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About Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport Review

Montway Auto Transport is an American company that does exactly what they say; they arrange transport for your autos. However, they’re not a ragtag motley crew of truck drivers. They’re one of the most trusted transportation brands of the past decade with over 800k happy customers and winners of the 2021 Bronze Stevie Award for Innovation of the Year.

They also have over 1.4k followers on Instagram. In this Montway Auto Transport review, I’ll examine why the company’s philosophy, services, costs, and customer satisfaction make them worthy of such high praise. 

Overview of Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport Review

Since Mike Mihaylov and Galya Svetlieva started facilitating automobile shipments between customers and carriers from their homes in 2007, Montway Auto Transport has been a trusted resource for vehicle owners and businesses. 

They’ve worked hard to build that reputation, developing and troubleshooting their services to provide an optimal experience for every customer. 

They aim to become the gold standard of automobile transportation by providing excellent service, open communication avenues, and unbeatable rates.

Montway Auto Transport put this ideology to the test during the financial recession that ravaged many Americans’ lives in 2008[1]. They helped countless people relocate out of the states that faced the hardest hurdles in a dismal economy. 

Their efforts earned them a ravenous customer base, which only allowed them to expand their services and aid more people. Eventually, they were considered one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in 2015 and 2021, an accolade bestowed upon them by Inc. 500.

Montway Auto Transport has experience with nearly every form of vehicle transportation. They’ve facilitated and completed transfers between dealers and customers, manufacturers and dealers,  dealers and auctions, dealers and dealers, and any other possible permutation of those players.

With that brief overview all sorted out, it’s time to learn some highlights about this brand in the upcoming portion of my Montway Auto Transport review.


  • Vehicle transportation service for cars, SUVs, EVs, luxury and vintage vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts and more
  • Arranges transport to or from all 50 states
  • Provides free instant, online car shipping quotes
  • Has an online chat platform to support customers nearly 24-hours a day
  • Over 15,000 allied carriers across the United States

I’ll be covering two main services sectors in this Montway Auto Transport review: their individual services and their business-to-business options. With these two focus areas, the company can cater to people with various needs.

Montway Auto Transport for Individuals Review

Allow me to speak to you about the most important thing in life: you. Well, not actually you, dear reader, but you as an individual. I’m going to cover some of the options regular people can choose from in this section of this Montway Auto Transport review.

Montway Auto Transport Door-to-door Review

Cross-country migration is becoming more common as people are recognizing that they can work from anywhere

Internal migration in the US has been a significant factor in the country’s population growth and demographic changes[2]. Some of the factors that can influence internal migration in the US include economic opportunities, climate, and access to education and healthcare.

However, not everyone has a car that can survive the 1,100-mile drive from New York to Florida. In cases where you’d like to keep your car but not plummet its life expectancy then we recommend the Montway Auto Transport Door-to-door delivery.

This service can provide exactly what it says in the title. So long as you provide two US addresses, Montway Auto Transport can ship your vehicle from point A to point B. Keep in mind that some cities prohibit large trucks from driving into residential areas or that narrow streets and tight turns may make some addresses inaccessible. In that case, the driver may ask you to meet the truck at a large parking lot nearby.

One huge advantage that Montway Auto Transport Door-to-door delivery has over traditional vehicle transportation schemes is that your car won’t be shipped to a terminal, lying in wait for you to retrieve it like an elementary school child stuck on the playground waiting for their forgetful father to pick them up.

Montway Auto Transport can get the car right to your doorstep or as close as possible. This means you shouldn’t have to pay terminal storage fees and can get your vehicle more quickly. 

Finally, you can move multiple vehicles in one shipment with Montway Auto Transport Door-to-door. That’s great if you’re totally relocating to a new part of the United States and driving back and forth isn’t feasible.

Montway Auto Transport Enclosed Car Transport Review

The thing is, what do you do if you have a prestigious car like a Lamborghini, or a collection of up to 7 cars, or a collection of up to 7 Lamborghinis? Well, if you have 7 Lambourghinis, then you probably have much better things to do than read this Montway Auto Transport review.

For those of us with a more humble number of Lamborghinis or perhaps a couple of vintage vehicles, there’s the Montway Auto Transport Enclosed Car Transport service. 

Another of the brand’s client-focused options, it’s built around protecting luxurious automobiles and transporting multiple vehicles at once.

The company delivers your car in an enclosed transport truck that can hold up to 7 automobiles. This is the ideal option when prioritizing the protection of your vehicle. 

