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About Sculpt Nation

Sculptnation Review

Sculpt Nation helps you burn fat without losing precious muscle mass. Made from a mix of science-backed and natural ingredients, its range of metabolic-boosting, health-restoring supplements are designed to bring about full-body wellness, through increasing metabolism, restoring balance, and reducing inflammation.

With 290k followers on Instagram, the brand’s many supplements have been praised by publications like the LA Times and Discover Magazine.

If you’ve come looking for the answer to your health or weight concerns, keep reading this Sculpt Nation review. Here, we’ll provide in-depth information about the brand and its products, fill you in on what customers have to say, and more, to help you decide if the brand is the right fit for your needs.

Overview of Sculpt Nation

Sculptnation Review

If you love social media, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an ad where a buff, handsome dude tells you how to eat for your body type. That dude is Vince, the co-founder of V Shred—the partner company of Sculptnation.

Though there’s no information on exactly when Sculptnation was created, its brother company was founded in 2015. The supplement brand came to be from the many requests that V Shred clients made about supplements to take during the service’s programs.

And just like that, V Shred set out to create its own line.

Undergoing thorough scientific research and choosing top-notch ingredients, the brand’s formulas are then 3rd-party tested to assure their quality.

The folks are Sculpt Nation are on a mission to “provide men and women looking to get in shape and live healthier lives the safest and most effective supplements in the industry.” The Texas-based brands work in tandem, but technically, you can purchase each of their products and services separately.

We’ll introduce you to a few of those products below, but before we do, this Sculpt Nation review will quickly pause on the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Spectrum of products for men and women
  • Has helped over 1 million people reach their health and fitness goals
  • Works with V Shred to offer fitness and diet programs
  • Supplements are 3rd-party tested
  • Offers bundle discounts
  • Sitewide sale
  • Handles customer issues in a timely manner
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not ship outside of the US or Canada
Sculptnation Review

Weight loss can be tough. As we get older, our ability to lose fat and build muscle decreases, meaning keeping off that extra 5 or 10 lbs can be harder than passing calculus.

But it’s even more complicated than that. With less muscle mass, our chances of losing weight are decreased further. Add on daily stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep, and not only do you have a scale that won’t budge despite a strict diet, the numbers keep going up!

That’s where Sculpt Nation comes into play. Developing supplements specifically to help you remove fat from your cells and build muscle, the brand’s smart approach can kickstart your body into weight loss.

Sculpt Nation products don’t stop there, the brand offers an array of different plant and science-based formulas that work to bring about full body and mind health. Offering a spectrum of supplements from probiotics to greens to fat burners, the brand uses scientifically proven ingredients to help you get the results you want.

The next section of this Sculptnation review will walk you through a sampling of its body-boosting supplements and explain to you why they’re proven to be effective.

Sculpt Nation Review

From metabolism specialists to muscle-building pros, the brand’s best-selling supplements outlined below make use of nature’s most-treasured elements, along with a few science-favored experts to bring about fast results. We’ll start things off with a powerful fat-busting supplement, Burn Evolved.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Review

Burn Evolved is perhaps the brand’s most popular product, promising to kick your metabolism into high gear, reduce your appetite, and help your body eliminate fat. Offering a more potent mix of ingredients than Sculptnation Burn, this one promises no jitters, instead, offering incredibly fast results by way of producing BAT.

BAT is not a winged, bloodsucking mammal. Instead, it stands for Brown Adipose Tissue, aka brown fat.

Brown fat is the type your body adores. It loves it so much it eats it up quickly for energy. The more you have, the more fat you lose, so technically speaking, Burn Evolved can help you lose more fat.

But it does more than that, so just sit tight. Along with burning white stubborn fat with brown fat, Burn Evolved naturally suppresses your appetite, while boosting your metabolism, meaning weight loss can be super quick.

What ingredients are responsible for this? A mixture of tried-and-true cayenne, yohimbine hydrochloride and rauwolscine, paradise seed, EGCG, and caffeine. Sounds complicated because it is. But don’t worry, the company has done the scientific research to back this product up.

Normally $67, a one-month supply for the Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved supplement is now $50.

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Review

Get a bad sleep and you may just lower your body’s ability to burn fat effectively. Burn PM works by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so that your body has the chance to do what it needs to.

First, this product helps move fat from inside your cells to your bloodstream. Then, Burn PMs effective ingredients get rid of that fat, flushing it out of your body.

This Sculptnation burn supplement uses a blend of raspberry ketones, L-Tryptophan, white kidney beans (blocks starch from becoming fat), melatonin, and a couple of other powerful plant extracts. Together, these ingredients help you sleep more soundly, boost your health, and effectively get rid of fat.

