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Are you in the market for a gorgeous rug to brighten up your home? If so, keep reading this Revival rugs review. I’ll take a close look at a retailer that sells beautiful, authentic, vintage-style rugs, and brand new, hand-constructed rugs made by skilled artisans

Known to be a decorator’s dream, Revival has been featured in Vogue, Apartment Therapy, and Vanity Fair. The brand has also accumulated a strong social media following, and they have over 111k followers on Instagram. 

Ready to learn more? In this Revival rugs review, I’ll check out this brand in detail, including its vintage and newly crafted rugs, customer feedback, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Revival Rugs 

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Revival came to be in 2017 with Benjamin Hyman at the helm. He founded the company because he felt there was a lack in the marketplace for authentic, vintage rugs with original craftsmanship that were made with integrity, and also didn’t cost thousands of dollars. 

Revival is a global brand with roots in northern California. The way the company works with local artisans in Turkey, India, and Morocco to find handwoven, vintage rugs, and also designs brand new collections that are handcrafted by talented experts, really sets them apart from other rug brands. 

Now that you’ve learned some background info on the brand, let’s dig into the next part of this Revival rugs review. I’ll take a look at a list of highlights about the company, so you’ll know what to expect when shopping for their vintage and handcrafted rugs.  


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  • Beautiful, vintage rugs that have been cleaned, treated, and made to look like new 
  • New collections of hand-woven rugs made by artisans that know their craft
  • Fair pricing that doesn’t “cost a month’s rent” 
  • Rugs of all different styles and sizes 
  • International shipping 
  • Lots of ways to save extra money on the website 
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable practices 
  • Free design consultations available 
  • Wholesale pricing option for designers and decorators 

Ready to lay things out and find out more about this brand? Let’s keep this Revival rugs review moving forward. Next up, we’ll explore several gorgeous, vintage and freshly curated hand-woven rugs. 

Revival Rugs Review

Shopping for rugs can be a stressful process, especially if you love everything vintage inspired, but can’t always afford your dream rug due to the hefty price tag. Revival provides a great solution. 

Their mission is to make these fine rugs more accessible to a wider population. They bring both newly crafted and vintage rugs to a global market by selling them at affordable price points. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s bestselling rugs. 

Revival Rugs Abbe Turkish Rug Review 

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Revival Rugs Abbe Turkish Rug

Everything old eventually comes back into style again, right? You can certainly say that for this Revival Rugs Abbe Turkish Rug, since it’s a colorful, vintage-style shag rug.  

You won’t find another rug quite like this one, since it’s a one-of-a-kind design that’s been beautifully hand knotted in Turkey. This 3 x 6, vintage rug is fashioned out of wool and goats’ hair, and is perfect for smaller spaces where you’re looking to add a splash of color! 

The Revival Rugs Abbe Turkish Rug is priced at $1,137

Revival Rugs Armen Vintage Moroccan Rug Review 

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Revival Rugs Armen Vintage Moroccan Rug

In the mood for some geometric, vintage flowers? If so, the Revival Rugs Armen Vintage Morrocan Rug may have your name written all over it. 

Again, another singular piece, this vintage Moroccan rug is 3 x 6 in size and was hand knotted back in the day by Berber Tribes in the special Boucherouite style. It was expertly crafted using upcycled materials. 

This vintage rug is made of 100% wool pile and features a beautiful fringe along the vertical edges. 

The Revival Rug Armen Vintage Moroccan Rug is priced at $447

Revival Rugs Arnkell Oriental Rug Review 

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Revival Rugs Armen Vintage Moroccan Rug

If you’re looking for a new rug that’s inspired by vintage styles, was created using old hand-woven techniques, and has a classic color palette, the Revival Rugs Arnkell Oriental Rug is just that. 

Measuring in at 9 x 12, this beautiful, vintage inspired rug features a blend of red, navy, and dusty pink and is fashioned out of 100% wool on a foundation of cotton. It’s also hand knotted and hand woven by expert artisans in India. 

The Revival Rugs Arnkell Oriental Rug is priced at $2,079

Revival Rugs Hart Jute Rug Review 

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Revival Rugs Hart Jute Rug

Do you prefer a neutral palette, or maybe you need something more muted to layer with another rug? Then this Revival Rugs Hart Jute Rug could be the rug for you. It’s a well-made, elegant piece from the brand’s new collection. 

