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Opte Skin Review

It’s frustrating when all the skincare products to treat your hyperpigmentation scars tell you to just be patient. There are times when you just want a faster solution without having to spend the big bugs. That’s where Opte Precision comes in. 

Using science and technology to create the Precision System, you’ll find this skincare product is unlike any you’ve seen in the past. While the brand only has one main product, this system includes several science fiction-esque tools that can analyze your skin to treat your spots. 

With features on Allure, NewBeauty, and Harper’s Bazaar, Opte’s name is definitely out there. The brand also has 22k followers on Instagram and nearly 3k likes on Facebook, there is a customer fanbase for sure. But are the products really all that? You wouldn’t be able to just sample the system for fun, and it is rather expensive too. 

No problem! This Opte skin review will go through everything you need to know about the brand, products, and answers to frequently asked questions. In the end, you won’t need us to tell you if the brand is a fit, you’ll know yourself. 

Overview of Opte

Opte Skin Review

According to the company, everything began when Thomas Rabe at Procter & Gamble labs wanted to create something that could help people specifically with hyperpigmentation. While there are already skincare products with ingredients to treat dark spots, Rabe wanted to take a more specific approach. 

But an article on Medium said that Opte was founded by Derrick Dinglasan, and remains the General Manager. The brand was unveiled by Procter & Gamble in 2019. Using a combination of optics, proprietary algorithms, and printing technology, this skincare product is large and in charge. It has over 40 patents too. 

The device has a number of features. After scanning your skin for pigmentation and tonal differences, it will detect the parts that need treatment using a safe blue light. Then, the device will apply the serum where you need it, and have an immediate effect, reducing the look of hyperpigmentation. 

Since the system only applies product to certain parts of the face, you won’t have a cakey, all covered up type of feeling. Instead, you should feel a light and flawless coverage, rather different from using concealer or foundation. 

The company also boasts a number of awards and recommendations from dermatologists, but what do customers think? Before we get into those details about the product, this Opte skin review will take you through the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Precise, targeted treatment 
  • Can reduce visible hyperpigmentation in little as four weeks without lasers 
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • One year warranty 
  • Free shipping 
  • Klarna available
  • Several dermatologist recommendations, including Dr. Omar Noor, Dr. Julia Tzu, Dr. Michelle Henry, and Dr. Nancy Samolitis 


  • Limited product selection with refill kit, deluxe travel carrying case, applicator tip, brightening concentrate, power supply, or peptide moisturizer 
  • Expensive 
  • Limited skin tone selection: fair, medium, or deep 
  • Only the first serum is included, you would need to regularly repurchase
  • No international shipping available  

With this quick overview of the brand, we’ll now get deeper in how the device actually works and why so many people are clamoring for it. 

How Does Opte Work?

Opte Skin Review

This review finds that the Opte wand is where all the action is at. It can scan, detect, and correct your hyperpigmentation using the newest technology. With a high-speed camera and blue light, it will figure out how to best apply the serum in the most effective manner. 

In this way, you’ll be using 97% less product than if you were to use foundation and concealer. But your skin will look 100% covered and smooth. The product also contains ingredients to even your complexion, like 5% niacinamide. 

This brand mainly sells their primary product, the Precision System. While you can just buy one product, you can also sign up for one of their two membership plans to routinely renew your items. 

You can choose the Serum and Care Kit Refill Subscription to regularly receive an Optimizing Serum and one Conditioning Disk. You can also set the time interval you’d like, and this plan costs $120

The second option, which is unfortunately unavailable, is the Precision System Membership. You will get a Serum and Care Kit refill shipped every 90 days, which is very convenient if you use the product every day. 

But for this Opte skin review, we will focus on their main Precision System and go through all the nitty gritty details about the product. 

Opte Precision System Review

Everyone has dark spots. Whether from the sun, leftover acne marks, or just age, hyperpigmentation is something that is completely normal and natural. But if you want to remove those spots and even out your complexion, the Opte Precision System is a specially designed tool to help you achieve your goal. 

Designed to cover and treat dark spots, this set is expensive for a reason. Not only does it use cutting edge technology, but it also includes a bunch of the good stuff to treat those colored spots. 

The Opte wand is a smart device that can detect where your skin needs the most help, even backed by 13 patents! With its digital camera, it scans the skin at 200 images per second, then uses a blue LED light that highlights the pigmented spots. With its 120 thermal ultra-thin spouts, it dispenses the precise amount of product so you know there’s nothing wasted.  

