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Noissue Review

Many brands and business owners know the difficulties and hefty costs associated with finding high quality custom packaging, not to mention sustainably sourced packaging. 

Fortunately, noissue is here to help with its broad range of shipping and packaging solutions that are crafted from eco-friendly materials and fully customizable. The range includes everything from tape and stamps to mailers and tissue paper, taking all the hassle out of sourcing quality and customized materials.

Seems too good to be true, right? Perhaps the brand’s 25.4k Facebook likes or 448k Instagram followers will sway your opinion. noissue has also made headlines in top media sources such as TechCrunch for its mission to “make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses of all sizes.”

Interested in finding out more about this innovative and eco-friendly company? Stay tuned into this noissue review. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the brand, its top-selling packaging products, highlights from customer testimonials, answers to important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth the try.

Overview of noissue

Noissue Review

Launched in New Zealand in 2017 by Augie Gruar and Josh Bowden, noissue is built upon three pillars: creativity, community, and sustainability. But, before we get into the present, it helps to take a look at the past. 

The founders had actually been looking for a resource before noissue turned into the brand it is today. They were looking for quality packaging for their company when they discovered that there was a gap in the market for sustainably made and premium custom packaging products that are attainable for brands at any stage of business.

So, they decided to start noissue. And that brings us to today and back to those three key pillars. Committed to eliminating the unnecessary issues that can come up with custom production, noissue makes packaging the easy part, allowing business owners to focus on their business while also getting creative with their shipping and packaging solutions. 

Plus, the brand keeps things affordable, ensuring that all businesses in the community have access to key building blocks and materials for their company. And while the packaging solutions are completely custom, they are also made from recyclable, compostable, or reusable materials to lessen every brand’s environmental impact. 

noissue is also transparent where it sources all of its materials so that customers and their customers know exactly where the packaging is originally from. And with the Eco-packaging program, trees are planted in areas of need from every order that is placed.

Now that we know a little more about the brand’s origins, this noissue review will delve into some of the key highlights to keep in mind.


  • Wide variety of sustainable packaging solutions
  • Options include a variety of tissue paper, wrapping, boxes, stickers and labels, cards, tags, and more
  • Completely customizable
  • Ability to add QR codes to packaging
  • Easy to use website
  • All products are either compostable, reusable, or recyclable
  • Brand is transparent about the supply chain operations 
  • Reorder feature available for easy repurchasing 
  • Samples available 
  • Free tracked shipping for all orders
Noissue Review

noissue focuses on taking the issue out of tissue, so you can focus more on your business and less on the hassle of finding high quality packaging. That’s why the company makes it easy to shop by industry and product type so you can always find what you’re looking for.

From wrapping and tissue paper to the tape and boxes you finish off your packaging with, noissue products fill every shipping and packaging need. And they can be fully customized to match your company’s vibe, featuring unique logos and designs. 

And if you’ve shopped with noissue before, you can use the reorder feature to receive the same products and designs as last time. But if you’re a little newer, the quiz helps find the perfect product. Here’s how it works:

  1. Share what you’ll be using your packaging for
  2. Give deets on how you sell
  3. Await your specific recommendations

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at some of the brand’s top selling products, stay tuned. Below, this noissue review will deep dive into some of the most popular options to give you an idea of what all the hype is about.

noissue Products Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re an up and coming business or if you’re looking to rebrand your packaging: noissue has what you need with its low minimums and circular materials, as well as the ability to completely customize each piece.

The focus is on helping businesses deliver an on-brand unboxing experience for shoppers, so there’s plenty of products to choose from. Below, we’ll check out some of the best selling packaging products so you can get a feel for the options.

noissue Tissue Review

Included in all packaging for an extra special opening experience, this Tissue paper can be completely customized by using your logo with the brand’s easy-to-use template, as well as the ability to select your own layout and colors.

It’s also made with acid-free paper and soy-based inks so you and your customers can feel good about what you’re buying.

