AQUIS Hair Towel Review

About AQUIS Hair Towel

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

AQUIS offers a line of innovative hair care products that include fast-drying towels, turbans, and other restorative products.

The company’s goal is to work with the biology of your hair, rebuilding its beauty, strength, and vitality. From pre-wash to dry, their systems are meant to save you time. 

The brand was featured in publications like The Cut, NY Magazine, Business Insider, and many others. With over 66.9k followers on Instagram, AQUIS established itself as an essential player in the haircare industry.

The AQUIS Poosh collaboration proved that the brand dedicates its products to people from walks of life, “from plain jane to high profile celebs.”

This AQUIS hair towel review will take a look at the brand and its bestsellers. We’ll also weigh customer opinions, give you insight on promotions, and some frequently asked questions. Keep reading to decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of AQUIS

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

AQUIS’ founder Britta Cox spent hours volumizing, smoothing, strengthening, and taming her hair while waiting for it to dry. But, while working in the ski industry she found high-performance fabrics that wick moisture away in minutes.

She then traveled to Japan to work with experts who used the fabrics in athletic wear to fashion the first AQUIS hair towel in 1990. 

For the first time, Cox offered people with out-of-control locks the luxury to dry their hair faster and hands-free, without worrying about excessive heat or friction damage.

In 2018, along with her husband Suveen Sahib, Cox expanded her business to haircare products and launched the AQUIS Prime Hair Care System

At this time, there are no AQUIS cosmetics. But, their products come with plenty of benefits, but also some criticism from customers. The list below will outline some of the pros and cons of the San Francisco-based brand.


  • A variety of hair care towels and turbans to dry hair fast and increase hair health
  • Hair towels and turbans are said to cut down hair drying time by half 
  • Some products are made especially for certain hair textures and lengths (curly, tightly coiled, long, etc.)  
  • Long-lasting and high-quality materials  
  • Towels and turbans stay secure overnight  
  • Certified cruelty-free and dermatologically tested products formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates  
  • Safe for colored hair 
  • Compatible with all types of hair
  • Free U.S. orders over $49 
  • 90-day return policy for U.S. customers 


  • A few reviewers questioned the high price point, learning curve, and the texture of the products 
  • No international returns, exchanges, or promo codes  

AQUIS Towels & Turbans Review

AQUIS has become synonymous with “hair towels”. The brand designed a patented turban shape, with button closure and distinctive microfiber to match.

The proprietary fabric, called Aquitex™, is composed of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. It was inspired by workout materials that are both absorbent and soft. 

This AQUIS hair towel review will take a look at the brand’s best-selling hair turbans and towels; outlining all the hair types they’re best suited for, color options, and prices. 

AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban Review 

The one that pioneered it all. AQUIS’ Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban is designed to gently dry hair without heat damage, or the tugging and pulling of a conventional bath towel. It’s best suited for fine, wavy, straight, or curly hair of all lengths

The Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban was created to take the pain away from hair drying and to look cute doing it. The turban is available in 10 colors, from Ruby Red to Striped, allowing you to express yourself before even getting dressed for the day.

Coming in a 10.5” x 29” size, this AQUIS original hair turban retails for $30

AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel Review 

Much like its sister the Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban, the Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel was designed to make your post-shower time an enjoyable experience. No more turning your head upside down and scrubbing aggressively with a bath towel! 

The extra-absorbent Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel ensures that hair is dried without causing frizz, breakage, or split ends. Be aware that this towel is ideal for short to medium hair lengths of all hair types.

The 19” x 42” towel is available in Ivory White, Desert Rose, and Cloudy Berry and retails for $30.  

AQUIS Rapid Dry Double Layer Hair Turban Review 

The Rapid Dry Double Layer Hair Turban is ideal for those who shower before bed.

The reversible product is made of 2 ultra-fine materials:

  • Aquitex™microfiber
  • Silk charmeuse

While the Aquis microfiber towel fabric soaks up moisture to avoid wet hair headaches, the silk helps reduce friction on your hair overnight due to the sleek silk.

It also helps to prevent bedhead and tangles, leaving hair feeling soft and conditioned in the morning. This AQUIS long hair towel measures 10.5” x 29”

Purchase the double-duty Rapid Dry Double Layer Hair Turban in Ruby Red or Black, for $50.

AQUIS Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban Review 

This one is for the ladies with thick, long hair that takes hours to dry. The 10.9” x 29” Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban is created a little differently than the products we have seen so far.

