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Rhone Apparel Review

Rhone is a men’s athletic apparel company with designs that go from the office to the gym to relaxing at home. Founded in just 2014, Rhone already has a strong social media presence with 75k followers on Instagram, consistently highlighted in articles from the likes of Business Insider, Forbes and Esquire. Most notably, Rhone is a long term favorite of GQ Magazine, deemed one of the best athletic apparel brands. 

This Rhone apparel review will take an in-depth look at some of Rhone’s best selling items, how the company is perceived by the public, promotions and what it stands for, all in a bid to help you decide their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Rhone

Rhone Apparel Review

Rhone apparel is designed with progress in mind, whether that progress is physical, educational, occupational, or mental. The brand describes its line as clothing that brings together a seamless integration of fit, form, and function. The athletics feature quality fabrics paired with new textile technology and a sleek finish to encourage success, a healthy lifestyle, and freedom in the wearer.

You might be wondering, where is Rhone clothing made? It’s all designed in Connecticut with a warehouse in Utah, truly USA made. Rhone headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut, but the brand’s name was inspired by a river in Europe. The Rhone river is aesthetically beautiful, with a long history as a trade route. The apparel company approaches their products in a similar way, combining style and fine fabrics with performance-driven designs.

Rhone Apparel Review

The Rhone logo has an interesting background as well. If you remember hearing Aesop’s Fables as a kid, you may remember one story that Aesop told to his quarreling sons. He asked them to gather a bundle of sticks, which he then bound together. He asked each son to break the bundle, and none of them could. Aesop untied the bundle and handed his sons the sticks individually, which they broke easily. Aesop said to his sons,

My boys, united you will be more than a match for your enemies. But if you quarrel and separate, your weakness will put you at the mercy of all those who attack you. Union is strength.

This interlocking stitch symbol is a call for unity in the divided world we find ourselves in. It appears on every piece of Rhone clothing for the simple reminder that together we are stronger. I don’t know about you, but this is one of the more inspiring brand backstories I’ve read about.

Before we dive into some of Rhone’s top sellers, check out the highlights of this Rhone apparel review: 


  • Extensive variety of work apparel, casual loungewear, and activewear 
  • Modern and versatile pieces that can be worn in many different settings
  • All made in the USA
  • Highly positive customer reviews on and off the website
  • Easily accessible online and in retail stores 
  • Free shipping with no minimum order value 
  • Website includes a Virtual Concierge that resembles an online personal stylist, if you need the guidance


  • Rhone is expensive, though its prices are comparable to similar high-end athletic brands
Rhone Apparel Review

Rhone offers a vast collection of apparel, including gear for training, running, yoga, golf, as well as commuting, casual activities, and lounging. They also design boxers, masks, socks, and hats. We can’t get to everything in this Rhone apparel review, but we’ll showcase some bestsellers to give you a sense of the brand’s style and function.

Rhone Shirts Review

Rhone tops come in basically every casual and business casual category you can think of, including short sleeves, long sleeves, polos, tanks, button downs, henleys, hoodies, and pullovers. The collection also features vests, jackets, and outerwear to go with their tops. This Rhone apparel review will take a look at two of their most popular shirt designs:

Delta Pique Polo

The Delta Pique Polo looks like the classic polo, and in many ways it fits that purpose. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This look can quickly become one of the most versatile in your closet. Its functional and performance-driven design adds to the timeless polo style. This piece is suitable for wearing to the office and taking you straight to the golf course—it’s every bit as sophisticated as it is relaxed weekend wear. 

The Delta Pique Polo is a lightweight option with the added bonus of Gold Fusion anti-odor technology. Even as you work up a sweat, you don’t have to worry about smelling up the room. This stylish polo comes in white, navy, or black. 

You can whip off the Delta Pique Polo polo and toss it in the washing machine for a no hassle clean. When you wear it for casual, sport, and office settings, it sounds like a pretty good investment for $88. This Rhone polo is also available in a long sleeve version for $98.

Commuter Dress Shirt

The Rhone Commuter Dress Shirt has everything you need in a clean, crisp work shirt without feeling like it is stifling you. This suave shirt is seriously comfortable and comes in 13 different colors, so there are plenty of options for your wardrobe. 

The benefits to this shirt doesn’t end at the plethora of colors: it’s also 100% machine washable, moisture wicking to keep you cool, and has natural wrinkle release technology. All of this comes in the form of lightweight Italian fabric that contains nylon and elastane for a flexible and comfy fit.

At $118, it sounds expensive, but for how it can be dressed up with a tie or worn open collar, in 13 different styles, and it’s low maintenance cleaning, you are getting more than what you pay for. 

Rhone Shorts Review

It’s not surprising that Rhone designs casual and athletic shorts. There are tons of options to choose from, but we’ll highlight a few customer favorites in this Rhone apparel review.

