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About Needed 

Needed Review

Nourishment isn’t an end goal, it’s a lifelong process. Nobody realizes this more than Needed.

Their products cater to women and mothers to ensure that they are getting the proper vitamins and minerals to sustain themselves through all stages of child-rearing. Their 22.1k Instagram followers are a telling sign of this brand’s success with their mission

This Needed prenatal review will take a look at the brand’s mission, their history, their products, and what their customers have to say so that you see if they fit the bill when it comes to your needs. 

Overview of Needed 

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Needed founders Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury established the company in 2017 after they discovered they were missing many key nutrients even though they were conscious of their healthy diet.

The duo recognized that most pre and post-natal supplements were delivering bare minimum nutrition at a time when women need maximum care.

With that in mind, Needed was created in West Los Angeles, California to both fuel and educate moms (and future moms) about nutrition so that they, and their children, can live the healthiest possible lives.

They’ve developed their all-encompassing approach to nourishment by working side-by-side with medical experts. This means all of their products are designed to give mothers exactly what they need to prosper. That means all killer, no filler.

For a better perspective on the company, this review of the Needed prenatal (with hyperlink) will let you in on some highlights.


  • Offer supplements to meet women’s needs before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Develops products alongside current practitioners and health professionals
  • Their blog covers subjects that most new mothers may have questions about
  • Educational quiz on their website to help you find exactly what you need
  • No heavy metals in products
  • New line of men’s products

Although this Needed prenatal review will be examining the brand’s most popular products, they offer a great variety of supplements across the board. 

The brand also sells Iron and Omega-3 supplements, and they can deliver at-home Omega-3 and Vitamin D tests so you can ensure you’re getting enough of the good stuff. 

Needed Review

Next up, the company’s best-selling items. The Prenatal, Probiotics, and Collagen supplements include a truly staggering amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that, honestly, we could all use at least a little of.

The best part is that you can subscribe to your favorite supplement to receive it when you need it most. The $10 off doesn’t hurt either.

Needed Prenatal Review 

Perhaps the best thing about the Needed Prenatal is that it can be taken even if you’re not planning on becoming pregnant or actually pregnant.

The product’s light vanilla flavor makes it an ideal addition to smoothies or shakes. Just rip open a capsule or add the powder to your blender and embrace the Needed Prenatal’s 24 vitamins and minerals. 

Yes, you read that right. This prenatal comes in both capsule and powdered form. 

Among those vitamins and minerals are vitamin B12, choline, vitamin D3, and folate. And those all come without any fillers or additives. Talk about a nutritional punch! 

One 30-day supply of Needed Prenatal is $70, but with a monthly subscription, that price dips to $60.

Needed Probiotics Review 

Let’s get some gut love going with a with a breakdown of Needed’s Pre/Probiotic. A 30 day supply of 2 capsules a day costs $60

Gut and microbiome health is integral for mothers and their children, and these probiotics are cut out for the job. They aim to improve vaginal health, nutrient uptake, and immune functions. This is all thanks to the 26 billion CFU of clinically-studied strains that support maternal and infant health..

You will need to start slowly when you begin taking the Needed Probiotic. Begin with 1 capsule every other day during week one, then 1 capsule daily during week 2, finally going to the full 2 daily capsule schedule on week 3 to reap the full benefits. And believe us, there are tons.

Needed Collagen Review

Usually, an unflavored protein product is considered boring. In this Needed prenatal review’s opinion, that’s only by people who fail to recognize the opportunity to experiment. 

The Needed Collagen Protein powder’s lack of flavor makes it incredibly versatile. You can use it in delicious shakes or smoothies. If you’re really wild you can even add it to soup once it’s cool enough to consume, but we’ll stick to collagen bites. Talk about yum.

The collagen is ethically sourced from New Zealand cattle. It’s also a great protein source because the body easily absorbs it.

But wait, there’s more! Protein is involved in developing the baby’s placenta, hair and skin health, joint health, and helps with battling nausea. 

A 30 day supply of Needed Collagen Protein, assuming that you take one serving a day, delivers 15 grams of protein per scoop. It costs $50, but with a monthly subscription, it’ll cost you $40 instead.

Who Is Needed For? 

Needed Review

Needed is for expecting mothers, mothers who just had kids, and mothers who predict they will have kids in the near future.

This Needed prenatal review happily reports that the fun doesn’t stop there. The brand’s line of products is great even if you’re not thinking of having children, so don’t let that stop you from trying to improve your overall health. 

The company’s items are so versatile that they suit most lifestyles. And think of how many fillers and non-active ingredients bulk up standard multi-vitamins and supplements. You won’t find any of those in a Needed product.

Why Is A Better Prenatal Needed? 

