Helzberg Diamonds Review

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Helzberg Diamonds Review

Thinking about popping the pretty question but can’t find the right ring in person? That’s where Helzberg comes in. 

With over 100 years of experience, this brand brings ethically sourced diamonds to more than 200 stores in America and online shoppers. Part of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, this company has years of history and experience that makes it a leading jewelry store. 

There are always milestones rolling around the corner that need to be celebrated with a pretty gemstone. Helzberg’s 40.2K followers on Instagram and 224K likes on Facebook show that people are loving this brand. 

But what are the products really like? Keep reading, as this Helzberg Diamonds review explores the brand’s bestsellers, shipping and returns policies, promotions, and more, to outline everything you need to know before making that crucial purchase. 

Overview of Helzberg

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Founded in 1915, this company has been setting the standards high for many decades. When Morris Helzberg opened the first store in Kansas, he had a vision for the company to grow, but little did he know it would expand to 101 locations across 22 states by 1990. 

This growth only continued, and there are now 210 stores in 36 states. The company always moved with the times–launching their online website in 1999 and partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation where they donate $5 from each I Am Loved bear purchase

To make their brand more accessible, this Helzberg review found that in 2012, they opened 32 outlet stores. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they had to temporarily shutter 217 of their main locations, but they are planned to reopen. 

Another fun aspect of the brand is that as of 2019, their associates are ordained so couples can elope. In fact, in 2020, over 100 couples were married at Helzberg. Now, the brand is looking into AR technology so you can virtually try their rings. 

This brand also meets the American Gem Society’s high standards, receiving a certification to promise that they will provide you with excellent quality products. But before we get into their products, this Helzberg Diamonds review will give you a general pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Impressive range of high-quality rings, jewelry, watches, and more 
  • Long history and experience with a great reputation 
  • Timeless designs and classic styles 
  • AGS certified diamonds 
  • Free shipping on orders over $99 


  • Expensive prices 
  • AGS certification does not apply to all products 
  • No international shipping available 
  • Insurances are not provided but you can purchase the Lifetime Care Plan warranty 
Helzberg Diamonds Review

While there are many different products, this Helzberg Diamonds review will focus on three main categories: engagement rings, wedding bands, and other popular Helzberg jewelry. Even though diamonds usually make you think of marriage, this company uses them effortlessly in a variety of items. 

Also, Helzberg jewelers are honed at their craft. This brand boasts about their over a century years of experience, and they have beautiful jewelry to prove it too. Now without further ado, let’s jump into these bestsellers.  

Helzberg Diamond Engagement Rings Review

There are so many Helzberg rings, but the engagement rings are a definite popular category. After all, this is the ring for when you ask someone to marry you, so it’s a no-brainer why customers would be picky about their choices. 

As Queen B famously sings—if you like it, you should’ve put a ring on it. In this Helzberg Diamonds review, we will focus on three of the most popular options in this category.  

Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece Ring Review 

If you’re looking for luxurious and exquisite Helzberg diamond engagement rings, this is the one. A timeless style, this 14K white gold ring has a 1 ct. Tw. natural diamond sitting right in the center. 

There are also smaller diamonds laid into the side of the Diamond Masterpiece Ring, adding a unique twist to this classic design. This ring would be perfect for a traditional proposal—down on one knee with the diamond ring glimmering from its velvet box. 

This high-quality Diamond Masterpiece Ring is quite expensive, costing $7,999 in total. You can choose to finance it for $259 a month for 36 months at 9.99% APR if you have a Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card. While this would end up resulting in a total payment of $9,330, it is probably more feasible than forking out eight grand in one sitting. 

Helzberg Radiant Star Ring Review

Another popular engagement ring is the Radiant Star Ring. Just like the previous one, this design is a timeless classic: the diamond sitting proudly atop the ring. 

While this diamond is lab grown, it is 1 ½ ct in a princess-cut solitaire style. The ring is also 14K white gold. There are 145 facets, and one of the brightest diamonds offered by the brand. 

