Rockwell Razors Review

About Rockwell Razors 

Rockwell Razors Review

Rockwell Razors has redesigned the classic two-blade safety razor, providing customers with a better shaving experience while reducing plastic waste. Their lifetime-guaranteed razors give a close, comfortable shave for the cost of just a few pennies. 

The brand has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Business Insider, The Manual, GlobeNewsWire, and on Breakfast Television, among many other media outlets. That said, this Rockwell Razors review was surprised to find that, despite being so well-known, the brand has a modest Instagram following of only 22K

This Rockwell Razors review will take a close look at the brand, their bestselling products, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if these razors are right for you.

Overview of Rockwell Razors 

Rockwell Razors Review

Gareth Everard and Morgan Nordstrom were just students when they started Rockwell Razors in 2014. Inspired to create the brand due to the ridiculously high cost of drugstore razors, the friends launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised $80K in under 24 hours—well more than what they needed to start building their business. 

Two weeks later, Gareth and Morgan launched their first product, the 6S, from their Rockwell Razors location in Toronto, Canada. The 6S and their other designs are modeled after classic safety razors that were used generations ago, with modern touches like adjustable settings, balanced weight, and easy loading. 

Before we take a close shave (er, look) at the brand’s top-selling products, this Rockwell Razors review will give you an overview of their pros and cons. 


  • One razor is all you need for a lifetime of great shaves
  • Razor is made from durable metals or stainless steel that does not rust
  • Adjustable settings for sensitive areas or coarse hair
  • Beginner settings that make it almost impossible to cut yourself
  • Works for shaving any area of your body, including your head
  • Eliminates plastic waste
  • Reduces the chance of razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs
  • Affordable prices for most of their products
  • Many of their products are made in Canada
  • Great customer service
  • Free shipping to the US and Canada for orders of $45 and over
  • Free shipping to international locations for orders of $60 and over
  • Free returns for US and Canadian orders 


  • Some users struggle to find the right way to shave without cutting themselves
Rockwell Razors Review

Rockwell Razors are the better shaving choice for your skin. Their razor models are designed for thorough, close, and comfortable shaves that eliminate irritation and leave your skin happier. Even better, one razor is all you need: they’re made from durable, rust-resistant metals and are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

What’s more, since one Rockwell safety razor will set you up for life, you won’t ever have to use disposable razors again—so you’ll be cutting down on plastic waste every time you have a shave. 

This Rockwell Razors review will go over the brand’s bestselling razors, as well as their line of skin- and hair-friendly shave accessories that will take your shaving experience to the next level and leave your skin feeling incredible. 

Rockwell Razors 6S Review

The 6S redefines the often frustrating (and sometimes painful) shaving experience you’ve become used to with traditional disposable razors.The Rockwell 6S Razor combats razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Made from pure stainless steel, you’ll have the 6S for life, along with smooth and non-irritated skin. 

The 6S is great for shaving any area of the body, including your face, head, legs, or underarms. You can adjust the blade gap for a customized shave, but if you’re new to safety razors, we recommend that you choose the beginner setting to avoid accidental nicks. 

This Rockwell stainless steel safety razor comes in four colors, with prices as follows:

  1. Matte: $100
  2. Matte black: $130 
  3. Blue: $130 
  4. Red: $130 

Rockwell Razors 6C Review 

Do good for your skin, the planet, and your wallet with this Rockwell eco friendly razor. The 6C is made from durable alloy that will last a lifetime. It has six shave settings, which makes it easy to get the shave of your dreams. 

Available in rose gold, white chrome, or gunmetal chrome, this double-edge safety razor is a great option for both men and women looking to shave sensitive areas. Get the Rockwell 6C Razor, and five Rockwell blades for $50. 

Rockwell Razors Model T Review 

The Model T is a user-friendly razor designed to make shaving easy and enjoyable. This Rockwell single blade razor has engineered blade angles that allow you to shave hard-to-reach places effortlessly

Adjust the dial of the Rockwell Model T Razor to one of six settings for a shave that suits your needs: settings 1-3 are great for sensitive areas, while 4-6 work best for coarser hair. Your razor also comes with an easy, twist-to-open blade-loading system for easy blade replacement.

