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Jomashop Accessories Review

Jomashop is one of the leading online fashion retailers for accessories. They offer competitive prices for their range of men and women’s products, sourced from over 650 top fashion brands

The company carries over 650 popular brands and 75,000 different items. They guarantee affordable prices for an expansive selection of accessories. Along with necklaces and sunglasses, Jomashop also offers handbags, shoes, clothing, beauty products, and more. 

Jomashop’s goal is to be a credible and transparent business. They strive for this by delivering reasonable prices, authentic products, and excellent customer service to buyers in over 150 countries

A study examines the luxury wristwatch market and explores the historical development of the wristwatch to understand the connotations associated with it as a luxury object. The study delves into the early use of wristwatches as military equipment and their subsequent revitalization as luxury goods in response to the emergence of quartz timekeeping technology.

The study reveals how the wristwatch has evolved to represent a functional tool, fashion statement, status symbol, and anachronism simultaneously.

Jomashop has been encouraging customers to #NeverBuyRetail for over 30 years. They believe that “everyone should be able to wear what they love, and do so at the right price.”

This Jomashop review will take an in-depth look at the business and its best-selling men’s watches (with a bonus look at aviator sunglasses), customer reviews, discounts, and more, before arriving at the final verdict of if they’re worth it. 

Jomashop Pros & Cons

Jomashop Accessories Review

This Jomashop review will now break down the Brooklyn-based company’s pros and cons. 


  • Jomashop offers affordable prices for items from high fashion brands
  • The retailer carries an inventory of over 75,000 items
  • Guaranteed authentic merchandise 
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Extensive list of frequently updated promotions and coupons 
  • Ships to 150+ countries
  • Fast domestic shipping 
  • Watches are offered a warranty of 1–5 years (depending on brand) 


  • Long delivery times for international buyers 
  • Return shipping charges are not covered 

This Jomashop review will now review some of the brand’s most popular men’s watches. Those who are into brands such as Hamilton, Seiko, and Citizen can rest assured that these pieces are authentic. 

A quick note before getting started: All of the products featured below can be purchased with 4 interest-free payments through Affirm

Jomashop Features

Jomashop Accessories Review

Jomashop, as an online retailer specializing in luxury watches, offers several features that attract customers. Here are some notable features of Jomashop:

Wide Selection of Luxury Watches

Jomashop provides a vast collection of luxury watches from renowned brands, including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and more. They offer a diverse range of styles, designs, and price points to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Competitive Pricing

Jomashop is known for offering competitive prices on luxury watches. They often provide significant discounts compared to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), allowing customers to purchase their desired timepieces at more affordable prices.

Authenticity Guarantee

Jomashop guarantees the authenticity of all the watches they sell. They source their products from authorized dealers, distributors, and trusted suppliers, ensuring that customers receive genuine and original luxury watches.

Warranty Protection

Jomashop provides warranty coverage on the watches they sell. The specific warranty period and coverage details may vary depending on the brand and model, but customers can have peace of mind knowing that their purchases are protected.

Trade-in and Trade-up Program

Jomashop offers a trade-in and trade-up program, allowing customers to exchange their current watches for credit towards the purchase of a new timepiece. This program provides flexibility and convenience for customers who wish to upgrade or change their watches.

Financing Options

Jomashop provides financing options to make luxury watches more accessible to customers. They offer installment plans and financing solutions in partnership with select financial providers, making it easier for customers to spread out the cost of their purchases.

Dedicated Customer Service

Jomashop has a dedicated customer service team that assists customers with inquiries, order tracking, warranty claims, and any other concerns. They aim to provide a positive and responsive customer experience.

Free Shipping

Jomashop offers free shipping within the United States on eligible orders. This feature enhances the value and convenience of purchasing luxury watches from their online store.

It’s important to note that specific policies and features may be subject to change or vary over time.

It’s advisable to visit Jomashop’s official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their features, services, and offerings.