Whether you’re wrapping a package or gift, noissue Tissue is the way to go. It comes in a few different sizes, with quantities starting at 250. Prices range from $175-$920.

noissue Hangtags Review

Ideal for attaching to an article of merchandise with info about its material and proper care or deets on how it’s made, noissue Hangtags are another completely customizable option. 

With shapes including beveled, rectangle, and square, as well as multiple size and paper options, Hangtags are able to be fully personalized. They are also made from FSC-certified, recycled card-stock and are printed in full-color with soy-based or HP non-toxic inks.

Recyclable and home compostable, these customizable Hangtags come in a variety of sizes and options, with quantities starting at 25, ranging in price from $70-$1,000.

noissue Stickers Review

Whether you include them in packaging as an extra sweet freebie, attach to boxes as advertising, or stick to tissue paper as a special seal, noissue Stickers always add a fun and detailed touch.

Users are able to fully design their own sticker with personal logos, colors, and themes. Plus, they come in different shapes such as the rectangle, circle, or square, as well as a number of different sizes. 

Completely made from acid free paper and soy-based inks, the Stickers are ideal for being an eco-friendly option. With quantities starting at 250, prices range from $90-$1,125.

noissue Foodsafe Paper Review

Designed specifically for the hospitality and food industries, the Foodsafe Paper is greaseproof and customizable with your logo or branding. Water-based food safe inks are printed on FSC-certified paper, which is also fully compostable.

Users can upload their logo and choice of colors, making this paper ideal for adding a branded touch to lined trays and food wrapping. Users can choose from a number of different sizes and colors for a fully customized feel.

With quantities starting at 250, noissue Foodsafe Paper retails for $220-$2,245.

noissue Stamps Review

Ideal for finishing off packaging, stamping on cards, or writing letters, noissue Stamps add a branded touch using quality, durable materials. They come in two different options: manual or self-inking, with the latter being made from over 65% post-consumer plastics.

Users can add their own logos and designs and choose from four different ink colors to remain on theme with their business. Plus, the reusable stamp comes with a soy-based ink pad or cartridge to get started.

Available in a few different sizes and versions, the noissue Stamps retail for $78-$82.

noissue Cards Review

Cards are a great item to include in packaging, whether it’s to leave a personalized note to your customer, share a coupon to invite them back, or convey details about care and materials for the item they purchase. 

noissue Cards are completely customizable, whether you want to opt for the brand’s template, or come up with your own design all together and upload it to the platform.

Available in different colors, sizes, and paper options, with quantities starting at 25, noissue Cards retail for $60-$895.

Who Is noissue For? 

Noissue Review

noissue packaging products are ideal for a small business, startup, or even as unique gift wrapping. The brand manufactures a variety of shipping solutions, from wrapping and tissue paper to boxes and tape, for all industries, including e-commerce, in-store, florists, jewelry, clothing, and more.

The brand streamlines the shopping experience, making it simple for business owners to buy high quality, carefully crafted eco-friendly packaging products in bulk. They are also completely customizable, which is ideal for adding a personal touch to every item. 

noissue Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Noissue Review

Now that you’ve got an idea of the custom products noissue carries, it only makes sense to consider what the collection is actually like. For that, this noissue review will turn to customer feedback, which we sourced from Facebook, Trustpilot, and a small blog named Luna Chai.

On Facebook, noissue earns 4.4/5 stars out of 265 reviews. Many Facebook reviewers highlight the company’s customer service, as one happy shopper shares:

Love my customized tissue paper and stickers! The customer service from the design team was brilliant. They were very patient and accommodating to my requirements and design process. I am really happy and will be reordering in the future.”

Another patron loves the personalized touch it adds to their business, writing, “I ordered canvas bags from noissue for my photography clients. They are high quality and the fact that they’re environmentally friendly makes them even better! They look even better than I imagined. My logo is printed clearly and perfectly on the bags.”

