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Remento Review

As the holiday season fast approaches, there’s no better time to share cozy memories and create new experiences with your family and loved ones. The holidays are a time to reflect on the past and engage with the present, and it’s hard to find a better way to do that than by looking at old family photos.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a parent or family member beyond a fuzzy pair of socks or a nice bottle of scotch, check out Remento. This unique service is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. 

Founded in 2021 by Charlie Greene and Alex Massonneau, you can create a bespoke photo and memory album with your family member’s thoughts and words transcribed directly onto the pages beside the photos without the hassle of writing it all down yourself.

Featured in the likes of USA Today, CNN, TechCrunch, and Forbes, we’re clearly not the only people thrilled at the chance to connect with the past and learn new family stories

If we’ve piqued your interest, then keep reading, as we’ll cover how this wonderful service works, what you get out of it, pricing, customer reviews, and so much more. Break out that old family photo album and let’s get started!   


  • Offers a custom family photo album with family members’ thoughts and stories written right beside the photos
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Easy to use
  • Uses comprehensive speech-to-text technology
  • Special promotions available

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Remento Review

Remento Review

There are a few aspects to consider when it comes to Remento but they’re all laid out so simply and are intuitive to use such that it makes the detailed end result that much more astonishing yet gratifying.

As the brand says, all you have to do is select the prompts (from the existing bank or from family photos), have the storyteller record themselves talking about the prompts, and then sit back and read as their stories come to life through Remento’s Speech-To-Story™ technology.  Not simply basic transcription, Remento’s AI is perfect for faithfully capturing your storyteller’s words and voice while ensuring that the resulting story is easy to read. 

At the end of the process, Remento allows you to print these memories into a keepsake book that includes a QR code with each story, allowing you to scan and revisit the original recording at any time, forever preserving the storyteller’s voice alongside their written stories.

You (the host and prompt selector), the storyteller, and any other collaborators can access Remento’s service online. Upload prompts, read answers, and grow closer to your family from the comfort of your preferred device. All data is safely and securely stored on the cloud-based family memory hub so only trusted collaborators will have access to it.

At the end of it all, you’ll have one color-printed hardcover Remento Book (between 20-200 pages, but it can be longer for an added fee) that includes a collection of photos and prompts with their associated stories, all beautifully and cleanly written down from your storyteller’s recordings using Remento’s AI. The QR codes are conveniently placed in the book, but the entire family can access and enjoy the content through our digital memory hub. They can also download the content to their devices whenever they want.

Right now you can purchase this service for the sale price of $99 (regular price $168). While subscribing for the year, you’ll be able to upload customizable prompts for the storyteller. 

The storyteller will be able to use the virtual interviewing studio where the Speech-To-Story™ technology will work its magic. All other collaborators will have access to a host of family collaboration tools to round out the experience and encourage the storyteller along.

You and all the collaborators can be notified when new stories are available as the storyteller weaves their tales. You can view all of these stories on Remento’s memory hub and as a beautifully made hardcover Remento Book, which is a keepsake for the storyteller to enjoy now and for your family to cherish forever.

Who Is Remento For?

Remento Review

Remento is for the thoughtful gift-givers, the family chroniclers, those looking to build new bridges or maintain existing ones, and, you know what, Remento is for just about everyone in between. 

It’s rare to find something so easy to use yet so customizable and personal. Your entire family can collaborate, find old family photos, and share stories together to create something truly remarkable and memorable. 

Having your family members’ words written down exactly as they said them can leave behind a wonderful, wholesome memory to revisit time and time again. Think of it like preserving your loved one’s voice, keeping it forever at your fingertips.

Simply put, this service isn’t just for the sentimental folks, it’s for anyone who wants to treasure their family memories for years to come.

Remento Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Remento Review

It’s time to put Remento to the test and see how they fare in the realm of customer satisfaction. While a brand might look great on paper, it really comes down to whether customers believe that what they get out of it is worth it. Thankfully, Remento holds up quite well in the online court of public opinion.

We didn’t come across very many reviews for the newest iteration of Remento (since it is, you know, new), but what we did find about Remento’s original app. We were able to have a sneak peek at what customers are saying, so here are a few choice quotes about how amazing Remento’s service is to use:

Made family history fun! My kids absolutely loved learning new stories about their grandparents each week.” 

