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About Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Review

Carolina Herrera is known for its exquisite, polished designs, classy cuts, and glamorous detailing. The high fashion brand has been worn by multiple First Ladies and is perhaps most coveted for its bridal collection. 

Dressing Jackie O, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump will surely help turn a few heads, but the designer is one that people were already looking at. With over 5.6M followers on Instagram, the luxury brand has garnered attention for its formal, undeniably flattering style. 

In this Carolina Herrera review, we’ll uncover crucial details about the brand, showcase a selection of its bestsellers, reveal customer feedback, and more, to help you decide if its sophisticated collection fits your style. 

Overview of Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Review

The history of the brand starts with Carolina Herrera herself. Known for her high-end style, the Venezuelan designer launched her namesake brand in 1981. 

The simple fact that she believes that every woman should have a dress, pencil skirt, and evening gown in her closet should tell you a lot about Herrera’s brand.

As a fashion icon, Herrera is known for her simple, polished style. She made items such as a crisp, white button-up and form-fitting suit jacket popular. 

Though Herrera is responsible for the brand’s success, in recent years, Wes Anderson took over as its head creative director. Anderson has led the brand in a similar direction but with a more modern take—bringing in slouchier styles and playful prints. 

Made in Spain, with its clothing, fragrances, and accessories sold in over 50 countries, Carolina Herrera has gained much exposure. The brand has basically become synonymous with quality style. 

Before we introduce you to a selection of the brand’s products, this Carolina Herrera review will give you an overview of its pros and cons: 


  • Designer clothing, shoes, bags, and fragrance collections 
  • Options for both men and women
  • Reputable brand name 
  • Sold all over the world
  • Sale section on website 
  • Free standard shipping 


  • Perfumes are not sold on the brand’s website
  • Limited online reviews
  • Short return window

Browsing through Carolina Herrera’s collection, you’ll find subtle fashion picks that speak to the sophisticated soul. 

Simple silhouettes mingle with geometric cuts and classic colors to showcase vintage-inspired glamor with a figure-flattering, modern twist—and let’s not forget the romantic Carolina Herrera wedding dress collection. 

In the next section of this Carolina Herrera review, we’ll walk you through men’s clothing and women’s fragrances. Along the way, we’ll also explore some sleek handbags. 

Carolina Herrera Perfume Review

The loveliness of perfume, perhaps, comes by way of each wearer’s unique skin. What one woman experiences can be completely different from another, making one fragrance transform into many different varieties. 

This Carolina Herrera review will showcase the brand’s two most popular perfumes, which speak sweetly but have a few surprises in store. To purchase these scents, you’ll need to select a retailer who carries the brand (details below) and shop through their store. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Is a Good Girl always good, or does she have a mysterious side? This enchanting but powerful fragrance brings to life romantic notes of jasmine and bright crystal, before leveling out into rich almond, exotic tonka bean, and the sultry scent of cocoa and coffee. 

Spritz on for a casual day date and watch as the hours pass; experience your perfume deepening into something more sensual and moody. Express your dynamic personality with Good Girl Eau De Parfum in 1.7 oz or 2.7 oz sizes. 

Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Eau de Toilette Review 

Imagine yourself entering the English gardens—you stride through the gardenias, but in the next patch, fragrant jasmine blows in a gentle breeze. Under both of these florals, lies the fresh scent of snapped stems and crisp, green bergamot. 

Incredibly sweet and bright, Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Eau de Toilette infuses an air of musk and gentle sandalwood to complete the scent which changes on your skin throughout the day. 

Unfold life’s beauty in this uplifting fragrance, available in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 3 oz sizes. 

Carolina Herrera Cologne Review

Cologne is very personal. It says a lot about your character, and each one tells a different story. This Carolina Herrera review will take a stroll through the brand’s best-selling fragrances—just close your eyes and imagine exotic spices, soothing sweetness, and adventurous places. 

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Eau de Toilette Review 

Every Good Girl loves a Bad Boy. A dangerous mix of spicy and sweet, this fragrance contrasts bright citrus with grounding pink pepper. It’s all melded together with rich cocoa and sweet tonka beans.

The bottle is shaped as a lightning bolt to symbolize the unforgettable impact you’ll have on those around you. Available in 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz, and 5 oz sizes, bring out your rugged masculinity with the Bad Boy Eau de Toilette

Carolina Herrera CH Men Eau de Toilette Review 

The CH Man is one who chases the road less travelled, letting life unveil before him as he discovers wonders along his path. 

Warm notes of wood and rich leather mark this Carolina Herrera cologne that lifts your spirits with spicy, exotic saffron and citrus, before bringing you back to earth with luxurious, soft hints of cashmere. 

