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Porter Road Review

Meat is the foundational ingredient around which we base many of our main courses. You could be making a stew, a curry, or having some buds over for beers and a barbeque. The centerpiece dish to all of these is usually meat.

Things are changing in 2023 though. Imitation meats are getting closer to the real thing, both in terms of taste and texture. 

Vegan recipes dominate Instagram feeds. Climate change scientists warn us that the world as we know may be damaged beyond repair if we don’t alter our behaviors within the next decade, with some experts claiming that a plant-based diet is the most effective action an individual can take to help the planet.

Yawn. We’re already bored. Let’s get back to the barbeque with the boys – that sounds much more fun. 

You can host your own barbeque with our featured brand. Porter Road meat is some of the best meat you can order online if go by what their 48k Instagram followers say.

Let’s separate the meat from the fat and study the company’s sinews. We’ll cover their history, their products, their reviews, and more in this Porter Road review so that you can make an informed choice as to whether they’re the butchers for your barbeque.  

Overview of Porter Road

Porter Road Review

James Peisker and Chris Carter started Porter Road in 2010 not as an online butcher shop but as a catering business. Hailing from Nashville, Tennesse, both men loved meats and barbeques as much as they loved America.

They eventually decided to transition into their own butcher shop after growing dissatisfied with the cuts of meat they had to serve their customers. Their eye towards prime meat earned them rampant fanfare and fueled their desire to give their customers some of the best meat imaginable

It wasn’t until 2017 when, after gaining over half a decade of acclaim, they expanded their operations. They took their business online so that they could send their high-quality meats all across America. 

Porter Road keeps their operations as humble as Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. They source all their meats from farms in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, they cut and cure all their meats at their Nashville facility. 

All of the animals used in Porter Road products are well-fed with vegetarian diets, allowed ample space to grow, raised without hormones or antibiotics, and given plenty of exercise. 

Now let’s get into the meat of this Porter Road review by looking at some of the brand’s most notable features:


  • Offers an esteemed selection of beef, pork, chicken, and market products
  • The meat is hormone-free, pasture-raised, and free of antibiotics
  • Plenty of subscription options to choose from
  • Free shipping on all subscription boxes
  • Discounts available for military personnel, teachers, government employees, and first responders
Porter Road Review

Meat is a catch-all term that refers to everything with two eyes and four legs to some and to seafood for others. Porter Road keeps their offerings traditional and American. They sell chicken, beef, pork, and sliced meats. 

Porter Road Subscription Review

Porter Road Review

The relationship between butcher and customer is as sacred as the love between a mother and child. One supplies affection, shelter, and life lessons, while the other suckles at the teet of their caretaker.

The Porter Road subscription carries that relationship despite the fact that there’s no face-to-face interaction between them and their clients. 

The basic framework for one of their subscriptions is, well, basic. All you need to do is select which type of box you’d like (we’ll cover their options in a second), choose your delivery frequency, then add any trinkets you desire. 

The available Porter Road boxes are as follows:

  1. Porter Road Butcher’s Choice Box ($165, 8-10 pounds of meat per shipment)
  2. Porter Road Weeknight Heroes Box ($120, 9.1 pounds of meat per shipment)
  3. Best of Porter Road Box ($128, 8 pounds of meat per shipment)
  4. Porter Road Beef Box ($140, 7 pounds of meat per shipment)
  5. Porter Road Beef Stick Bundle ($80, 9 pounds of meat per shipment)

You can choose to have your Porter Road box sent your way every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every 8 weeks.

The customization options include other Porter Road meat products. You could toss in an order of Porter Road Beef Back Ribs into your Porter Road Weeknight Heroes Box, for example.

Porter Road Review

Any tobacco-chewing cowboy worth their weight in cow dung can tell you the difference between a top cut of ribeye steak and steak that’s so cheap it couldn’t even be used to make cowboy boots.

That’s why this section of our Porter Road review will only cover the company’s best-selling meat items. By showing you their most popular offerings, you can safely assume that everything else is of similar quality. 