5 Jomashop Watches Bestsellers

Whether your style is sporty, casual, modern, or sophisticated, this Jomashop accessories review has put together a selection that will catch your eye. Crafted with excellence, these watches include both thoughtful and practical details. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Jomashop Hamilton Khaki King Men’s Watch

This masculine watch is water-resistant and has a more casual feel to it. With a stainless steel case, brown leather strap, and a black dial, it’s perfect for a daytime look. We’re picturing a business owner who wants to look professional, but needs a comfortable, durable timepiece for the baseball game later. 

With a push-pull crown and time displayed in a 24 hour format, this watch has a traditional feel to it—which is only complemented with modern scratch resistant sapphire crystal and H-40 movement. 

Get things done with the Hamilton Khaki King Men’s Watch for $400 (down from $486).

Jomashop Hamilton Khaki Men’s Watch

The Hamilton Khaki Men’s Watch has an ‘English gentleman’ vibe to it. Featuring a stainless steel case and a brown leather strap, it’s a nice finishing touch to your formal attire. Wear it with a smart slim fit suit and a pocket square to keep in line with a polished appearance. 

With H-40 movement and reliable water resistance, this watch is made for men who appreciate the finer things in life. Keep things classy with the Hamilton Khaki Men’s Watch for $400 (fon sale from $463). 

Jomashop Hamilton Intra-Matic Men’s Watch

Made from ultra-soft but sturdy calfskin, the Hamilton Intra-Matic Men’s Watch is customized with a stainless steel case and a black leather strap. The white dial provides a brilliant contrast to the dark detailing, as silver-tone hands add a hint of class. 

On its face, you’ll notice two black sub-dials displaying 60 and 30 minute intervals. Allowing water resistance for up to 100 meters, this versatile watch is appropriate for both the gala and a weekend on your boss’s yacht. 

This chronograph Hamilton Intra-Matic Men’s Watch is $1,600 (originally $1,823). If you’re looking for even higher quality, try searching for Jomashop Cartier watches. 

Jomashop Seiko 5 Black Dial Men’s Watch

This piece displays all of the important details, but with none of the fuss. Straightforward and easy to operate, Jomashop Seiko watches boast attractive features that make them practical and timeless. This one is for men who need a solid watch that gets the job done. 

The stainless steel case, bracelet, fixed bezel, and black dial are strikingly accentuated by silver-tone hands. Scratch resistant Hardlex crystal helps this waterproof Jomashop SNKL23 timepiece last a lifetime (when cared for properly). 

The easy-to-fasten Seiko 5 Black Dial Men’s Watch is $100 (saving you $45). 

Jomashop Seiko 5 Dial Automatic Men’s Watch

Steel may be solid, but canvas stays put. The Seiko 5 Dial Automatic Men’s Watch brings together a stainless steel case and a black canvas strap, with a small display for the date. It’s perfect for fashion-forward dads who want to flaunt a modern accessory while taking control of the grill. 

With a black dial and sharp sword-shaped hands, this watch is easy to read. Canvas stays secure alongside rigorous activities, so you don’t need to worry about having to replace it any time soon. Consider it as an upgrade to the Walmart classic you’ve been rocking since college. 

The tang clasp means it’s easy to get on and off, and this watch is also water-resistant up to 30 meters. Step up your game with the Seiko 5 Dial Automatic Men’s Watch for $115 (previously sold for $170). 

Who is Jomashop For?

Jomashop caters to a wide range of customers who are interested in luxury watches. Here are the main groups of individuals that Jomashop serves:

  • Watch Enthusiasts: Jomashop is popular among watch enthusiasts who have a passion for timepieces and appreciate the craftsmanship, design, and history behind luxury watches. These individuals often seek out specific brands, models, or limited editions, and Jomashop’s wide selection provides them with options to explore and add to their collection.
  • Value-Conscious Shoppers: Jomashop appeals to customers who are looking for discounted prices on luxury watches. The competitive pricing offered by Jomashop allows these value-conscious shoppers to purchase their desired timepieces at more affordable rates compared to traditional retail prices.
  • Fashion and Style Conscious Individuals: Jomashop attracts individuals who view luxury watches as fashion accessories and style statements. They seek watches that complement their personal style and enhance their overall appearance. Jomashop’s diverse selection of brands, designs, and styles caters to their fashion-forward preferences.
  • Gift Shoppers: Jomashop is a destination for individuals searching for special gifts, particularly luxury watches, for their loved ones. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other milestones, Jomashop’s wide range of luxury watches provides options for memorable and meaningful gifts.
  • Watch Collectors and Investors: Jomashop appeals to watch collectors and investors who see luxury watches as valuable assets. These individuals may seek out specific models or limited editions that have potential for appreciation in value over time. Jomashop’s selection allows them to find sought-after pieces for their collections or investment portfolios.

