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About Nanushka

Nanushka Review

Looking for some timeless, sustainable staples to add to your wardrobe? Nanushka brings ethics, fashion, and functionality together within a clothing collection that is made for everyone. With its blend of color, neutrals, modern shapes, and classic designs, this brand is sure to be a people pleaser. 

The apparel line has a healthy following of 437k on Instagram and has been donned by influential celebs like Kaia Gerber, Drake, Billie Eilish, and Kristen Bell. These four people have almost nothing in common except the fact that they wear Nanushka clothing, demonstrating the versatility and range of the brand since the products can conform to any lifestyle.

My Nanushka review will walk you through all there is to know about the brand, including an overview of its history, some highlights, in-depth product guides, and customer feedback, to help you decide if their clothes are the right fit for you!

Overview of Nanushka 

Nanushka Review

When I think of Nanushka, I think simplicity and modernism meets boho Vogue. Inspired by eclectic and contemporary designs, the brand merges two worlds to generate items that belong in every closet and reveal the identity of the wearer.

This Hungarian label was founded in 2006 by Sandra Sandor with the belief that “if a garment is designed to function well, it will, by definition, be beautiful.” Sandor sought to create items that were thoughtful and precise. She wanted to marry ideals of fashion and appearance with comfort and quality. 

The brand’s descent into mainstream fashion is more recent, having only been sold locally in Budapest (where the brand is based) until 2016. Upon releasing its first international collection, Nanushka gained traction with influencers and retailers globally, and has only continued to flourish. Its success may also be in part to its sustainable and ethical practices.

Now that you know a little bit of brand history, I’ll take a look at some highlights in this Nanushka review.


  • Wide selection of boho modernist clothing for men and women, including casual and dressier options
  • Focus on ethics and sustainability
  • Quality and recycled materials
  • Free international shipping (over $400) and returns for full priced items
  • 6 month repair warranty
  • Donates excess fabrics to artisans and impoverished communities 
Nanushka Review

Nanushka carries clothing and accessory options for men and women. You can visit their lookbooks to help you decide on a couple pieces, and then put it all together for the perfect look!

Nanushka Review

Nanushka is all about easy-to-wear pieces that allow for self expression through clothing. You should feel at home in your own skin, and what you wear should be an extension of this. 

Nanushka’s bestsellers are intricate—the collection features flowy designs tailored to be worn with anything. They can be thrown on for comfort, while also allowing you to leave the house looking effortlessly chic and put together.

Nanushka Dresses

It’s all about free flowing fabrics and movement with Nanushka dresses. These boho contemporary designs only need to be matched with a pair of shoes and dangling jewelry to complete your look. Below, I’ll take a look at some bestsellers from this category. 

Nanushka Kamari Dress Review

Nanushka Kamari Dress Review
Nanushka Kamari Dress

Slip dresses have seen a resurgence in recent years, but the Kamari takes things one step further. The straight neckline and adjustable/optional straps complement the simple, silky design. 

The slight ruching at the waist creates shape, while the slit at the front draws the eye up and elongates the legs. Available in champagne gold, slate gray, or midnight black, this dress retails for $795.

Nanushka Lyo Dress Review

Nanushka Lyo Dress Review
Nanushka Lyo Dress

The Lyo is where sweater meets dress, allowing you to pair it with some classic knee high boots. Alternatively, you could go for a cute French tuck with your favourite pair of jeans.

This knit features wide sleeves and a turtleneck to keep you cozy and feeling relaxed. Made from ethically sourced alpaca and wool, this dress is available in two neutral camel colors for $575.

Nanushka Bansi Dress Review

Nanushka Bansi Dress Review
Nanushka Bansi Dress

Nanushka dresses are made with soft neutrals, timeless necklines, and quality fabrics that set trends rather than follow them.The Bansi is no exception. This piece puts a bohemian twist on the classic LBD, with a slim fit, sweetheart neckline, and maxi length, featuring wooden beads on one side of the bodice and an asymmetric back detail. 

Pair it with gladiator sandals and tassel earrings to elevate the boho style or some sleek black heels and gold jewelry to lean more sophisticated. This dress is coming soon for $975.