Speaking of protection, Montway Auto Transport personally researches every company they partner with to ensure that both your car and your insurance policy should be safe from harm.

Montway Auto Transport for Businesses Review

I care about the individual as much as the next person, but businesses run the world, as much as I hate to admit it. What I don’t hate admitting is that you’ll learn about how you can ensure vehicles safely reach their destination in this section of my Montway Auto Transport review.

Take these two upcoming sections as highlight reels of the Montway Auto Transport features that should most attract you to work with them.

Montway Auto Transport Auto Dealers & Groups Review

Montway Auto Transport Logistics Review

When we talk about Montway Auto Transport and Auto Dealerships & Groups, we’re referring to what the brand does to help car dealers move vehicles quickly and efficiently. To get the job done, the company leverages its large web of collaborators. In fact, they work with over 15,000 transportation carriers in the United States.

This large number of partners isn’t for nothing. Montway Auto Transport can provide excellent service for both businesses and carriers through their online Montway Automation Portal (M.A.P.).

M.A.P allows car dealers to see exactly where their shipments are at any given time, chat directly with carriers, get pricing, and upload essential documents to facilitate quicker delivery timeframes.

As such, Montway Auto Transport’s goal is to declutter the mess that many businesses find themselves in when they try to transport vehicles. Their online portal puts all the information and contact resources in one centralized place so car dealers can run their business more efficiently.

Montway Auto Transport Logistics Review

Speaking about Montway Auto Transport Logistics means we have to cover a bit of the brand’s backend. It’s worth knowing how the company handles all the stressors that go with coordinating potentially nationwide deliveries of multiple vehicles at once.

The answer is that Montway Auto Transport facilitates communication on the front end. They ensure that both customers and businesses can check the progress of their delivery, verify their costs, and speak with whoever is responsible for carrying their car. 

In a way, this ideology grants more control to those parties, allowing Montway Auto Transport to focus on troubleshooting. 

How Does Montway Auto Transport Work?

Montway Auto Transport Logistics Review

Montway Auto Transport uses a simple three-step process to deliver their vehicles. Well, it’s simple and only requires three steps on your end. Here’s all that you need to do to get your car from one driveway to the next, no matter where that driveway may be in the United States:

  1. Receive a quote from Montway Auto Transport and confirm your shipment on their website
  2. Wait patiently while your vehicle gets picked up
  3. Receive your vehicle at the end destination

Montway Auto Transport allows you to schedule your pick-up time directly with the carrier responsible for moving it, so you don’t have to deal with an intermediary trying to juggle two different parties.

Furthermore, said carrier will personally ring you when they’re approaching the destination. From there, you can coordinate the car retrieval process in a manner that works for both of you.

Montway Auto Transport costs

Montway Auto Transport Review

I cannot provide exact costs in this Montway Auto Transport review as there are various factors that will ultimately affect how much their services cost. These include:

  • How far you are transporting the vehicle
  • Which service you are using
  • Which route the carrier will be taking
  • When you want your vehicle to ship and arrive
  • The type of automobile you wish to transport and its current state
  • The season and your geographic location 

What I can give you are the estimates that Montway Auto Transport provides depending on the service. 

On average, it costs around $2 per mile to move a regular-sized automobile for short (1 – 500 miles) distances. Montway Auto Transport then provides a preview price that a 300-mile trip usually costs $588.

A medium-distance trip (anywhere between 500 to 1,500 miles) should cost just under $1 per mile, meaning that a 1,000-mile trip can expectedly cost $930

Finally, a long-distance Montway Auto Transport trip is considered any journey that stretches over 1,500 miles. Prices fall below $1 per mile so the predicted cost of a 1,500-mile trek is $870.  

Meanwhile, according to the company’s website, these are the average costs of the Montway Auto Transport Enclosed Car Transport service:

  • Short routes, roughly 1 – 500 miles: $709
  • Medium routes, roughly 500 – 1,500 miles: $929
  • Long routes, over 1,500 miles: $1,179

As we said, all of these are simply estimates. The best way to determine how much these services cost is by getting a quote directly from the company. You’ll find out how you can get one later in this Montway Auto Transport review if you haven’t already deduced it by now.

Who Is Montway Auto Transport For? 

Montway Auto Transport Review

Both individuals and businesses can find plenty of reasons to use Montway Auto Transport

The brand reports that their services are great for people from all walks of life, including the following: students, movers, veterans,  motorcycle and classic car enthusiasts, online car sellers and buyers, people who travel frequently, and anyone else who regularly moves between two destinations.

