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Nordic Socks Review

If the Scandinavians know anything, it’s how to stay warm during the cold, cold winters. And to do it in style. Built around the idea of ‘hygge’, which means ‘to comfort’, Nordic Socks has really shown people that your contentment is just a simple ‘pulling on your socks’ away. 

The company has created a lot of buzz in the past couple of years. It’s been featured on TrendHunter and Boston Herald, and has amassed a reasonably-sized social media following, with 45.8k likes on Facebook and 49k followers on Instagram. But are these socks really all they’re cracked up to be?

This Nordic Socks review is going to run you through the brand’s products, policies, promos, and customer feedback so you can make an informed decision on what socks should adorn your feet this winter.

Overview of Nordic Socks

Nordic Socks Review

While the brand website wasn’t very forthcoming with a lot of info, this Nordic Socks review did find some details from their Facebook page. From the information available, the company was likely founded in 2019, starting life as Norway Socks before changing to Nordic Socks in 2020, with its headquarters located in Germany.

While nothing can really be discovered about the founders themselves, much can be said as to why they created the company. They were inspired by how people in the Nordic countries are able to handle chilly temperatures for most of the year, specifically how cozy their socks were.

Now that you know a bit more about the company, this Nordic Socks review will take a look at some of the highlights:


  • Wide selection of comfy, warm Nordic-inspired socks 
  • Colorful and intricate weave designs
  • Bundle options available
  • Can make great gifts
  • 30-day return policy
  • Generous discounts

The brand also sells other clothing accessories like gloves and hats. But since socks are its toasty-warm bread and butter, that’s what we’ll be sticking to in this Nordic Socks review. Let’s get warmed up!

Nordic Socks Review

In this Nordic Socks review, we’ll be sampling a few selections from their Classic and Mountain collections. From the Classic collection, we’ll see the Espen, Ragnar, and Tore socks.

From the Mountain Collection, made with 25% more material for the coldest weather, we’ll look at the Svea, Ida, and Arvid socks.

Nordic Socks Espen Review

Nordic Socks Espen Review
Nordic Socks Espen

The Epsen socks are a 5-pair pack ready to keep your toes toasty with a blend of wool, acrylic, polyester, and elastane fabric. Imagine kicking your feet up in front of a cozy fireplace with a pair of these socks that embody the Scandinavian vibe of comfort and style. 

Available only in unisex medium and large sizes, here’s a breakdown of how they fit:

  • Medium: Women’s shoe size 4 to 9; Men’s shoe size 5 to 8
  • Large: Women’s shoe size 10 to 12; Men’s shoe size 9 to 11

You can get a pack for $40 normally, but save money right now and get them for $28.

Nordic Socks Ragnar Review

Nordic Socks Ragnar Review
Nordic Socks Ragnar

The company must have named this collection after a Viking because we couldn’t imagine anyone else wearing this pair of socks as they go about their day.

Made from a blend of polyester, elastane, wool, and acrylic, these subdued blues, greys, burgundies, and blacks can help you tap into your inner Scandinavian. 

The same discount applies as before: 5 pairs of Ragnar socks that usually cost $40, now only $28 for a limited time. And as mentioned previously, the unisex sizing is available only in medium and large. 

Nordic Socks Tore Review

Nordic Socks Tore Review
Nordic Socks Tore

If you want to keep things simple with checkered and zig-zag patterns, then you’ll need to get your hands on a 5-pack of Tore socks. The blacks, browns, whites and greys of the color schemes ensure the designs stand out, but aren’t loud about it.

Same as the other two sock types we mentioned before, you can get a 5-pack for just $28 (normally $40), with medium and large unisex sizes available.

Nordic Socks Svea Review

Nordic Socks Svea Review
Nordic Socks Svea

When it’s below zero outside, you definitely want a pair of socks that will keep you warm. Well, the 25% increase in wool, acrylic, polyester, and elastane fabric blend of the Mountain collection should help. And with the Svea socks, you get the best of all the designs you’ve seen previously — stripes, diamonds, and checkered — in five pairs of socks.

With a nice combination of bright oranges and reds mixed with dark blues and greys, this set will look fabulous on your feet while keeping you warm. Normally, you could get the medium or large sizes in a 5-pack for $50, but right now, they’re going for $35.

Nordic Socks Ida Review

Nordic Socks Ida Review
Nordic Socks Ida

When you first glance at the Ida socks, you won’t be able to stop smiling because of their vibrant designs. Loud and proud with fun combinations that incorporate nearly every color of the rainbow, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the intricate diamonds, zig-zags, and other patterns woven into the socks in this 5-pack.

