PetSafe Review

About PetSafe  

PetSafe Review

PetSafe is a major American retailer of pet products that help caring pet parents keep their furry family members safe. 

The largest manufacturer of electronic pet products in the US, PetSafe is known for making modern pet products such as training leashes, electric fences, and automatic ball launchers.

This brand carries classic pet products like toys, feeders, and water fountains, many of which have an electronic element for improved functionality.

PetSafe offers a wide variety of convenient pet products for your house too, such as pet doors, staircases, and self-cleaning litter boxes. 

PetSafe’s products have been featured on Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, and more. They also have just under 42k Instagram followers and are a household name for American pet parents.

This PetSafe review will cover all of the essential information about this company and their best-selling products, so you can decide if they are right for you (and your fluffy friend!). 

To start, let’s look at some of the highlights of shopping with PetSafe!

Brand Highlights

  • Plenty of product options for different types of pets
  • Whole-home solutions for pet-proofing your property
  • Budget-friendly
  • Specific filters on website so you can easily search for your pet’s needs 
  • Customer care available 6 days per week
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US if you spend over $49

PetSafe Review

Curious about what PetSafe has to offer? Follow along as this PetSafe review explores some of their best-selling products! 

PetSafe Wireless Fence Review

The PetSafe Wireless Fence system uses modern, gentle tech to help keep your pet safely in your yard. This electronic system consists of two parts – a wireless fence with markers and a transmitter, and an electronic collar for your dog.

You can choose which length of fence you would like, and even customize it to fit your whole yard or just a small section.

The Wireless Fence is set up in just three easy steps:

  1. Place the fence flags where you need them
  2. Activate the wireless transmitter
  3. Place the collar on your dog 

If your dog approaches the boundary, they will hear a warning sound. If they cross it, they will receive a zap from the collar.

PetSafe explains that it’s also important to train your dog to understand not to go past the fence boundary, and provides instructions on how to get them adjusted to it. 

Fences come in ½ acre and ¾ acre sizes. Wireless Fence packages that include both collar and fence start at $250. You can also purchase them separately, with fences starting at $215 and collars at $160.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review

The Easy Walk Harness is made for dogs who are a little too eager to get outside! This harness is designed to subtly redirect your dog when they pull on their leash

The harness sits across your dog’s chest and will gently steer them back toward you if they attempt to lunge, jump, or veer off course to chase an errant squirrel.

Because this harness sits on your dog’s body and not around their neck, your dog won’t feel choked or strained when the device course corrects.

The Easy Walk harness uses seatbelt-style snap closures so getting the harness on and off is simple and quick, and won’t restrict your dog’s movement like vest-style harnesses can.

With 8 sizes to choose from there is an option for every dog, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards! Each strap is also adjustable, so your Easy Walk Harness can fit your dog securely and comfortably.

To determine the right size for your pup, PetSafe has a convenient chart based on chest measurements. 

The Easy Walk Harness comes in 7 colours, including:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Black

Make going for a walk a breeze with an Easy Walk Harness for $23.

PetSafe Gentle Leader® Headcollar Review

Dealing with an especially overexcited walker? The Gentle Leader is a training headcollar that helps you correct your dog’s pulling, jumping, barking or lunging while on the move. 

The Gentle Leader® collar loops around your dog’s muzzle and has a comfy padded nose loop that helps redirect your dog to face you whenever they pull on their leash.

This head collar rests high up on your dog’s neck, never putting pressure on their throat when the leash corrects. 

Gentle Leader® helps your dog associate overactive movements with the inability to move forward, by giving them the impression that they’re walking, but not going anywhere. It helps put you in charge of walks, and can even be used to discourage other pesky behaviour like barking

You can pick from sizing options petite, small, medium, large, or extra large, in 8 colour options.

