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PAX Review

There are vapes, and then there are PAX vapes.

PAX devices heat their cannabis contents – whether those are flower, concentrates, or oil extracts – rather than burning them, resulting in a smoother inhale, consistent flavors, and all-around better aromas. 

PAX have been able to stand on their own expanding upon their line of vaporizers which are the PAX lineup that is the lineup for dry herb and concentrates, and the PAX Era lineup for oil extract pods

If you don’t know the difference between those products yet, don’t worry, as I’ll tell you all about them later in my PAX review. I’d recommend you keep reading as I’ll also fill you in on the brand’s features, how to use their vaporizers, their best-selling products, what customers think about them, and more. 

First things first, let’s talk about PAX’s highlights.


PAX Review
  • Portability: PAX vaporizers are compact and portable, making them a convenient option for people who want to vape on the go.
  • User-friendly: PAX vaporizers boast simple controls and an intuitive interface that makes them easy to operate.
  • Temperature control: Temperature control is a core PAX feature as it allows users to customize the vaping experience to their preferences.
  • Discreet: The PAX vaporizers’ discreet design is great for people who want to vape without drawing attention to themselves.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.


PAX Review
  • Quality construction: PAX vaporizers are made with high-quality materials, such as medical-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum, which ensure durability and longevity.
  • User-friendly: PAX vaporizers have simple controls and intuitive interfaces that make them easy to use. Many models also feature haptic feedback, providing a tactile response to let you know when the device is ready to use.
  • Discreet design: Many models are designed to look like everyday objects, such as a pen or a keychain, making them a discrete choice for vaping on the go.

How to Use 

PAX Review

Using a PAX vaporizer is a straightforward process that can be broken down into a few simple steps. 

  1. Load your vaporizer: Begin by grinding your herbs to a fine consistency. Next, remove the oven lid from your PAX vaporizer and pack the chamber with your ground herbs. Be careful not to overpack, as this can impact the airflow and reduce the quality of your vapor.
  2. Turn on your vaporizer: Press the power button on your PAX vaporizer to turn it on. The device will vibrate to let you know it’s ready to use.
  3. Experience modes: PAX Plus has 4 experience modes: Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost. However the PAX Mini is automatic and doesn’t have this adjustment.
  4. Wait for the device to heat up: Give your PAX vaporizer a few seconds to heat up to the desired temperature. The device will vibrate again to let you know it’s ready to use.
  5. Take a hit: Place your lips on the mouthpiece of the PAX vaporizer and take a slow, steady draw. Inhale the vapor into your lungs and hold it for a few seconds before exhaling.
  6. Repeat as desired: Continue taking hits from your PAX vaporizer until you’ve achieved your desired level of relaxation or until the chamber is empty.
  7. Clean your vaporizer: To keep your PAX vaporizer in good working order, it’s important to clean it regularly. Remove the oven lid and use a cleaning tool to remove any residual herb from the chamber. You can also use a cleaning solution to wipe down the device and remove any buildup.

Using a PAX vaporizer is a simple and satisfying way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. With precise temperature control, a user-friendly interface, and a sleek design, PAX vaporizers are a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

3 Best-Selling PAX Products 

PAX Review

Thankfully, PAX’s product catalog is rather slim, which shows that they care more about quality than flooding the market with quality. As such, I’ve elected to focus on their four best-selling products in my PAX review.

PAX Mini Review

The PAX Mini lives up to its name. It’s the smallest item in PAX’s catalog, holds .25g, and is small enough to sit behind your eye. As such, it’s also cheaper than some of the other PAX items, costing a mere $150

For that price, you are paying for limited usability. The PAX Mini can only use flowers, but its single-button operation system alleviates all potential headaches that could arise from confusing controls.

PAX Plus Review

If you want more vaping options, consider the PAX Plus. This device can use flowers and concentrates without generating a ton of nasty smoke. You can also swap oven lids to change your bowl size. That’s not where the customization ends, as the PAX Plus boasts four different modes:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Flavor
  3. Boost
  4. Stealth

This vaporizer can run for over two hours uninterrupted and only takes 22 seconds to heat up. You can pick it up for $250.

PAX Era Review

The PAX Era vaporizer uses oil extracts for smooth, unclogged puffs. It heats up right away and can deliver 150 puffs or roughly four to six sessions. They’re also safer than other vapes because they’re constructed with food-grade materials and free from harmful toxins or heavy metals.

PAX states that the product’s temperature control helps the oil retain as much flavor and potency as possible. You can grab the PAX Era in pink, green, blue, or black for $35.

Who Is PAX For? 

PAX Review

Since much of PAX’s marketing is geared towards the quality of their vapors and how easy their products are to use, it’s apparent they’re tailored towards adults. They don’t have the exciting flavors or exuberant designs of trending brands. Instead, they focus on overall construction and quality. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it with PAX.

PAX Mini vs PAX Plus

PAX Review

Although the first two items on my PAX review share multiple features, there are notable differences between them that would make one or the other better for you, depending on what you’re looking for. 

The PAX Mini is obviously smaller, with a smaller capacity and only uses flowers. However, it’s also easier to use since there are fewer options and it’s much cheaper. If you’re searching for a simple, reliable, and affordable vape from PAX, the PAX Mini is for you. 