Nanushka Leather Shirt Review

Nanushka Leather Shirt Review
Nanushka Leather Shirt

Nanushka’s Naum Vegan Leather Shirt is a wardrobe essential. The soft vegan leather is made from polyester and does not conform to the hard plastic-y feeling of most pleathers. This buttery smooth fabric is lightweight but retains its shape and brings a chic, moody look to any ensemble.

The tall collar and sharp wrist cuffs paired with a ripped jean and layered over a distressed band tee will lean towards grunge. On the other hand, dark sunglasses and some business casual culottes will have the paparazzi chasing you down since you’ll look fresh out of a magazine. 

This classic button-up is available in a gray-toned beige or deep black for $445.

Nanushka Tulip Pants Review

Nanushka Tulip Pants Review
Nanushka Tulip Pants

Business chic pants are a must for any woman on the go and the Nanushka Tulip Pants deliver. The flare at the shin resembles an open tulip, while the crease feels elegant and put together, elongating the leg as it runs down the center. 

These pants are good for a romantic night out with a silky blouse or a day at the office with a matching oversized blazer. The flare will accentuate your legs with some strappy heels or your favorite black bootie. The slit at the ankle allows the pants to rest comfortably on your shoe without resistance, creating effortless elegance in every step.

Available in six color options, including classic shades of blue and black as well as brown plaid, these pants retail for $495.

Nanushka Linen Wrap Skirt Review

Nanushka Linen Wrap Skirt Review
Nanushka Linen Wrap Skirt

Warm tones and linen will never go out of style, and the Randi Linen Wrap Skirt is no exception. This breezy material is perfect for warm days, but can easily be paired with a cardigan for cooler summer evenings spent by the fire pit.

The adjustable tie detail helps you get that perfect fit while the maxi length will elongate the leg and cinch the waist for a flawless silhouette. You can pair it with slip on sandals and a cream bikini top and oversized sun hat for a beachy look, or slip on a tassel-y top and lots of jewelry to embrace the bohemian vibes.

Available in two shades of orange, terracotta and tangerine, this skirt runs for $345.

Nanushka Sarong Skirt Review

Nanushka Sarong Skirt Review
Nanushka Sarong Skirt

The Amas Sarong Skirt is a smooth vegan leather with an elasticated tie waistband to hug your curves. It will elevate any simple top and sneakers. But you can also pair with a blouse and some kitten heels for a business casual look. It’s also super easy to care for—simply wash on warm with light colors and hang to dry!

This soft and shaping skirt retails for $465 and is available in your choice of shiny black or soft milky cream.

Nanushka Alighieri Jewelry Review

Nanushka Alighieri Jewelry Review
Nanushka Alighieri Jewelry

Nanushka’s collaboration with Alighieri is the merging of dainty designs and chains with bolder pendants, rings, and earrings. Alighieri Jewelry is 24 carat gold plated and is a stunning final piece of any look.

The Forbidden Cloister Ring Set of 3 is a group of bold, rounded rings that will surely get you compliments and questions! The sculptural design resembles melted gold, meaning you’ll look as though you are dripping with sunlight. This stunning design retails for $455.

Like the ring set, The Flicker of Monastery Necklace is a bold addition to your wardrobe. The smooth metal catches the light and will have you glowing, while the dainty chain will rest comfortably on your collarbone. The design is organic and will move with you, retailing for $275.

Be sure to maintain the quality of your jewelry by ensuring it’s the last thing you put on before walking out the door and the first thing you take off when you get home so that it never gets wet or tarnished! 

Who Is Nanushka For? 

Nanushka Review

If you love sustainable pieces that will remain current and on trend for years to come, Nanushka is your brand. The company’s design is definitely elevated and expensive, so it’s a good option if you’re looking to invest in your wardrobe and have an established style. 

This brand is a blend of contemporary and vintage designs, pulling together timeless pieces that are easy to pair with anything. It’s easy to throw together a fashionable outfit with a few Nanushka pieces. The minimalist yet intricate designs are all about movement, flowing with you and never against you, so they’re perfect for any busy-body or travel lover.

Why Is Nanushka So Expensive? 

