STOX Energy Socks Review

About STOX Energy Socks

STOX Energy Socks Review

STOX Energy Socks specializes in compression socks for men and women. More than your basic cotton socks, the brand’s offerings help individuals with foot and circulation problems, and aid in athletic performance and in-flight comfort.

In addition to their physical benefits, STOX’s products are sleek and colorful—much more attractive than your typical medical socks. So, it’s no wonder that the company has 65k followers on its social media pages, where people stay up-to-date with its new launches and innovative technology.

Featured in Men’s Health, Elle magazine, and praised by professional athletes all over the world, the brand is making waves for its high-performance socks. But, before you hit ‘add to cart,’ give this STOX Energy Socks review a read.

In it, we’ll dive deep into the company’s different sock collections and their benefits, explore the technology behind them, divulge customer feedback, answer key FAQs, and more, so you can decide if its socks are right for you.

Overview of STOX Energy Socks

STOX Energy Socks Review

STOX was founded by Casper Disselhoff in 2015. Being the son of a prominent vascular surgeon, he knew the importance of proper blood circulation, leading him to give the compression socks industry a major upgrade.

With the goal of helping people stay “fit and vital”, the brand’s textile engineers teamed up with its medical board to develop a graduated compression. The effectiveness of this method has been checked by the Swisslastic Group’s testing machines, which is “internationally recognized as the most accurate compression pressure measurement system.

And, you’ll find more than just beige and black medical-looking products on the brand’s site. STOX’s compression socks come in an array of colors, fit for blending in at the office, standing out during a sports game, or adding some fun to your in-flight experience.

After all, compression socks aren’t just for the elderly, which is often a misconception. In fact, the company’s biggest fans are athletes. We’ll get into the benefits of the products later in this STOX Energy Socks review, but first, let’s take a look at some pros and cons.


  • Wide range of compression socks for travel, sports, daily wear, and medical reasons
  • Medically tested compression class 2
  • Smart features, like seamless and padded toes
  • Thoroughly tested for efficacy
  • Multiple ways to save
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No international shipping outside of Europe
  • Limited selection of ankle socks
  • Some products have very limited color options

Slapped with a ‘made in Italy’ tag, STOX has socks for both active and inactive people alike. Knowing that different tasks necessitate different approaches, the brand designs socks for four different categories:

  1. Medical
  2. Travel
  3. Everyday
  4. Sport

In the Medical collection, you’ll find socks that aid your body in fluid and blood drainage, reduce swelling, and relieve lymphatic and venous disorders, such as edema or varicose veins. The Travel category offers warmth and comfort on your next flight while preventing swollen feet and thrombosis.

In the Everyday collection, STOX offers attractive designs that keep your legs and feet energized and free from swelling. There are numerous sub-categories, such as for people who are pregnant or work on their feet all day.

Finally, the Sport category is the most robust. With options that are specifically designed for performance during different sports, you’ll find socks that help you cycle, run, jump, hike, ski, and more. Some of the benefits include preventing muscle soreness, providing support, and lessening recovery time.

Concerned about sweat? Don’t worry—all of the options in the Sport collection are made from moisture-wicking materials.

Up next, this STOX Energy Socks review will introduce you to some of the best-selling men’s, women’s, and unisex medical options. If you buy two pairs, you’ll save $6 on your order, and if you buy three, you’ll save $12.

STOX Energy Socks for Men Review

In this section of our STOX Energy Socks review, we’ll cover three of the best-selling sports options for men, each of which is specially designed to aid a specific type of movement. In terms of sizing, the brand offers three options:

  • M1: shoe size 7-10, calf width 12.5”-15”
  • M2: shoe size 10-14, calf width 15”-17”
  • M3: shoe size 13-16, calf width 17.5”-19.5”

All of the socks in this section are designed with a padded, seamless toe for your comfort, as well as a padded heel.

STOX Energy Socks Baseball Socks Men Review

Taking care of your body while performing strenuous activities is important. Just as you would make sure to stretch before working out and ensure adequate hydration levels, you should equip your body with clothing and accessories that allow you to perform your best—without injury.