For $150, you’ll get the Model T (in gunmetal chrome, brushed chrome, or white chrome), a genuine leather sheath, a five-pack of double-edge razor blades, and an instruction card with tips to help you get a happy, stress-free, and just-plain-beautiful shave. 

Rockwell Razors Aftershave Balm Review 

Complete your shaving regimen with the Aftershave Balm. Natural oils like Shea butter, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil nourish and soothe freshly shaved skin, resulting in a healthy and glowing complexion. The oils also work to soften and condition the hair on your face, for silky moustaches and touchable goatees. 

The final step to a polished and put-together look, the Aftershave Balm also has a great scent that will stay with you all day. Get smooth, nourished, and great-smelling skin with the 4 oz Aftershave Balm for $17. 

Rockwell Razors Shave Cream Review

This Shave Cream sets your skin up for success, and is the foundation of a smooth, swift shave. The natural ingredients work to lift and soften hairs for easier removal while soothing your skin with aloe and essential oils. 

Scented with wood, leather, and flower notes, the Shave Cream helps transform your shave from a chore into an experience. You can get 4 oz of this essential for $17. 

Rockwell Razors Double-Edge Razor Blades Review

This Rockwell Razors review had no idea razor blades could be this inexpensive. Forget those $20 four-blade refill packs at the pharmacy: this pack of 20 Double-Edge Razor Blades blow those out of the water, and without the plastic that comes with them. 

Compatible with all double-edge safety razors, each blade is good for between 5-8 shaves. When you’re done with a blade, use the Rockwell disposal method of putting it in the Blade Safe, and then simply chucking the safe into the recycling when it’s full

Made of pure Swedish stainless steel, the Double-Edge Razor Blades will give you two years’ worth of shaves for an incredible $15. 

Rockwell Razors Folding Hair Comb Review

Channel your inner Fonz with the Folding Hair Comb. Designed to fit inside of your pocket, this comb has a folding design that helps protect the teeth and allows for easy travel. The acrylic comb works to distribute your scalp’s natural oils, as well as stimulate healthy hair growth. 

Don’t stop at just the top of your head though: for a great-looking beard, try the Rockwell Razors beard brush or the Rockwell Razors beard shaper. Have great hair wherever you go with this Folding Hair Comb for $14

Rockwell Razors R1 – Wet Shaving Starter Kit Review 

New to the world of wet shaving? The R1 – Wet Shaving Starter Kit is the perfect place to start. It can be a little intimidating at first, but the R1 razor is set to the most popular Rockwell size, which makes it extremely difficult to cut yourself

The razor has a balanced weight, making it easy to slide across your skin. This kit also comes with the Shaving Brush, Shave Cream, and a five-pack of the  Double-Edge Razor Blades, which is good for about a month’s worth of shaves. 

Finally get yourself a proper shave with the R1 – Wet Shaving Starter Set for $39. 

Rockwell Razors Model T Shave Kit Review

The Model T Shave Kit is for those more confident with wet shaving. The Model T features an adjustable dial so you can get as close to or far from your hair as you want. Its intuitive settings eliminate those razor bumps you’ve come to know and hate about shaving with multi-blade cartridge razors.

This set also includes a genuine leather sheath for your razor, a five-pack of Double-Edge Razor Blades, Shave Cream, Shaving Brush, and an instruction card on how to use your razor. Spiff up your face with this kit, and then finish your primping with the Rockwell Razors manicure set.

Now’s the time to make the leap for this game-changing wet-shave kit: it’s currently $175, marked down from $195

Rockwell Razors Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rockwell Razors Review

This Rockwell Razors review looked at customer reviews on Amazon, Reddit, and to see what people had to say about the brand’s new take on old-school shaving technology.

Rockwell Razors Amazon reviews give the 6C a 4.5/5-star average based on 197 customer testimonials. One five-star Rockwell Razor blades review had high praise for the razor’s quality of shave, ease of use, and attractive design.

The quality is really good, fits in hand really nice and it’s one of the best shaves…also love that you can change out the plates for easy adjustability. This razor looks really good on my bathroom countertop,” the user wrote.