It’s worth noting that while Jomashop primarily focuses on luxury watches, they also offer other luxury accessories such as jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and writing instruments.

These additional offerings may attract individuals who have a broader interest in luxury goods beyond watches.

Overall, Jomashop serves a diverse customer base, encompassing watch enthusiasts, value-conscious shoppers, fashion-conscious individuals, gift shoppers, and watch collectors and investors.


If you’re still looking for alternatives to Jomashop for your accessory needs, here are some top brands you can consider:

  • Watch Gang: Watch Gang offers a subscription-based service that delivers curated watches to your doorstep. They provide a variety of watch styles and brands, allowing you to expand your watch collection with new surprises each month.
  • Wilson Leather: Wilson Leather specializes in leather accessories, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. They offer a wide selection of stylish and durable leather products to suit various fashion preferences.
  • Beis Travel: Beis Travel focuses on travel bags and accessories that combine style and functionality. They offer a range of travel essentials, such as luggage, backpacks, and travel organizers, designed to make your travel experiences more convenient and stylish.
  • WatchShopping: WatchShopping is an online retailer specializing in luxury watches. They offer a wide selection of renowned brands and models, providing customers with options for finding their desired timepieces.
  • Cuyana Bags: Cuyana Bags offers a range of high-quality bags and accessories with a focus on minimalism and craftsmanship. They prioritize sustainable practices and timeless designs, making their products suitable for individuals seeking functional and elegant accessories.

These alternative brands provide a diverse range of accessories, from watches to leather goods and travel essentials. It’s advisable to visit each brand’s official website to explore their product offerings, customer reviews, and specific features to find the best fit for your accessory needs.

Jomashop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jomashop Accessories Review

This Jomashop accessories review took to the internet to find out what buyers think about the brand. Ahead, you’ll find feedback from the brand’s website, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber, that provides more information on the overall experience of shopping through this online retailer. 

The Hamilton Khaki Field King Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch is rated 4.8/5 stars by 91 customers on Jomashop’s website. Positive reviews mention the brand’s great customer service, product quality, and price point. One happy customer wrote, “What a great watch. This is my first Swiss automatic watch, and I couldn’t be happier. The customer service at Jomashop was excellent.” 

Negative reviews speak mainly of a sizing issue with the strap, being that it is too short. One buyer shared, “I love the look and feel of the watch, but the leather band is not made for a man’s wrist.”

Jomashop is rated 4.3/5 stars by 19,415 customers on Trustpilot. Buyers who left 5-star reviews mentioned that the company sells high-quality products, shipping is fast, and that the discounts and deals kept them happy. One wrote, “Another good experience. High quality product, attractive discount pricing, easy purchase process, and reasonable shipping time.” 

On the other hand, a 1-star review had complaints about the service, “Customer service is horrible, they give no info on back order items and responses to emails are several days for a response and wait times for customer service are over 40 mins and still not talk to anyone.

Jomashop has a 4.7/5 star rating from 8,643 customers on Sitejabber. Positive reviewers appreciate the reliable promise of authenticity. One testimonial reads, “Watch came with original packaging and protective plastic around watch. Beautiful watch from Tissot.” 

One dissatisfied customer claimed to have received a used product, “I’ve ordered a furla wallet… they sent me a used wrong color wrong style wallet that’s 20% cheaper then what I’ve paid… then after mailing them non stop they offered me 15$ for the gap price not even covering shipment charges… worst service ever!”

Is Jomashop Worth It?

