we introduce a few of the brand’s signature scents, this Mugler review will fill you in on their highlights: 


  • Great selection of varying scents for men and women
  • Fragrances come in different formats, Eau de Toilette, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
  • Made in France
  • Sources ingredients from factories that pay workers fair wages
  • Offers a Refillable Bottle program
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Available in a wide selection of stores
Mugler Review

The brand’s perfumes are inspired by Thierry Mugler himself but are developed by a team of perfumers. The designer checks in on the scent development throughout the process, ensuring it adheres to his overall vision. 

One of the most exciting things about perfume is that you never know what it’s going to be like until you try it on your own skin. Even if you smell it on a stranger, fragrances have the wonderful ability to morph and blend with our unique makeup. 

In the next section of this Mugler review, we’ll introduce you to a few different blends of sultry, imaginative, and fresh fragrances for men and women. 

Keep in mind that the brand’s website itself doesn’t sell any products, so you’ll have to use their store locator to find the nearest retailer.

Mugler Perfume Review

Perfume is about capturing a feeling. Spritz it on and enter a shining new time and place. Throughout the day, witness the scent transform into a new feeling, one that snuggles up to skin and emits a soft glow of its former self. 

This Mugler review will now showcase the brand’s most popular perfumes for women, starting with a new edition of their all-time bestseller, Angel

Mugler Angel Muse Review 

Mugler Angel Muse Review
Mugler Angel Muse

Delectable and smooth with spiky undercurrents, Angel Muse combines the brightness of grapefruit and indulgent hazelnut cream. 

Below its dreamy surface lies earthy patchouli and crisp vetiver, creating an inventive scent that starts sweet but finishes with a tang. 

Enlighten your senses with 100ml of Angel Muse

Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star Review 

Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star Review
Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star

Bright, powerful, and a real go-getter, Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star is a force to be reckoned with. Combining the celestial with the sultry, this, at first, fresh fragrance melds with mouth-watering praline and finishes with musky patchouli. 

Lift up your senses with this bright, fresh fragrance, filled with the wholeness of juicy red fruits and the irresistible undercurrent of caramel. 

Available in 25ml, 50ml, and 100ml, become an unstoppable force with Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star

Mugler Aura Mugler Review 

Mugler Aura Mugler Review
Mugler Aura Mugler

Slow down. Connect with your breath. Feel the blood circulating through your veins. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it. 

Aura Mugler is a primal, feminine scent with the uplifting scent of bright, green leaves and dreamy orange blossom melded together with sensual notes of vanilla and the carnal fragrance of bourbon and Wolfwood. 

Fresh, wild, and seductive, Aura Mugler is available in 100ml. 

Mugler Alien Mirage Review 

Mugler Alien Mirage Review
Mugler Alien Mirage

Like a stranger whose face you recognize or déjà vu that makes you stop and think, Alien Mirage puts a spin on traditional scents, creating intriguing combinations such as sweet, sensual amber, lifted with spicy pink peppercorn. 

Airy notes of lotus flower and Seringa flower bleed into this exotic fragrance, mellowed out by the light and earthy scent of Hinoki wood. 

Exuding strength, charisma, and divine feminine energy, Alien Mirage comes in a 60ml crystal talisman bottle. 

Mugler Cologne Review

Men’s fragrances are typically more dominant, combining spices, earth, and musk. Mugler cologne pushes the boundaries on men’s cologne, introducing thoughtful elements that accentuate your personality and turn heads. 

You’ll find the brand’s most sought-after men’s cologne below, each incredibly different from the next. 

Mugler A*Men Pure Malt Review 

Mugler A*Men Pure Malt Review
Mugler A*Men Pure Malt

Whisky at dusk. The smell of burning cedar from the fireplace. A man who’s worked all day with his hands. 

A*Men Pure Malt celebrates the smoky qualities of a fine whisky, highlighting the slightly sweet malt with musky patchouli, the enveloping scent of coffee, and the brightness of bergamot. 

Simple but impactful, A*Men Pure Malt is sold in 100 ml. 

Mugler A*Men Eau de Toilette Review

Mugler A*Men Eau de Toilette Review
Mugler A*Men Eau de Toilette

A*Men Eau de Toilette is an incredible manly fragrance, combining fresh ground coffee, sweet undercurrents of vanilla, and sensual depth with patchouli. 

The straightforward version of A*Men Pure Malt, this fragrance is ideal for all-day wear and sold in a 100ml size. 