That’s where the STOX Energy Socks Baseball Socks Men come in. Featuring medically-approved class 2 compression, these socks reduce your chance of muscle soreness, injury, and dreaded tired leg feeling. Plus, they’ll shorten the amount of recovery time your muscles need.

Available in black and orange, the colors of the Netherlands’s national baseball team, the  Baseball Socks Men retail for $46.

STOX Energy Socks Running Socks Men Review

Whether you’re an outdoor runner or an indoor one, having the right socks is arguably as important as the right shoes. The STOX Energy Socks Running Socks Men ensure proper circulation, so you can train harder and faster.

The medically-approved class 2 compression is designed to prevent running-specific injuries like shin splints, as well as to help you recover faster.

Available in five color options, including vibrant combinations like blue and orange, as well as the more muted black and grey, grab a pair of the Running Socks Men for $46.

STOX Energy Socks Sport Tubes Men Review

Okay, so you’ve already found your holy-grail workout socks. But, your calves are still an area of concern. Let us introduce you to the STOX Energy Socks Sport Tubes.

Supporting the calves and ankles, these footless socks relieve muscle tension and pain while you move. Plus, like the full-sock versions, they’ll reduce your risk of sport-related pain and injury, like shin splints.

The STOX Sport Tubes come in either black and blue or blue and yellow color combos. Get them for $34.

STOX Energy Socks for Women Review

Up next, this STOX Energy Socks review will cover five of the top-selling women’s products, including pairs for everyday, medical, and fitness wear. Women have three different sizes to choose from:

  • W1: shoe size 5-7.5, calf width of 12”-13.5”
  • W2: shoe size 7.5-10, calf width of 13.5”-15.5”
  • W3: shoe size 10-12, calf width of 15.5”-17”

STOX Energy Socks Running Socks Women Review

Enjoy hitting the treadmill or the pavement for a run? Though the shoes you wear definitely play a part in your performance and recovery, so do your socks! Enter the STOX Energy Socks Running Socks Women.

Similar to the men’s version, these socks are designed to support and aid your muscles and joints when you run. You’ll likely notice fewer shin splints and less foot and calve tiredness. But, they’re also suitable for long-distance walking, cycling, and even climbing.

Hitting the knee, the Running Socks Women come in five color combos. If you love running at night, opt for a more visible combination, like the STOX purple running socks. Prefer something more subdued for your treadmill sesh? Get the black and grey.

No matter which color or size you choose, each pair will run you $46.

STOX Energy Socks Baseball Socks Women Review

Hitting a home run, diving to catch the ball, sliding into the home plate—baseball can definitely take a toll on your body. The STOX Energy Socks Baseball Socks Women are designed to lessen the impact on your feet and calves.

So whether you’re training or out there playing a game for the finals, these socks will see your feet and legs through it all. With medically-approved class 2 compression that stabilizes your ankles and provides targeted support through your muscles and joints, the brand boasts that you’ll walk away from the diamond feeling less sore and more energized.

Available in a stunning black and orange combination, get the Baseball Socks Women for $46.

STOX Energy Socks Sports Ankle Socks Women Review

Most of the socks we’ve covered in the STOX Energy Socks review have all been full-length or knee-high. For some, that isn’t the desired look. Plus, some sports have specific clothing regulations.

The STOX Energy Socks Sports Ankle Socks Women hit just above the ankle, making them more versatile. Providing support through your foot and ankle, you’ll get many of the same benefits as the full-length versions. They’ll prevent soreness, stabilize the joints, and, of course, provide compression.

Offered in a grey and light pink color combination, get these STOX ankle running socks for $34.

STOX Energy Socks Medical Thigh High Stocking Review

When you’re at the office, on a date, or at an event, a traditional sock just isn’t going to cut it. Enter the STOX Energy Socks Medical Thigh High Stocking.

Made with 75% nylon and 25% lycra, this type of spandex allows the stocking to stretch, ensuring they are easier to put on than other compressive hosiery. These medical STOX edema socks are meant to help with multiple medical conditions that afflict the legs, also including varicose veins and thrombosis.