With more sleep comes more energy, and you may find that you actually want to work out and eat less. It’s a powerful cycle that starts with better rest and ends with more effective fat burning throughout the night and day.

Grab a one-month supply of Sculptnation Burn PM for $50, normally $67.

Sculpt Nation HGH Boost Review

HGH (human growth hormone) isn’t new in the world of fitness, but it is relatively new to mainstream products. Used by athletes and bodybuilders to naturally increase their body’s levels of the essential hormone and elevate performance, science has found that it can also benefit your brain, energy, and waistline.

HGH Boost can be used by men and women who want to increase mental and physical performance in and out of the gym. Helping to improve sleep, recovery, and mental clarity, this supplement uses L-Lysine, Arginine, L-Ornithine, and Colostrum to get you into fighting shape.

Pick up a one-month supply of Sculptnation HGH Boost for $50 (on sale from $67).

Sculptnation Pre Workout Review

Life can be exhausting, yet exercise is critical. And funny enough, working out actually gives you energy—it’s getting to the gym that’s the problem.

The Sculptnation Pre Workout gives you that boost you need before a workout. It gets your mind and body in the right state and helps you through your routine.

Why choose Pre Workout instead of coffee? After you have just one dose, you’ll know. Providing so much more than just caffeine, with this supplement you’re also getting L-Citrulline, an acid that gives energy to your cells by removing fatigue-causing components like ammonia.

Pre Workout also uses beta-alanine to prevent your muscles from feeling the effects of lactic acid—the thing that causes them to slow down.

Burn fat and fuel your workout more effectively with a one-month supply of Pre Workout for $37, from $50.

Sculptnation Test Boost Max Review

Designed to burn fat, increase muscle mass, and boost your libido, Sculptnation Test Boost Max helps men regain their manhood.

As men age, testosterone decreases. With an abundance of stress, testosterone decreases. With metabolic disorders…yeah, we think you get the idea. The point is, the world and your body are working against you—but you can fight back.

Test Boost Max uses powerful, natural ingredients to help your body produce more T. Higher T levels results in an increased sex drive, better performance in the bedroom and the gym, as well as boosted muscle mass and fat burning abilities.

What are these miracle ingredients you ask? They have some pretty weird names, like Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, and Ashwagandha, but that all translates to a fat burner, a performance booster, and a stress buster.

See and feel the difference with a one-month supply of Test Boost Max for $50 (down from $67).

Sculptnation Turmeric Black Review

Turmeric is renowned in the health world for its superior anti-inflammatory properties. And surprisingly, decreased inflammation means more than just reduced pain. But, unsurprisingly, not all turmeric is built the same.

Sculptnation uses authentic, high-quality Turmeric Black that makes it its personal mission to find all inflammation in the body and kick it to the curb. Resulting in reduced pain and fatigue, Sculptnation Turmeric Black can also burn fat, assist in muscle building, and reduce bloating.

Get a one-month supply of one of nature’s most powerful players for $50 (on sale from $67).

Who Is Sculptnation For?

Sculptnation Review

Sculptnation uses mostly natural ingredients, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep things clean and stay away from drastic weight loss methods, like liposuction. It was designed for those who have struggled with weight loss and building muscle in the past and has formulas specifically for men, but most can be used by women too.

Sculptnation products were made to be used within V Shred programs, but you don’t need to be a V Shred member to buy them.

Comparison: Sculptnation vs. V Shred

Sculptnation Review

Interestingly enough, the creator of V Shred, Vince, is the same guy on the homepage of Sculptnation. In a few clicks, we soon found out that these two brands are owned by the same people, and our featured brand’s supplements are designed to be used within V Shred plans.

The services each offers are completely different and designed to work in tandem, so it doesn’t really make sense to put them head-to-head, but we will give you some more information about what V Shred offers.

On its platform, you’ll find quite a few different programs and plans, ranging from Booty Building to Custom Diet and Training programs for Him and Her. V Shred also offers clothing as does Sculptnation. But click on our featured brand’s clothing tab and you’ll be redirected to V Shred’s site.

To sum things up—V Shred and Sculptnation are brother brands. You have the option of buying our featured brand’s products without the programs, just like you can buy V Shred’s programs without the supplements, but the two companies work together to bring about a complete fitness and health package for their customers.

Sculptnation Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sculptnation Review

Supplements are great, but before you buy, it’s usually a good idea to find out if they work. That’s precisely why this section of our Sculptnation review exists, and here, we’ll fill you in on real customer feedback gathered from around the web.

Since the brand’s website doesn’t show ratings or feedback, other than stating they’ve helped over 1 million customers with their weight loss and muscle-building goals, we turned to Trustpilot to get an overall feel for how users enjoy the brand.