Made for curious souls, this Carolina Herrera Men Eau de Toilette is an ideal fragrance for daytime and is available in 1.7 oz, 3 oz, and 6.8 oz sizes.  

Carolina Herrera Bags Review

Within the Carolina Herrera bags collection, lies inspired shapes, geometric detailing, and fine stitching. Some showcase stippled leather, while others are designed from signature prints. 

This Carolina Herrera review will feature the brand’s best-sellers: one versatile tote and a simple weekender. 

Carolina Herrera Blason Tote Review

Tote bags have an easy way about them. The effortless shape, minimal detailing, and easy-to-grip handles mean that it will pair well with everything. You can take it anywhere! 

Fashioned from regular grain leather, the tote features leather handles, as well as a detachable strap to switch up carrying positions. Measuring 11x12x9 cm, don’t hesitate to put your iPad, wallet, and makeup bag inside. 

Within the interior, you’ll find a leather drawstring to cinch your tote closed. Available in four colors, you can store everything you need in the Blason Tote for $1,420

Carolina Herrera Blason Small Bowling Bag Review 

Oh, what fun! The Blason Small Bowling Bag takes inspiration from traditional bags that one would take to the alley for a Wednesday night game of fun. It has a full body and resembles something like a mini duffle. 

Measuring 12x9x6 cm, this leather bag is large enough to hold your essentials and a few other bits and bobs. 

Made in 11 colors, we find azul marino (aka navy) to be particularly stunning, with an almost deep turquoise hue that resembles something like the bottom of the ocean. 

No matter the shade, the Blason Small Bowling Bag features gold-plated hardware which contrasts nicely against deeper colors and complements the lighter ones. 

A detachable strap converts it into a shoulder bag if you ever get tired of carrying it by hand. The concave U zipper allows for easy access inside. Have fun with your accessories with these Carolina Herrera handbags for $1,210.  

Carolina Herrera Dresses Review

There’s no shortage of style within the Carolina Herrera Ready to Wear collection. Within it, you’ll find snappy prints, oversized patterns, and classic colors that aim to please. 

Below, this Carolina Herrera review will introduce you to two customer favorites; both of them create a flowing silhouette, but are incredibly different in terms of style and print. 

Carolina Herrera Printed Chiffon Dress Review

Sweet and flirty, the Printed Chiffon Dress is flowy in all the right places. With almost sheer bell sleeves and billowing pleats, this dress brings the drama (but in the best way possible). 

Made from silk, it comes in an off-white shade with tiny black dots, and features a crew neck with teardrop cut in the front. In the back, you’ll find a button fastening. On the side, a hidden zipper. 

Get the Printed Chiffon Dress in sizes XS–L for $1,120.

Carolina Herrera 2020 Initials Oversized Printed Dress Review 

With a silky, oversized design, this 2020 Initials Oversized Printed Dress is the picture of laid-back summers. Pair this ivory and black twill piece with chunky, bright jewelry for a fun contrast—along with strappy sandals, and oversized sunnies. 

You’ll find the CH logo in each square of the print on these Carolina Herrera dresses, a rounded neck and teardrop opening for a flattering, and a breezy cut. Three-quarter sleeves with metallic buttons add a touch of elegance to this relaxed dress. 

Add a Carolina Herrera belt if you’d like to accentuate your waist. Available in XS–L, the 2020 Initials Oversized Printed Dress is $795

Carolina Herrera Men’s Shirts Review

A good shirt is hard to come by. You need the right fabric, flattering cuts, and an eye-catching design. The best-selling Carolina Herrera men’s shirts featured below fit the bill. Both made of 100% cotton, they’re great for days on the boat and weekends at the club. 

Carolina Herrera CH Printed Pique Polo Shirt Review

Carolina Herrera polo shirts are ideal for occasions where more than a t-shirt is required, yet a button-down seems a little over-the-top. The CH Printed Pique Polo Shirt has a regular fit, with an eye-catching blown up pattern of the founder’s initials across the chest.

With two buttons, a solid placket, and sleeves with white hems, this contrasting short-sleeved 100% cotton polo has a summery seafarer look, and comes in red and white or navy and white

Available in XS–XXL, grab it in the sale right now for $193 (marked down from $275).  

Carolina Herrera CH Embroidered Striped T-Shirt Review

For an easy summer outfit, this navy blue and white CH Embroidered Striped T-Shirt makes a fun splash against khakis or chinos. Finish the look with a statement gold watch and some Carolina Herrera sunglasses.

With a regular fit, the soft cotton short-sleeve showcases Carolina Herrera’s initials embroidered across the chest in red for an eye-catching contrast.

The Embroidered Striped T-Shirt comes in sizes XS–XXL and is on sale right now for $147, (normally $245). 

