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Naked and Famous Review

Breaking into the saturated denim market requires something that helps you to stand out from other brands.

Using high-quality denim that is meant to fade in a natural and high contrasting way is how the brand Naked and Famous stands out. This affordable Canadian label is making a global impact, despite not advertising.

Naked and Famous have 112k Instagram followers and almost 47k on Facebook. Although they don’t look for celebrity endorsement and don’t advertise, they do get attention from media like CNET, New York Magazine, Gear Patrol, and GQ, to name a few.

In this Naked and Famous review, I’m here to answer the question of whether this brand is right for you and worth your money. I’ll do this by checking out their promotions, products, customer reviews from around the web, and much more.

Overview of Naked and Famous                              

Naked and Famous Review

From a family with more than 65 years in the garment industry, Brandon Svarc knows the ins and outs of the business.

After working in PR for the clothing industry, Svarc decided that he was tired of seeing luxury brands of jeans that sold for more than $300 but gave no better quality. What they had was celebrity endorsement.

His solution was to create a label that did not spend huge money on advertising and celebrity endorsements. He decided to spend money on quality, passing on the savings to his customers with affordable, long-wear denim.

After searching for, and discovering, the best denim globally in Japan, the Naked and Famous label started in 2008.

Naked and Famous create the thickest denim in the world but most of their clothes aren’t made that thick, although all are high-quality.

The brand’s clothes are meant to fade stylishly, with high contrast. This is improved by not washing the denim for as long as possible when you first wear it. If it’s really dirty or smells, wash it. If not, wait. It’s worth it.

While doing the research for this Naked and Famous review, I was impressed by the options of fit. On top of normal sizes, the label offers 7 different styles to accommodate all men’s body types.

As the brand developed, it became more playful with the incorporation of pop culture images into the designs.

If all that isn’t enough, they even have scratch & sniff jeans and a glow in the dark one. They also moved into women’s clothes.

Before I really get into some fun men’s jeans in this Naked and Famous review, let’s go through some of the brand’s highlights.


Naked and Famous Review
  • Quality jeans in different sizes and styles
  • Thickest denim in the world
  • Hemming service
  • Interest-free financing with Sezzle
  • Raw denim wears and fades better than standard
  • Luxury denim at standard prices

Naked and Famous Denim Review

With so many options in the denim market, from luxurious and standard options, a denim clothing company has to have a good hook to capture their share. Naked and Famous have two hooks. The first is the high-quality, contrast-fading denim.

The second is the collaboration with pop culture brands for themed collections like The Matrix, Rick & Morty, and Dragon Ball Z.

Their jeans come in sizes 27 to 44. In this Naked and Famous review, I’ll check out four of their best-selling line of jeans, but first, I will list their interesting, yet effective, shape/fitting guide

  1. Super Guy: skinny fit, slim with heavy tapering
  2. Weird Guy: tapered fit, comfy waist to hip
  3. Easy Guy: laid back fit, more room in seat, hip, and thighs, heavy taper
  4. Strong Guy: high-rise relaxed fit finishing in a straight leg
  5. Groovy Guy: bootcut fit, comfy waist, leg opens from the knee
  6. Stacked Guy: modern skinny fit, made for low on hips
  7. Skinny Guy: slim and straight fit throughout

Naked and Famous The Matrix Falling Code Selvedge Review

This year, The Matrix is making a comeback with a new entry to the series. Even the Naked and Famous is getting in on the excitement with The Matrix Falling Code Selvedge.

This pair of jeans are made with 100% black denim as well as buttons and rivets in black to replicate the deep black clothing in the film. It comes in super guy, weird guy, and easy guy.

What makes these black jeans most unique is the only nonblack details, the falling code accents. These include the black leather patch embossed with foil and the metallic thread along the inside of the outer seams (selvedge). Drop into a pair of The Matrix Falling Code Selvedge for $225.

Naked and Famous Rick Sanchez Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Selvedge Review

Rick and Morty is a popular adult animated series about a mad scientist who drags his grandson along on his crazy adventures.

The Naked and Famous Rick Sanchez Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Selvedge jean weaves multicolored yarn with a dark outer so that the colors peep through the black and appear greenish on the inside when the cuff is turned up.

An image of Rick’s face is on the edge of the back pocket. Just above that is the tan leather patch with an engraved image of Rick and Morty in a crashed spaceship.

The pocket bags are prints of the show’s characters, the hardware is silver and the pants have contrast stitching. Experiment in a pair of these jeans in super guy, weird guy, or easy guy for $225.    

Naked and Famous Trunks Future Selvedge Review 

The Dragon Ball anime series has been broadcast and redone since the 1980s and still continues to be popular. This is the muse behind the Naked and Famous Trunks Future Selvedge.

Future Trunks is seen attacking in the leather patch and adorns the purple pocket bags. The jeans are heavy denim in black, like Future Trunks’ pants. 

The selvedge is electric purple. Selvedge is a process of weaving that leaves a finished edge, so you don’t get fraying edges that are common in standard denim.

