Norse Projects Review

About Norse Projects

Norse Projects Review

Norse Projects is a Danish clothing brand heavily influenced by streetwear, workwear, and high-end fashion trends. This label offers apparel for both men and women that are attracted to the classic Scandinavian style. 

The brand is known for carving its own path, and this shows through its clothing collection. Since its launch, Norse Projects has been featured in outlets such as Highsnobiety and Proper Magazine. Plus, 162K followers on Instagram clearly seem to enjoy the functionality and style of their items. 

Does the coveted label live up to the hype? This Norse Projects review can help answer that. Keep reading to find out more about the company, its products, competing brands, and more, so you can decide if they’re worth the buy.  

Overview of Norse Projects

Norse Projects Review

Norse Projects was founded in 2004 by Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul, and Mikkel Grønebæk. Anton and Mikkel met each other through the Danish skateboarding scene and immediately hit it off. They both had a shared interest in the sport and the culture surrounding it. 

So, the pair opened their own small skateboarding shop, similar to streetwear brands like HUF and Primitive. Their humble store slowly grew to become a local hit. 

With its success, Norse Projects grew to become one of the top streetwear brands in Northern Europe. They soon opened their flagship store in Copenhagen, which featured art and street apparel. 

The label was truly born in 2009 as the men’s line was launched. The Norse Projects women’s line followed in 2015. It began to capture the rugged street apparel style coupled with the clean and modern Danish influence. 

The Denmark-based brand is also known for its collaborations. In 2013, Norse Projects teamed up with the sneaker giant, Vans. They’ve also partnered up with Doc Martens, Adidas, and New Balance. 

Now that you know more about the brand, this Norse Projects review will go over a pros and cons list. 


  • Collection of minimal and stylish clothing across many categories
  • Options for both men and women 
  • The brand collaborates with several other popular labels 
  • Apparel offered through many retailers worldwide
  • Mainly positive reviews*
  • Ships internationally


  • 14-day return policy
  • Orders must be over $279 to qualify for free shipping
  • Expensive 

Norse Projects sells many items that are perfect for braving the cold Northern European weather. They also offer graphic t-shirts, Scandi-style pants, hats, and even socks. 

This Norse Project review will look at some of their best-selling jackets, shirts, pants, beanies, and hats, to give you an idea of what the label has on display. Along the way, we’ll also give you a few style tips to help you get the most out of each piece! 

Norse Projects Jackets Review

First up, we’ll share details on some popular Norse Projects jackets. These outerwear options are trendy and durable, allowing any wearer to look effortlessly chic. Grab a scarf and let’s dive in! 

Norse Projects Otto Light WR Review

The Otto Light WR is the ultimate layering piece. The style is similar to a bomber jacket, just without color-blocking sleeves. Its features include snap closures, along with side and internal pockets. 

The Otto Light WR is water-resistant for those rainy spring days, and it offers fiber insulation throughout. If you’re thinking about wearing this in the winter, though, you couldn’t go wrong with a Norse Projects hoodie. 

Then, throw on a waterproof layer over the top to be fully protected against the elements. The Otto Light WR retails for $350. It’s also compatible with Norse’s shell pieces.

Norse Projects Rokkvi 5.0 Gore-Tex Review 

The Norse Projects Rokkvi 5.0 GORE-TEX was created in collaboration with GORE-TEX. The outer layer is coated with durable water repellent, making the jacket totally waterproof. In addition, for especially frigid temperatures, the coat is insulated with Certified Goose Down. 

Despite being made with down, the jacket isn’t too heavy and the construction is breathable. Plus, it has some serious storage capabilities with internal pockets. There’s also no denying the minimal yet fashionable design, which can be paired with some Norse Projects gloves for extra warmth. 

This Norse Projects parka will run you about $325

Norse Projects T-Shirts Review

Next up, we’ll spill the details on some customer-favorite Norse Projects t shirts. We know that the brand started with graphic tees, so this category is definitely in their wheelhouse. Let’s get into it! 

Norse Projects Gro SS Norse X Yu Nagaba T-Shirt Review

The Gro SS Norse X Yu Nagaba T-shirt was designed in partnership with Japanese artist Yu Nagaba. His illustrations are known for combining minimal aesthetics with simple line drawings of humans. He draws influences from skate culture, fashion, and hip-hop music. 

This women’s tee comes in white and mineral blue. It features Yu’s artwork on the right side, which depicts a Norse woman riding a bike in the rain. 

What’s not to like about this shirt when it’s made of 100% cotton and is a comfortable, regular-fitting tee? This relaxed piece would look casually chic paired with straight-leg pants or some Norse Projects shorts.  