Mugler Alien Man Mirage Review 

Mugler Alien Man Mirage Review
Mugler Alien Man Mirage

Like an ocean breeze under a melting sky, Alien Man Mirage blends the freshness of the sea with the powerful heat of a man. 

Sparkling notes of juniper dance with the watery nature of reeds, creating a light and balanced scent that’s soon cut with the dominance of smoky leather and the musk of patchouli. 

Intoxicating and arousing, Alien Man Mirage is available in 100ml. 

Mugler Alien Man Deodorant Spray Review 

Mugler Alien Man Deodorant Spray Review
Mugler Alien Man Deodorant Spray

Experience the adventurous scent of Alien Man in a deodorant spray. With the freshness of mint, dill, and anise, this scent settles into dreamy leather and cashmere wood before lifting up with the brightness of pepper and geranium. 

Explore the unknown with Alien Man Deodorant Spray in 150ml. 

Who is Mugler for? 

Mugler Review

Because Mugler cologne and perfume isn’t your typical sweet, floral, or musky scent, it may be enjoyed more by men and women who aren’t afraid to take a few chances.

It’s not an uncommon sentiment that the brand’s fragrances take a little while to get used to, but once you do, you may become addicted. 

Mugler has quite a few different scents that may suit a range of personalities. Those who like fresh florals with undercurrents of sweetness may gravitate towards Angel, while others who enjoy the more imaginative side of fragrance may choose Alien

Comparison: Mugler vs. Azzaro 

Mugler Review

Designer fragrances are usually a product of the designer’s experiences or imagination, and that is certainly the case for Thierry Mugler, a brand that’s known for its powerful, intense designs

That’s what you’ll experience in the Mugler perfume and cologne collection, and this theory holds true with other designers as well.

In this section of our Mugler review, we’ll be comparing our featured brand with Azzaro, a designer label that creates couture fashion as well as fragrances. 

Like Mugler, shoppers cannot buy fragrances from the brand’s website. Instead, they’ll need to track down an authorized retailer to get their hands on Azzaro scents. 

Our featured brand offers high fashion apparel for men and women too, like the popular, imaginative Mugler leggings that donned the legs of serious-looking models on their Winter 2019 catwalk. 

Since this is a Mugler review for fragrances, we’ll be comparing the two brand’s scent collections, both of which offer perfumes and colognes for men and women. 

Before we even got into the details of Azzaro fragrances, we noticed that they’re more traditionally inspired. The designer is said to take inspiration from endless summers in the Mediterranean, and you’ll find a few sea-inspired colognes in his collection. 

Mugler’s lineup is a little more creative. From its ever-popular Angel Eau de Parfum to daring Alien, within each scent lies inventive scent combinations that push the boundaries just a little. 

That’s not to say Azzaro colognes and perfumes don’t do the same, but we’re seeing mostly traditional scents in its selection described as “fresh,” “woody,” and “spicy,” three things that are pretty typical for men’s fragrances, along with the common scents of vetiver and bergamot. 

With Mugler, we found more interesting combinations like dill, cashmeran wood, smoke, and apricot. 

Mugler Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mugler Review

Mugler is one of the biggest names in fragrance. If you’ve ever picked up a Vogue magazine or watch cable, chances are you’ve seen an ad for Angel Eau de Parfum

But if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying one of the brand’s many fragrances, you were probably left wondering what their dreamy scents were like in real life. 

If this is true, or even if you’ve stumbled across this Mugler review out of the blue, hearing from customers is an important part of the online shopping process. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up customer feedback from a few different sources across the web that shed some light on the quality and fragrance profiles of some of the brand’s bestsellers. 

Let’s start with a few comments about Alien on Those who leave reviews on this site appear to be scent professionals – or they’re just really into perfume. 

One Mugler review read provided all you could ever want to know about the scent: 

Alien is not a simple granny floral with a weird twist as a lot of people are saying, Alien is the anti perfume of classic florals. It’s a jasmine bomb but a dirty one, the cedar wood accentuates the rawness on it, at first smell It seems clean but it’s not…I love wearing it all winter.” 

We’ll admit this review is a little complex, but we wanted to include it because we think it does a great job at describing how different this perfume is. 

Aliens are foreign, but they’re not so unlike us, and that is exactly what this comment outlines: something that’s sort of like a familiar scent, but in a completely new, strange, yet intoxicating way. 

There are quite a few conflicting reviews about this scent on One read, “Unpopular opinion: this is as basic as it gets. Honestly, I do not get all the hype around this fragrance. To me, it’s just meh. It smells soapy.” 