The brand is also highly rated on Trustpilot, with 4.3/5 stars out of 371 reviews. One buyer describes the brand’s commitment to quality, as well as the packaging for their packaging:

I ordered a custom stamp, and the process was quick and easy. The packaging the stamp came in was very cute and it even arrived two days ahead of time! I’ve been having a ton of fun stamping and I’m glad they are providing a solution to sustainable packaging.”

Another customer sings the brand praises for its service, overall design, and commitment to the planet:

Thoroughly impressed with the whole experience, from order, to shipping, to product. The team was super thorough in making sure the design was perfect and the shipping took WAY less time than estimated. The end result was beautiful – plus it’s just such a great product to begin with, being compostable!”

Small blogs like Luna Chai also have nothing but good things to say about the brand. One reviewer shares how impressed they are by the brand’s sustainable manufacturing:

The stickers are sourced from sustainable forests and acid-free, printed with soy-based inks, and use a nontoxic adhesive. They are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.”

They continue by noting that the stickers looked exactly as they expected, writing, “noissue’s online process was super easy, and the results were exactly what I wanted—clear, vibrant, and most importantly, completely sustainable!”

All things considered, customers report no issues when it comes to shopping from noissue. The brand is dedicated to providing exceptional service with high quality designs, ensuring that it truly delivers on its mission to take the stress off of business owners when it comes to quality packaging.

Is noissue Legit?

Noissue Review

This noissue review has no issues to report when it comes to this brand. Backed by hundreds of verified reviews and with established social media pages and thousands of followers, it’s clear that this company is the real deal.

And if you’re still not sure, you can purchase a Sample Pack for only $5 with free shipping. It comes with custom tissue paper, stickers, tape, and the noissue mailer so you can determine if it’s the right fit.

Is noissue Worth It?

Noissue Review

Carefully designed for the creative community, we have established that noissue makes finding high-quality, carefully designed packaging and shipping solutions easy. But that’s not all that caught our attention. 

All of the products are completely customizable, ideal for helping businesses bring their brand to life with packaging that truly reveals what they are all about. Plus, everything is made from eco-friendly materials that are either recyclable, reusable, or compostable

Overall, the brand is well rounded, offering a wide number of products that help small businesses make a name for themselves, with a marketplace of high quality products that are carefully manufactured and unique.

noissue Promotions & Discounts 

Noissue Review

While there aren’t any noissue discount codes available at this time, customers can sign up for emails to stay up to date with all deals and offers. 

Where to Buy noissue

Noissue Review

If something in our noissue review caught your eye, you can shop the products directly from the brand’s website,


Noissue Review

Who owns noissue?

At the time of this noissue review, the brand is privately owned, though it operates with CEO and co-founder Josh Bowden at its helm.

Does noissue ship internationally?

If you’re interested in shopping for a few of the products in our noissue review, you’ll be happy to hear that the brand offers international shipping. 

Customers located in New Zealand, Australia, US, EU, or Canada shouldn’t have to worry about any duties or taxes, though packages sent to other countries may incur fees based on certain regulations. All shipping costs and estimates are calculated at checkout based on location.

What is noissue’s Shipping Policy?

Anxious to receive your order from our noissue review? Fortunately, the brand offers free tracked standard shipping, with an estimated delivery window of up to 21 business days. 

That being said, paid expedited shipping options (10 days and 15 days) are also available if you want your products a little sooner, and costs will be calculated at checkout based on location.

What is noissue’s Return Policy?

If your noissue stock order isn’t quite right, simply contact the brand here within 30 days of delivery. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company offers free returns on stock products and issues refunds within 2-5 business days of receiving the return.

At this time, noissue does not accept returns on custom items. That being said, if you experience any issues with your purchase, the brand asks that you contact them here.

How to Contact noissue

We hope you enjoyed our noissue review! If you have any further questions about the brand and its products, you can contact them by filling out the contact form on the website.

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