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About Omsom

Omsom Review

Omsom is an American food brand selling cooking sauces inspired by Asia’s boldest dishes. This company is bringing celebrated dishes from all over Asia into people’s homes by packaging tasty spice blends, aromatics, and pre-made sauces, and pairing them with recipes you can create yourself in your own kitchen.

In this Omsom review I will introduce you to this buzzed-about brand, started by the Pham sisters to make space for authentic, sometimes hard-to-find Asian flavors in American homes and grocery stores. 

Omsom’s seasonings – known as their starters – are made from high-quality, uncompromising ingredients that have been carefully sourced to deliver genuine Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese flavors. 

This new brand is gaining attention in the food world and has been featured by Vogue, Thrillist, and Food Network. My Omsom review will look at their best-selling sauces and accessories, and check out their customer feedback and buying highlights so you can see if you’re ready to start cooking with this unique culinary brand. 

Keep reading my Omsom review to find out more about this company’s story.

Overview of Omsom

Omsom Review

Entrepreneurial sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham launched Omsom in 2018, with a mission to “showcase unapologetic Asian flavors” in sauces and recipes designed for easy home cooking. 

The Pham sisters felt that their favorite Asian foods and condiments were not available in the average grocery store, or fell short of reflecting true Asian cuisine – “A lot of those products were not made with folks like us in mind,” Vanessa told Vogue in 2020.  

Kim and Vanessa were consistently disappointed with the supermarket options for “ethnic” food, and wished that they could find an easy way to recreate their favorite childhood dishes and foods with the right flavors and spices.

These entrepreneurs put their heads together and consulted with chefs who love East and Southeast Asian cuisine as much as they do. The result was Omsom – Vietnamese for rambunctious, noisy, and riotous – which has been enthusiastically received by expert reviewers and home cooks, too.

Let’s look at the highlights of ordering from Omsom:


Omsom Review
  • Meal starter sauces and spice blends for making classic Asian dishes from home
  • Bold and spicy flavors – not diluted like some supermarket products
  • Recipes can be followed or adapted to how you like to eat
  • Free delivery on orders over $35
  • An Asian-owned business celebrating Asian cuisine
  • One-time purchases and customizable subscription options
  • Gluten-free and vegan options

Omsom Review

Omsom offers plenty of delicious make-it-at-home packets to help you master Asian dishes, and a few cute accessories, too. Keep reading this Omsom review as I take a closer look at their best-sellers.

Omsom The Try ‘Em All Review

The Try ‘Em All Set lets you sample every single Omsom sauce! This bundle is an awesome option if you’re a big foodie and want to experiment with all of Omsom’s sauces and recipes. It would also work well for a big family, or if you want to gift a home cook with something special.

This Omsom set comes with 3 sampler kits, each with a variety of starters: 

  • 1 Asian Sampler box with Vietnamese, Thai, and Filipino starters
  • 1 East Asian Sampler box with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese starters
  • 1 Pepper Teigen’s Krapow starter 4-Pack 

Omsom explains that this product has a total of 16 starters, which can make over 40 different meals. Some of the recipes Omsom suggests using the Try ‘Em All Set for are Thai Larb, Filipino Sisig, and Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki.

If you need some inspo or guidance, don’t worry – you can always access the recipes for these products for free on the Omsom site. 

Prep your pantry for a culinary adventure with the Omsom Try ‘Em All Set for $70 (down from $76).

Omsom Chef’s Knife Earrings Review

These cute, punky earrings are both adorable and edgy. The Chef’s Knife Earrings make a unique gift for people who love to cook, or who want to give their look a bit of drama.

These earrings have a stainless steel stud with an acrylic handle and blade. With their black handle and shiny golden blade, they look very much like real mini knives. They also feature the name “Omsom” in black on the sides. 

While these tiny knife earrings aren’t about to replace your kitchen gear, Omsom recommends that you take them off to shower and sleep. They’re a substantial 1 and ¾ inches long and though they aren’t sharp, they still have pointed edges. 

According to Omsom these earrings were created to ring in 2022’s Year of the Tiger and are limited edition, so buy them while you can.

Buy the Chef’s Knife Earrings for $20.

Omsom Rice Paddle Review 

If you’re a devotee of Asian cuisine, you might want to check out Omsom’s very own Rice Paddle. This product is designed to help you gently lift a nice heaping helping of rice from your pot or rice cooker, and stir without breaking your grains.

The Omsom Rice Paddle is a vibrant yellow color, with a curved handle and wide paddle bottom. It also features a small hole at the top of the handle, so you can hand this utensil from a kitchen hook.

Buy the Omsom Rice Paddle for $8.

Omsom Subscription Review

If you’re a huge fan of Omsom, you’re in luck. The brand offers a convenient subscription option so you can get your Omsom fix as regularly as you’d like.

Here’s how it works: Head to their Build Your Subscription page and select your favorite products. You can choose individual flavors like Spicy Bulgogi or Mala Salad, or mixed kits of multiple flavors, like their Southeast Asian sampler. You can include as many or as few of each as you want.

Once you’ve settled on the flavors you’d like to receive, all that’s left to do is decide on the frequency of delivery. You can choose to have your Omsom products come monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months

Once you’re done your order, sit back and enjoy your subscriber perks. They include:

  1. Free shipping
  2. Continue to customize your orders as needed – Omsom makes it easy to change up what’s delivered with your next order
  3. Pause or skip your subscription months
  4. Enjoy deals just for subscribers.