What’s interesting is that the review goes on to say it’s the perfume they get the most compliments on when wearing. 

Curious about Mugler’s other scents, we headed over to Sephora to check out what shoppers had to say about Angel Eau de Parfum. It has a 4.1/5 star score out of 1,155 reviews. Here’s the rating snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 66%
  • 4 stars: 11%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 15%

If you’ve ever heard anything about Angel, then you know people either love it or hate it. This may be because of the way it interacts with different types of skin. The ones who love it say that it lasts all day and has a fresh, sweet scent. 

One Mugler review stated, “The way it smells with my body chemistry is a punch of patchouli first spray then dries down to sweet marshmallow and caramel, very dreamy but sophisticated.” That sounds amazing and other buyers write of similar experiences as well. 

Here’s a list of how some of Mugler’s other fragrances fair on Sephora’s website:

  • Alien Eau de Parfum Travel Spray: 4.5/5 stars out of 1,105 ratings
  • Angel Nova Eau de Parfum: 4.4/5 stars out of 499 ratings
  • Alien Eau Extraordinaire: 4.3/5 stars out of 36 ratings

Since we’ve only really covered women’s fragrances in-depth, let’s check out Alien Man. Heading to, we found the following scores for the cologne:

  • Scent: 6.7/10
  • Sillage: 6.6/10 
  • Longevity: 7.1/10
  • Bottle: 7/10
  • Value: 6.6/10

Alien Man is another fragrance that people have a love/hate relationship with. It’s common for men to find it strange, yet weirdly addictive

One commenter wrote that “Alien Man is somehow sensual and spicy, but because of this aspect with the smoke it keeps a coolness and distance.” There are other interesting notes buyers pick up from this cologne, including dill (yes, the herb), and star anise.  

From what we’ve learned about Mugler fragrances, it appears that the brand creates some seriously interesting scents

They’re received mostly in a good way, but some just don’t vibe with the brand’s scents, which is to be expected of any fragrance – whether it’s experimental or plain. 

Is Mugler Worth It?

Mugler Review

Mugler fragrances are intriguing. The scent profiles are curious and reading customer feedback left us yearning for a spritz, if only to see how it would settle on our own skin. 

Mugler offers a few different sizes and formats for some of their perfumes and colognes, meaning you can buy a small bottle or less expensive deodorant and try it out before committing to the Eau de Toilette. 

We also appreciate the brand’s loyalty and refillable bottle programs – especially since shoppers cannot make a purchase from the brand’s website. 

Fragrance, at the end of the day, is very personal. It reacts uniquely on the skin and we love the way certain scents transport us to a time, a mood, or a completely different universe. 

With an appreciation for the unusual, we conclude that the brand’s out-of-the-ordinary fragrances are worth the buy

Mugler Promotions & Discounts 

Mugler Review

Throughout this review, we quickly learned that shoppers are unable to purchase products directly from This means that there aren’t many promotions the brand can offer. 

With that said, we did find out that if you buy a fragrance, there’s a code inside your fragrance’s box that you can enter on to get rewards

This is known as The Circle Loyalty Program, and any benefit or “special surprise” (as stated on you receive, once you upload your code, you’ll be able to redeem it at a participating retailer. 

Mugler also offers rewards for those participating in The Fountain – the brand’s refillable bottle program. Head to the brand’s website and upload a picture of your Fountain receipt to redeem additional rewards

Where to Buy Mugler

Mugler Review

You can buy Mugler fragrances from a wide selection of retailers. We’ve put together a short list below to help you see what your options are:

  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart

Or use their Store Locator to find an authorized dealer. 


Mugler Review

Where is Mugler made? 

All of Thierry Mugler’s fragrances are made in France. 

What is Mugler’s Shipping Policy?

Mugler fragrances, apparel, and accessories are not sold on the brand’s website. You can shop for them at a wide selection of stores online. The shipping policy of each online store varies. 

When you’ve found one that delivers to your location, be sure to take a peek at its shipping policy for more information. 

What is Mugler’s Return Policy?

Mugler is only sold in select stores, you cannot purchase its fragrances, clothing, or accessories from Because of this, each store they’re sold at may have a different return policy. 

Once you have selected the shop closest to you, or an online retailer that delivers to your location, refer to its unique return policy for more details. 

How to Contact Mugler

We hope you found all of the information you needed in this Mugler review. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with the brand by using the Contact Form located on their website.

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