This makes Naked and Famous jeans clean and finished for inside-out cuffs, which they like to accent. These animated anime jeans were $232 but are now $139.

Naked and Famous Black Waxed Stretch Review

The Naked and Famous Black Waxed Stretch jeans are a superior version of the classic black jeans. Both woven threads are dyed with a fade-resistant black for deep, long-lasting color.

Paraffin wax coats the fabric for a sheen. This must-have staple for everyone comes in super guy, weird guy, easy guy, stacked guy, and skinny guy.

This denim has 2% elastane for a little stretch that helps the pants keep their shape, your shape, for a long time. The leather patch is solid black with the Naked and Famous logo. Be back in black with these jeans for $174.

Who Is Naked and Famous For? 

Naked and Famous Review

This brand is for anyone looking for good-quality denim that is durable and stylish. That said, youth and young adults may be more inclined to buy it for their pop culture references.

Older people are more likely to wear them for durability and their natural contrast fading. With 7 fits and sizes 27 to 44, there should be something to fit every man’s body type. 

On that note, while this Naked and Famous review only focuses on men’s denim, the label makes denim clothes for women as well. 

Naked and Famous Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Naked and Famous Review

I had to put on my best detective hat for this portion of my review. The brand doesn’t have any ratings and rankings on their website.

This could possibly have something to do with not advertising but they also had no reviews on Trustpilot and zero complaints on the Better Business Bureau, which is a good thing.

I was able to find some Naked and Famous reviews from customers online through the label’s retailers. 

On the Altitude Sports website, black jeans similar to the Black Waxed Stretch had 4.3/5 stars over 5 reviews.

This Naked and Famous reviewer likes the versatility and durability of the brand: “I have several pairs of Naked & Famous jeans and they are fantastic. Stretch selvedge means I can do a week of commuter cycling to work and back and still have a great fit.”

At The Last Hunt, Naked and Famous have a 4.5/5 stars rating from over 24 reviews. As opposed to the last review, this customer saw the jeans as dressy. After raw denim, most jeans fans won’t go back:

Dress up jeans – This is my first pair of raw selvedge denim and I love the material, it’s a rich deep black – much higher quality than any other black jeans I’ve worn. I like the size/cut so far, it’s a bit tight but that’s expected for new raw jeans.”

One Naked and Famous reviewer explained how the brand compared to other luxury and more expensive brands: “It is definitely an opportunity to have a great quality pants going over Levi’s.”

It’s clear that customers all over the world love these jeans. They appreciate their high quality and durability, not to mention the style and pop culture references. I think it really speaks to the quality of the brand to have such a devoted following!

Is Naked and Famous Worth It?

Naked and Famous Review

It’s time for the final verdict of this Naked and Famous review; let’s answer the burning question of whether this brand is worth your money.

Besides some complaints of fit and sizing that are easily fixed with exchanges, this luxury denim label delivers high-quality, stylish, well-fitting, and fun jeans

Their pop-culture-themed jeans are a bit more expensive than their standard ones, but all of them are less expensive than other luxury brands.

To sum up, with everything presented in this Naked and Famous review, I think that this label is definitely worth it.

Naked and Famous Promotions & Discounts 

Naked and Famous Review

Naked and Famous doesn’t offer any promotions at the moment. This is in line with their mandate to not spend money on advertising or celebrity endorsements, but rather on the superior materials used in making their jeans.

However, some of their jeans are on sale! They have a sale section on their website that you can find here.

Where to Buy Naked and Famous

Naked and Famous Review

The best place online to buy Naked and Famous is through its website for its flagship store in New York. They even offer a hemming service. You can also try Amazon and other jean retailer websites to find the style you’re looking for.

For an in-person experience, the company is in high-end jeans stores worldwide. You can use their store locator function to find the nearest one to you. 


Naked and Famous Review

Who owns Naked and Famous?

Founder Brandon Svarc still owns the Naked and Famous brand. Svarc is Canadian but he opened the brand’s first flagship store in New York.

Does Naked and Famous ship internationally?

Yes, they ship internationally through USPS or UPS. 

What is Naked and Famous’ Shipping Policy?

Once you place an order, it can take up to two days to process. It’s then sent by USPS or UPS and you should receive an email with tracking information. Shipping is a fixed rate depending on where in the world you are shipping.

  • US & Canada: $10
  • Rest of the world and APO, FPO, DPO in the US: $25
  • Russia: $45

You are responsible for all taxes and/or duties.

What is Naked and Famous’ Return Policy?

Naked and Famous does not offer refunds, but they’ll give you store credit if an item is new, unused, and unwashed with all tags intact.

You’ll have 21 days after you buy it to decide if you want to return it. Sale items cannot be returned. To exchange, return the item and purchase the correct one using the store credit.

To start a return, you just need to email Naked and Famous with your request at [email protected]. Make sure to have “Returns” as your subject line.

In the email, you’ll want to include your order number and the reason for your return. The brand will send you instructions from there.

How to Contact Naked and Famous

Naked and Famous Review

If you have any questions about Naked and Famous after reading my review, you contact them directly at [email protected].

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