Jomashop Accessories Review

From what this Jomashop accessories review has observed, buyers rave about the company’s selection of high-quality products and excellent deals. Speaking of which, Jomashop offers a ton of them. In fact, their entire site is like one magnificent sale section that includes some of the world’s top luxury brands. 

In terms of selection, the brand carries over 75,000 individual items. They have fast shipping options for domestic orders, and free delivery over a certain limit. Although customer service is an area that could use improvement, some delays are common with a company of this size.   

Is Jomashop legit? Considering everything carefully, we’re inclined to answer yes. If you’re in the market for designer or clothing accessories for affordable prices, we believe this online retailer is worth checking out. 

Jomashop Promotions & Discounts 

Jomashop Accessories Review

This Jomashop accessories review has found the following discounts available on the website:

  • Dads & Grads sale on select merchandise
  • Sunglasses are currently up to 75% off 
  • Clearance sale of 80% off on select items 
  • Daily deals and sale section
  • Limited Time Offers (35%–55% off luxury brands)
  • Student Jomashop coupons for Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (new codes are listed on their website) 
  • $10 off your $100 purchase with StudentBeans discount
  • Free shipping on US orders over $50. Jomashop promo code for this offer will be automatically applied at checkout 
  • $10 off on orders over $300
  • $20 off on orders over $600
  • $50 off on orders over $1,200

The deals seem almost endless! Keep an eye out on the website for rotating Jomashop discount codes, or join their email list to be notified of exclusive promotions.   

Where to Buy Jomashop

Jomashop Accessories Review

Jomashop is an online retailer that houses various brands. For this reason, you can purchase your favorites exclusively on


Jomashop Accessories Review

Who owns Jomashop?

The business was founded in 1987 by Marvin Sternberg. This Jomashop accessories review has not been able to find out whether he still owns the company. 

Where is Jomashop located? 

Jomashop is located in Brooklyn, New York.  

Is Jomashop an authorized dealer? 

Jomashop purchases their products from authorized dealers, or respected industry distributors. All of their new, unworn merchandise is guaranteed authentic. 

Does Jomashop have a warranty? 

Jomashop has a 1–5 year warranty for all of their watches (depending on the brand). This does not include things such as everyday wear and tear, alterations, or water damage. Essentially, it covers manufacturing defects such as inaccurate time-telling. 

For a full breakdown of warranties according to each manufacturer, this Jomashop accessories review encourages you to visit the ‘Product Warranty’ section of their FAQ. 

How fast does Jomashop ship? 

US orders are delivered within an average of 1–6 business days. For a complete breakdown of your options, scroll down to the Shipping Policy section of this Jomashop accessories review. 

Does Jomashop ship internationally? 

Jomashop delivers in over 150 countries. International shipping prices and times will be listed at checkout. 

What is Jomashop’s Shipping Policy?

Jomashop offers the following US shipping options:

  • Ground 1–5 business days: $6, or free on orders over $100
  • UPS 2 Day Shipping: $10
  • UPS 1 Day Shipping: $25
  • UPS Next Day AM: $55
  • Saturday Delivery: $55

How do I track my order on Jomashop?

You can use the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email to follow your parcel’s progress. Alternatively, navigate to ‘Order Status’ on Jomashop’s website and fill in the necessary details. 

Does Jomashop have free returns?

No, Jomashop does not have free returns. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from your total refund. Customers have 30 days to send back any products they are unsatisfied with. 

Your item must be in perfect condition and accompanied with its original packaging. The return must include all packing material, warranty cards, and accessories originally delivered to you. 

To do so, head to the Returns Center, and click ‘Click Here To Start a Return’. After you get your RNA, follow these steps:

  1. Put the original package into a shipping envelope or box 
  2. Include your invoice and the reason for your return
  3. Attach the prepaid shipping label to the outside of the package
  4. Write your Return Authorization Number clearly on the outside of the package
  5. Drop it off at a local post office

How to Contact Jomashop Customer Service

Need any other information that this Jomashop accessories review did not include? Get in touch with the company in the following ways:

  • Call (877) 834-1434
  • Use the Live Chat on their website 

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