Now let’s look at the Optimizing Serum. Without this product, your Opte wand has no way to demonstrate its effectiveness. In this serum, you will find similar ingredients to many other hyperpigmentation alleviating treatments. 

There’s 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3) can help reduce hyperpigmentation marks while covering them up with mineral pigments that adapt to your skin, providing a concealer-like effect without feeling heavy. There are three different skin tone options available: fair, medium, and deep. 

Even though the company claims that this is shade-inclusive for 98% of all skin tones, this Opte skin review does not think this could necessarily hold up. It would be better if the brand expands to include more skin tones for the future. 

Another great thing about the serum is that it does not include any sulfates, parabens, dyes, phthalates, or fragrance. That’s right, it shouldn’t irritate your skin at all, so this product should be suitable for all skin types. 

With all that being said, this is a very expensive product and it will be an investment. So how does it hold up? What do customers really think? But before we get into all of that, this Opte skin review will take you through some general questions. 

The Opte Precision System retails for $599, currently on sale at the time of this review for $539. Klarna is available to purchase the device. 

Does Opte Cover Acne? 

Opte Skin Review

While the product is mainly for treating hyperpigmentation, you can also use it over acne. It should be completely pain-free as the rollers slide over your skin, but if you do feel any pain, you could be applying too much pressure. The serum is also buildable, so you can layer as many times as you want. 

But when you use these products, this Opte skin review finds that you should not apply any liquid or cream foundation before or after. It can either make it harder to detect the hyperpigmentation spots, or remove the serum. 

That being said, the situation also depends on what type of acne you have. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid covering acne with any makeup besides recommended treatments. This product is not, first and foremost, an acne product. While niacinamide can help with acne scarring, it is best to use after the inflammation. 

Who Is Opte For? 

Opte Skin Review

This Opte skin review finds that the product can be for anyone looking to cover and reduce their hyperpigmentation spots. However, it comes at a hefty price. This is definitely not an affordable product, even if you do choose to finance it for four months. 

Also, this product is not one you can easily stop after you start using it. You would want to continue buying the serums or system refills, so the cost would only add up once you get started. But if you do have the money and the dedication, this Opte skin review does find this product to be a new and innovative type of treatment for hyperpigmentation. 

Comparison: Opte vs. LYMA  

Opte Skin Review

You’re probably raring to read the customer comments, but first, this Opte skin review took a look at another brand, LYMA, to give you a sense of where this company stands.

Just like Opte, LYMA aims to use technology to give you a skin renewal system. It is also another expensive and top-grade product. But the biggest difference is that LYMA makes lasers and supplements. Lasers can effectively target specific parts of your skin, and penetrate deeper than conventional creams, but it is, fundamentally, a different type of product compared to Opte. 

In fact, Opte specifically does not want to create a laser. While there are benefits, the drawbacks of lasers, like potential skin damage if it is not used correctly, is a big detriment. Insead, Opte opted to use a blue light to detect spots with hyperpigmentation and apply a serum instead. Both are non-invasive methods, but Opte does not use lasers for a reason. 

In terms of pricing, LYMA is much more expensive when compared to Opte, with their one-off purchase for $2499. Or you can buy the subscription for $149/month, which comes with LYMA Active Mist and Priming Serum including shipping. 

How Much Is Opte?

Opte Skin Review

While the Precision System is expensive, you will be getting an array of products. In each set you will find an Opte want and tip, cradle and power cord, optimizing serum, and a conditioning disk. That being said, each system is still a whopping $599. For this reason, you can choose to pay via Klarna through four interest-free payments of $135 instead. 

You can also buy other products as well to bolster the treatment. For example, the Brightening Concentrate is $70. Even just a spare applicator tip is $49. But right now, there is a promotion for a free Opte Deluxe Travel Carrying Case worth $65 with any Opte purchase. 

Opte Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Opte Skin Review

After looking at customer comments across the Internet, this Opte skin review found that generally, customers are very pleased with their purchase. While there aren’t any company profiles on sites like Trustpilot or Amazon, there is a plethora of individual reviews. 

Generally, customers are happy with how the brand actually delivers on their promise. 

Katie Intner and Jenna Rosenstein from Harper’s Bazaar wrote: “We know it sounds too good to be true. We promise it’s not.”