This Norse Projects shirt sells for $100

Norse Projects Pants Review

Obviously, you can’t complete an outfit without some fashionable pants. Keep reading, as this Norse Projects review finds out which pair customers can’t get enough of. 

Norse Projects Aros Heavy Review

The Aros Heavy is a timeless straight-leg chino. They come in five different colors and can be a versatile addition to your everyday wardrobe. Plus, chinos are historically comfortable and lightweight due to their cotton-twill make up. 

If you go with the black chinos, you could really wear them for any occasion. Going to a last-minute dinner? No need to worry; these pants have your back. You can throw on a button-down or a simple white tee, and it’ll look like you spent hours thinking of the perfect ensemble. 

They also have some added durability with reinforced belt loops, so they’ll definitely last you a while. The Norse Projects Aros Heavy chino retails for $195. 

Norse Projects Beanies Review

There isn’t much to hate when it comes to a good beanie. They keep you warm during chilly seasons, and they’re such foolproof accessories. Just having them in your closet ups your outfit game. So, here are some of the best-selling Norse Projects beanies for your fall wardrobe.

Norse Projects Norse Beanie Review 

The signature Norse Beanie is made from undeniably warm lambswool yarn. There’s no doubt it’ll keep you cozy during cold winter nights. It’s also easy to style with its no-fuss design. There isn’t much we don’t like about this beanie! 

The seven colors available are neutral and easy to style. With shades like dark navy and light grey, the world is your playground. You wouldn’t want to take off this $80 Norse Beanie until summer finally rolls around. 

If you’re shopping for accessories, take a look at some Norse Projects socks to rep the brand head to toe. 

Norse Projects Cashwool Rib Beanie Review

Next up in this Norse Projects review is the Cashwool Rib Beanie. This classic hat is made with cashmere and wool yarn to be as cozy as possible. Even though it has a wider brim, the one-size-fits-all design may be a tighter fit. 

The Cashwool Rib Beanie only comes in black, and there’s nothing that won’t go well with it. If you’re into winter sports, it’ll definitely do its job in keeping your head and ears warm. We recommend pairing the $185 hat with a Norse Projects sweater to complete your outfit. 

Norse Projects Hats Review

The last bestsellers in this Norse Projects review are their hats. The brand’s headwear collection continues to showcase their signature minimalistic design. Plus, this is another staple addition to your wardrobe. 

Norse Projects Ripstop 5 Panel Cap Review

The Ripstop 5 Panel Cap embodies skate culture. It’s made from cotton ripstop and features stitched eyelets along with an adjustable strap. It’s available in three earthy colors, including khaki, green, and battleship grey. 

This Norse Projects 5 panel cap is definitely a skater’s dream. The fabric is durable and it won’t go flying while you’re performing your stunts. Plus, it’s easy to style and doesn’t require much thought when adding to an outfit. 

This Norse Projects cap retails for $100

Norse Projects Twill Sports Cap Review

Last but not least is the Twill Sports Cap. This bestseller is 100% cotton and resembles a more classic baseball hat style. It also features a tiny embroidered ‘N’ on the front, so people can know who you’re repping. 

This timeless style can be traced back to the 19th century, when it was popular among athletes and blue-collar workers. They sported many different versions, including wool and straw hats. Luckily, this Norse Projects hat is both comfortable and cool, giving off a relaxed, casual vibe. 

The Twill Sports Cap retails for $100

Who is Norse Projects For? 

Norse Projects Review

Norse Projects’ target demographic is young adult men and women. The brand also might be a good fit if you’re into streetwear trends and Scandinavian style. Basically, those who prefer high-quality and minimalistic all-season apparel would love Norse. 

Comparison: Norse Projects vs. Reigning Champ  

Norse Projects Review

Over the years, streetwear brands have become part of the mainstream fashion industry. So, this Norse Projects review did some research to see how our featured brand fared against other similar labels. Let’s take a look at Reigning Champs to compare policies, product ranges, and more. 

First, we’ll take a look at some overlapping factors: 

  • Both Norse Projects and Reigning Champ sell streetwear-influenced apparel and athleisure wear
  • Both companies have collaborated with major brands like Adidas
  • Both brands feature minimalist styles 
  • Both ship their products internationally 

From the looks of it, the two companies appear almost identical. But, we did find key differences after digging deeper: 

  • Reigning Champs is a Canadian brand
  • Reigning Champs offers a longer return policy
  • Reigning Champs focuses a bit more on athleisure than Norse
  • Reigning Champs is slightly cheaper 

If you’re in the market for Danish-style streetwear, Norse Projects might be for you. But, if you’re more into athleisure and are looking for a more budget-friendly option, Reigning Champs could be your go-to. So, which one will you choose?