This AQUIS microfiber hair towel waffle has a raised pattern, leaving more room for absorption and cutting drying time in half.

The Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban allows for your dripping tresses to return back to normal without compromising volume or texture. The AQUIS super absorbent hair towel is available in Moody Grey, Dream Boat Blue, or Blush and sells for $40.

AQUIS Hair Products Review

After relishing in the success of their hair towels and turbans, the brand branched out into the world of shower companions, creating AQUIS leave in conditioners, washes, and serums.

These promote healthy, strong, and manageable hair while treating damage from the inside out. 

This AQUIS hair towel review was unable to find anything beyond towels and turbans on the company’s US website. But, these haircare products are available on Sephora, Dermstore, Revolve, and Amazon (where you can even find an AQUIS back scrubber).

The best-selling hair treatments have made their way into the essential haircare regimes of many people. 

AQUIS Prime Restorative Leave-In Serum Review 

AQUIS’ Restorative Leave-In Serum was created to tame the wildest of manes. Keratin, Cysteine Amino Acids, and Avocado Oil work together to nourish, moisturize, and soothe your hair all while restoring its natural pH. 

While the Amino Acids boost shine, Avocado Oil stops damage in its tracks and soothes existing, brittle cuticles. The weightless formula is best used on damp hair and massaged into damaged areas.

To amplify the benefits of this serum, this AQUIS hair towel review recommends pairing it with other products from the brand’s haircare line. 

This sulfate-free, clean Restorative Leave-In Serum won the Dermstore 2021 Beauty Favorite award. Try out a 236ml bottle of the formula yourself, for $26. 

AQUIS Prime Water Defense PreWash Review 

The Prime Water Defense PreWash has one goal: to protect hair from losing moisture during cleansing. It preps all types of hair, from tightly coiled to pin-straight, leaving it much easier to style once dried.  

Customers love the easy application of this award-winning Prime Water Defense PreWash, and some have noticed major differences when it comes to preventing hair loss: “It not only made my hair feel stronger, but I noticed significantly less hair coming out in the shower!” 

This dermatologist-tested AQUIS Prime Water Defense PreWash contains Coconut Oil, Keratin, Aloe Extract, and Avocado 0il. Plus, it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Sephora sells a 354ml size for $29

AQUIS Rebalancing Hair Wash Review 

If your hair has endured years of harsh treatments such as bleaching, straightening, and coloring, it’s still not too late to mend things.

The Rebalancing Hair Wash balances pH levels without stripping or drying, allowing a mild blend of Botanical Extracts and Amino Acids to improve the texture and elasticity of your strands. 

Green Tea, Keratin, and Aloe Vera help replenish dehydrated hair and remove build-up for the ultimate post-shower clean feeling.

Ideal for color-treated hair but also compatible with every other type, the Rebalancing Hair Wash retails for $26 at Dermstore.  

AQUIS Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash Review 

Weight of the world bringing you down? The Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash is here to help.

This detoxifying wash is formulated with Activated Charcoal, Witch Hazel, and Salicylic Acid to cleanse air pollution, excess oil build-up, and hard-water mineral deposits from your hair. 

The weekly treatment draws impurities from the hair and scalp gently, while returning hair to an ideal pH level.

This AQUIS hair towel review recommends using the Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash every 3 to 4 washes, after going through your usual shower routine. 

Simply section your hair into parts, twist the nozzle, and squeeze out some product. Massage it into your scalp, gently working through your hair, and then rinse thoroughly. Find the Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash on Revolve for $26. 

AQUIS Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

This AQUIS hair towel review took inventory of what customers were saying online, and found that nearly everyone was pleased! There were no reviews compiled on the brand’s website, so we looked at other sources. 

First off, a senior writer at The Cut reviewed AQUIS and loved the convenience of the quick drying time. She stated that:

“In general, I’d recommend this in terms of convenience. It’s just nice and easy to have your hair wrapped up in a specially designed fabric loop, as opposed to a large towel. It definitely made my hectic morning easier.”

On MakeupAlley, the haircare brand scored 4.8/ 5 stars and 94% of reviewers said they would repurchase the products. Some reviewers said they felt a bit skeptical about the towels in the beginning, but admitted that “the results don’t lie.” 

Next, out of 442 total reviews on Influenster, more than 90% of people gave the brand over 4/5 stars

For example, the AQUIS Original Hair Towel received several customers who noticed a decrease in drying time and frizziness, “My hair had more curl definition, less dryness, and overall, felt healthier.”