The Hart rug comes in a variety of different sizes, so it can easily work in all kinds of spaces. It’s flatweaved, made of 100% jute, and it’s entirely dye-free, giving it a natural look. For those looking for a super eco-friendly rug, it’s completely biodegradable as well. 

The Revival Rugs Hart Jute Rug is priced from $129 – $1035

Revival Rugs Hart Round Jute Rug Review

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Revival Rugs Hart Round Jute Rug

For those who appreciate the Hart Jute Rug, you’ll probably like the Revival Rugs Hart Round Jute Rug just as much, since these pieces are so similar. They’re really just slight variations of each other. 

With its classic, round shape, this 100% jute rug could provide a focal point for a space, and it’ll look completely charming sitting under a table or seating area. You can also get this flatweave jute rug in a variety of sizes. 

The Revival Rugs Hart Round Jute Rug is priced from $245 – $491

Revival Rugs Bocce Flatweave Outdoor Rug Review

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Revival Rugs Bocce Flatweave Outdoor Rug

If you’re someone who wants your entire home to be completely styled, including your outdoor spaces, then you should check out the Revival Rugs Bocce Flatweave Outdoor Rug

Available in several sizes, this new flatweave rug is fashioned out of recycled plastic bottles, so it’s eco-friendly. There’s also a hand-tied fringe on opposing sides of the rug, which adds an interesting flair. If you’re all about those rustic farmhouse vibes, this sturdy rug, with it’s lovely rusty red, navy, and beige coloring would complement any deck or patio space. 

The Revival Rugs Bocce Outdoor Flatweave Rug is priced from $388 – $1294

Revival Rugs Catitia Vintage Moroccan Runner Rug Review

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Revival Rugs Catitia Vintage Moroccan Runner Rug

On the hunt for a vintage runner with some serious personality? The Revival Rugs Catitia Vintage Moroccan Runner Rug is exactly that. 

This exclusive, one-of-a-kind vintage rug measures at around 4” x 10”, and is made from a combination of vintage, hand-knotted wool. It features pink, black, yellow, and grey coloring, triangles, and other geometric shapes throughout. The rug is totally whimsical and completely unique. 

The Revival Rugs Catitia Moroccan Runner Rug sells for $800

Revival Rugs Bilel Small Area Rug Review 

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Revival Rugs Bilel Small Area Rug

Do you prefer a Mediterranean vibe when it comes to your décor? If so, this Revival Rugs Bilel Small Area Rug deserves a second look because the hues are so warm, vibrant, and fun. 

This 100% wool rug is available in a number of different sizes to suit your space. And you don’t have to worry about quality since it was professionally hand-knotted by skilled weavers using ancient techniques in India. This rug also features a beautiful fringe detail on opposite sides, which adds even more character to the piece. 

The Revival Rugs Bilel Small Area Rug is priced from $504 – $1553

Who Are Revival Rugs For? 

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Revival rugs is for those who are fans of well-made, quality, vintage-style rugs created with classic and exotic designs. Maybe you just moved into a new home, or perhaps you’re looking to spruce things up where you currently live. Either way, buying a Revival rug will add something gorgeous, tasteful, and unique to any room

Also, these pieces are handcrafted with great care, integrity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that’s only found in hand-woven rugs from around the world, which many people will appreciate. 

If you love vintage inspired and beautifully crafted rugs made by talented artisans that really know their stuff, Revival has what you’re looking for. They also offer brand new collections of rugs in a variety of timeless styles. All of their products are fairly priced, and the company provides international shipping. 

Where Do Revival Rugs Come From? 

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For the vintage collection at Revival, the brand curates artisan, woven rugs that were made between 30 – 100 years ago by true experts at their craft. 

The Revival team travels to Turkey and India to seek out special collections of vintage rugs that are then cleaned, treated, and brought back to life through a unique process that keeps all of the integrity and original beauty intact. 

Who Makes Revival Rugs? 

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Revival also offers their own custom-made, vintage-inspired rug collection. “Revival-Made” rugs are designed in-house and hand-woven by experts at their facilities in Morocco, northern India, and Turkey.

Comparison: Revival Rugs vs. Merak Rugs

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For this Revival rugs review, it seems like a good idea to check out one of the brand’s competitors. Merak rugs is a brand that finds and curates authentic, oriental rugs from Turkey. 