On the other hand, the PAX Plus is for those who want a vape they can take home to their parents. It’s as pricey as an engagement ring (not literally, but it is $250 at the end of the day), as versatile as a convertible with great fuel efficiency, and has double the capacity of the PAX Mini.


PAX Review

If you’re looking for similar products to those featured in my PAX review, consider checking out these brands:

  • EightVape: Mike Vapes’ vaping brand that’s outfitted with products designed for vaping enthusiasts.
  • Vessel Vape Pen: High-tech vape pens that do not leak heavy metals, meaning they’re arguably safer than many unbranded vapes. 
  • Breazy Vape: An online directory dedicated to vaping. They’re the Amazon of vaping, if you were to make such a comparison.

PAX Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PAX Review

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a ton of aggregate customer scores while researching my PAX review. The only positive one I could find was from Knoji, where more than 60 customers gave the brand an average score of 4.2/5 stars as of May 2023.

Things weren’t as pretty on Trust Pilot. As of May 2023, PAX Labs held an average rating of 2.3/5 stars based on more than 70 pieces of customer feedback. These negative PAX reviews centered on the perception that PAX was overpriced for what they offered. 

However, it wasn’t clear what the customers were looking for or what product they were comparing PAX to. Meanwhile, positive PAX reviews were much more descriptive, such as this one from Trust Pilot. 

The Pax is an incredible little machine which when used correctly, which in my experience involved some patience. How much you fill, how tightly to pack based on each strain and your mood, what temperature for each strain also in my own experience varied to a certain extent. All of which is really easy to explore through trial an error (the fun way) with any extra help readily accessible online.”

Other customer reviews praised the PAX 2 and PAX 3 (two products the company made their name off of) for their ease of use and discreteness. Buyers loved how small and noninvasive those vapes were. 

One Trust Pilot user directly compared the PAX 3 to other vapes, writing that the former is “The best dry herb vape out there, Great vapour, great battery – Amazing customer service, if you are looking to quit smoking this is the answer; I own a Firefly and a crafty + both are excellent products, but the PAX 3 wins on so many levels. The oil that collects in the mouthpiece is a gift from nature, enjoy it.”I’ll wrap up this section of my PAX review with one final customer testimonial. This one comes from the PAX Labs Reddit page as users were discussing what they thought of the products. This user liked their PAX vapes for these reasons, “No long drags, ultra portable. With the vinyl caps almost smell proof.

Is PAX Legit?

PAX Review

Thankfully, I wasn’t able to find anything that made me suspicious about PAX. Yes, some customers weren’t happy with the brand’s customer service, but that’s the case with any brand that mainly sells online. 

Is PAX Worth It?

PAX Review

Ultimately, I think PAX Labs vapes are worth it if you want one that’s easy to use, small enough to store in your shirt pocket, and smells good. 

How To Choose The Best Pax Product

PAX Review

If you’re easily overwhelmed by choice, maybe you should consider CBD. If after that you’re still not sure which option is best for you, fear not, because I’ve dedicated this section of my PAX review to helping you decide which product is best for you. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a PAX product:

  • Usage: The most important difference is that the PAX vaporizers only work with dry herb and solid/waxy concentrates and the PAX Era vape pens only work with oil extract pods. They are not interchangeable. This makes for very specific experience.
  • Portability: While PAX vaporizers and vape pens are known for their portability, some models are more compact than others. If you’re looking for a device that you can take with you on the go, all of PAX products are small and discreet so we don’t have to call out specific ones.
  • Battery life: All PAX vaporizers and vape pens have rechargeable batteries. The PAX Mini and PAX Plus have the same battery life, and the PAX Era has a smaller battery life.
  • Vapor quality: The quality of the vapor produced by a PAX vaporizer is also an important consideration. If you’re looking for a device that produces smooth, flavorful vapor, you can relax, because all of them All PAX vaporizers and vape pens product high quality smooth and consistent vapor.
  • Price: Some PAX models are more affordable than others. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider the PAX Era or PAX Mini, which are both more affordable than the PAX 3 or PAX Era Pro.

Ultimately, the best PAX product for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. By considering factors like portability, battery life, vapor quality, customization options, and price, you can choose a PAX vaporizer that meets your needs and delivers a high-quality vaporizing experience.

PAX Promotions & Discounts 

PAX Review

The only promotion or discount I found while researching this PAX review is that they offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Where To Buy PAX

PAX Review

You can find a retailer near you by searching on PAX’s website www.pax.com/pages/store-locator.


PAX Review

Where does PAX ship to?

Currently, PAX can only ship to Canada and the United States.

What is PAX’s Shipping Policy?

PAX vaporizers orders take between 5-7 business days and ship via USPS. PAX Era vape pen orders take between 10-15 business days and ship via WeShip.

Canadian orders can take as long as 7 business days to deliver once processing has finished. 

What is PAX’s Returns Policy?

PAX only offers refunds for products that are both unused and unopened. They must be returned to the company within 14 days of receiving them.

How To Contact PAX

PAX Review

I’ll wrap up my PAX review by giving you the brand’s contact info. You can submit a customer support ticket through their website at www.pax.com/pages/support-form.

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