Just like its earlier counterpart, this set comes in either medium or large sizes, accommodating the same foot sizes you’ve seen consistently through this Nordic Socks review. The only other difference is the even better sale price of $35 (normally $50).

Nordic Socks Arvid Review

Nordic Socks Arvid Review
Nordic Socks Arvid

If you need heavy-duty socks with designs that will help you mellow out while curling up by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book, try the Arvid socks. The autumn-inspired colors and strong Nordic roots in its design will have you thinking of all things Scandinavian. 

They’re basically just like the Svea socks mentioned previously — same materials, sizes, and for the great discounted price of $35 (normally $50).

Who Is Nordic Socks For? 

Nordic Socks Review

Ever since ‘hygge’ took the world by storm in 2016, people have been scrambling to get their ‘comfort’ fix. And of course, nothing says comfort like a cozy pair of socks. Everyone can indulge in toasty warm feet every winter. 

Given that these socks are marketed as being worthy of Nordic countries and their cold weather, it indicates that the socks in this Nordic Socks review are best suited for those living in a cold climate year-round. Or if you prefer to have cozy feet, then Nordic Socks may be right up your alley. 

Nordic Socks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nordic Socks Review

These socks are looking quite nice, but what are customers saying? This Nordic Socks review went digging for some buyer testimonials and found a few across the brand’s website,, and Trustpilot.

There are customers who do genuinely seem to enjoy the warmth and colors of the socks among the 12,075 reviews on the Nordic Socks website that average all the socks into a 5/5-star rating. Like this reviewer of the Svea socks, “Haven’t gone through the winter yet but they were worth every penny because they were so comfy and stylish this fall.

It is also apparent from these socks are great gifts, as one of the 12,338 reviewers with a 5/5-star rating puts simply, “Socks are always essential for a Christmas prezzie and I always try to find the perfect set. Thank you Nordic Socks for providing these warm, cozy and stylish socks, my mother, little sister and I absolutely love them.

As for customer service, the brand’s team has apparently interacted smoothly with some people. One of the 732 Trustpilot reviewers, who collectively gave 4/5 stars, said, “Delivery and communication were excellent and I loved the socks.

To ensure the best fit this Nordic Socks review strongly recommend taking a peek at the size guides on individual products before making your final purchase. All in all though, there are positive comments across the board for this company.

Is Nordic Socks Worth It?

Nordic Socks Review

This Nordic Socks review has learned that the brand offers super warm socks that are available in a plethora of color schemes. As customers have pointed out, they can also make for awesome stocking stuffers or birthday gifts.

For those who live in regions where the temperature drops to sub-zero every winter, these are especially worth the purchase. And with nearly every product being on sale (which we’ll discuss in the following segment), why not use the opportunity to stock up on some essentials?

Nordic Socks Promotions & Discounts 

Nordic Socks Review

We know that finding a promotion or discount code is similar to locating a fresh pair of cozy socks in the back of the drawer. Here are a couple of ways for you to save with the company:

  • Get a 10% discount on your first order by subscribing to their newsletter
  • Take advantage of the 50% off end-of-season sale at the moment 

Where to Buy Nordic Socks

Nordic Socks Review

We get it. It’s confusing to shop for “nordic socks” since that’s a type of sock many companies sell. We ran into a lot of that while researching for this Nordic Socks review. Luckily, we can keep things simple — the only place to get the socks is on their website.


Nordic Socks Review

Who owns Nordic Socks?

As we mentioned at the start, there’s very little info on the actual company itself. As hard as we searched, we couldn’t find out who actually owns the brand.

Does Nordic Socks ship internationally?

Yes, Nordic Socks does ship internationally to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

What is Nordic Socks’ Shipping Policy?

The shipping policy for the brand is pretty standard across the globe. Shipping is a flat rate of $7, and the website says you can expect your socks to be delivered within 6-16 business days, though it does also mention delays due to the pandemic.

After placing your order, you should get an email in 5-7 days with a tracking number.

What is Nordic Socks’ Return Policy?

The brand has a 30-day return policy on all unused items, but you are responsible for all return shipping fees. To return your items, you need to:

  1. Get in touch with customer service through their returns portal.
  2. They will send you instructions for returning your order.
  3. Pack the unused socks up and ship them off.

On the other hand, if your items arrived defective, damaged, in an incorrect size, or get lost in transit, the brand will send you a replacement free of charge but you have to contact them within 2 days of receiving your order. This does not include items that are lost because you put in the wrong shipping info or if your item just doesn’t fit (even if the size is correct). 

How to Contact Nordic Socks

If you still have questions after reading this Nordic Socks review, you can contact them via the following channels:

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