Nanushka Review

Luxury items made from sustainably sourced materials cannot come at a cheap price, but Nanushka products do lean on the affordable side of the expensive scale. While one dress retailing for around $500 is a lot, it’s not as expensive as other ethical retailers where dresses cost around $1,000+. 

While writing this Nanushka review, I found that the brand has a goal to “make fashion circular,” meaning that they are committed to reusing and recycling materials, or finding a new home for any materials that are not used. This commitment even extends to the packaging, which is made from virgin renewable materials that can be recycled or composted, as well as reused. 

Having banned materials that harm animals like fur, animal skins, feathers, and glues derived from animals, the brand does spend more money on safely harvesting things like wool and cashmere. Since the process is focused on human and animal welfare rather than what’s quickest, it only makes sense that the items lean on the expensive side. 

This also rings true for the manufacturing of vegan leather as well as the upcycling of pre-loved pieces or unused fabrics. Overall, the brand’s prices are a reflection of its sustainable practices, meaning that how items are sourced and how workers are treated must be accounted for in the cost of every item.

Is Nanushka Sustainable? 

Nanushka Review

Since Nanushka is inspired by the natural world, it is only fitting that they have a focus on caring for and preserving the environment as well. The brand has remained true to its core values over the past two decades, maintaining production with local artisans and only increasing its ethical practices and policies. 

Reusing old materials is crucial for Nanushka. The brand upcycles materials from previous releases and sources other materials that have less of an impact on the environment when they are produced. Nanushka seeks to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. They also aim for full transparency by supplying maps and reports that document where products are manufactured and how they are committing to sustainability policies.

The brand’s sustainability is social as well as environmental and the company also has a 6 month warranty for repairs as well as a rental program to increase the life of fashion pieces. The brand is also committed to giving back to its community, supplying locals with donated fabric to design their own pieces and develop a new generation of creatives.

Comparison: Nanushka vs. Stella McCartney

Nanushka Review

Luxury items are always hot on the market, but it’s the sustainability that gives brands like Nanushka and Stella McCartney the edge.

Both companies came to fruition in the early 2000s, but since Nanushka wasn’t international until the late 2010s, Stella McCartney gained traction more quickly and has amassed a following of 6.6 million on IG where they feature colorful pics of products and runway looks. 

The two brands are popular for their luxury fashion that is featured in high fashion magazines and worn by every It girl you could think of. Both offer a selection of menswear and womenswear and accessories that ranges from casual to runway-ready. 

While both have luxury price tags, Nanushka is less expensive with a graphic tee costing around $150 while a Stella McCartney graphic runs for $500. Both offer free shipping and returns and have shorter return windows. 

Both brands value transparency and disclose where materials are sourced, where products are manufactured, and how they intend to reduce their carbon footprint. They maintain ethical and sustainable practices and alway strive for improvement and accept feedback with open arms.

Nanushka and Stella McCartney cater to a sustainable luxury market, but Stella has more of a focus on bold aesthetics while Nanushka develops staple pieces. For this brand comparison, it comes down to price, as Nanushka runs more affordable out of the two.

The ideas behind the two brands highlight the importance of slow fashion and suggest that investment pieces are just that—an investment into both the world and its people, as well as your wardrobe.

Nanushka Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nanushka Review

Unfortunately, there weren’t many external Nanushka reviews online for the brand. With no product reviews on the website, it’s difficult to determine what the overall thoughts of customers are. The comments that are published, though, demonstrate a love for the brand and what it stands for. 

Nanushka is rated 5/5 stars on Facebook out of 37 votes. Many of the reviews focus on the timeless nature and overall quality of the pieces. One reviewer states that “This brand seems to get the feminine yet functional mix in right proportions. Dresses and tops are clean-cut and have just the right amount of details to stand out but have that certain understated charm! 5 stars.

On Nordstrom, one reviewer leaves 5/5 stars, stating that the Lana Check Double Breasted Wool & Silk Coat was their best purchase of 2020, “Hands down the very best purchase I made during this year’s sale. Elegant, timeless, and roomy enough for layering in my usual size. Can’t wait to wear it!”

The supportive reviews document money well spent on items that are made to last. The brand is successful in its mission to create wearable pieces that are easy to put on and pair with anything else in your wardrobe, while still expressing your personality, making them must-haves for every wardrobe.

