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About Brondell

Brondell Review

Brondell is an American company that sells wellness items to enhance your home and your quality of life. Their product line includes air filtration systems, water purifiers, bidets, and more!

My Brondell review will cover this company’s essential info, buying highlights, and of course, best-selling products, so you can get a sense of what they have to offer. I’ll also check out their customer reviews so you can decide if you’d like to make an order too. Keep reading to discover more about Brondell.

Overview of Brondell

Brondell Review

Brondell was founded in 2003 by American entrepreneur David Samuel and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. This company attracted investor attention from businessman Mark Cuban, who backed Brondell as it grew into the major supplier of bidets, air purifiers, and water filters that it is today.

Nowadays, this brand is continuing to sell healthy and hygienic home products to fulfill its mission to “leverage the best science and technology has to offer to create modern devices for modern healthy living!” 

Here are a few key highlights about Brondell:


Brondell Review
  • Sells home health and hygiene products such as air purifiers, bidets, and water filters
  • Free shipping in the contiguous USA for purchases over $99
  • Delivers across Canada and the USA
  • Highly rated products and generally positive reviews
  • Excellent source of bidets for North American consumers
  • Wide range of products and prices 
  • Items encourage clean living and wellness

Brondell Bidet Review

While commonplace in Europe, the bidet hasnt really taken off on this side of the pond just yet. However, this brand is introducing North American customers to this essential toiletry tech with its bestselling bidets, the Swash 1400 and the Swash 1000.

Brondell Swash 1400 Review

Brondell Review
Brondell Swash 1400

This “luxury bidet seat” promises to change how you use the toilet forever! The Brondell Swash 1400 is an electric toilet seat that you can fit on top of your standard American toilet. 

This seat has a built-in bidet system that uses two nozzles to give a thorough clean. The Swash 1400 even heats the water before use to be as comfortable as possible. Afterward, this seat will use its warm air dryer to dry you, so you don’t have to waste any toilet paper at all.

To ensure the continued hygiene of this seat, you can clean the nozzles at any time with the “Nozzle Sterilization” feature, and replace the seat’s built-in deodorizer too. 

The Swash 1400 will require a bit of installation work—but don’t worry—it comes with a detailed manual and all necessary pieces. You can order this luxury seat in these options:

  • Elongated shape
  • Round Shape
  • White color
  • Beige color

Check the product page details to make sure you order the correct shape for your toilet. You can buy the Swash 1400 for $649.

Brondell Swash 1000 Review

Brondell Review
Brondell Swash 1000

This bestselling bidet toilet seat comes with a remote control and promises to give you a “‘home spa’ experience.” The Brondell Swash 1000 bidet seat has a variety of features for comfort and hygiene:

  • Two steel nozzles
  • Sterilizing option
  • Ability to adjust water pressure and direction
  • Heater and heated seat
  • Deodorizing compartment
  • Air drying function
  • Operate with remote control

You can buy the Swash 1000 in white in shapes Elongated or Round, depending on your toilet design, for $599.

Brondell Water Filter Review

If you’re concerned about the add-ons that may be lurking in your tap water, Brondell has a perfect solution. They sell a couple of different countertop water filters that will remove impurities from your drinking water. My Brondell review will cover their bestselling options, the Cypress and the Pearl.

Brondell Cypress Countertop Filter Review 

Brondell Review
Brondell Cypress Countertop Filter

No counter space? No worries! The Cypress Countertop Filter is tall with a lean base, making it a spaceefficient addition to your kitchen. This water filtration system promises to filter out the worst things in your water supply, from herbicides and pesticides to VOCs, heavy metals, and more.

The filter uses a three-step system to clean your water:

  1. “Carbon Block Filter”
  2. “Nanotrap Filter”
  3. “Composite Plus Filter”

You should be able to install this countertop filter in about ten minutes by using the included “faucet diverter.” You can purchase the Cypress Countertop Filter for only $140.

Brondell Pearl Countertop Filter Review 

Brondell Review
Brondell Pearl Countertop Filter

The Pearl is so sleek and subtle, it looks more like a bougie soap pump than a water filter! This tall, cylindrical water filtration system will easily attach to your faucet to divert water through its filter, and out of its slim nozzle into your cup.

During this Brondell review I found these perks of the Pearl Countertop Filter:

  • Its small size makes it convenient to locate anywhere near your tap
  • The indicator feature tells you when to change the filter
  • Uses “Carbon Block” tech to thoroughly cleanse your water
  • Install time is only about 10 minutes
  • Reduces chemicals, VOCs, and heavy metals in your water supply

The water filter comes with a oneyear limited warranty and all the pieces needed to attach it to your faucet. You can buy the Pearl Countertop Filter for $70.

Who Is Brondell For? 

Brondell Review

Brondell will appeal to those who want their home to be as healthy and hygienic as possible. This brand promises to elevate your home and lifestyle with practical additions that should improve your quality of life.

People with sensitivities to pollutants, irritating seasonal allergies, or asthma will love this brand’s line of Brondell air purifiers of different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to improve your tap water and make sure you and your family aren’t ingesting any harmful chemicals or metals, you’ll probably gravitate to their line of water filtration systems.