9” Commuter Short

The 9” Commuter Short solved a major dilemma in all busy working and active men’s lives. It’s often difficult to find shorts that you can put on in the morning, wear to work, and then go directly to the green or happy hour without having to change. 

This version of the Rhone Commuter Short has a 9-inch inseam and Rhone’s very own Flex-Knit™ Fabric that gives you comfort and maneuverability in one. The shorts feature a handy security zipper pocket that will save you an almost heart attack, thinking your phone or keys might have fallen out of your pocket. 

These shorts come in navy, iron, khaki, beige, teal, and blue, also available with a 7-inch and 11-inch inseam. The 9” Commuter Short will set you back $88, but with the comfort and mobility they definitely seem worth it. Don’t just trust my recommendation: 81% of reviews on the Rhone website are 5 stars.

6″ Resort Short

The 6” Resort Short sounds like it’s down for a party. Given the short length and tan shade, it’s a great look for tropical holidays. These shorts aren’t limited to just your holiday travels—they’re all purpose and all action. 

What makes the 6” Resort Short so unique is the Four Way Stretch Fabric so you, like those guys in the photo below, can ride a bike or be active, with your phone in your pocket and not worry about the shorts getting too tight or restrictive. 

These leggy Rhone shorts are also available in olive green, black-navy, and light grey, as well as an 8-inch inseam option. If in your travels you happen to get wet, these bad boys are quick dry. The Rhone Resort Short style is available for $98.

Rhone Pants Review

There is no shortage of options if you’re looking for some Rhone pants. From joggers, to sweatpants, lounge pants, work pants, and training pants, Rhone has a look for almost any setting. Check out these popular pairs:

Commuter Pant

This Rhone Commuter Pant review highlights why it’s so popular and deserves attention in this Rhone apparel review. As an indicator of just how happy customers are, the Rhone Commuter Pant has an average rating of 4.8 stars on Rhone’s website, with 84% of the 912 reviews giving the pants 5 stars. Pretty impressive.

Let’s break down the pants themselves. These Rhone pants are highly comfortable and durable. They’ve got a flexible look that can be dressed up with a sports jacket and tie, or thrown on last minute before you head out for dinner and drinks.

With 10 different colors you can choose the shade that suits you best. The Rhone Commuter Pant is available in regular, slim, and skinny fit to compliment whatever leg type you have.

The features you’ve already seen in this Rhone apparel review, including the security zipper pocket and the Flex-Knit™ fabric are included in the Rhone Commuter Pant. This pair looks like it’s fresh from a Milan fashion show, and it won’t break the bank at $128.

Commuter Jogger

The Rhone Commuter Jogger borrows all of the elegant design elements of its brother pant above, but with a few notable differences. These joggers have a lightweight and slim Fit alternative, suitable for those long flights or subway rides where you want to combine comfort with style. 

With the excellent Four Way Stretch technology, the fabric of these joggers contains polyester that gives it that extra level of maneuverability for whatever you need.

You can choose between black, navy, khaki, and iron with the Rhone Commuter Jogger. There’s a gusset inserted into the seam for mobility and breathing room, with a lower leg zipper if you want even more room to chill.

The added elements of the Commuter Jogger bring the price up a tad from the original Commuter Pant, but it will still only set you back $128 a pair.  

Rhone Athletic Review

Next up in this Rhone apparel review, we’ll get into some of their most functional pieces yet: workout gear. These next pieces are highly practical and designed to take your workouts to the next level. 

Swift Short Sleeve

It’s often hard to find a balance between comfort, light weight, and moisture wicking abilities. Rhone brings them all together with the Swift Short Sleeve.

This Rhone shirt has sweet core elements including a quick-drying, anti-odor, and perforated fabric built to enhance your ability to move. It this without having to sacrifice on a crucial element to any athletic shirt, breathability

The shirt’s fabric contains polyester and elastane, plus Flatlock stitching for chafe free seams. The Swift Short Sleeve will cost you $68, and you can pick from camo, white, steel grey, bright blue, yellow, and black. I think the camo option is the coolest. This one is a must have gents. 

9” Mako Short

The Swift Short Sleeve and the 9” Mako Short would make a solid duo. Suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts, these shorts are quick drying with a drawcord-adjustable waistband to keep them tight, no matter what exercise you’re doing.

One of the biggest issues with workout shorts is a lack of pockets, because where do you put your phone, wallet or keys? You could put them on the gym floor or leave them in your locker, I guess… The 9″ Mako Short includes a media pocket, two side pockets, and one hidden zipper stash pocket. 

Rhone also included a built-in performance compression liner with GoldFushion™ Anti-Odor Technology. These high tech features, combined with a lightweight design, will only make your workouts feel better.