Montway Auto Transport Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Montway Auto Transport Review

I believe that there is proof in aggregate scores, which is why I only ever trust the numbers on Rotten Tomatoes. Similarly, I’ve put together a list of Montway Auto Transport review scores from various customer outlets:

  • Transport Reviews: 4.7/5 star-average score based on 1,844 ratings
  • Google Reviews: 4.6/5 star-average score based on over 7,080 ratings
  • My Moving Reviews: 4.7/5 star-average score based on over 1020 ratings
  • Better Business Bureau: 4.6/5 star-average score based on over 2,352 ratings

Many of the positive Montway Auto Transport reviews touted the company’s transparency. People were relieved by how open the brand was in terms of pricing and timing. This is how one Google review writer described their experience with regards to these compliments:

Looked at several different companies – Montway was reasonable and could get me an enclosed trailer. They didn’t overpromise and said my card would only be charged when they secured transport. Well only a couple of hours later my card was charged and shortly after my car was being picked up!!!

Communication was a key aspect of Montway Auto Transport’s high customer satisfaction. There were tons of positive testimonials that said that the company maintained communication throughout the shipment process and that they were happy to answer any questions customers asked. 

People felt like they were working with a brand that had their best interests in mind, evidenced by the fact that, for the most part, people were only charged once Montway Auto Transport found a carrier and said carrier picked up the vehicle.

Another buyer summed up their time with the company like this: “Montway was recommended to me by a car trader.  Both ways, Montway brokers found me really good truckers who picked up and delivered my car on time. DEFINITELY will use them again! Very happy customer.

So, to sum up everything people loved about Montway Auto Transport, buyers felt that the brand cared about them, gave them honest prices, kept communication channels open, and worked hard to ensure that all vehicles were delivered safely. 

Nearly all of those points were cited as positives in this 5/5 stars Montway Auto Transport review: 

They clearly explained the process and made the entire situation [as] seamless as possible… They are the most reputable and I felt comfortable shipping my Mercedes from Florida to Manhattan with them… Communication with the driver at pickup, during transport and at drop off was excellent. 

Is Montway Auto Transport Legit?

Montway Auto Transport Review

I’m delighted to report that I couldn’t find anything that made me, or should make you, feel suspicious about Montway Auto Transport.

Is Montway Auto Transport Worth It?

Montway Auto Transport Review

Given everything we read in the Montway Auto Transport reviews from real-life customers, we think that the company is worth checking out

Are their prices the cheapest on the planet? No, but there weren’t any reports about unexpected fees cropping up midway through the delivery process, nor were there any mentions about people being left in the dark with regards to communication.

It’s safe to say that Montway Auto Transport is reliable if you want honest vehicle services.

Montway Auto Transport Promotions & Discounts 

Montway Auto Transport Review

An easy way to save money on your first quote without even needing a Montway Auto Transport promo code is by entering your email onto their website. This will earn you a 5% discount on your quote.

Where to Buy Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport Review

The only way to access Montway Auto Transport’s services is by contacting the company either by phone at (888) 497-9792 or their website


Montway Auto Transport Review

Who owns Montway Auto Transport?

Montway Auto Transport is owned by AEA Investors LP, a leading private equity firm.

Where is Montway Auto Transport located?

The brand’s headquarters is located in Schaumburg, IL.

Is Montway Auto Transport safe?

Montway Auto Transport has been in business for over 15 years, is a fully licensed and insured broker and is A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Where does Montway Auto Transport ship?

Montway Auto Transport can arrange transport across all 50 states.

What type of vehicles does Montway Auto Transport ship?

You can ship cars, motorcycles, luxury vehicles, and more with Montway Auto Transport.

Does Montway Auto Transport have a Warranty?

Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any concrete information about a Montway Auto Transport warranty, so we recommend reaching out to them on this issue.

What is Montway Auto Transport’s Privacy Policy?

Montway Auto Transport will not use your information for anything other than operating procedures.

What is Montway Auto Transport’s Refund Policy?

If you want to request a refund then you need to email Montway Auto Transport at [email protected]. Refunds can be issued if you submit a request before the loading process has begun, otherwise, you’ll have to pay a $199 fee.

How to Contact Montway Auto Transport

Contact Montway Auto Transport by calling them at (888) 666-8929 or by sending them a message through their website,

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