Porter Road Strip Loin Roast Review

The Porter Road Strip Loin Roast comes from the back of the cow. Since cows aren’t regularly doing barbell rows or pull-ups, these muscles don’t get much in the way of activation. 

That means the Porter Road Strip Loin Roast is a tender steak slab with a relatively low fat to protein ratio. With that being said, this cut of meat is still a flavor powerhouse. It’s chock full of delicious marbling for fatty unctuousness. 

One purchase supplies enough meat to feed 10 people. Or, if you’re on the carnivore diet, one breakfast serving. 

Roast up your own lean, mean, tasty chunk of cow parts for $164 per 5 lbs.

Porter Road Beef Bacon Review

You know a bacon product is good when the first thing our Porter Road review squad does upon seeing it is lick our lips, as opposed to suffering from wartime-like flashbacks to Epic Meal Time.

And what about the Porter Road Beef Bacon has us salivating like Pavlov’s dogs? Let’s start with its flavor. It boasts a deep flavor profile. 

The long dry-aging process tightens all the beef’s underlying notes. Then, the Porter Road Beef Bacon undergoes a curing period where the brand dabs it up with sugar and salt.

Finally, they toss the bacon strips into a smoker and bring out its earthy goodness with cherry wood.

All that will make you believe that beef bacon can be just as delightful, if not more so, than pork bacon. Try it out for yourself for $13 per pound of frozen bacon meat.

Porter Road Boneless Pork Chop Review

In order to give customers the best pork chops possible Porter Road works their pigs like they’re professional athletes. That doesn’t mean they juice them up with steroids and hormones like the swine are those types of professional athletes (i.e. the Barry Bonds of the world). 

What we mean is that the pigs Porter Road raises live in the woods and are given ample space to develop their muscles through regular movement. Those well-built muscles ensure that a Porter Road Boneless Pork Chop could be the best one you’ve ever stuck between your lips.

There are so many ways to cook a pork chop and most of them result in divine and deep flavors. These pork chops still have their fat caps in-tact. That means you can render the fat to deepen the taste even more.

Start experimenting with the Porter Road Boneless Pork Chop for $10 for 0.5-0.7 pounds.

Porter Road Bone-In Skin On Breast Review

Of all the allusions we’ve made to bodybuilding and weight training throughout this Porter Road review, this one just writes itself.

Look, if you want the best plate of bland chicken, broccoli, and rice to meet your New Year’s fitness goals, then you may as well give the Porter Road Bone-In Skin On Breast a whirl.

The chicken’s breast is always the leanest cut of meat that comes from its body. However, its flavor often suffers from poor cooking. Porter Road mitigates that by shipping these breasts with the skin on and the bone inside the breast. 

This means the Porter Road Bone-In Skin On Breast should retain a better flavor than anything you’d grab at your regular grocer. It’s not just good for fitness enthusiasts; this breast is for everyone.

Grab a pound-and-a-half frozen chicken breast for $19.

Who Is Porter Road For? 

Porter Road Review

Our Porter Road review writing team feels that this company is for people who crave high-quality meats. They’re probably not for you if you eat purely for function. If you have no appreciation for the taste or quality of your food, and you just want to fuel your body, then you can skip Porter Road.

Otherwise, this brand is perfect for people looking to dine on restaurant-quality meats at home. 

Porter Road Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Porter Road Review

An order of bad meat is a lot like an unsweetened cocoa powder – nobody is going to eat it. This section of our Porter Road review will tell you if the brand left a rotten taste in customers’ mouths, or if their items were so good that they caused some vegans to go back to the omnivore diet.

Here’s a list of the ratings customers gave Porter Road’s best-selling meats on the company’s website:

  • Porter Road Strip Loin Roast: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 20 ratings
  • Porter Road Bone-In Skin On Breast: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 30 ratings
  • Porter Road Boneless Pork Chop: 4.7/5 stars based on more than 40 ratings
  • Porter Road Beef Bacon,:4.⅘ stars based on more than 40 ratings

While these numbers are all impressive, they don’t tell us much about what Porter Road does to impress customers. That’s why we’ll have to dig a little deeper to see what separates them from the pack.