Norse Projects Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Norse Projects Review

We’ve now arrived at the exciting part of this Norse Projects review: What do their customers think? Unfortunately, there aren’t any ratings featured on the label’s website. So, we went searching.

 It turns out that there aren’t many third-party reviews, either. But, we did find a couple on Trustpilot, Reddit, and Altitude Sports. 

On Altitude Sports, the Rokkvi 5.0 GORE-TEX jacket is the only item that has a star rating. Its average is 4.3/5 stars from about 3 reviews. 

One reviewer writes, “Very nice parka. It’s super warm but feels light and breathable. It fits very well. I’m 6’1 and 195lbs and purchased a size Large. It has a lot of great little details like fleece-lined outer pockets and multiple interior pockets. Perfect for surviving Canadian winters.” 

The Danish label also gets some praise on Trustpilot, where they have a 4/5 star rating from 11 reviews. One customer writes, “Norse Projects clothes are ideal for daily wear and travel. I am highly satisfied with their products as they are carefully crafted to suit the needs of an active lifestyle.” 

Another customer loves the Norse style, stating, “Really cool Scandi style. Bought a few caps for my boyfriend, and he loves them. He wears them almost every day!” 

This Norse Projects review also found a Reddit thread that talked about the brand. The general consensus from users was that they loved the simple designs and craftsmanship of each piece. For example, one buyer writes, “Really cool basics and vision. High-quality (in my experience) pieces. Not really much to hate about them, in my opinion.” 

This Norse Projects review did find that there are a limited number of testimonials in general. So, it seems like their customer base isn’t the type to leave reviews online. Regardless, from the comments we read, the company seems to have a solid reputation. 

Is Norse Projects Worth It?

Norse Projects Review

The simplicity of Norse Projects’ pieces makes for some versatile basics. Because of that, Scandi-style clothes are definitely making their way to mainstream fashion. 

Based on this Norse Projects review, we would say that their apparel is worth checking out if you have the means. As we said, the company’s clothing is easy to style and offers a chilled-out vibe that anyone can get behind. As a result, their streetwear can easily appeal to many people. 

On the flip side, the brand’s prices are steep. It can be difficult to purchase an item from Norse if you’re on a budget as the costs border on luxury prices. In general, streetwear can be expensive because of exclusivity and materials, but this might deter future customers. 

Norse Projects Promotions & Discounts 

Norse Projects Review

This Norse Projects review found that the brand is currently offering 20% off on all US orders. We couldn’t find any active promotions or discounts at this time, but you can sign up for their newsletter for future deals. 

Where to Buy Norse Projects

Norse Projects Review

If you’re looking for a Norse Projects sale, head straight to Along with physical locations in Denmark, you can find their items at select retail stores such as Nordstrom. 


Norse Projects Review

Where Are Norse Projects Clothes Made? 

This Norse Projects review found that all of its apparel is made in Europe except for hats, which are manufactured in an old American factory. Some of their apparel is also made in China. 

Is Norse Projects True to Size? 

Yes, Norse Projects clothing generally fits true to size. If you want to double-check your size before making any purchases, we recommend consulting the brand’s online measurement guide. 

What is Norse Projects’ Shipping Policy?

Norse Projects offers free delivery for orders over $280. The brand also provides express shipping options through DHL for a $20 fee. 

Here are the estimated express shipping arrival times for the countries they ship to: 

  • Denmark: 1–2 business days
  • US, Canada, International: 2–3 business days 
  • Europe, Germany, UK: 1–2 business days

You will receive a tracking number once the package has been processed. Your delivery is also subject to duties depending on the final destination. 

What is Norse Projects’ Return Policy?

Norse Projects has a 14-day return policy or “cooling-off period.” If you order multiple items delivered separately, the period begins from the date you receive your last shipment. 

You can initiate the process by filling out an online return form. Any return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. In addition, Norse highly recommends using a tracking number for packages sent from overseas. 

Your refund amount depends on the condition of the returned item. For example, if it’s not in its original packaging, your total reimbursement may be reduced. 

How to Contact Norse Projects

We hope you enjoyed reading this Norse Projects review. If you have any questions or need to return an item, you can contact their team via the following:

Norse Projects WEB
Laplandsgade 11
2300 Copenhagen S 

Norse Projects typically answers within 1–3 business days. Their office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM, CET. 

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