There are a few ways the brands are similar: 

  • Both have a similar brand ethos: they’re all about appreciating the authentic craftsmanship and beauty in vintage rugs 
  • Each company ships internationally 
  • A variety of different sizes are available on both websites 

There are some ways these two brands differ: 

  • Revival offers a collection of brand new rugs inspired by vintage pieces, and handwoven by skilled artisans 
  • The price point at Merak is a lot higher than Revival 
  • Merak has a slightly less rigid return policy since customers have 14 days to return items, unlike the seven-day policy at Revival 

There are many great reasons to take a look at what Merak has to offer in terms of vintage, oriental rugs. But, at the same time, Revival offers both authentic vintage, as well as new collections of rugs, at more reasonable price points. 

Revival Rugs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Buying a new rug for your home can be a real investment, so before you make such a big purchase, it’s a good idea to pause and check out some consumer feedback. Next up in this Revival rugs review, I’ll see what the customers have to say about the brand. 

First, let’s take a look at some of the customer ratings on the company’s website. I’ve scoped out some of their most popular styles below. 

  • Revival Rugs Hart in Teal Jute Rug: an average of 5/5 stars based on 159 reviews, with one shopper saying “I love this rug! Gorgeous warm tones and it adds the perfect rustic touch to the space”
  • Revival Rugs Outdoor Bocce Flatweave Rug: an average of 4.9/5 stars based on eight reviews 
  • Revival Rugs Ehlias Hand-Knotted Shag Rug: an average of 5/5 stars based on four reviews 
  • Revival Rugs Abbondio Vintage Moroccan Rug: an average of 5/5 stars based on 2,351 reviews, with one customer stating “we love our new rug. The photos don’t do it justice and the colors are really warm” 

There are lots of other reviews on the brand’s website from happy customers discussing how seamless the entire process of shopping online for their vintage, or newly handcrafted, artisan rug was. 

One customer left a glowing Revival rugs review: 

We are beyond pleased with our purchase, this beautiful rug is exactly what we wanted for our bedroom. The entire purchase experience was effortless, the website has great pictures and descriptions, we knew when it was shipped, and it arrived carefully folded in a large and sturdy box. This is exactly how buying a rug should be like.” 

Design can be such a big pastime for a lot of people nowadays, and that includes perusing Instagram and Pinterest for décor inspiration. That’s why many customers, or even potential shoppers, check out the Revival Instagram page. 

Several of them leave comments about the brand’s new styles, many of which include convenient, modern features that make sense for everyday family life. A shopper left an enthusiastic comment about one of Revival’s 100% organic cotton, machine washable runner rugs: 

“These are so good!! I’ll definitely have to try these washable ones in our kiddos’ rooms.”

Customers that are shopping for authentic, vintage rugs also really appreciate Revival. They especially love that the rugs they buy come to them very clean, professionally treated, and looking like new, while still possessing every ounce of original integrity and craftsmanship. 

A customer left a positive Revival rugs review on the brand’s Facebook page about her experience buying a vintage rug: 

“Just WOW. My beautiful vintage Turkish rug arrived beautifully wrapped and ready to wow!

Colors were right on! Loved the “show it in my room” feature on Revival website.

Would order again in a heartbeat!” 

One thing to take note of: some reviewers reported that there were shipping delays and that their orders took a while to get to them. Yet, despite the long wait, most were quite happy with their purchases once they finally arrived.  

Is Revival Rugs Worth It?

Revival Rugs Review 16

There are so many raving reviews left by excited customers who are thrilled to bits by either their vintage, hand-woven rug, or their brand new handcrafted rug.

That’s why for the purpose of this Revival rugs review I’d say the company is trustworthy and has a solid reputation. So, if you’re looking for quality, authenticity and great craftsmanship, Revival rugs are definitely worth the buy

Revival has all sorts of different styles and sizes of rugs to choose from that will seamlessly fit into any home or outdoor space. Plus, the brand uses natural or recycled materials to create their new collections, so they’re sustainably minded as well. 

And you can order a beautiful, handcrafted rug and get it delivered straight to your front door— so it doesn’t get much easier than that! 