The Radiant Star Ring costs the same as the Diamond Masterpiece Ring at $7,999, with the same financing options. 

Helzberg Charles & Colvard Forever One Halo Ring Review 

Now what if those rings are just too unattainable? You still want to show your love, but you don’t want to either cancel your honeymoon or put your new home on the market. In that case, consider the Charles and Colvard Forever One Halo Ring

This Helzberg Diamonds review finds this ring to be one of the more affordable options, while not compromising on design and beauty. The gem is not a diamond, but this lab-created moissanite will shine brightly, being roughly the equivalent weight of a 2 ⅞ carat diamond. 

With additional moissanite gems laid into the 14K white gold ring, this item definitely has a lot of bling. And though it is originally $2,999, you can also finance it for $97 a month for 36 months, resulting in a total payment of $3,498

Helzberg Wedding Bands Review

Besides their engagement line, the Helzberg wedding bands are also popular choices. While most people typically go for simpler gold bands, they can be jazzed up with some diamonds too. 

In this Helzberg Diamonds review, we will look at two main features: the Chevron Wedding Band and the ¼ ct. Diamond Band

Helzberg Chevron Wedding Band Review 

Want a popular style? The Chevron Wedding Band has a beautiful and modern shape. Unlike a typical circle, there is a crest shaped to look like a little crown on your finger. 

The 19K white gold band and 17 round cut pave diamonds pair together to make a pristine ring. All the diamonds are from natural sources too, so the cost is very worth it. You can buy this wedding band for $350

Helzberg ¼ ct. Diamond Band Review 

Looking for another unique design? The ¼ ct. Diamond band is in a simple ring shape, but the winding diamonds on the top half adds a special flair. 

Just like the other ring, this is made with a 10K white gold band. But what sets this apart are the 11 round diamonds weighing about ¼, but they are also all natural. 

Wedding bands are definitely more affordable than engagement rings, so you would want to choose a wedding band that matches your engagement ring. With this simple design, the ¼ ct. Diamond Band would be a great fit with any. You can buy this ring for $430

Helzberg Jewelry Review

Not a fan of rings? Diamonds are suited for all occasions, and customers have their eyes on a few gleaming treasures. From necklaces to earrings, you can trust that the brand has a product for you. In this Helzberg review, we will focus on four main diamond-decked out pieces.

Helzberg 1/10 ct. Diamond Open Heart Necklace Review 

If you want a sweet and cute necklace, this product would be a great option for you! Just like it says on the tin, this necklace has an open heart with diamonds laid on the outline. It features just enough bling to stand out. 

The 1/10 ct. Diamond Open Heart Necklace is made with sterling silver with rhodium plating, but there are 20 round single cut natural diamonds. This all comes to $200 but you can also finance it for $50 a month with Affirm. 

This product would also pair beautifully with Helzberg diamond bracelets, completing your look from top to bottom. 

Helzberg ½ ct. Black Diamond Stud Earrings Review 

Who said that diamonds have to be white? These Black Diamond Stud Earrings are stunning and mysterious. 

While the shape is simple, just a diamond laid into a 14K white gold stud, the earrings could be an accent accessory or a complimentary piece. The black color diamonds are all natural, weighing roughly ½ ct. Tw. 

This pair of Black Diamond Stud Earrings rings in at $230

Helzberg White Sapphire Stud Earrings Review

But if you do just want a simple and classic pair of white earrings, these are the ones for you. Made with white sapphire, they look like diamonds but cost a small fraction. 

Also, instead of the white gold backing, this is made from sterling silver. With the lab-made 6.5×6.5 mm white sapphires, this pair resembles diamond studs and sells for $90. You’d be able to wear these worry-free to elevate your outfit, but you also won’t need to split hairs if you lose it. 

Helzberg Charles & Colvard Forever One Stud Earrings Review

And finally, this Helzberg Diamonds review has landed on the Charles and Colvard Forever One Stud Earrings. Just like the other two studs, the shape is very simple and elegant. But these studs cost much more for a reason. 

