Tweezerman Tweezers Review

About Tweezerman

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

Tweezerman takes the pain out of beauty. Their award-winning selection of tweezers, trimmers, and nail tools are made with high-quality stainless steel, making your grooming process effortless.

Whether you’re looking to shape up your mustache or tweeze your brows into immaculate arches, their products fit the bill. 

Tweezerman has attracted lots of attention over the years. The brand has been featured in iconic publications such as Allure, Elite Daily, The New York Times, Shape Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and many others.

They have an impressive following of 131K on Instagram, and 123K more on Facebook where many customers frequently post about their plucked-to-perfection success stories.  

This Tweezerman tweezers review will take a close look at the brand and its bestsellers, customer reviews, promotions, and more. We’ll help you decide whether their tools are worth purchasing.  

Overview of Tweezerman

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

The company was founded by the “Tweezerman” himself, Dal LaMagna. In 1980, He wanted to promote tweezers as a beauty accessory, instead of a medical one. Many happy customers created a buzz over perfectly shaped brows, and the brand grew. 

When Tweezerman launched its flagship slanted tweezer, its mission was to “bring high quality, innovative, and best in class tools to the beauty industry.”

Over time, the brand has become a household name, with many fans still using their products faithfully. (Part of this success could be attributed to their free tweezer sharpening service!) 

The brand now belongs to the Zwilling Beauty Group, with facilities in the US, India, and China. But, the brand is also a part of the UN Global Compact ensuring its products and practices are always environmentally friendly and sustainable.

On the heels of that origin story, this Tweezerman tweezers review will now fill you in on the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • A variety of tweezers and accessories made for many different purposes for men and/or women
  • Working towards global sustainability, incorporating solar power into their facilities
  • 40 years of experience in the beauty industry 
  • Free Tweezerman tweezers sharpening and repair service 
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Award-winning tweezers
  • Trusted by longtime customers
  • Signatory to the UN Global Compact in 2002
  • Available worldwide in many shops, pharmacies, and online stores
  • You receive 10% off after subscribing to the newsletter
  • Free Micro Slant Tweezer with any purchase of $25+
  • Get a free mini mirror when you buy the Midnight Slant Tweezer + one of the brow brushes
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free returns offered


  • Website only ships within the US
  • Some customers have issues with their Smooth Finish Hair Remover tool
Tweezerman Tweezers Review

The company creates quality products that help sculpt, maintain, and define facial hair. Next up, this Tweezerman tweezers review will include the brand’s bestsellers, including eyebrow tools, lash curlers, mustache trimmers, and nail perfectors. 

Tweezerman Products Review

The brand’s bestsellers, featured next in this review, include their award-winning tweezers, along with beautification tools for men and women.

From what we have seen in our research so far, this Tweezerman tweezers review has seen precision brow scissors, mustache trimmers, and effective blackhead extractors that help enhance your look without harming the environment in the process. 

Be advised that most of the brand’s products are constructed with high-quality stainless steel and will last you for years to come. Let’s get into it.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Review 

Have you ever hurriedly tried to pluck your eyebrows, only to pinch your skin instead? Getting our eyebrows into the perfect shape isn’t always easy, but having the right tools can help you get the job done quicker, with less pain, and fewer mistakes

The 25° slant tip of this Slant Tweezer lets you select individual hairs with more accuracy, making it easier to carefully pluck along the brow bone. Plus, the hand-filed tips also ensure the stubborn hair you grab makes its way all the way out. 

This Tweezerman ultra-precision slant tweezer has been an Allure Best of Beauty winner for two decades in a row! It comes in six fun colors, like Pretty in Pink and Green Apple. Get them for $23. 

Tweezerman Classic Slant Tweezer Review 

This Tweezerman tweezers review will now impart some wisdom: Not all tweezers are created equal! Some break hairs instead of plucking, and even worse, some can’t seem to get a grip.

We grab and grab, but the pincers just slide right off and grasp at thin air. So frustrating.

The hand-filed tips of the Classic Slant Tweezers lock onto fine hairs, ensuring they don’t plan a slippery escape. To feel like a professional esthetician, press a warm washcloth to your brows to help open up your pores.

This also helps take some pain out of the process. Get a grip with the Classic Slant Tweezers for $23. 

Tweezerman Brow Scissors & Brush Review

Eyebrows have sure had their share of trends. Straight, curved, thin, bushy…What’s deemed as “in” has certainly changed over the years. In today’s times, if you have naturally big, full brows, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Still, they can tend to get a little unruly. 