When you sign up for an Omsom subscription, you’ll also be paying 10% less on your items than you would when making a one-time order.

Who Is Omsom For? 

Omsom Review

Omsom will appeal to home cooks who want a bit of help crafting delicious meals from a range of East and Southeast Asian cuisines. Whether you have experience in the kitchen or not, buying from Omsom will save you time at the grocery store and time in the kitchen, too

With Omsom’s starters, you don’t need to worry about finding just the right ingredients or having a well-stocked pantry. They take the guesswork out of making the complex spice blends and sauces fundamental to many beloved and familiar dishes, so you can have a good meal with an authentic flavor profile ready whenever you want.

Anyone who loves Thai Krapow, Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, or Korean Spicy Bulgogi will be excited to try Omsom’s versions, and play around with Omsom recipes – which can be followed to the letter or customized to whatever’s in the fridge – until they find their favorite.

People who are allergic to gluten, or follow a vegan diet, will especially appreciate that Omsom has options for them. Their website clearly marks which of their starters are suitable for celiacs and vegans, making it easy to order and enjoy for everyone at your table.

Omsom Recipes

Omsom Review

Omsom wants you to get the most out of their sauces, so they offer a free recipe collection that shows you how to cook with their starters on their website. Better yet, you can choose different versions of the same recipe depending on your tastes or dietary needs.

For example, if you’ve purchased their Korean Spicy Pork Bulgogi sauce you can check out three versions of this recipe:

  • Korean Spicy Pork Bulgogi with Pork
  • Korean Spicy Pork Bulgogi with Chicken
  • Korean Spicy Pork Bulgogi with Tofu

Explore all the Omsom recipes in the Recipe section of their website.

Omsom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Omsom Review

Omsom shares feedback from their customers at the bottom of each product page. While doing my research for this Omsom review I found that most of these customer responses are pretty enthusiastic.

One buyer loves this brand’s starters and their useful rice paddle, too. She reports in her Omsom review, “This is my second order, both as gifts, and so far everyone loves the sauces. Fast delivery, quality product. Wonderful recipes. And they loved the rice paddle.”

Another customer, who enjoys the brand’s jewelry selection as much as their food, shares in their Omsom review, “Perfect gift for anyone who loves food, food culture, or just looking for bold jewelry!”

One of Vogue’s food writers, Julie Tong, also loves Omsom’s approach to instant sauces, and compliments this brand for taking the long shopping lists and more obscure ingredients out of everyday cooks’ lives. She appreciates that her meals came together easily and that she could add her own twists to make them her own. 

Tong writes in her Omsom review, “The beauty in Omsom not only lies in its aromatic flavors packed inside easy-to-use kits, but the fact that customization is encouraged. Many Omsom consumers have mixed and matched different proteins and vegetables for the traditionally pork-focused Vietnamese lemongrass dish, or used tofu instead of spicy Thai larb.”

This company also has some customer feedback on their official Facebook page. While there are only three Omsom reviews posted so far, they are all glowing, giving this company 5 out of 5 stars and praising their versatile, delicious flavors.

One customer comments in her Facebook Omsom review, “Holy cow. A delicious pantry shake up. I love the variety and flexibility of the marinades!”

Overall, it’s clear Omsom has struck a chord with customers. People love the ease and flexibility of their products, and the fact that they pack a big flavor punch too!

Is Omsom Legit?

Omsom Review

Omsom is a new brand, but a trustworthy one. While writing this Omsom review I did not find any red flags or complaints on review sites such as Sitejabber, TrustPilot, or Yelp.

This company has also been been favorably reviewed on a host of reliable websites, including Food Network, CNN, and Vogue.

Is Omsom Worth It?

Omsom Review

If you love the big, authentic flavors of East and Southeast Asian cuisine, you’ll likely find some real favorites in Omsom’s product line. Their “proud, loud Asian home cooking” will help you elevate your kitchen with everything from larb to mala seasoning. 

This company has glowing reviews from customers, who report that their sauces are easy to use and have helped them make dishes that otherwise would have been a little too daunting or complicated

Omsom has taken the inconvenience out of making authentic Asian dishes, giving everyday home cooks a chance to revisit nostalgic childhood favorites or branch out into a new world of cooking they haven’t tried before. For the purpose of this Omsom review, I’m happy to recommend this trending brand.

Omsom Promotions & Discounts 

Omsom Review

Omsom offers free shipping on orders over $35, and subscribers get 10% off the regular price of their starters. 

While there were no other promotions happening at the time of writing my Omsom review, check back regularly at for Omsom discount codes.

Where to Buy Omsom

Omsom Review

You can purchase all Omsom products from their official website


Omsom Review

Who owns Omsom?

Sisters and entrepreneurs Kim and Vanessa Pham own Omsom.

Does Omsom ship internationally?

Currently, Omsom can only deliver within the US. At the time of this Omsom review I found that this brand hopes to branch out and offer international shipping soon.

What is Omsom’s Shipping Policy?

Order over $35 worth of Omsom to get free delivery. This brand delivers their products to addresses within the US (not including PO boxes), and delivery fees on smaller orders and express options are calculated at checkout. 

Want your fix fast? Omsom offers same-day shipping in a few major cities like LA, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

What is Omsom’s Return Policy?

Since Omsom sells food products, they do not offer returns or exchanges.

How to Contact Omsom

Omsom Review

I hope you enjoyed this Omsom review! Get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected]

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