There were quite a few comments that mentioned the effectiveness of the brand’s supplements. Of the Sculptnation Burn Thermogenic, take this glowing example:

I already lost 10 lbs and now on muscle and toning my body. Haven’t been able to lose 10 lbs since my 30’s.” This comment was in regards to the 90-Day program the brand offers.

Craving some information on the quality and effectiveness of its supplements, we checked out a Sculptnation review on DietSpotlight.

The review based its conclusion on the ingredients inside the brand’s Burn supplement, revealing that there are indeed some really great ingredients within, like cayenne, which has been proven to boost metabolism, and green tea, known for its high dose of antioxidants.

Surprisingly, there weren’t a ton of resources that told of personal experience with Sculptnation supplements, just a lot of blogs looking at them from an ingredient standpoint.

To see if we could find out how the brand responds to customer issues, we headed over to the Better Business Bureau and found an A score.

There score is so high because the brand responded to and resolved all issues submitted to this service, showing us that they get back to buyers in a timely manner and give refunds when requested.

Truthfully, we came across a few folks who had problems with the brand’s billing or services, but not many that said that the supplements didn’t work. From what outside reviews mentioned about the brand’s ingredients, they appear to be solid and effective, but there’s no way to tell how much of each is in its formulas to be able to decide just how effective they are.

Is Sculptnation Worth It?

Sculptnation Review

Sculptnation ingredients are very clean—each one proven to be effective. The brand gives explanations for why it includes each one in its formulas, and that fact alone makes its products instantly appealing.

In terms of effectiveness, we came across many users who wrote of their success, but still, feel like we need a little more evidence to give you a fully informed answer. But, given that the majority of users had success, and that the brand has the scientific research to back up its claims, we’re hopeful that its products do what they claim to do.

All in all, Sculptnation is a pretty low-risk brand. It offers a 30-Day Trial where you can take the supplement and see how it works. If you don’t like it, get a refund. On top of that, the brand gives 2 trials per year, meaning that you can sample a selection of its products and see how they work for you at absolutely no risk (other than shipping fees).

Sculptnation Promotions & Discounts

Sculptnation Review

Getting fit and healthy can cost a pretty penny—the right supplements, gym membership, healthy groceries…the list goes on.

Sculptnation has given our readers a special 25% discount offer.

Sculptnation supplements are formulated using scientific evidence and potent ingredients, so it only makes sense that they’re not dirt cheap.

With that said, they are a lot less expensive than other fat-burning remedies on the market, liposuction, or constant visits to the doctor.

But still, a little discount here and there never hurt! And throughout this Sculptnation review, we kept our eyes open for any that popped up on the brand’s website. Take a look at what we found:

Where to Buy Sculptnation

Sculptnation Review

The brand’s supplements are exclusively available through Sculptnation.com. We always say buying directly through the website is the safest and most straightforward way to purchase anything anyway. Plus, you have access to its entire line of products and plans.


Sculptnation Review

Where is Sculptnation made?

Throughout this Sculptnation review, we were unable to track down exactly where the brand’s supplements are made, but we do know that the brand’s headquarters is located in Texas.

What is Sculptnation’s Shipping Policy?

Sculptnation ships to the US and Canada, with all costs calculated at checkout. There are two delivery options for both locations:

  1. Standard Flat Rate 5-10 business days $5
  2. Priority Flat Rate 3-5 business days $10

If you order more than one type of product, the company will do its best to ship them all at the same time, but this may not always be possible. If one ships out before the rest, you will still be charged for the entire order and will receive the other products separately.

What is Sculptnation’s Return Policy?

Sculptnation supplements come with a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee that promises to refund your purchase if you’re not satisfied after taking them for 30 days.

That specific guarantee means that you can return the products at any time after you try them for 30 days, whether it’s in a week, or a month, or three months. The only thing the brand won’t refund is shipping and handling.

If you bought only one bottle of the supplement and wish to return it, don’t return the used bottle. But if you purchased more than one, you’ll need to send them back—just be sure they are not opened.

To start a return, follow the steps outlined below in this Sculptnation review:

  1. Fill out the Contact Form
  2. Select the reason that most closely matches your request
  3. Submit the request
  4. Fill out the RMA Form
  5. Print the form and include it with the bottles you are returning
  6. Package up your item(s) and drop them off at the closest post office

You are responsible for any returning shipping costs, and you’ll need to send your item(s) to this address: Sculpt Nation, 3100 Technology Drive, Suite 200, Plano, TX 75074.

Customers are allowed two returns each year.

How to Contact Sculptnation

We hope you found all of the information you needed in this Sculptnation review, but if you still have questions, use any of the contact methods below to get in touch with the brand:

  • Phone: 1(888)267-4650
  • Contact Form on its website

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