Plucking long, extending hairs may cause unwanted spare areas. That’s where the Brow Scissors & Brush duo comes in. Brush your brows up and out with the spoolie brush, then trim across the top with the Tweezerman scissors, which are contoured for ease of use

Get your arches into shape with the Brow Scissors & Brush for $20. 

Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler Review 

Eyelash curlers are an important beauty tool that can make a huge difference in the way we look. Mascara usually gets all of the attention, but pushing up your lashes creates a wide-eyed look without the black goop. 

The Classic Tweezerman Lash Curler gives your eyelashes a strong curl from root to tip, for a fluttery, dramatic, and natural look. The rounded, silicone lash pads on these won’t crimp your lashes, meaning that it’s safe to use daily, without risking any breakage. 

These Tweezerman eyelash curlers come with 3 replacement pads, for $15. 

Tweezerman Splintertweeze Review 

Most of us have had that one splinter that we’ve struggled to extricate, a minuscule thread of some sharp object, a piece of glass, or some pointy wood. Regular tweezers can be effective, but sometimes more precision is needed. Enter: the Splintertweeze

The Splintertweeze also works to remove ingrown hairs, helping you to pull them out without any accidental bleeds. These Tweezerman point tweezers have sharp, hand-filed, tapered tips to help zone in on those pesky fragments or growths. 

Made from stainless steel, you can get the Splintertweeze for $21

Tweezerman Moustache Scissors Review 

Mustaches will grow in all directions if you let them. Before you know it, you’ve started giving off a Western cowboy type of vibe. The Moustache Scissors make sure your handlebars are kept in line, for a neat, tidy, and presentable look. 

Made from stainless steel, these durable and easy-to-clean scissors are great for snipping your ‘stache into shape, providing precision for getting even those tiny hairs. Grab a pair of the Moustache Scissors for $13

Tweezerman Pushy & Nail Cleaner Review 

For some of us, the length of our nails is a touchy subject. We dream of long, hard talons but it takes weeks for them to grow. As you can imagine, every millimeter of the nail we have to show is precious. In that case, the Tweezerman nail clippers won’t be of any help. 

For all you nail pickers out there who have used random household or office objects to get the dirt out in the meantime, please stop. Pens are toxic, sharp things will cut you, and paper clips won’t get it all. We’ve all been there, but it’s time to switch things up

With the Pushy & Nail Cleaner is a 2-in-1 tool, you can push your cuticles back and then flip over to clean underneath your nail. Follow up with the Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper for the full manicure experience.

Check out the Pushy & Nail Cleaner with its secure grip and buffed edges, sold for $18. 

Tweezerman Blackhead Extractor Review

Drawing out blackheads can be a dangerous game. Sometimes, we squeeze and squeeze, only to severely damage the skin around it. Trying to mutilate ourselves shows up as a giant scab on our faces for the rest of the week (plus, the blackhead was never actually removed). 

The Blackhead Extractor is gentle on the skin, using its special shape to effectively remove blackouts with no harm. This Tweezerman no-slip skincare tool is made from stainless steel, safe for sensitive skin, and easy to use at home

For a more thorough cleansing experience, try with the Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplanter. Press, roll, and lift blackheads efficiently with the Extractor for $16.  

Tweezerman Free Sharpening Review

Over the years, steel beauty tools dull and become useless. Instead of throwing them out, you can send them to Tweezerman for free sharpening

The turnaround time for the Tweezerman Sharpening service is 16 business weeks for US orders, and 20 business weeks for international orders. You’ll only need to pay for shipping

You can get 6 items sharpened (or repaired) in one go. Pack them up and send them to the following address:

Tweezerman Service

2 Tri Harbor Court

South Dock #1

Port Washington, NY 11050

Tweezerman Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

This Tweezerman tweezers review searched the web for helpful customer reviews to find out more about their bestsellers. Next, you’ll find feedback sourced from the brand’s website, Makeup Alley, and Hair Free Life. 

The Blackhead Extractor is rated 3.9/5 stars by 37 customers on Satisfied customers write about the effectiveness, and quality of this tool, and how they are having less scarring from using the product. One stated:

“This changed my life around. It’s so easy to use and is great at getting everything out. Will never switch again.” 

Next, the Tweezerman Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover has a 4.2/5 star rating from 24 customers on, with customers writing that this tool is certainly effective and easy to use

One review that speaks of the process of using this hair remover reads:

This works really well and reminds me of threading. It’s portable, discreet, and leaves no mess. Much easier on my skin than waxing. You hold the coils against your skin, turn two knobs, and move the coils back and forth over the area.” 