Kristen Gill from ETOnline agrees that the product does work, but she wasn’t sure if results would last. Regardless, she decided to continue using Opte in her skincare routine, but she wouldn’t completely ditch her foundation. She wrote: “…for those days when I’m looking for a natural Zoom-ready face, I’ll be reaching for the Opte.” 

Wendy Rose Gould from TotalBeauty also had something to say about the product. She also noticed that the precision system worked for her, but she also said that she doesn’t use a lot of full-coverage foundation in the first place. She said: “…the device creates a complexion that is noticeably more even. Most important to me, it creates a natural-looking finish.”

Is Opte Worth It?

Opte Skin Review

Now we get to the juiciest part of this Opte skin review. Is the precision system worth it? For $599, it does seem to deliver. With so many articles from various magazines, Opte has built up a big name for itself. It also does use interesting and advanced technology you don’t typically find, especially when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation. 

Also, since the brand is so new, there haven’t been enough customer experience and reports. The company says themselves, there is the immediate coverage effect but the actual impact on alleviating hyperpigmentation would take longer. We aren’t sure how long, and if it is a greatly reduced timespan compared to other, much cheaper products, then it appears to be worth it. 

At the end of the day, this would totally depend on if you have the budget for an expensive item. As customers said, it can’t completely replace their skincare nor foundation routine, but it is a great alternative if you’re going for a lighter look. 

Opte Promotions & Discounts 

Opte Skin Review

At the time of this Opte skin review, there is a promotion for $60 off. But there is a deal where you will get a free travel bag worth $65 with any Opte purchases. 

Sign Up For Opte

Opte Skin Review

If you want the precision system, it is really easy to purchase. You don’t have to make an account, but if you want to, here are the steps: 

  1. Go to the brand’s website and click “create account” 
  2. Add in your info: first and last name, email address, and password
  3. Select what you want to purchase
  4. Add to cart 
  5. Complete your order

And that’s it! But you can also sign up for two different membership plans if you want routine refills. 

The first option is the Serum and Care Kit Refill Subscription. When you sign up for this membership plan, you will routinely receive an Optimizing Serum and one Conditioning Disk. You can choose to receive your shipment every 2, 3, or 4 months. While the membership does not include the Precision System device, it costs $120 each time, and you can cancel anytime. 

The second option is the Precision System Membership, which is a routine monthly payment for the Precision System. You can choose between a 12 or 24 month period. If you buy this membership, you will get a Serum and Care Kit refill shipped every 90 days for as long as your plan is active. 

Unfortunately, at the time of this Opte skin review, the company is not accepting any new Precision System memberships. 


Opte Skin Review

How do I cancel my Opte subscription?

While the website’s FAQ does not provide a list of instructions for you to cancel your subscription, you should be able to easily do so by contacting their customer service at [email protected]

What is Opte’s Shipping Policy?

This Opte skin review found that there is no international shipping or to US territories, but free standard shipping is available for all continental US states, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

  • For standard shipping takes about 3-4 business days, or 7-10 for Alaska and Hawaii
  • Express shipping takes about 2-4 business days, or 4-8 for Alaska and Hawaii

If you buy other products, you would need to pay a flat shipping fee. If you choose standard shipping, you need to pay $10. For express shipping, you would pay $30.

Unfortunately, this Opte skin review found that the brand does not ship to APO or FPO addresses at the moment.  

What is Opte’s Return Policy?

One of the benefits of the brand is a 60-day money back guarantee on the Opte Precision Skincare System only. With no questions asked too! You will have 60 days, starting from delivery, to apply for a full refund. All you need to do is: 

  1. Email [email protected] with your order number 
  2. Tell them you want to start the refund process 

You can also return accessories if they are unopened and in the original packaging. But the company does not accept returns for the Brightening Concentrate, Optimizing Peptide Moisturizer, Serum and Care Kit refills, or Serum Membership Replenishments

You can still apply for a return after the 60-day window, but you’ll pay a restocking fee. 

After the company receives your returned item, they will take 2-5 days to inspect it. If all is good, you should get your refund in 5-10 business days. If, after two weeks, you still don’t see your refund in your bank, just shoot them an email. 

How to Contact Opte

If you have any questions or concerns, you can easily contact the company through several different ways. 

Their office hours are from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm PST.

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