Thanks to the toeless design, you can still wear them with open-toe shoes. Or, simply toss your favorite socks on, too. They’re made with odor-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

Available in sand or black, get the Medical Thigh High Stocking for $29. Note that each order contains just one stocking.

STOX Energy Socks Daily Pro Pantyhose Review

If you’re a working professional in the corporate office world then STOX has got your back…well, your legs.

Designed to be form-fitting, the STOX Energy Socks Daily Pro Pantyhose reduces swelling, soreness, and even muscle pain after a long workday. Surprisingly enough, these stockings are made of the exact blend as the baseball socks, so you’re getting the same technology with a stylish twist.

But, with the pantyhose, you’re also getting some shaping through your stomach and legs. Featuring a comfortable seamless toe and an anti-run material, get these STOX thrombosis socks in black for $46.

STOX Energy Socks Medical Socks Unisex Review 

Though we’ve certainly covered how important compression socks can be for athletes, whether casual or professional, there’s no doubt that most people turn to them to aid medical issues. Whether you’re struggling with thrombosis, varicose veins, edema, or another condition, the STOX Energy Socks Medical Socks Unisex can help.

Featuring a “reinforced toe and heel,” you’ll get additional support wherever you go. Concerned about the medical title? Don’t be—they have a modern design and look just like regular socks.

The Medical Socks Unisex come in black, with a mid-calf length. Add them to your wardrobe for $46.

How Do You Clean STOX Socks? 

STOX Energy Socks Review

STOX compression socks can be thrown in your washing machine, as long as the temperature is under 30°C. Oh, and make sure to skip the fabric softener. They aren’t dryer safe, so you’ll want to hang them or lay them flat to dry.

Who Is STOX Energy Socks For?

STOX Energy Socks Review

STOX Energy Socks are for both men and women! And, they aren’t just for those past a certain age, as you might have previously thought.

Offering four lines of specially-designed socks for travel, medical, everyday, and sport, the brand provides products to give you the support and comfort you need, when you need it.

Comparison: STOX Energy Socks vs. PRO Compression

STOX Energy Socks Review

No matter how active you are, your feet do a lot for your body. While it may have been the norm to grab a 20-pack of the cheapest socks you can find, now, more and more brands are popping up to give your feet the support and comfort they deserve.

To see what makes our featured brand stand out from the crowd, this STOX Energy Socks review is hosting a friendly competition with Pro Compression. Founded in 2010, the brand offers an extensive range of compression socks.

In fact, that range is much larger than STOX, offering a wider variety of sock lengths, categories (like dressy, casual, and winter), and patterns. The company even offers a limited edition design each month.

Like STOX, PRO uses graduated compression to provide similar benefits. But, our featured brand uses this technology to design products to aid in specific sports and recovery, something that the competitor lacks.

In terms of cost, over-the-calf socks for men will run you $46 at STOX or $50 at PRO. With similar prices and benefits, which brand you choose will depend on your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Participate in regular physical activity? You’ll want a pair from STOX’s Sport line that’ll specifically benefit your movement and muscles. Looking for an everyday pair in a fun pattern? PRO might be more up your alley.

STOX Energy Socks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

STOX Energy Socks Review

To really get a feel for the quality and efficacy of the company’s products, we need to hear from real customers. Below, this STOX Energy Socks review sourced testimonials from its website, Trustpilot, and Amazon to get the scoop.

On, the brand’s top-selling products have received hundreds to thousands of reviews. Here’s how some options stack up:

  • Running Socks Men: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 1.9k ratings
  • Running Socks Women: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 1.5k ratings
  • Sports Socks Men: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 1.1k ratings
  • Sports Socks Women: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 798 ratings
  • Medical Socks Unisex: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 445 ratings

As you can see, the above products share the same score. We are unsure if the brand pools together ratings from across different products to calculate this, as it only provides a select few ratings at a time with no way of searching for low comments. Nonetheless, STOX has received plenty of glowing comments on its line.