Nanushka receives 2.6/5 stars on Trustpilot out of a small pool of 6 reviewers. While some of these reviewers seemed unhappy, their focus was on slow shipping that occurred due to the pandemic. 

On Trustpilot, one buyer leaves a 5/5 star review, remarking that Nanushka is “One of the best high-end fashion brands for working women.” This review speaks to the quality and versatility of the pieces since they conform to a busy lifestyle but can be transitioned from day to night. 

As Nanushka clothing is often worn by celebs and marketed as luxury fashion, it is clear that it is highly valued within the fashion world. The reviews that are there commend the brand as their top buys—implying return visits for more wardrobe staples!

Is Nanushka Worth It?

Nanushka Review

Nanushka may be on the expensive side, but it’s all for good reason. The brand offers luxury items made from sustainably sourced materials, manufactured with people and the world in mind.

If you believe in clothing that comes from a transparent brand, or you’re looking for pieces that you will have in your closet for a lifetime (and can even achieve heirloom status), then the brand is worth it for you.

Born from a place of wholesome intentions and quality craftsmanship, this brand speaks volumes about what it means to create practical and beautiful pieces. With glowing Nanushka reviews and many appearances in fashion magazines and on the runway, it is evident that the quality is superior and many people stand behind the brand for all it does.

Nanushka Promotions & Discounts 

Nanushka Review

At the time of this Nanushka review, I found that you can sign up for the brand’s newsletter and receive 15% off of your first order. Simply confirm your email address and then the brand will follow up with a promo code to apply at checkout! 

Where to Buy Nanushka 

Nanushka Review

If you’re interested in adding some signature pieces to your wardrobe after reading this Nanushka review, you can shop the brand on their website,

If you want to feel and try on the items in person, you can visit your nearest fashion retailer like Nordstrom, Mytheresa, or Saks Fifth Avenue, or one of their flagship stores in Budapest, New York, or London.


Nanushka Review

Who owns Nanushka?  

Nanushka is owned and operated by Sandra Sandor, who is the founder of the brand. Sandor sought to design a brand that created a centrality between western and eastern cultures, and continues to do so as the creative director.

Where is Nanushka based?  

The brand is based in Budapest, where it was founded in 2006. 

Where are Nanushka products made?  

Over 60% of Nanushka products are made in Hungary. This creates a close working relationship with local artisans, ensuring that social and environmental policies are met and maintained.

There are six manufacturers in China, two in Portugal, one in Serbia, and two in Italy, all of whom the brand makes an effort to meet with and manage. 

Is Nanushka vegan? 

While not all Nanushka products are technically vegan, it only uses non-vegan materials like leather from recycled fabrics. This means that no animals are harmed in the process, while old items are given a new life.

Where are Nanushka stores? 

There are three Nanushka flagship stores, all of which are based in large cities for easy access. You can find them in Budapest, New York, and London. 

  1. Nanushka Budapest location

3 Bécsi Street

Budapest 1052, Hungary

  1. Nanushka New York location

140 Wooster St

New York NY, 10012, US

  1. Nanushka London location

30 Bruton St, Mayfair

London, W1J6QR, UK

What is Nanushka’s Shipping Policy?

Nanushka ships through UPS and DHL; orders are dispatched and distributed within 1 to 6 business days. Orders outside of the EU are shipped free over $400 or for a flat rate of $30

Within the EU, shipping is free for orders over £300 or for a flat rate of £15. Luckily, buyers are not responsible for any import taxes or duties upon arrival. 

What is Nanushka’s Return Policy?

If you aren’t happy with any items from Nanushka, they are eligible for return within 14 days of receiving your purchase. 

Simply contact the brand to receive a free return label (for full priced items only) and ensure that your items are in new condition with tags attached. Then, return them to their original packaging—ensuring to wrap items separately if you have more than one. Ship the package from your nearest post office and your return should be processed within 14 days.

How to Contact Nanushka

I hope you enjoyed this Nanushka review! If you have any more questions about the brand and its products, please contact the customer service using the following contact information.

Nanushka’s customer service team is available from Monday to Friday between 10 AM–5 PM, CET. 

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