While the 9” Mako short is built with a lining, there is also an unlined option for those of you who want some extra freedom. The fabric used in the shorts contains spandex and polyester. The streamlined shorts cost $68, also available at a 7” length in black, dark grey, and navy.

Rhone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rhone Review

A crucial part of this Rhone apparel review is what customers think. While there is a lot of feedback on products directly from the Rhone website, it’s tough to find other sources. You could put your faith in what reputable and well-known entities say about the brand. Men’s Journal rates them favorably, and Business Insider stated, “we’ve tested numerous men’s athleisure brands and Rhone consistently ranks among the top.” 

Customers reporting directly to the website, as was mentioned in parts during the product reviews above, the ratings were usually at 4.5 stars or more. If you’re wondering, are Rhone pants good? a verified buyer on Rhone’s website said the Commuter Pants are “great for work, travel and even weekends…they seem like they are going to last.” Another Rhone apparel review said, “the material is the best of these types of pants compared to other companies, and I have tried two other companies.”

A review on Insider was more forthcoming about the high price tag of Rhone clothing. The Rhone apparel review noted that Rhone shorts “are a splurge item that you won’t feel bad about once you’ve worn the shorts.” The reviewer commented that he felt dry and secure during his workout. He noted that the athletic shorts are comfortable, stylish, and “worth the expensive price tag.” 

All this sounds very promising, and the last source I looked at was the Better Business Bureau. Although Rhone is not BBB accredited, the regulatory body gives it an A+ rating, which is quite difficult to achieve. In the last three years, only three complaints have been closed through the BBB.

Is Rhone Worth It?

Rhone Review

One of the cons outlined right at the start of the Rhone apparel review was that it was on the more expensive side of athletic wear. That being said, reviews on and off the website indicate that Rhone clothing is worth it. You get what you pay for, and as long as you’re comfortable investing in this versatile apparel, we say go for it.

Rhone apparel is only designed for men, so the products are hyper focused, meaning they aren’t spreading their resources too thin. If you buy Rhone clothing you can trust in the comfortable, high performance technology and fine fabrics. The company offers clothing for casual, lounging, business, and athletic settings, so options are almost endless. 

Rhone Promotions & Discounts 

Rhone Review

For this Rhone apparel review, I hunted the website for deals. The brand has frequent sales and a Surplus section on their website. I also found an incentive for customers called Rhone Rewards. The perks of the program include: 

  • Free 2-Day shipping 
  • 1st Access to new Rhone clothing
  • Earn free gear when you shop 
  • No annual subscription or fees

There are also quizzes you can take online that can translate into bonus points, which leads to earning $1 for every point you earn. These points can be redeemed for certain items of clothing. 

Where to Buy Rhone

Every product offered by Rhone can be purchased on their website, There are many other retailer options to choose from as well, and you can use their Store Locator feature to find the closest place to you that sells Rhone apparel. 

The company has vendors throughout the US, including major athletic retailers to Rhone stores, designer outlets and more. Rhone Amazon products are available as well. 


What sizes does Rhone have?

Rhone Review

Each product page has a Rhone Sizing Chart as well as a Find My Size option. You might not know your size, but no worries. Rhone accepts returns if you try the clothing on and feel like the size isn’t right. Check out the Rhone size chart included below.

What is Rhone’s Shipping Policy?

Rhone offers worldwide shipping. Any order placed before 3pm EST is processed on the same day, while those made after 3 PM are processed the next business day. International orders can sometimes take up to 2 days to process before shipping, and those shipping rates vary depending on the country and delivery time is typically between 1-3 weeks. 

Shipping costs vary depending on your selection, with Standard shipping free and expected delivery time of 5-7 business days. For $25 you can secure Expedited shipping which gets you your package in 2-3 business days, Overnight shipping for $65 to get your items in 1 business day.

Once you place an order, Rhone will send you a shipping confirmation email with information on how to track your delivery. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your Rhone account and selecting Order Status, which includes the most up to date information on your shipment.

What is Rhone’s Return Policy?

The Rhone return policy is straightforward: items must be in their original, unwashed, unworn condition with the tags still attached. The apparel can be exchanged or returned for a refund up to 45 days after purchase

An added bonus is that the return shipping is free. It’s important to note that the exchange and return policy does NOT cover tears, damage, or ordinary wear caused by improper use or accidents. 

The return process itself is straightforward as well, with five easy steps ending in printing off your free shipping label. If you are looking to return your product, visit the Returns page on the website, then input your order number and shipping zip code. 

How to Contact Rhone

If you have questions beyond this Rhone review, you can reach out to Rhone customer service on the website using the Live Chat feature or by filling in the Submit A Request form. The Live Chat option is definitely the most efficient contact method.

Customer Service agents are available Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm Mountain Standard Time (MST), so unless you’re in the Mountain Time Zone, you will have to account for time difference.

Author: Oliver Smith

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