Needed Review

Most prenatal supplements don’t deliver all the nutrients mothers need. The Needed Prenatal contains the optimal amount of micronutrients necessary for yourself and your child. 

Heck, there’s enough good stuff in Needed’s Prenatal to share at a potluck.

How Come There’s No Iron? 

Needed Prenatal Review

Iron competes for absorption with calcium, so it’s best taken away from your Needed Prenatal Multi. Too much Iron can also negatively impact gut health.

With that in mind, the brand sells a separate Iron supplement that’s not in a bundle. If you’re curious, you can ask your doctor or midwife to test your Iron levels.

Comparison: Needed vs. Ritual

Needed Prenatal Review 2

While Needed sounds great, you have to remember how many multivitamins and supplements already compete for our money. 

To get to the bottom of what separates our featured brand from the hordes of other supplements lining pharmacy shelves, this Needed prenatal review section will stack the company against another supplement company, Ritual. Let’s check it out:

  • Needed
    • Ships to the United States and internationally
    • Focuses on optimal nutrient dosages and a “abundant” approach
    • Most of their products are for women, but that means they can optimize their approach
    • Multivitamins are available in capsule and powdered form
  • Ritual
    • Will start shipping to Canada soon
    • They publish all their research and scientific sources to give customers more insight into their goods
    • Focuses on “less is more” approach
    • Product line includes items for men, women, and teens
    • Multivitamins only come in pill form

Since both companies are so health-forward it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with either. Ritual is for you if you’re a younger or older adult not in the pregnancy and parenting stage.

Needed’s laser-like focus on mothers’ health makes them the optimal choice for expecting and current mamas

Needed Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Needed Review

There’s an old saying that goes, “always trust a mother’s intuition.” This Needed prenatal review is going to take that advice and turn this section over to the mamas who’ve shared their experiences with the brand.

The company’s website is overflowing with positive customer reviews. It’s difficult to find testimonials that cover all of the brand’s products, so we’ve isolated the most illuminating customer product insights.

Let’s begin with the Needed Collagen Protein. One nutritionist complemented how rigorously the company pursued their goal of delivering optimal health:

As a nutritionist, I know that protein needs are much higher during pregnancy but it can be really hard to get enough. I love that Needed goes to extra lengths to ensure their Collagen powder is from reputable sources and tested for heavy metals and contaminants, unlike many of the collagen supplements on the market.

Many customers are also excited at how easy it is to integrate the powder into their daily meals. One satisfied buyer gave some tips on how she integrated the Needed Collagen Protein into her diet: 

During pregnancy, I enjoyed mixing this into my morning shakes, postpartum I also add it to my oatmeal. It truly is tasteless and easily dissolves into whatever you want to add it to.

Strolling on over to the Prenatal Multi Powder comments, we find one customer whose praises should leave the company blushing. She commends the brand’s customer service, their products’ high nutrient density, the content of Needed’s blog posts, and more: 

I have been taking this for 6 months now and love it! This prenatal contains higher nutrient levels, and in the best forms, based on the most up-to-date research. Their blog has so many resources, I search for different topics there all the time. With the prenatal, I have noticed higher energy levels, better sleep, and more regular cycles (my hair/skin/nails have also improved!).

Needed Review

Our last stop on the Needed website is the customer review section of their Pre/Probiotic. Once again, another health expert endorses the brand’s goods, and we are so here for it:

As a prenatal nutritionist, I LOVE recommending these to clients because I’ve come to trust (and personally have experienced!) the quality and excellent formulation. If you’re struggling with Strep B overgrowth…these should be an automatic purchase for you!

This Needed review wouldn’t be much of a review if we didn’t highlight this customer who explains why the Pre/Probiotic is so important for mothers and children: 

I used this probiotic throughout my pregnancy and am currently 6 months postpartum and have taken it every day since giving birth as well. I feel really good, my gut health feels great, and my baby is healthy!

Needed’s Facebook following may be small, a given for a niche company, but their customers sure are happy! The company holds a 5/5-star rating based on 1 customer review. You know what? We’ll take it.

One glowing recommendation there touches upon an often passed-over pregnancy side effect: cravings. Here’s what she had to say about how the brand helped with those out-of-left-field pangs:

I am a 1st time mama and this is what I Needed! I noticed a significant difference in how my body was taking the prenatal protein. I’m in the middle of my 2nd trimester and my cravings did a complete turnaround. I’m so happy that this supplement helps me manage and balance my sugars.

The company’s Instagram followers aren’t shy about sharing their love either. This comment cuts right to Needed’s Prenatal’s positive effects, saying, “I feel less nauseous this pregnancy and I know it’s because of this prenatal.”