Who Is Carolina Herrera For? 

Carolina Herrera Review

Carolina Herrera is a big name in fashion, but more so among the ladies. They do have a men’s collection, but it’s not as popular as their women’s—especially when it comes to footwear and handbags. 

Those who aren’t looking to drop over $1K on Carolina Herrera shoes or dresses can still get a piece of their collection, if they wait until it’s on sale. The brand has a fabulous discount section, which is definitely commendable for a high-profile designer to showcase on their website. 

So, while there is an elite feel to Carolina Herrera’s designs, it is possible that those who have to think carefully before they spend can find last season’s dress for a lower price. 

Comparison: Carolina Herrera vs. Gucci 

Carolina Herrera Review

Expensive doesn’t always mean beautiful. It’s all to do with the materials, designs, and workmanship that go into a product—whether it’s designer, or not—that makes it something to truly be admired. 

In this section of our Carolina Herrera review, we’ll do a quick comparison between our featured brand and another big name in fashion, Gucci. 

Gucci is a brand that needs no introduction. But, to give you an idea of how it began, it was founded in 1921 in Italy, where its collections are still made today. 

Aside from style, the two designers aren’t very different. Of course, one is an Italian brand and the other Spanish, but they have similar collections. They also both offer makeup along with their clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

What Gucci does do differently though, is their decor collection, which is filled with flashy prints and vintage chairs, ottomans, and decorative pillows. They also have a children’s clothing line. 

To help see the differences between the two brands, we’ll do a side-by-side comparison of two similar products: Gucci’s Diana Medium Tote Bag and Carolina Herrera’s Blason Tote

The Diana Medium Tote Bag is made from black leather with bamboo handles. Available in 2 colors, the bag features gold-toned hardware and costs $3,980

As part of the Carolina Herrera purses collection, the Blason Tote is made with regular grain leather, a leather handle, and comes with a detachable strap. The hardware is gold-plated, and the bag itself comes in 4 colors for $1,420.

The largest difference is that our featured brand uses gold-plated hardware whereas Gucci uses just gold-toned. Gucci’s overall design looks more interesting, but is it worth the $2,500 hike in price? 

Overall, Gucci’s products are not any more detailed than Carolina Herrera’s are, and yet, they’re more than double the price. This is simply because of what the brand is worth as a name. 

The Gucci line has a strong heritage that traces back over 100 years now, and our featured brand isn’t even half as old. But perhaps in a few decades, the digits on the price tag will increase. 

Carolina Herrera Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Carolina Herrera Review

This brand is considered high fashion, but that doesn’t make customer experience any less valuable. In this section of our Carolina Herrera review, we took to the internet to see what we could find in terms of feedback around their clothing, accessories, or fragrances. 

The majority of reviews we were able to find online were in regards to the brand’s fragrances. The testimonials left for clothing items are more fashion-forward, meaning they describe in detail the newest runway collection—and not specifically the quality and fit of the clothing itself. 

If you’re here to find out about Carolina Herrera perfume and cologne, then you’re in luck, because, unfortunately (or fortunately for you) those were the only products we could find online that had ratings. So let’s start with 

The Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance has a 3.8/5 star rating and 7,633 reviews. Some common sentiments about the scent include it being “well blended” and “sophisticated”. One review read:

I love how well blended and multifaceted it is. The moment I tried it on my skin is the same moment I became hooked.” Scents tend to smell different on everyone, so many reviewers had differing opinions on its profile. 

A buyer who found this scent too masculine, wrote, “I was quite surprised by that, it was so far from what I’d expected. And I usually love heavy scents, but the tonka bean, citrus, and musky notes are just overpowering on my skin.” 

Hoping to find a little more in-depth information on the Good Girl, we headed to Influenster, which showed a 4.8/5 star rating from 2,744 customers. Have a look at the rating snapshot below if you’d like to see how that score was calculated:

  • 5 stars 87%
  • 4 stars 10%
  • 3 stars 2%
  • 2 stars 1%
  • 1 star 0%

It looks like the majority (97%) of people either liked it or loved it, and that’s a pretty outstanding score for any product!  

One Carolina Herrera review that describes the scent reads, “A nice fresh and clean smelling perfume. It’s great as an everyday scent for work etc. It has very powerful flower notes, with light spice and vanilla throughout.” Others describe it as sexy and elegant. 

The general consensus for the design is that it’s very attractive. The bottle isn’t everything; it needs to be functional. We found one complaint that says “it constantly falls over”, which we can totally understand. 

As for issues with the scent itself, one comment revealed, “It is a powder! This sprays a powdered perfume on your skin. It lasts a long time, but the scent is headache inducing.Long-lasting isn’t a good thing if you can’t stand the scent.