On Amazon, AQUIS received 4.4/5 stars out of 1,930 global ratings. One reviewer raved about the quality of the Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban:

“Super luxurious! I’ve owned this for over a year. It holds its shape, stays there…makes my hair DRY SUPER fast! If you are trying to grow long hair, this is the winner for you!” 

While some customers loved the feel and quality of the microfiber hair turbans and towels, others found the texture of Aquitex™ to be “off-putting”. As a 1-star reviewer wrote:

“I get wanting to create a better way to towel dry your hair, but the material felt like it was sucking the life out of my hair with the water.” 

A few other customers who saw no difference in drying time said the towel also became heavy. This AQUIS hair towel review wonders if this could be because the commenters were using the wrong towel for their hair thickness and length.

For example, people with thick, long hair are encouraged to use the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Turban, which absorbs more water than the regular turban. 

Price was also a common debate in the comments sections, with many people wondering why the brand’s hair towels range from $30 to $50.

AQUIS responds: “AQUIS is a priceless investment to protect the integrity of your hair. How you dry your hair is the most important step in maintaining optimal hair health. Making AQUIS part of your haircare routine is the key to stronger and healthier hair.”

Is AQUIS Hair Towel Worth It?

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

Taking everything into consideration, this AQUIS hair towel review would say that yes, their towels, turbans, and hair products are worth the buy.

Less than 10% of customers were unhappy or questioned the efficacy of the towels, so the resounding verdict was that their products do work

With towels and turbans selling over $30, it’s definitely on the pricier end, but these are meant to be long-lasting luxury items made from high-quality materials.

But, the brand receives its highest compliments about:

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Ethical production  

Different sizes and designs allow customers with varying hair lengths and types to choose what works best for them. These certified cruelty-free and dermatologically tested products leave users feeling confident.

If you live in the U.S. and are unsatisfied with your purchase of hair towels or turbans, return them to AQUIS hassle-free within 90 days

AQUIS Promotions & Discounts 

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

This AQUIS hair towel review did some digging for ongoing promotions, sales, or discount codes. There are currently none advertised, but U.S. customers can receive free shipping for orders $49+.

By signing up for email notifications, you’ll also hear about new products, sales, events, and restocks first.

Where to Buy AQUIS 

AQUIS Hair Towel Review

The best place to find AQUIS’ hair turban and towels is on their website: 

Their haircare washes, serums, and other products are available at:

  • Sephora
  • Dermstore
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Revolve
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Anthropologie

Use the brand’s Store Locator, found under the Where To Find AQUIS section, to find a retailer closest to you.  


AQUIS Hair Towel Review

What is AQUIS? 

AQUIS is a brand specializing in towels, turbans, and clean haircare products.

How do you use AQUIS? 

Follow these simple steps to use your AQUIS hair turban: 

  1. Tilt your head forward and place the button at the back of the neck
  2. Twist until the turban is comfortably snug
  3. Flip the end over, and button to secure
  4. Let your hair dry

How long do I have to leave on the AQUIS hair towel? 

Leave the hair towel on for a few minutes while you’re getting dressed, or overnight to wake up with tangle free locks! The drying time depends on the thickness and length of your hair. 

Can you sleep in AQUIS Turban? 

Yes! You can sleep in any of the AQUIS towels, but the Rapid Double Layer Hair Turban (the one with a reversible silk sleeve) is best suited for the job. 

How do you wash an AQUIS hair towel? 

The best way to wash and care for your AQUIS hair towel it to 

  1. Machine wash in warm water, avoid bleach and fabric softener
  2. Machine dry on low heat with other towels
  3. Hang it up to dry between uses
  4. Wash every 3 to 5 uses 

What is AQUIS’ Shipping Policy?

AQUIS offers free shipping on orders over $49 within continental U.S. U.K. customers are to shop from the AQUIS U.K. website. 

Excluding the U.K, international shipping times depend on the order, the distribution center it is being shipped from, and the destination. These rates are calculated at checkout. 

What is AQUIS’ Return Policy?

U.S. customers can return any purchase within 90 days of delivery. To do so, visit the Returns and Exchanges section on the AQUIS website.

Then, fill in your email address and order number to receive a prepaid return shipping label. Refunds take about 14 days to be processed. 

Unfortunately, all international orders are final sale, not subject to refunds or exchanges. 

How to Contact AQUIS Customer Service 

For any information that this AQUIS hair towel review did not provide, get in touch with the company directly via:  

  • Phone: at 1-800-466-7379 x107 
  • The Contact Form found on their website. 

Customer service monitors phone lines on weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM PST.

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