The flavor of their products was the most recurring compliment fans paid the brand. Nearly every positive review mentioned how fresh and rewarding it felt to bite into a slab of Porter Road meat.

Some customers went as far as to call the Porter Road Strip Loin Roast the best meat they’ve ever tasted. We’d call that hyperbole, but said customer wasn’t alone. 

Another happy fan chimed in by saying, “These guys know their meat! This was the best cut of meat I’ve had from any online butcher. These guys know how to source their meat. I’m now going to be a regular customer.

Other products were so good that customers deceptively fed them to their own children just to see their reactions. 

Don’t believe us? Read it and weep – “I gave the beef bacon to my grown sons without telling them what it was – they were amazed! The flavor is bold and awesome. Thanks so much for your great products and service!

You know a product is good when you intentionally lie to your own children about it!

But was the brand’s website the only place where they earned praise from their customers? Of course not. 

They also gathered an astounding 4.6/5 stars rating from more than 200 customer reviews on Facebook and a 4/5 stars score from over 110 Yelp reviewers who were all eager to echo the sentiments left on the brand’s website.

Beyond the taste, here are the other aspects of Porter Road’s approach that customers loved:

  • Buyers felt good purchasing locally-sourced, pasture-raised meat
  • Customers felt taken care of by Porter Road’s customer service
  • Fans loved how deep Porter Road’s roster of meat cuts was

Is Porter Road Worth It?

Porter Road Review

We’re surprised that few customers complained about Porter Road’s prices. They skew higher than average grocery store meat prices.

We’re assuming that’s because customers recognized something our Porter Road review writers also picked up on. The company’s prices illustrate their high quality. You’ll be paying for premium, well-raised, and divinely prepared meat

With that in mind, we’d definitely recommend looking into Porter Road if you’re looking to up your meat game.

Porter Road Promotions & Discounts 

Porter Road Review

Here’s an easy way to save. Use the Porter Road discount code FIRSTBOX and you can save 10% on your first subscription box. 

Additionally, in the Porter Road Rewards Program you can earn 25 points by creating an account, in addition to earning points every time you shop, so you can redeem points for exclusive discounts. In their rewards program, 100 POINTS EQUAL $5.00 OFF.

You don’t have to share to earn more savings, so long as you’re a member of the military. You’ll get a 10% on Porter Road goods. That’s also the case if you’re a teacher, an EMT, a first responder, or a government employee. 

Where to Buy Porter Road

Porter Road Review

You can purchase Porter Road products if you live in Nashville through a few select grocery stores like Turnip Truck. 

For those of you unlucky enough to live outside of America’s country music capital then you’ll have to buy Porter Road items the old-fashioned way: through the internet on the brand’s website,


Porter Road Review

Who owns Porter Road?

James Peisker and Chris Carter are the founders and current owners of Porter Road.

Where does Porter Road meat come from?

All Porter Road meats come from family-owned farms in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Their products undergo another 14 days of curing at the company’s headquarters in Nashville.

Does Porter Road ship internationally?

Porter Road like to keep their operations local. Sadly, that means that they do not currently ship internationally, although we’re not sure how long their meat would stay fresh even if they were to do so.

What is Porter Road’s Shipping Policy?

Consider yourself blessed if you live in the continental United States because Porter Road can ship to you.

Our Porter Road review writers found that the brand offers free shipping on orders over $125.

But what if you don’t order that much meat… how much will shipping cost then? Well, that’s calculated at checkout and can be affected by your desired shipping speed. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of their shipping times:

  • Standard shipping orders take 2 to 3 business days to arrive
  • Express shipping orders take 1 to 2 business days to arrive

What is Porter Road’s Return Policy?

You’d have better luck winning the lottery than you would be trying to return meat anywhere, let alone Porter Road. They’re a butcher company, meaning that you can’t return any of their products. 

How to Contact Porter Road

This Porter Road review closes with neither a bang nor a whimper, but with an extending of a sympathetic hand. To our readers who want to learn more about the Nashville company then you should reach out to them directly. You can do so through any of these means:

  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Fill out a customer contact form on their website,
  • Call them at 1-855-877-8202

Their customer service lines are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST on Mondays to Fridays.

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