And of course, this company has gotten some buzz for bringing a ubiquitous European hygiene product to North American homes. With its varied line of bidets, Brondell also caters to buyers who want to transition from toilet paper to a cleaner and less wasteful way to use the loo.

Brondell Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Brondell Review

Brondell posts product reviews on its official site, where customers share their experiences with Brondell’s line of home health products.

Their best-selling water filter, the H20+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System, has an excellent 4.7/5 star rating based on over 30 Brondell reviews.

One woman loved how this system replaced bottled water, saving her money and reducing her plastic footprint too. This is her Brondell review: “Between the baby’s formula maker, the cat fountain and my coffee maker, I was going through tons of water bottles weekly. This has been a fantastic resolve. I love the unit—very happy!”

Another buyer tried the best-selling Swash 1000 bidet and found it easy to set up and use. She wrote a glowing Brondell review: “I gave this to my husband for Father’s Day. Secreatly he had been thinking how he could add a bidet to our toilet. This installation was so easy. It works GREAT.”

This brand also posts reviews on its official Facebook page, where it has a 3.6/5 star rating based on over 100 reviews. Most of these reviews are pretty positive, with several customers writing that their Brondell purchases improved their homes. 

For instance, one lady left a detailed Brondell review: “I highly recommend the Brondell Pro air purifier. We live in an old house which gets extremely dusty, but after running the air purifier, I’ve noticed my allergies have greatly improved. Another awesome benefit is when our downstairs neighbor cooks something that stinks up the house, it helps get rid of the smell very fast.”

One buyer tried the Rinslet bidet and found it very functional. His Brondell review says it best: “I am happy with my Brondell Rinslet purchase!! It was easy to install and use. It is a great product that helps cut down on toilet paper. I chose the Rinslet because I don’t have a power outlet in my bathroom.”

Another customer bought the Swash LE99 Bidet and installed it as part of a home renovation project. He was thrilled with his purchase and found it a practical addition to his dream washroom.

This is his rave Brondell review: “The seat bidet was part of an overall bathroom remodel in early 2020 & without doubt it was the best part of the remodel. Once you use a bidet you’ll never go back to wholesale toilet paper hygiene practices. Thank you Brondell for an efficient & affordable option for this concern.”

This company doesn’t have much feedback on TrustPilot or Sitejabber, but they do have a 3.33/5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Most of the BBB reviewers are pleased with their purchases and feel that their Brondell bidets and other products have worked as designed.

A buyer who tried one of their bidets left a short and sweet Brondell review: “I thought the customer service was outstanding. We would not be without this bidet in the future.”

Finally, a man also praised this brand’s customer service team after he received a defective product. He shared an enthusiastic Brondell review: “Love the customer support service I got from them… The replacement arrived in 2 days and after installing it worked perfectly. I’m very impressed with the overall workflow of the service I received. Two-thumbs up!”

Overall, this brand has many respectable reviews from customers who are largely pleased with their purchases and would recommend this brand to others.

Is Brondell Legit?

Brondell Review

Yes! This company has been reliably manufacturing and selling its products for nearly two decades. Plus, it has a reputation for making quality items and delivering excellent customer service. 

Is Brondell Worth It?

Brondell Review

This brand offers modern, convenient solutions to a number of home and wellness needs. Whether you’re in the market for a new water filter, need an air purifier to get through allergy season, or just want to try out a bidet system to see what the fuss is all about, Brondell has varied and wellreviewed product lines to pick from.

Doing my research for this Brondell review, I found that most customers really enjoyed their new home products—whether they were saving money on buying bottled water, enjoying fresher air, or loving a much-improved bathroom. With reasonable pricing, product warranties, and free shipping on USA orders over $99, this company is quite accessible to the average buyer.

So if you’re looking to improve your home, I’d recommend checking out the company’s products! And that’s (almost) a wrap for this Brondell review, stay tuned for some sweet deals.

Brondell Promotions & Discounts 

Brondell Review

If you live in the contiguous USA and place an order over $99, it will ship for free.

While writing this review, I didn’t find any current promotions on the brand’s site. However, you can check back to in the future for more product discounts.

Where To Buy Brondell

Brondell Review

You can purchase all Brondell products on their official site,


Brondell Review

Who owns Brondell?

Brondell is owned by entrepreneur David Samuel.

Does Brondell ship internationally?

Brondell ships across the USA, and will deliver to Canada as well.

What is Brondell’s shipping policy?

As previously mentioned, any order over $99 within the contiguous USA will ship for free. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada your shipping cost will be calculated when you check out.

Keep in mind that this brand cant deliver to PO boxes and may need a signature when your product arrives.

What is Brondell’s return policy?

Most of Brondell’s products can’t be returned unless they are in perfect, new condition, and still in their packaging. Customers must make their return within 30 days of their purchase, and they will pay a 10% restocking fee. 

How To Contact Brondell

Brondell Review

While writing this Brondell review, I found that you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service team in a couple of ways.

Email: Submit a request – Help Center ( 

Contact form: Fill out the request form on their website

Phone (toll free): 1-888-542-3355.

Brondell’s customer support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am- 2:00 pm (PST). 

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