The PetSafe Gentle Leader® Headcollar is available for purchase for $20

PetSafe Pet Door Review

PetSafe has a wide range of Pet Doors to suit your specific pet’s needs, and your household preferences too. You can choose from electronic pet doors, sliding doors, screen doors, and basic door or wall flap-closure doors

They come in materials ranging from glass, to plastic, to aluminum. PetSafe Pet Doors have a variety of options for secure entry and exit, including 4-way locks and smart entry doors triggered by your pet’s collar. 

The doors come in varying sizes and hefts, to accommodate different breeds and weather conditions.

For cats and other small animals, PetSafe even has doors that operate via your pet’s microchip! The door will read your pet’s unique microchip and ensure they’re the only one getting access to the house, keeping wild animals safely outside. 

The microchip reader can take up to 40 unique chip codes, so it’s perfect for large pet families, rescues, and breeders.

PetSafe’s Pet Doors range in size and style, and are priced from $13 for a basic cat door to $320 for sliding glass doors meant to withstand extreme weather.

PetSafe Bark Collar Review

PetSafe sells a variety of Bark Collars to help you limit your dog’s barking habit. While all dogs bark, some dogs need some help in controlling their noise level, or understanding when they should and shouldn’t be alerting the neighbourhood!

These bark collars come with an electronic device that gives your dog a gentle warning when they bark. Over time, they will learn to associate the negative response to their barking and will adapt their behaviour.

Our PetSafe review has found that PetSafe sells several varieties of Bark Collar, including:

  • Audible Bark Collar – deters with a high-pitched noise  
  • Spray Bark Collar – releases a burst of citronella scent
  • Basic Bark Collar – uses a static shock
  • Vibration Bark Collar – vibrates to discourage chronic barking

 Depending on the size and style you choose, these collars range in price from $24 to $110.

PetSafe ScoopFree Review

PetSafe’s ScoopFree Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box, better known as an answer to cat people’s prayers!

This convenient, electronic litter box comes with a reloadable crystal litter tray that does all the work of cleaning up after your feline friend for you.

Once you’ve loaded the tray, plug in the litter box and your cat’s waste will be dried or absorbed by the crystals, then automatically raked into the bottom of the box

Once the waste trap is full of litter, you simply throw away the whole tray and replace it with a fresh one. 

Our PetSafe review found that there are two versions of this self-cleaning litter box available for purchase. The basic version costs $150, while the Smart version, which comes with an app, sells for $210

One litter tray lasts one month per cat, and can be purchased in packs of 3 or 6, starting at $59.

PetSafe Automatic Feeder Review

 PetSafe’s Automatic Feeders are made with the busy modern family in mind. Rather than make your pet wait for dinner until you get home from work or the soccer game that always seems to run long, you can rely on your Automatic Feeder to feed your cat or dog right on schedule.

These feeders include digital clocks or dial timers that you pre-set so the automatic feeder dispenses food exactly when you want it to

Some have a pie-shaped design you pre-fill with food, which rotates throughout the day so your pet can access a new portion whenever the clock strikes mealtime. Others have a large container you fill with food that releases a set amount at a set time. These feeders only work with dry pet food.

This PetSafe review found that PetSafe’s Automatic Feeders are available for purchase from $20 to $180.

Who Is PetSafe For? 

PetSafe Review

PetSafe designs innovative pet products and tools with cats, dogs, and pet owners in mind. 

PetSafe carries many items that will help conscientious pet parents train their pets gently but effectively. People who are working to correct pulling, barking, or jumping behaviour will appreciate PetSafe’s special collars, harnesses, and leashes.

Pet owners with families and busy jobs will especially love PetSafe’s modern and convenient pet products.

Electronic cat and dog doors, self-cleaning litter boxes, and automatic feeders and water fountains will appeal to people who want the best for their pet, but don’t necessarily have the time to monitor their every move!

PetSafe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PetSafe Review

Many customers appreciate the convenience of PetSafe’s automatic products, particularly their ScoopFree Litter Box. A customer writing on the brand’s website put it simply in their PetSafe review: “Best litter box made today.”