A comprehensive review of the Slant Tweezers on discussed the steel pincers from end to tip, as well as their performance, quality, and price.

The author believes that though the prices are mid-range, these tweezers are high quality and perform well. She writes, “A good quality product for under $20 which, if cared for correctly, should last for many years.” 

Instead, they’re in regards to the “lack of information” included in the pamphlet accompanying the tweezers, and that “it would be good to have a protective sleeve or pouch to store the tweezers in to avoid damage.”

This Tweezerman tweezers review believes that these are two very sound suggestions! 

The review also pointed out the benefits of the free sharpening service included when you buy these tweezers. It did, however, mention two downsides, which weren’t product-related. 

Speaking of downsides, this Tweezerman tweezers review did find some unfortunate feedback about the brand.

Although, one customer on the brand’s website wrote about the Blackhead Extractor, “[Does] not bend when pushed—so strong and so well made—great workmanship.” Other customers did not have the same success. A 1-star review reads:

I just can’t get the hang of it. My skin tends to get occasional blackheads, and when I finally had a chance to try it, I would get a little bit of the blackhead out, but I’d end up having to squeeze the rest of it out with my nails, or a different tool with the loops on it.”

The Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover has also proven not to be suitable for everyone. One unhappy customer on Makeup Alley warned:

Use this with caution if you have sensitive skin. I broke out in large red swollen welt like blemishes almost immediately after using this instrument of torture, not to mention the pain.” 

Is Tweezerman Worth It?

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

The company has been around for a long time. But, are Tweezerman tweezers good? The simple answer is yes, they are worth the buy. Tweezerman is a trusted household name that delivers results

Many loyal customers swear by their tools, and that they wouldn’t switch to any other brand, given that these products are well-made, reliable, and cost-effective.

A common sentiment among Tweezerman users is that the brand’s products get the job done without scarring or hassle. But, some did have unfortunate results with some of the products wherein ineffectiveness or reactions happened.

If you do encounter these issues or more, the brand offers a free 3-day return policy that you can take full advantage of for a full refund.

But, their products are made from stainless steel, and last for years if handled and stored properly. If you’re a long-time Tweezerman owner and find that your tool has become dull, you can ship it back to them for free sharpening or repair. 

Tweezerman Promotions & Discounts 

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

This Tweezerman tweezers review has found the following discounts on their website:

  • 10% off when subscribing to the newsletter
  • Free sharpening and repair service
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free Micro Slant Tweezer with any purchase of $25 or more using promo code: ‘MICROMINI2021’
  • Get a free mini mirror when you buy the Midnight Slant Tweezer + one of the brow brushes

Where to Buy Tweezerman

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

You can buy the brand’s products directly from their website: They are also available to purchase in many shops and pharmacies around the world. 

Some of Tweezerman’s in-person and online retailers include:

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Revolve
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond


Tweezerman Tweezers Review

Who owns Tweezerman?

Dal LaMagna initially founded the brand, and it is now owned by the Zwilling Beauty Group

Does Tweezerman still sharpen tweezers?

Yes, Tweezerman still offers a sharpening service for their tweezers. The good news is, it’s free

What is Tweezerman’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Tweezerman only ships within the US, and its territories. Orders that are placed before 1 PM, Monday to Friday, will ship on the same day. Delivery options, times, and fees are listed below:

  • Ground Service TBD: $6
  • 2-Day Shipping: $11
  • Overnight shipping: $30

Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to locate their packages. 

What is Tweezerman’s Return Policy?

As soon as you get your order, Tweezerman suggests making sure all items included are correct and undamaged. If anything is missing or isn’t quite right, let customer service know right away so that they can remedy the situation. 

To qualify for a refund, send back your items within 30 days of delivery.  If you checked out as a guest, you’ll need to email Tweezerman, and they will send you a return label. 

If you have an account, this Tweezerman tweezers review has compiled a few simple steps:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click My Return under the account menu
  3. Scroll and locate which items you want to return, then follow the prompts
  4. Print out the shipping label and tape it to the outside of your return package
  5. Drop off your package at a UPS or USPS store, or request a pick-up. The address for returns: 

Tweezerman Returns

2 Tri Harbor Court

Port Washington, NY 11050-4617


How to Contact Tweezerman

For any inquiries unrelated to this Tweezerman tweezers review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

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