The 3% of people who didn’t enjoy Good Girl seem to agree it has an “old lady” kind of thing going on. But, since it’s so few that said that, we don’t believe that is typical of the scent. 

Stepping over to Amazon to see how the men’s version, Carolina Herrera Bad Boy, held up to the critics, we were happy to find a 4.8/5 star rating and 1,681 reviews. Here’s the rating snapshot:

  • 5 stars 88%
  • 4 stars 6%
  • 3 stars 3%
  • 2 stars 1%
  • 1 star 3%

Many buyers commented that the scent lasts all day. Men are typically creatures of fewer words, so there aren’t a ton of revealing comments to choose from aside from the frequent “great”. We did find one review that read, “A smell that seems to grow as you get warm. It’s a smooth, sexy smell.” Sounds inviting. 

So what did those few find wrong with it? It turns out that most of the 1-star reviews were garnered in response to receiving a perfume from the brand instead of an eau de toilette

The former typically doesn’t last as long and isn’t concentrated, so it’s no wonder that the second most common issue from men was that the scent did “not stay on the skin” very long. In one customer’s case: not even two hours. 

We love Amazon, but it’s notorious for false advertising or shipping the wrong product. It’s better to buy from the brand’s website, when possible, and if not, a reputable company like the ones listed a few sections down in this Carolina Herrera review. 

From what we saw, the designer’s fragrances are loved by many. Hardcore scent critics critique them a little more harshly, but still, the score is pretty good for any perfume. 

It’s a shame there weren’t more reviews for the brand’s other items, but we’ve learned a lot about the quality of its items throughout this Carolina Herrera review (and we hope you have too). 

Is Carolina Herrera Worth It?

Carolina Herrera Review

If you’re reading this Carolina Herrera review, then you know what to expect in terms of the price points for the brand’s collections. Judging by the design, materials, and workmanship that goes into each item they create, these pieces are an investment, yes, but they are still worth the buy. 

This designer label is famous around the world, and offers many sophisticated pieces that can act as conversation starters. If you love CH, but not their prices, head to the sale section. You’ll find most items at least 50% off and get free shipping with your order. 

Carolina Herrera Promotions & Discounts 

Carolina Herrera Review

The luxury label still offers a few ways to help customers save. This Carolina Herrera review discovered that there’s a killer sale section with over 60% off on some items. Also, free standard shipping!  

Where to Buy Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Review

It appears that only men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, as well as the Carolina Herrera bridal collection, are available for purchase on

You can find their fragrances and select styles at a selection of retailers including:

  • Sephora
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon


Carolina Herrera Review

Where is Carolina Herrera made? 

All of Carolina Herrera’s collections—including clothing, accessories, and fragrances—are made in Spain. 

Does Carolina Herrera fit true to size? 

This Carolina Herrerra review browsed through several customer testimonials to find the answer. From our research about the brand, it seems that their clothing generally fits true to size.

What is Carolina Herrera’s Shipping Policy?

Carolina Herrera ships all over the world. Select your country from the drop-down list on their website for accurate shipping information and prices. 

The brand offers the following domestic shipping options:

  • Standard: 1–6 business days, free
  • Express: 1–4 business days, $26

As a member, you will have order tracking information available when you log in to your account. Guests will receive updates by email. 

What is Carolina Herrera’s Return Policy?

Any Carolina Herrera items can be sent back within 15 days of delivery. Simply attach the provided prepaid return label to the outside of your package when sending it back to the brand’s warehouse. 

Some general guidelines for returns:

  • Use the original packaging that came with your order
  • Anything you wish to return must be in new, unused condition with all of the original tags and labels attached 
  • Footwear cannot be returned without the box and felt shoe cover
  • Use a shipping service with a trackable option

To start the return process as a registered customer, follow these steps:

  1. On the delivery note sent with your order, check off which items you were unhappy with in the ‘Return’ column 
  2. Login to your account then head to ‘My Orders’
  3. Re-package the items in their original box or bag
  4. Attach the prepaid shipping return label
  5. Drop off at the nearest UPS location

To make a return as a guest, you will need to:

  1. Check off which items you’ll be sending back in the ‘Return’ column of the delivery note sent with your order
  2. Head to the ‘My Orders’ section and enter your order number and email
  3. Specify your reason for returning the item(s) 
  4. Pack the items in their original packaging 
  5. Attach the prepaid return label
  6. Drop off your package at the nearest UPS location

How to Contact Carolina Herrera

If you need any other information that this Carolina Herrera review did not include, you can use any of the contact methods below to get in touch with the brand:

Don’t let this be your last stop for luxury designers. Check out these other fashion brands:






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