Another contented customer’s PetSafe review appreciates the tidiness of the litter box: “The crystals do the job and there is less tracking than with traditional litter.” 

People who tried the Automatic Feeders were impressed with their utility. One PetSafe review says their Automatic Feeder is:Very quick, easy, and convenient.”

Others like that they don’t have to worry about upsetting their pets or disrupting their eating schedule whenever the humans of the house have a busy day. It also helps pets stick to a routine, with one PetSafe review saying:

“The PetSafe automatic feeder keeps my pets feeding on schedule!”

PetSafe is also sold on Amazon, where they also have a large number of positive reviews. Canadian customers also seem to love their ScoopFree self-cleaning litter boxes. 

One user praises the device’s longevity and convenience in small spaces in their glowing PetSafe review: 

“I bought the petsafe litter box and have been using this litter for two years and have had no problems. I had it in my tiny, less than 500 sq ft apartment with one cat and there was no smell until around the three week mark. My mother also has one and loves it. It is great if you find regular litter too dusty.”

PetSafe has also been reviewed onTrustPilot, where it has a 2.7 out of 5 star rating. Users had slightly less positive things to say about PetSafe’s doors in particular, and complained about them not functioning as well as expected. 

However other customers reported great customer service from this company, especially in response to trouble with their doors. One PetSafe review states the company was quick to resolve her door issue:

“I purchased a replacement plastic flap for my Petsafe cat flap and the customer care I received from beginning to end was excellent.” 

Some of PetSafe’s customers on TrustPilot have needed help with their products, or commented on ways the designs could be improved. This PetSafe review was impressed to see PetSafe’s client service responding to each of these comments and making themselves available for customer support over the phone

Overall, PetSafe’s products have been quite well-reviewed by customers who are happy with their purchases.

Is PetSafe Worth It?

PetSafe Review

If you are looking for pet products to help care for your cat or dog and make your home as pet-friendly as possible, PetSafe is sure to have creative solutions that can work for you. 

PetSafe is a major pet supply company and sells their products to retailers across the globe; this gives them the edge in knowing the market, offering products tried and loved by many customers, and having the ear of both the industry and customers when it comes to what they can improve and where they can go next.  

That said, PetSafe is not very transparent about where their products are made, and it can be difficult to find detailed product information on their website about their materials and the manufacturing process, so those interested in the process need to contact the company directly to learn more. 

However, this PetSafe review has found that many of their products are well-reviewed by customers and pet experts such as trainers and veterinarians.

Overall, if you are in need of pet-friendly training tools, fun toys, or innovative household pet products, PetSafe products are well worth a try.

PetSafe Promotions & Discounts 

PetSafe Review

This PetSafe review found that this brand has a clearance section on their website featuring items that are currently on sale.

PetSafe also offers free shipping on US purchases over $49.

Where to Buy PetSafe 

PetSafe Review

You can buy all PetSafe products online through their website, or through retailers such as Amazon, Cabelas, and many more.


PetSafe Review

When was PetSafe founded?   

PetSafe was founded in 1991 in the US. It is owned by the parent company Radio Systems Corporation.

Where are PetSafe products made?  

It is unclear where PetSafe products are manufactured.

What is PetSafe’s Shipping Policy?

PetSafe ships orders to addresses in the US. Shipping is free for orders over $49. The official American PetSafe site does not offer international shipping at this time, but your country may also have their own PetSafe site

You can find a list of countries with their own PetSafe online stores here.

You may also be able to find PetSafe products through other retailers who will ship to your country. 

What is PetSafe’s Return Policy?

You can return your PetSafe product within 45 days of purchase. Shipping fees will not be refunded. International PetSafe stores and partner retailers will have their own shipping and return policies. 

How to Contact PetSafe

You can contact PetSafe by phone at 1-866-738-4379, or through the contact form on their website.

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