With 14K white gold studs and two 5 mm colorless lab-grown moissanites, this pair has a diamond equivalent weight of 1 They will gleam and shine beautifully, despite not being real diamonds. 

The Charles and Colvard Forever One Stud Earrings are $700

Are Helzberg Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Yes, this Helzberg Diamonds review finds that the brand definitely uses real diamonds. Whether they are natural or lab-grown, the stones are reputable. That being said, not all jewelry products are of the same certification and quality, and not all use diamonds. You will need to double check before purchasing. 

Is Helzberg Doing Cleanings? 

Helzberg Diamonds Review

If you have the Lifetime Care Plan, the company will cover all the inspections, cleanings, and repairs. Also, if you can visit the stores in person, there are free ring cleaning and jewelry inspection services. 

Does Helzberg Do Layaways?

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Yes! There is no approval price nor finance charges, so you can lock in a price and decide your layaway amount worry-free. You should be able to do this with your Helzberg credit card or any other preferred payment method. 

Who Is Helzberg For? 

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Since the designs are more classical, Helzberg would be best suited for those who want the usual timeless looks, as opposed to more avant-garde styles. There is a great range of price points too, but you would need to check which gems are being used. That being said, Helzberg has jewelry for all occasions, but their engagement rings and wedding bands definitely stand out. 

Comparison: Helzberg vs. Vancaro 

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Before getting into what customers think about the brand, this Helzberg Diamonds review will look at a similar company: Vancaro. While both sell jewelry, there are a few key differences. 

First, the styles are rather different. Like we wrote in the product reviews, the Helzberg designs are more classic styles. Vancaro has funkier collections with more dynamic designs. 

Second, the price points are vastly dissimilar, likely because Helzberg uses diamonds. While the engagement rings at Helzberg are well over thousands of dollars, Vancaro has options for around the hundreds. 

While they definitely have more fun designs, it seems like Vancaro is better suited for decorative jewelry as opposed to pieces made for a promise. 

Ultimately, you should buy from whichever brand suits your needs best, but you will always be able to trust that Helzberg will give you the real stuff. They have been in business for over a century after all. 

Helzberg Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Helzberg Diamonds Review

After taking a look across different review sites and individual blogs, it seems to this Helzberg Diamonds review that customers are generally pleased with their orders. That being said, there are complaints about quality and customer service. 

The company has an A+ rating on BBB for responding to customer complaints and actively improving. And of course, the company is reputable and has been in business for such a long time. 

As seen by comments left on Yelp, such as the comments for Helzberg Diamonds in Santa Clara, many customers are pleased with the services. 

One customer wrote, “We have had a great experience with Helzberg! They go above and beyond for all your jewelry needs. We have purchased for years here. They have great customer service and an amazing bridal collection!” 

Another buyer echoed their appreciation for Helzberg’s customer service, writing, “My mom came here to look for a new wedding ring and Frank was very helpful. We came by on a Saturday afternoon and he was there to assist. Frank helped my mother decide if buying the moissanite was the right choice for her. He is very informative. You should call in to see if he is there on the day you come in.”

But there are also many unsatisfied customers, especially about the warranty. You need to purchase it separately and have your documents on hand whenever you go back to the store. 

A critic from The Diamond Pro did not approve of the brand. His Helzberg Diamonds review read, “From the sterile interior to the subpar salesmanship, I felt like there was nothing (positively) noteworthy about the buying experience with Helzberg. I would rather save 30-40% while having more options and having a better experience by shopping elsewhere.” 

Customers on ResellerRatings are displeased, leaving an average of 1.29/5 star review in the past year. From customer service complaints to issues with the warranty, customers found many struggles with their purchases. 

One person shared, “Seller was nice but when the chain broke they refused to fix it and said I have to pay for it since it was more than 30 days. How could I get to them when America was on a stay at home order and Helzberg was not a necessary business. How is that fair? Don’t waste your money.” 