A Rockwell Razors Reddit thread has multiple users that recommend the brand. One commenter drew attention to the excellent customer service: 

The company is good. They’re committed to customer service at a level like you would not believe. Their products are a very good value, and you can trust that they will deliver a good product or die trying.”  

At, an overwhelming 92% of nearly 5.3K customer ratings rank the brand and its products as 5/5 stars. One newly dedicated customer spoke of how the brand has helped him discover the glory of wet shaving:

From the luxury of the shaving cream going on with the brush to the adjustable head on the model T that made it easy to find the right setting for my face, shaving is now more like relaxation than a chore. I have no idea why I waited so long to make the switch to a safety razor.

With all these huzzahs, it was difficult to find anyone who had much bad to say about the brand. There are always a few though, which have to be taken into consideration even if they go extremely against the grain of most customers’ experience.

A one-star Rockwell razor review on Amazon was the most notable dissenter, saying that “The quality of the shave was poor. I had to go over the same spot many times to get the hair trimmed.” 

Similarly, a previously satisfied customer on a Reddit thread considered that the deluxe Model T may not be worth the money: “This razor is a huge disappointment considering how good the Rockwell 6 series razor was and considering the premium price tag this razor has been slapped with.”

No product is going to get a perfect rating from everyone, of course. But given the overwhelmingly positive response from the vast majority of customers, the scales pretty much have to tip in that direction.

Is Rockwell Razors Worth It?

Rockwell Razors Review

This Rockwell Razors review has found that the brand has really great ratings from multiple sources. Negative reviews come from a very slim percentage of customers. In many cases it seems that some customers struggle to find the right way to use the razor, but once they get the hang of it, they experience great results.

For us modern folk, reverting to a more classic way of doing something entails a bit of a learning curve, as we are training ourselves to do things in a slightly more difficult but much more beneficial way. And in this case, those benefits don’t just extend to our own self-care, but to our pocketbooks and planet.

Are Rockwell Razors good? Given how many customers evidently love the brand, it sure seems that way. And many of those users also speak to the virtues of the company itself, saying that they go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their customers have the best experience possible with their products.

Rockwell Razors Promotions & Discounts 

Rockwell Razors Review

There are currently no promotions available on This Rockwell Razors review has found, though, that they offer a military discount for veterans and active-duty service members, who can contact the brand to have it applied. 

Where to Buy Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors Review

You can always buy your Rockwell razors directly from, and the brand’s products are also available on Amazon, Fendrihan, Etiket, Green & Frugal, and Simons, among many other online retailers. 


Rockwell Razors Review

Who owns Rockwell Razors?

Rockwell Razors is owned by the brand’s founders, Gareth Everard and Morgan Nordstrom. The Rockwell Razors corporation has received funding from the public, as well as the Ontario Centres of Excellence. 

Where are Rockwell Razors made? 

Rockwell Razors sources materials that are made in China. The assembly and packaging of their products is done in the US and Canada. 

What is Rockwell Razors’s Shipping Policy?

Rockwell Razors proudly offers shipping to “all countries on Planet Earth.” Shipping to the US and Canada is free for orders of $45 and above. Orders under that amount have a flat rate of $7 for the US, and $10 for Canada. Shipping for all international orders is $15, and free for orders $60 or more. 

All orders take 2 business days to process. You will receive a tracking link when your order ships. Shipping times and carriers are as follows:

  • USA: delivered within 3-4 business days via USPS
  • Canada: delivered within 4-5 business days via Canada Post 
  • International: shipping times TBD via DHL 

What is Rockwell Razors’s Return Policy?

Your Rockwell Razors order can be returned within 60 days of delivery. Your item must be unopened and unused to qualify for a refund. To start a return, submit a return request that includes your order number and information on the products you would like to return. 

If you live in the US or Canada, the company will provide you with a prepaid return label within 48 hours of receiving your return request. If you are returning an item from a non-North American location, you will need to cover the return shipping cost. 

When your return order arrives at the brand’s warehouse, your return will be processed and you will see a refund in about 7-10 business days. This Rockwell Razors review notes that the brand is only able to accept returns for merchandise purchased on and 

How to Contact Rockwell Razors

For any other information that this Rockwell Razors review did not include, you can reach out to the brand via their contact page.

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