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Pure Fishing Review

There are plenty of types of fishing such as ice fishing, fly fishing, and catch and release. There are possibly as many subgenres of the sport as there are subgenres of heavy metal. Sometimes, you just want the basics, which is why Iron Maiden remains one of the most exciting bands in metal.

Returning to fishing in its purest form would involve you either grabbing a spear or using your bare hands to capture fish. Both are incredibly impressive, but they’re not what you’d call efficient. So when people think of fishing in its most pure form, they think of a rod, some bait, and a boatload of patience.

Living up to its name, Pure Fishing supplies all tools you need for fishing as well as items for saltwater and fly fishing. They’ve been a giant of the industry since the 1930s with a wealth of brand deals and products. 

In my Pure Fishing review, I will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not they’re worth checking out for yourself. You’ll learn about the brands they carry, get a closer look at a few of their products, see what real buyers have said about them, and more.

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Overview of Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing Review

The South Carolina-based Pure Fishing is all about protection. With over 80 years in the industry, they’ve seen firsthand how fishing has changed over time and work to protect both the fish and the fishermen.

Pure Fishing looks to keep fishing alive by supplying shoppers with anglers, rods, reels, and baits from some of the most recognized brands today. Pure Fishing distributes products from brands like:

  • Berkley
  • Ugly Stik
  • Hardy
  • Greys
  • Penn

And more. They also partner with organizations like Gray FishTag Research, Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and MLF Fisheries Management Division to maintain the health of fisheries across America.

If you’re looking for fishing supplies from a company that gives a damn about fish, then Pure Fishing may be for you. The next section of my Pure Fishing review will give you a rundown of the brand’s highlights.


Pure Fishing Review
  • Sell fishing rods, tackle, tools, equipment, and apparel
  • Deep relationships with many of the best fishing brands
  • Sale section on their website
  • Work alongside organizations to support local fisheries
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • Multiple-year warranty on many of its products

Pure Fishing Review

I’ve selected four items to include in my Pure Fishing review based on their current popularity among the site’s shoppers and how well they represent the quality that Pure Fishing offers. 

Pure Fishing Pflueger President® XT Low Profile Reel Review

The first item in my Pure Fishing review is one of the best price-for-value reels around. The Pure Fishing Pflueger President® XT Low Profile Reel can make casting lines effortless. It’s light and designed to fit snugly within the palms of your hands.

Not only is it easy to hold, but this reel is made for durability, so you can expect it to last a long time. You can get one for $99.

Pure Fishing Berkley Warpig™ Review

Next up is the Pure Fishing Berkley Warpig™, a bait that wiggles and rattles so that fish should be drawn to it at a higher frequency than other baits.

David Fritts, a Bassmaster with over 30 years of experience, helped design it, bringing together the artistry of man-made baits with the precise action of synthetic baits.

You can pick up the Pure Fishing Berkley Warpig™ for $8.

Pure Fishing Ugly Stik GX2™ Spinning Rod Review 

Modernity is something we should welcome, not scorn, and the Pure Fishing Ugly Stik GX2™ Spinning Rod shows us why.

It uses graphite and fiberglass to line its structure, resulting in a firm rod that can handle even the strongest thrashing fish. It also has EVA grips which are noticeably more comfortable than antiquated technologies.

The Pure Fishing Ugly Stik GX2™ Spinning Rod starts at $50 in a variety of sizes and powers.

Pure Fishing Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Combo Review 

The last item in my Pure Fishing review is another Ugly Stik product. This one is specifically designed for catfishing. Each component of the Pure Fishing Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Combo serves that purpose, delivering a rod with medium to heavy power and a stainless steel guide. 

The Pure Fishing Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Combo features:

  1. Ugly Tech construction
  2. Ugly Tuff guides
  3. Ugly Stik Clear Tip

As such, this combo is like an Ugly Stik greatest hits collection.  It comes in at just $55.

Who Is Pure Fishing For? 

Pure Fishing Review

Pure Fishing is for people who want fishing products from top-tier brands at affordable prices. If you’re looking for the best in fish, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or are new to fishing, this brand has you covered.

Pure Fishing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pure Fishing Review

Here’s what the customers had to say about the products I featured in my Pure Fishing review. The following scores all come from the brand’s website:

  • Berkley Warpig: 4.9/5 stars from 41 ratings
  • Catfish Spinning Combo: 4.6/5 stars from 27 reviews 
  • Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod: 4.5/5 stars after 316 reviews
  • Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel: 4.5/5 stars from 27 ratings 

Those scores are all excellent, which isn’t a surprise, considering that Pure Fishing has close ties with people’s favorite brands. However, I wanted to see what Pure Fishing reviews looked like when they took a broader view of the brand. Here’s what I found:

  • Knoji: 3.9/5 stars after 54 reviews
  • Google Reviews: 3/5 stars from 8 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 2.9/5 stars after 2 ratings

It appears that these numbers present a more mixed customer reception, though it wasn’t all negative. The positive Pure Fishing reviews praised the brand’s ability to honor its product warranties, with one customer writing:

“Broke a 6wt – took a while but replaced FREE of CHARGE! Took a while but worth the wait. In today’s world, PF provided outstanding service. Many thanks to the entire team.”

Another customer brought up a similar point in their Pure Fishing review, praising the brand for its ability to quickly remedy problems: “Bought a fly rod of them at the fishing show and the case was not with the rod. They shipped the case to my house within 2 days. Super happy with the service, rod, and shipping.”

The more negative reviews centered on the brand’s lack of communication, and that’s something that even happy buyers commented on. They said that the company wasn’t the best at responding quickly. This buyer had to replace a fishing rod through the company and, although they got the product they wanted, they felt Pure Fishing ignored them.

“I received a brand new replacement this past week and couldn’t be happier as these rods are constantly sold out. The 4 stars are because I was super happy with the rod but I do wish the communication was a bit better.”

While there were some complaints online, I found very few of them. Overall, it seems that fishermen from around the internet appreciate Pure Fishing and the selection they provide. 

Is Pure Fishing Legit?

Pure Fishing Review

Given the fact that some people felt that Pure Fishing needed to improve their communication, I think that they have some holes they need to fill in their customer service. Otherwise, their products are legit.

Is Pure Fishing Worth It?

Pure Fishing Review

Pure Fishing has more hits than misses. The products they carry all have great reviews even if the customer service needs work. I don’t think that makes them unworthy, but you should try and avoid dealing with their communications team and warranties if at all possible.

Pure Fishing Promotions & Discounts 

Pure Fishing Review

Pure Fishing has a clearance section on its website where they frequently feature discounts. 

Where to Buy Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing Review

You can either shop through their website,, or one of their retail locations. 


Pure Fishing Review

Who owns Pure Fishing?

Jarden is the brand’s parent company.

Does Pure Fishing ship internationally?

Yes, as they have locations in countries like Canada and Australia.

What is Pure Fishing’s Shipping Policy?

They have two shipping options in the United States. Standard shipping is free for orders over $50 while three-day shipping can cost as much as $60 depending on how much your order costs.

What is Pure Fishing’s Return Policy?

You have to contact customer service to start the return process. 

How to Contact Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing Review

If you have questions after reading my Pure Fishing review, you can fill out a customer contact form on their website.

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