With all that in mind, let’s glance through the customer ratings for Needed’s highest-selling products on their website to get a bird’s eye view of the situation:

  • Needed Prenatal Multi Powder: 5/5 stars out of 27 ratings 
  • Needed Probiotics – 5/5 stars out of 25 ratings 
  • Needed Collagen Protein – 5/5 stars out of 31 ratings

Some Instagrammers lamented Needed’s high international shipping costs. The brand’s products are so nutrient-dense that you’ll be getting more than what you paid for with them, so we can’t fault them too much for that.

It’s this nutrient-density that Needed customers love. They know the products have what they need to healthily support themselves and their newborns. Truly, this brand is living up to their name.

Is Needed Worth It?

Needed Review

Most people aren’t getting the micronutrients they need to live optimally. And if there’s any demographic that needs to maximize their health, it’s mothers and mothers-to-be. 

This Needed prenatal review finds that this company is a worthwhile investment given their ingredients, their lack of fillers, and their collaborations with trusted experts.

Needed Promotions & Discounts 

Needed Prenatal Review 3

Buyers, rejoice! Needed offers premade bundles, all of which have various discounts. 

The Starter Plan will save you $25 a month, the Complete Plan will save you $80, and the  Conception Support for Two plan will save you $100.

In addition, subscribing to any Needed product will save you $10 with every shipment. That means that if a product usually costs $60, you’ll only pay $50 through their subscription plan, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Where to Buy Needed 

Needed Prenatal Review

You can buy Needed products through their website, thisisneeded.com, and on Amazon.


Needed Review

Who owns Needed?   

Co-founders Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury currently own Needed.

Is Needed just for Women?   

No way, Jose! They also have products for men like their Men’s Multi, Men’s Omega-3, and Men’s Pre/Probiotic.

How does Needed Select Ingredients?   

Needed chooses their ingredients by studying which vitamins most women were missing and the ones most multivitamins don’t provide. From there, they filled in the gaps to deliver the best supplements possible.

The brand collaborates with practicing experts to select ingredients that only nourish the body, meaning there are no filler ingredients or other wasteful additives.

How is Needed’s Pre/Probiotic Designed for Mamas and Mamas to be?

Microbiome professionals developed the Needed Pre/Probiotic alongside the brand to enhance and maintain proper gut and vaginal health. It’s formulated specifically with mothers and their children in mind. 

As a whole, the Needed Pre/Probiotic works to improve digestion, mood balance, blood sugar levels, vaginal health, and immunity.

Is Needed’s Prenatal Multi Vegan, Allergen-free, and Non-GMO?

This Needed review will start with the good news. Needed’s Prenatal Multi is vegetarian, allergen-free, and GMO-free.

The Prenatal Multi is vegan other than the source of Vitamin D3, because the vegan form of D3 is unsustainable for the environment. Needed prioritizes mamas and mama earth.

Why do Needed Supplements come in Pill and Powder form?   

The difference between Needed’s pills and powders is a balance of convenience and absorption.

Pills may be easier for some to ingest, but supplements in powdered form are great for nauseous pregnant women and those that like to make smoothies.

1-2 pills a day isn’t enough to get in large enough dosages to be effective. That means you’ll have to take the full recommended dosage of Needed’s 8 capsules or 1 scoop of powder to reap the full rewards.

Where are Needed Supplements Manufactured?   

All of their products are made on US soil. You can check product descriptions on their website for more details about each specific product’s manufacturing destination.

Is there a Subscription Option? How does it work?  

Good news: there is indeed a subscription option! What’s even better is that any Needed subscription can be paused or canceled at a moment’s notice.

Their plans are as follows:

  • The Starter Plan, featuring the Needed Prenatal Multi in either powdered or capsule form and their Omega-3 supplement 
  • The Complete Nutrition Plan, including the Needed Prenatal Multi in either powdered or capsule form, the Omega-3 supplement, the Collagen Protein, and Needed’s Pre/Probiotic
  • The Conception Support Plan for Two, offering the Women’s Complete Plan and Men’s Support Plan for an even greater bundled discount
  • The Men’s Support Plan, featuring the Needed Men’s Omega-3 and the Men’s Pre/Probiotic

In addition, you can subscribe for a monthly subscription on any of their single items and save $10 with each purchase.

What is Needed’s Shipping Policy?

Needed offers free shipping anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer free international shipping. 

All native US orders are shipped through USPS, UPS, and Fedex while Passport Shipping handles all orders outside of the US.

The company will happily provide you with a tracking number through email after your package has been shipped.  

What is Needed’s Return Policy?

Needed accepts returns on unopened products minus a $10 return shipping fee. They do not allow returns for opened or used items, or sample-sizes.

How to Contact Needed

Needed Review

You can reach Needed through a few avenues:

  1. Email at [email protected] 
  2. Direct message their Instagram account at @needed

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