Another wrote, “I purchased a ring on the 9 th of April. I didn’t get it until the 19th. It’s not what my fiancée wanted but I can’t return it because it’s too late according to Helzberg customer service. Apparently your stones begin to depreciate after 30 days.” 

Clearly there are a few issues with the brand despite the long-standing positive reputation. 

Is Helzberg Worth It? 

Helzberg Diamonds Review

To give it grace, Helzberg Diamonds might’ve been struggling because of the pandemic. After all, they had to temporarily shut down many stores, and even as restrictions are easing up, they may not have made a full recovery yet. 

That being said, they should improve the transparency of their policies. For products of their calibre and expense, they should do the customer right by clearly outlining what they need to pay for and what they don’t. 

Despite the negative comments, Helzberg must have been in the business for a long time for a reason. Their ethically sourced diamonds and timeless designs are definitely winners, so if this is what you are going for, this Helzberg Diamonds review finds that yet, shopping here is worth it. 

Helzberg Promotions & Discounts 

Helzberg Diamonds Review

This Helzberg Diamonds review found several different coupons and discounts. You can use the code STUDLY for free ¼ ct. tw. diamond and white gold studs with purchases over $700

There is also the code CONGRATS to save $200 on purchases over $1,000 or $400 on orders over $1,999

If you can’t aim that high, you can also use the code TAKE50 for $50 off orders over $300. Wanting to buy cheaper items? You can get an additional 15% off outlet jewelry using the code OUTLET15 until August 11th. 

If you are in the military—including being on active duty, a retiree, veteran, or registered dependents of active duty soldiers or retirees—you can get 10% off your order. This applies to first responders and students too, but only for online and phone orders. 

Lastly, there is free continental US shipping on orders over $99

Where to Buy Helzberg

Helzberg Diamonds Review

Helzberg has many brick and mortar locations across the US, including outlet stores. You can also shop through their online store at


Helzberg Diamonds Review

Where is Helzberg located? 

While Helzberg has stores all across the United States, they began in Kansas City, Kansas. The company’s headquarters are located in North Kansas City, Missouri. 

Where is Helzberg made? 

Although the company does not say from where exactly they receive their materials, they do emphasize that they follow ethical diamond sourcing policies. 

They adhere to the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council standards, and they did not buy any diamonds mined after 2002 without a World Diamond Council warranty statement. 

The brand is also committed to sustainable policies. They make their partners comply with environmental laws, such as those outlined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

This Helzberg Diamonds review finds that the company condemns using minerals that fund the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, believing that jewelry must be made while respecting all human rights. 

That being said, the company does not provide a clear list of where their diamonds come from. 

What is Helzberg’s Shipping Policy?

Helzberg offers several shipping options for domestic purchases. When you checkout online, you can choose the free in-store pick up option. But if you want the item delivered to your doorstep, that’s possible too! 

Orders over $99 qualify for free standard shipping. If you want your product quicker, you can choose same-day delivery which would cost $20. Unfortunately, this option is not available for all items, such as rings other than women’s stock size 7 and men’s stock size 10, personalized items, and online exclusives. 

The delivery will also be inconspicuous. There would be no reference to Helzberg Diamonds on the package, so you can sneakily prepare your surprise! 

What is Helzberg’s Return Policy?

No matter what reason, if you are unhappy with your product, you have 30 days for a free refund or exchange. You just need to send back your item in the completely new condition with the receipt. If there are physical grading reports, you should add them too. 

For online orders, you can either: 

  1. Call or chat with their customer service to get a free shipping return label  
  2. Return your online order in a store 

If you just find a small issue with your product, you have 12 months to go visit a Helzberg store to have your item repaired or replaced for free. 

How to Contact Helzberg

Have any questions beyond this Helzberg Diamonds review? You can reach the brand in a few different ways: 

  • Phone: 1-800-435-9237
  • Fill out the online contact form
  • Live chat on their website 

Helzberg’s customer care hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8 AM–8 PM, CST

Saturdays: 10 AM–4 PM, CSTSundays: 12 PM–6 PM, CST

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