Revival Rugs Promotions & Discounts 

Revival Rugs Review 17

If you’re looking for a deal while shopping on the brand’s website, at the time of this Revival rugs review I found a few ways to save money. 

  1. Sign up to receive their email newsletter and receive a coupon for $40 off your first order 
  2. There’s free ground shipping on all orders within the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
  3. They have a refer a friend program where you can receive $40 off for every friend that you refer to shop on the website ( they must spend over $250)
  4. If you’re a designer or decorator, you can make arrangements with Revival to purchase rugs wholesale 

Where to Buy Revival Rugs  

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In the market for a vintage rug? You can shop exclusively for either new or vintage, handmade rugs on the brand’s website:


Revival Rugs Review 1

Who founded Revival Rugs?  

Benjamin Hyman founded Revival in 2017 in the San Francisco, California area. 

How thick are Revival Rugs?  

Revival has rugs of all different thicknesses and sizes; it really just depends how they were originally woven and crafted. Most of the vintage Revival rugs are low pile rugs, so they tend to be approximately ¼ inch in thickness

Some of the Original Vintage rugs are quite sumptuous and feature thicker knots. There really isn’t one single thickness or size, and that’s why Revival rugs appeal to so many different styles and design aesthetics

Is Revival Rugs ethical?  

When making their rugs, the brand only uses natural, eco-friendly wool that’s undyed and when adding color, they only utilize low-impact dyes. 

All of their Vintage Revival Rugs that are sourced are dyed using traditional techniques. 

What’s the best way to care for my Revival Rugs? 

Depending on the material of your rug, there will be different care instructions. Turkish rugs and those made by Revival can be vacuumed regularly, while Moroccan rugs are better cleaned by shaking them out and only using a vacuum if absolutely necessary

One thing that Revival always cautions customers on is to never steam or dry clean their rugs, because the heat and chemicals from the cleaning process can do way more damage than good.

If you need to use a cleaning solution on your rug, it’s always suggested to use a Ph-balanced shampoo and a soft bristled brush to spot clean any stains. 

Why should I buy a vintage rug?

There are a few different reasons to purchase a vintage rug. For one, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly way to shop. Also, a lot of vintage rugs are beautifully designed, hand woven, and naturally dyed and it can be difficult to meet those same standards in today’s industry. 

Does Revival Rugs fulfill custom orders?

Revival prides itself on being a brand that’s enthusiastic about working with different designers and decorators.

If you’re looking for something in particular and can’t find it on their website, you’re encouraged to send them an email at [email protected]

What is Revival Rugs’ Shipping Policy?

Revival offers free ground shipping on all orders over $50 in the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. For orders that are under $50, there’s a flat shipping rate of $5.

International shipping is available at Revival. The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout, because it’s dependent on the weight capacity, size, and location that the order is being shipped to. 

International orders may be subjected to additional taxes and customs charges which are the responsibility of the customer. 

Expedited shipping with additional charges is available at checkout for US and international orders. Expedited orders will be prioritized and shipped out within 1 – 3 business days. 

Regular, ground shipping orders are usually processed within 7 – 9 business days, unless otherwise stated. For US orders (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), once your purchase has been shipped it should arrive within seven business days. 

Once your order has been processed and shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Revival with your UPS tracking number on it. 

What is Revival Rugs’ Return Policy?

Revival offers customers 7 days from the arrival of their full order to initiate a return. Please note that all rug pads, unless there’s a defect, are not eligible for a return due to hygienic reasons. 

To begin the return process, simply visit the Revival Returns Center portal. You’ll be asked for your information along with your order number. 

You’ll be emailed a prepaid shipping label that must be attached to the original packaging, and then dropped off at your nearest UPS location. It may take up to 14 days for your return item to reach the Revival warehouse. Once your return has been processed, your refund will be issued in its original payment form. 

For international returns, as well as returns from Alaska and Hawaii, the customer is responsible for all return shipping fees. To begin the process of an international return, simply email the brand at [email protected], and they’ll give you all the information you need and the return address. 

Most rugs will have a $20 restocking fee for customers returning their orders in order to offset any additional costs.  

How to Contact Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs Review 21

I hope you enjoyed this Revival rugs review! There are a couple different ways to reach the customer service team: 

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Reach them via direct mail at the following address:

2201 Broadway, 4th Floor 

Oakland, CA 94612

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