We chose to dive deeper into Running Socks Men because they’re the company’s most-reviewed product. Shoppers note that they feel great, provide an even compression that isn’t uncomfortable, and help their feet and calves so much that they will no longer run without them.

One customer adds that he can feel the difference in his recovery. Here’s an excerpt: “Best running socks I’ve ever bought. Since I’ve started wareing them I can fill the recovering in my legs so much better and as a 60 your old that feels good.

Meanwhile, another comment reveals that STOX’s service is top-notch: “Brilliant service and an exceptional product – which has had a positive impact on my running…These are socks I will be recommending to many as a must have to run and enjoy a faster recovery! Loved the video top tips – helping to put them on successfully for their first outing! I will be buying more.

Next, we turned to Trustpilot to see how these scores and comments hold up. Here, the brand has a 4.6/5-star rating with over 10k reviews! In terms of a breakdown, 72% of customers gave STOX an ‘excellent’ rating, while only 2% gave ‘bad.’

Reviewers on this site are equally as pleased with the brand and its STOX blood socks for circulation. Take this glowing review:

Top sport socks! I bought a pair to use for my jump rope routine and these socks are excellent in preventing muscle pains/cramps. I also use recovery socks which are super to wear after a strenuous workout. The only annoying thing about compression socks is that it’s tricky to put them on…I take it as part of my fitness session!

Finally, we turned to Amazon, where the STOX compression ski socks for men have a 4.7/5-star score from 36 buyers. Here, customers share the sentiments found on other sites, but add that they are quite long, extending up the knee. This fact could depend on how tall the wearer is.

In terms of negative STOX Energy Socks reviews, the most common complaint we found was how the brand’s socks take a while to put on. Unfortunately, this is to be expected with compression socks—if they aren’t tight, they aren’t working (though, they shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight).

But, as one previous commenter pointed out, STOX offers a handy video tutorial to make the process as easy as possible. This helpful advice, along with the efficacy and quality of the brand’s socks, are just a few of the many things that thousands of customers love about this brand.

Is STOX Energy Socks Worth It?

STOX Energy Socks Review

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a regular runner, work on your feet, or suffer from circulation issues, compression socks can help. With such a high rating, this STOX Energy Socks review thinks that the brand is definitely worth it.

With multiple sizes available for both men and women, finding a fit that is both supportive and comfortable shouldn’t be an issue. This is one thing that thousands of customers appreciated, in addition to how effective and high-quality STOX’s socks are.

With its products divided into handy collections for travel, sport, medical, daily wear, we appreciate the attention to detail the brand makes, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

STOX Energy Socks Promotions & Discounts

STOX Energy Socks Review

It’s hard to put a price on products that benefit your health and wellness—but, a discount or two surely wouldn’t hurt. This STOX Energy Socks review kept an eye out for deals. Here’s what we found:

  • Get $11 off your order when you refer a friend
  • Save $6 when you buy two pairs
  • Save $12 when you buy three pairs

Where To Buy STOX Energy Socks

STOX Energy Socks Review

The brand’s socks are exclusively available through


STOX Energy Socks Review

Where is STOX Energy Socks Made?

STOX Energy Socks is founded and produced in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its manufacturing facility is in Italy.

What is STOX Energy Socks’ Shipping Policy?

STOX Energy Socks ships for free within Europe and the United Kingdom. But, it does not ship to countries outside those locations.

If you place your order before 9:00 pm (Amsterdam time), it’ll be sent out the same day. Once processed, you’ll receive an email with tracking information to watch your parcel’s journey to you.

What is STOX Energy Socks’ Return Policy?

STOX offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But, you’ll need to keep the socks in their original packaging. All returns are at the customer’s expense—you’ll be paying for labels and shipping fees.

Exchanges, on the other hand, can’t be swapped out. Instead, you’ll need to return your first pair of STOX tech socks and place a new order.

Returns should be sent to: STOX Energy Socks, DEVLND Ltd., 195 South Liberty Lane, BS3 2TN Bristol, United Kingdom.

How to Contact STOX Energy Socks

If you have any questions after reading this STOX Energy Socks review, the brand can be reached via:

Check out more options for compression clothing with these brands:

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