“A book to read, plus recordings to watch at any time. A beautiful way to carry forward a legacy.” 

It’s hard not to get a little misty-eyed reading how easy Remento has made it for families to connect across generations. Storytellers can reminisce and recall fond memories while all of the family members can treasure and experience new stories. Truly wonderful.

The best place to find an abundance of reviews is actually on the Apple App Store, where the Remento App sits at a very respectable 4.9/5 stars based on 116 ratings. Though not quite the same experience as Remento’s latest offering, customers are still eager to share their experiences and praise for Remento’s memory-sharing expertise as a whole.

Here is one review that sheds some light on just how great the service is: “This is such an amazing idea and app. In a world of endless content, it can be hard to focus on the content that matters most. Remento has honed in on creating just that. The easy user experience paired with conversations and content that matter is a truly winning combination.”

Memories can fade, so having something so tangible and accessible is a refreshing change in today’s world of constantly evolving fads, trends, and clips. The reviewer actually continues on a poignant note, which we thought was very much worth mentioning:

“On a personal note, I am watching my parents progress through their 60s and experience their own parents’ deaths. I can’t help but think about when that day comes for me and how I will miss the sage advice and stories that my parents have shared with me for the last 30 years. I spent a few hours recording videos of my parents with Remento and I have never felt so refreshed, inspired and grateful for an app or an idea. I can’t wait to keep capturing these memories and investing in this family heirloom which I know will be a gift for generations to come.”

We think that sentiment pretty much speaks for itself. Life is so fleeting and wondrous that it only makes sense to try and preserve the journey and history of your family.

One other reviewer highlighted the thoughtfulness of the process and had nothing but praise about Remento and the prompts provided: 

“I tried Remento and it made the process feel human. I love the thoughtfully curated questions, which revealed stories from my parents’ past that I would have never known otherwise. I also love the photo prompts, because so many of their stories are sparked by looking through old photo albums.”

Lastly, we headed over to Trust Pilot to check out the two reviews listed there. We weren’t surprised to see that both were 5/5 stars and only had good things to say about Remento. We’ve highlighted how great this service is to use with parents, but as this next review says, it can also be delightful to reflect on memories with your partner:

“I used this new app, Remento, to reflect back on my wedding and wedding photos with my wife. It was like a free date night activity – she loved it. And now she rewatches the video all the time.”

Better yet, the same reviewer mentioned that the customer service was exceptional, prompt, and quick to fix any potential issues:

“When I ran into a bug (it’s new) the team solved it within a couple of hours and I talked to them directly which is such a change of pace from most companies. Great service, awesome app.”
All in all, it’s looking terrific for Remento. It’s one thing to create something new and spectacular, but it’s another feat entirely to back it up with great, ongoing customer service.

Is Remento Worth It?

Remento Review

Yes, yes it is. Remento is very much worth it because it provides an affordable, accessible, and personal experience that lets you create and revisit memories. You can’t put a price tag on getting never-before-heard backstories to old photos and learning more about your family, but Remento makes it surprisingly inexpensive to do so.

At the end of the day, the folks at Remento have created something truly unique and wholesome that can be enjoyed by families across the globe, which is quite worthwhile and commendable. 

Where To Buy Remento

Remento Review

The best place to start using Remento is on the brand’s website

Remento Promotions & Discounts

Remento Review

With the holiday season upon us, Remento is offering a special $99 holiday pricing for a limited time. That’s $69 off the original $168 price tag.

You can also get an additional $10 off the Remento Book when you sign up for their mailing list.


Remento Review

Where is Remento based?

Remento is based in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Who owns Remento?

The current CEO of Remento is co-founder Charlie Greene.

Remento Shipping & Returns

Great news! Remento offers free shipping within the USA and can even ship the book to over 70 countries worldwide for an additional fee.

As for returns, the brand has a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as no books have yet been printed. Due to the bespoke nature of the books, no returns or refunds are available.

How to contact Remento

If you have any questions after reading this Remento review, you can reach out to the brand using the chat feature located on their website. They will typically reply in under 30 minutes to any queries or questions you may have.

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